Dog Goldberg Machine by Beneful®

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  • Yonkage
    Yonkage 1 month ago

    Great commercial, crappy dog food. Oh, well.

  • Will Roberts
    Will Roberts 1 month ago

    So I search for Rube Goldberg machines and this CG thing comes up?

  • Jen S.
    Jen S. 1 month ago

    Cute. Too bad Beneful poisons/kills dogs.

  • D.H cheng
    D.H cheng 2 months ago

    so cute

  • Tony F
    Tony F 2 months ago

    fake, gay

  • Poofydragon200
    Poofydragon200 3 months ago

    Those smoll puppies are stuck in the wagon while the other large dogs are like

  • Leonard Ware
    Leonard Ware 4 months ago


  • Eric Rafdal
    Eric Rafdal 4 months ago

    Congratulations evil! Enjoy your bags of cash.

  • David Borgen
    David Borgen 4 months ago

    best dog gone commercial i've ever seen. Thanks pal. jb

  • double J
    double J 5 months ago

    so cute

  • Cyrus Moronta
    Cyrus Moronta 6 months ago

    that's their depiction of the doggy heaven they'll be sending your dog with that poison

  • marty jouett
    marty jouett 6 months ago

    Pure genius to come up with this!

  • poodlemama9
    poodlemama9 6 months ago

    That was a good ad.

  • REACH4theSKY
    REACH4theSKY 7 months ago


  • 林珮蓁
    林珮蓁 7 months ago


  • TeeJay Bricks
    TeeJay Bricks 8 months ago

    So fake

    • KawaiiFrii
      KawaiiFrii 7 months ago


  • StvMcQueen1
    StvMcQueen1 8 months ago

    Best commercial ever! LOL

  • CreeperGaming
    CreeperGaming 8 months ago


  • Aeden Hivanova
    Aeden Hivanova 8 months ago

    50% of this video is fake...

  • Dogisto
    Dogisto 9 months ago

    That dog appear like it's contemplating life so hard!
    Oh man, that was excellent lol
    the cutest things ever!!!!!!!!!!!
    walking away xD
    what did we do to deserve dogs?
    i love all types but i choose straight dogs!
    A dog is a mans best friend :slightly_smiling_face:
    I imply this from the bottom of my heart: thank you.
    Dogs are great
    Very cool!
    Why do people dont like this?
    I thought it was just me but it was still a nice video.
    i trust all dogs are friendly as long as you treat them well :slightly_smiling_face:

  • klrdotorg
    klrdotorg 9 months ago

    2500 people voted this down? Must be cat lovers, or commies!

    • Shay O
      Shay O 6 months ago

      klrdotorg commies haha!

    • RockyMTN steeze
      RockyMTN steeze 7 months ago

      They probably hate Beneful because it killed their dogs. It is a shitty dog food with a horrible reputation and unhealthy ingredients.

  • Okay no more redbull
    Okay no more redbull 10 months ago

    Does not contain a Dachshund. 0/10

    • CJ RULZ
      CJ RULZ 8 months ago

      or a goldendoode still great tho

  • Owen Loh
    Owen Loh 10 months ago

    Omfg. So cuteee

  • Linda Lundgren
    Linda Lundgren 11 months ago

    great ad but too bad their food is so awful for the dogs. hopefully they were fed something nutritious.

  • Chris Avery
    Chris Avery 11 months ago

    Be aware (if you are not already) that much of this production is computer generated (CG) Real animals were probably used, and some of the props actually existed but in the end, a lot of CG editing. I don't know why the industry has not seen the need for regulations requiring disclaimers so as not to mislead the young and those who are unfamiliar with computer generated graphics. When you think about it,  even though it entertaining , it's a form of deception isn't it ?

    • Matthew Laurence
      Matthew Laurence 9 months ago

      Yeah, I noticed that... not even particularly great. Kind of clever, but why not just actually do the work to build something? Would have been much more impressive.

  • NhBabz
    NhBabz 1 year ago

    Awesome! Im sure a lot of training, retakes and of course, cgi made this happen. Either way, nice. My dogs love the wet Beneful food tubs. Lots of veggies.

