Conor McGregor's Chances Vs Floyd Mayweather

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  • Most people say he doesn't have a chance in the world. Let's take a closer look at those odds.

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    But even more incredible... The only time we saw him feel pressure was due to him gassing vs the pressure from Nates super human cardio. At 6 feet 172 lbs, one of the best chins in the game on top of being a volume punching triathalete, that's a pace Floyd comes nowhere near. But aside from then, in Conor vs Diaz two, it was incredible how calm he remained regardless of that same superhuman pressure... The punches bouncing off his head did not effect him, he barley blinked if at all at times... Regardless of who you thought won that fight, that is worthy of respect, otherwise you're cheapening Nates prowess aswell.

    Back to the point. Conor just doesn't feel pressure and even vs eddie alvarez, who appeared to win the trash talk segment of the game, when it came to the fight, Conor was just pure ice, no emotion, just flow... The man has confidence on another level and his history of calmness probably will not be jeoporized regardless of what Floyd says or does.


    "cut conor study"

    Does this sound familiar to anyone?

    Cut jon jones scene
    Jon Bones Jones has used a similar philosophy to dominate the MMA World.

    Conor may appear to be a freak of nature athlete but his greatest strength is hands down his mind. Paired with that supreme calm, he uses extensive visualization and film study to understand his opponent, to feel their timing, their rhythm, to feel the core of who they are before the fight even begins. He doesn't have a fixed method of how he should attack as he's always learning and growing with a maddening ethic. He just keeps going with his body and mind until his organic, constantly evolving style becomes a clean counter to his opponent.

    There were a few more factors I could've gone more indepth in but I think that is more than enough to convey my point. I believe Floyd would absolutely destroy Conor if Conor was who he was when he won two weight divisions in the UFC, because, different disciplines, and floyd is one of the best boxers on the planet, it's an obvious outcome, but when you give conor time, that becomes very dangerous. It's not that Conor is bigger, younger, is a southpaw, it's not even the fact Conor has devastating 1 punch KO power. Conor is an adaptable machine, who as John Kavanagh would put it, works even when he's sleeping. He is an eternal student with an inhuman level of confidence no trash talk in the world can cave... I don't think Floyd should underestimate Conor at all... He's made too many people he's fought look effortless with few exception, and really, the more time you give him to study you, the more dangerous he becomes. His hardest fights have been with Chad Mendez and Nate Diaz probably partly due to the short notice resulting in less time to visualize and study them... There's too much footage and too much time for Conor McGregor to not to be a threat. I wouldn't be surpised if Conor became Floyds Karma for saying white people can't box... Who knows... What I do know is that win or even lose, that opinion will change. All of you opinions too, now should change. Not in Conor, but in yourselves. A part of me believes in Conor because study and hard work is a capacity capable within all of us. It is what allows humans to single handedly dig through mountains. Really some dude from india did that by himself, dug through an entire mountain.... Back to the point, I believe in Conor because I believe in you, and really, that's it... Only the person with the mindset and urgency to reach for the impossible will ever clasp it. If he fails, he only loses his regrets. If by some stretch of the imagination his fingers inch around it he gains everything.
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  • javier migoya
    javier migoya 51 minute ago

    this is going to be great on many levels starting of by this will be the 1st time Mayweather will not be the head trash talker meaning if anyone is getting under the other one's skin, it will be McGregor who wins that war hands down, not to mention McGregor has nothing to lose and I mean nothing, if he even comes close to beating Mayweather he'll reach super human athletic status even with a loss, but watch out because here's the kicker, everyone is hung up on the fact that Conor is a MMA fighter and boxing to him will be like a fish being out of water, but I ask? since when do you need boxing skills for a street brawl?, did Marcos "El Chino" Maidana rely on his masterful boxing skills in their 1st fight to make it competitive?, no he was there to concuss period, "oh you starting to see pictures now aren't you?" "now you're starting to get my point" a guy much faster than Maidana with lightning fast reflexes that can put together combinations on the fly (that's boxing btw) which Conor does do like no other in MMA, a guy who is used to being hit with practically bare knuckle force punches via MMA glove's light padding who will easily have 3 times Maidana's gas tank, also Mayweather's gloves have extra cushion and are very soft in comparison to say a Cleto Reyes pair with tough leather and almost no give when you squeeze them, in that case the punch would be concussive because it like getting struck by a medicine ball not a pillow that absorbs the impact, Floyd needs this because of his brittle hands, not knocking this fact, Sugar Ray Leonard my all-time favorite suffered from this very same unfortunate thing, hell more boxers than you care to know suffer from this so it's no big deal, but rest assure the punches aren't going to hurt like an MMA punch, I always thought Manny Pacquiao was going to be too much pressure for Mayweather to handle, and I still stand by this if they would of fought in 2009 or 2010, but they fought in 2015 ever since Pacquiao suffered the devastating KO at the hands of Marquez he became a better boxer but slightly gun shy or less careless which would of been a nightmare for Floyd because he doesn't possess no where near the power Marquez did to hurt Pacquiao in exchanges, Conor McGregor trains for stamina in a way a boxer will never train, running doesn't do it, sparring doesn't do it either, for Floyd Mayweather Jr to acquire the stamina of any MMA fighter near Conor's level he would need to completely change his entire training regimen and at this point he's too old to change the routine that has made him successful, every one if thinking it's too short a time for Conor to acquire the necessary boxing skills to compete against someone like Mayweather and it's the other way around, Mayweather doesn't have enough time to acquire the stamina of non stop barrages round after round that Conor McGregor will inflict on Mayweather, smart money says this will be easy for Floyd but if you start to analyze this fight from this perspective I pointed out then it almost becomes a sucker's bet to bet on Floyd Mayweather Jr

  • King Judah
    King Judah 1 hour ago

    only a Connor fan will like this bullshit

  • aliambassador
    aliambassador 4 hours ago

    1000 bucks on conor, quotes are high

  • IvoG
    IvoG 5 hours ago

    You have Conor's picture above your bed? And on TV? Near the entrance? ...