  • Peg Solomon
    Peg Solomon 1 year ago

    Brilliant invention and so popular with the hairy ones.,

  • 史萊姆
    史萊姆 1 year ago


  • Lucinda's Happy Pets & Nature

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  • Lucy McGraw-Pierson

    Awesome and extremely cute :)

  • Anthony Hepton
    Anthony Hepton 1 year ago

    Play is good, but Beneful is very bad as it contains toxins that make dogs sick and kills many of them.

  • Courtney Chilson
    Courtney Chilson 1 year ago

    What should I do for next weeks videos

  • Ludwig Ydnäs
    Ludwig Ydnäs 1 year ago

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  • Peter Hoppan
    Peter Hoppan 1 year ago

    very beatiful :-D:-D:-D:-D

  • Madolyn Anderson
    Madolyn Anderson 1 year ago


  • ackdogs
    ackdogs 1 year ago

    it's such awful food that they need something creative to sell that garbage.

  • Josiane Van Der Linden


  • Flury & Marz
    Flury & Marz 1 year ago

    Beautiful :)

  • umageddon
    umageddon 1 year ago


  • Marie Nagy
    Marie Nagy 1 year ago

    Pas mal du tout ',qu'elle patience .c'est mimi tout plein..hi.hi

  • Naazy Fournier
    Naazy Fournier 1 year ago


  • Surge Runner
    Surge Runner 1 year ago


  • katie games
    katie games 1 year ago

    My peak teacher showed me this video to help us with our Rube Goldberg machine(and my team won)

    • Ryan Beers
      Ryan Beers 2 months ago

      peak teacher may I ask what a peak teacher is 😮😞😯..??

    • Angelina Patino
      Angelina Patino 3 months ago

      katie games 10000000000 points for your team


    Bravo pour le dresseur de ces gentils chiens !

  • bryede
    bryede 1 year ago

    That last ball that hits the dominoes is coming from an impossible angle when you consider where the balls dropped. Whatever launched it was edited out.

  • Raven House Mystery

    That was both incredible and adorable.

  • Angela Neal
    Angela Neal 1 year ago

    so cute!!!!!!!

  • Dhuwi Astuty
    Dhuwi Astuty 1 year ago


  • Dhuwi Astuty
    Dhuwi Astuty 1 year ago


  • Dhuwi Astuty
    Dhuwi Astuty 1 year ago

    Good my

  • Dhuwi Astuty
    Dhuwi Astuty 1 year ago

    Good my

  • Dhuwi Astuty
    Dhuwi Astuty 1 year ago


  • Dhuwi Astuty
    Dhuwi Astuty 1 year ago


  • 李莫愁
    李莫愁 1 year ago


  • Jeremy 50218
    Jeremy 50218 1 year ago


  • Rachel Tajiri
    Rachel Tajiri 1 year ago


  • lastminuteagent
    lastminuteagent 1 year ago

    Great commercial, HORRIBLE FOOD.

  • Daren Wilson
    Daren Wilson 1 year ago

    Single camera, one long take - how many takes did it take before it all went perfectly? Or is there some slick editing and CG involved?

    • Ryan Beers
      Ryan Beers 2 months ago

      +Amber Garner so what about a deaf man hmm 😮😞that you were saying "look over there deaf man"..??

    • Ryan Beers
      Ryan Beers 2 months ago

      +Mahoganny Richardson and why did you type amber what ever..??

    • Mahoganny Richardson
      Mahoganny Richardson 1 year ago

      +Amber pv o

    • Amber Garner
      Amber Garner 1 year ago

      look over there deaf man

  • adsdentiste
    adsdentiste 1 year ago




  • bda komol
    bda komol 1 year ago


  • thatgirlnamedjess
    thatgirlnamedjess 1 year ago

    Purina is bad for dogs

  • Jarmila Westguard
    Jarmila Westguard 1 year ago

    LOVE IT. !

  • Sumit Kaundal
    Sumit Kaundal 1 year ago

    Amazing Video,  good work

  • The Intellectual Mango

    Two of my best friends dogs died right before I watched this... :'(

  • SHAH333N
    SHAH333N 2 years ago


  • Janelle Nixon
    Janelle Nixon 2 years ago

  • Joshua Kim
    Joshua Kim 2 years ago

    Foreign language I am supposed to understand but don't

  • stephen crow
    stephen crow 2 years ago

    Beneful dog food........20 million dollar suit filed against them for poisoning a large number of dogs. BUY SOMETHING ELSE IF YOU LOVE YOUR DOG!

  • Joseph Swagerty
    Joseph Swagerty 2 years ago

    cute commercial, too bad almost the entire thing is CGI, still a cute idea.

  • kentcooke1
    kentcooke1 2 years ago

    Cool Rube Goldberg machine. Pretty nice.

  • Wilma Kanwar
    Wilma Kanwar 2 years ago

    Yummy Yummy Yummy

  • August Dickson
    August Dickson 2 years ago

    good job u guys don't totally fail at life!

  • Jazzy Catzz
    Jazzy Catzz 2 years ago

    Don't buy this product beneful kills your dog slowly

  • Justin Fencsak
    Justin Fencsak 2 years ago

    Bad for dog's

  • PrincessLuna
    PrincessLuna 2 years ago

    Play may be good for you... but beneful is NOT good for your dog =/

  • Sylvia Henderson
    Sylvia Henderson 2 years ago

  • Cluckasaurus-rex chambers

    LOL must have taken a long time

  • cathy joyce-furtado
    cathy joyce-furtado 2 years ago

    too bad Beneful is BAD for dogs

  • Robin Scharf
    Robin Scharf 2 years ago

  • donna dinwiddie
    donna dinwiddie 2 years ago

    Love this great video, thanks for sharing Marion I, Jones from Australia!

  • kanokwan chongrak
    kanokwan chongrak 2 years ago

    เป็นเรื่องราวของสุนัขที่น่ารักมากเปนความสามารถพิเศษของเจ้าสี่ขา วิเศษมากค่ะ

  • pei-ling Cheng
    pei-ling Cheng 2 years ago


  • Tony Simister
    Tony Simister 2 years ago


  • Arlandah Goinkhoser
    Arlandah Goinkhoser 2 years ago

    Fake but fun

  • Bill Lillibridge
    Bill Lillibridge 2 years ago

    I think even Reuben Garrett Lucius "Rube" Goldberg (who was an American cartoonist, sculptor, author, engineer, and inventor.) would smile at this commercial. :)

  • joan marino maser
    joan marino maser 2 years ago

    My dogs only eat Beneful and table food! Until we found beneful our dogs would not eat dog food period!

  • Dianaaa x
    Dianaaa x 2 years ago

    Ha,can cats do THAT?

  • herb Schumann
    herb Schumann 2 years ago

  • lisa bullard
    lisa bullard 2 years ago


  • lisa bullard
    lisa bullard 2 years ago


  • lisa bullard
    lisa bullard 2 years ago

    How cute...

  • Dolores Goodman
    Dolores Goodman 2 years ago


  • BrittleProductions
    BrittleProductions 2 years ago


  • Pierre Audra
    Pierre Audra 2 years ago

    Splendide mise en scène ....par ces chiens...Superbe.Merci Francine pour avoir mis ce vidéo sur ta page.

  • José Biener
    José Biener 2 years ago

    Muitas vezes os animais são mais queridos e amigos do que os homens!!

  • DeeFaun
    DeeFaun 2 years ago

    Wonderful fun, thank you. 

  • Merry MacG
    Merry MacG 2 years ago

    Cute ad, but I'll never feed my dogs Beneful.  There are way too many complaints.

  • Kyle Fletcher
    Kyle Fletcher 2 years ago

    Thats smart

  • Dale Blake
    Dale Blake 2 years ago

    The dog Goldberg machine is great. It's too bad it's to promote one of my least favorite dog foods. Poor quality ingredients (sugar...really?) and the smell will make you lose your appetite.

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