  • Mostafa Eshra
    Mostafa Eshra 13 hours ago

    Amazing Video, thanks mindsmash

  • KevZen2000
    KevZen2000 15 hours ago

    MMA fighters know multiple arts, and are better overall. Mayweather is better at striking, but can easily be overruled.

  • Cheech Chong
    Cheech Chong 1 day ago

    Floyd's a bitch! He'll only fight Conor if the money's big .......he won't fight him as a man!!

  • Kevin Vaughn
    Kevin Vaughn 1 day ago

    omg this nigga McGregor might win

  • jalen blackmon
    jalen blackmon 1 day ago

    Conor isn't winning conor cant even out box nate and it was shown also you are right about him being a threat but everyone is a threat but Conor still can shock the world but i dont think that will happen even tho conor has nothing too loose and thats gives him a big mind set. When a man has nothing to loose they are at there most dangerous and wat makes them more dangerous is when they know the other person has everything to loose which Mayweather definitley has if he looses he will never be able to speak on his victories because he will all ways known as the guy who lost to a mma fighter in a boxing ring which is greatest fear.

  • kingrebel
    kingrebel 1 day ago

    for all you people thinking its one sided, read the title. it says Conor's chances vs Mayweather.

  • kingrebel
    kingrebel 1 day ago

    yo your videos combined with your level of intellect are amazing

  • jeremy whittler
    jeremy whittler 1 day ago

    I love Connor but how's he going to hit him? If anybody could figure it out it would be Connor. He only needs one clean shot. Mayweather is the most elusive ever ,and can go 10+ rounds. Maybe Connor can walk him down and smash him through his guard on the ropes, still a tall order even at 40.

  • Y Tsaliba
    Y Tsaliba 1 day ago

    I am sure mcgragor will win for sure..........50 thousand dollar paid 4 coner mcgragor flot mayer sorry......!!!!!

  • Y Tsaliba
    Y Tsaliba 1 day ago

    send me

  • whiteworldwide
    whiteworldwide 1 day ago

    Make White Nations White Again . Our European Empire is coming back.

  • Mick Bowe
    Mick Bowe 1 day ago

    MindSmash you are a drip.

  • Abdulah Baghdadi
    Abdulah Baghdadi 1 day ago

    If Floyd is smart he won't take the fight. It's a lose lose. event if he won, oh big deal you beat a non boxer in a box. If it did happen I wouldn't be surprised if Connor was disqualified for snapping back into a mma mind set and throwing kicks or whatever else he might do in a mma fight. And the worst case of all he might get straight up beat.

  • Mickey Matthias
    Mickey Matthias 2 days ago

    dis video is one sided

  • Philip chi
    Philip chi 2 days ago

    Floyd Mayweather never underestimate his opponent no matter how careless he acts. A perfect career doesn't come without studying each opponent like no tomorrow..and as far as hard work? Mayweather started the "Hard work dedication" chant, he's known for hardwork. Bottom line they're the best in two completely different game, UFC is fighting, boxing is chess. Anything could happen but just realize all the best punchers in the game have tried and failed to land that one punch they were all looking for.

  • Rhyan Jonestown
    Rhyan Jonestown 2 days ago

    'I study everything about my opponents so that I know exactly when to poke 'em in the eyeballs'  -Jon Jones

  • pressfam gaming 14
    pressfam gaming 14 2 days ago

    Conner wins every time

  • Shawn Patrick
    Shawn Patrick 3 days ago

    are u a dumb ass make no mistake if they fight and conner gets beat it will not be easy period Conner is a tough mother fucker and he hits hard as fuckkkk (

  • El Boy
    El Boy 3 days ago

    Again GREAT video!

  • SAL M
    SAL M 3 days ago

    Coner is going to beat shit out Floyd ..

  • Rigo Boxing
    Rigo Boxing 4 days ago

    "I fully understand the initial attraction from any fan of combat sports. McGregor is almost certainly the best pound-for-pound MMA fighter. Floyd is Floyd -- the most dominant boxer of his time. But success in one sport does not guarantee success in another. Far from it. And let's be clear, these are two different sports -- from the size of the gloves fighters wear, to the size and shape of the ring, to the fact the one sport allows combatants to use their legs to strike.

    "Think about it, beyond Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders, what other athlete has successfully competed in two sports in the modern age? And Jackson and Sanders both played both baseball and football throughout their high school and college careers before going professional. Furthermore, it's not like McGregor would be fighting a good fighter, let alone a mediocre one. He would be fighting the best. To use a bit of an extreme analogy, I happen to be a pretty good golfer. Could I potentially hold my own on one of the second-tier tours? Maybe. But would I be able to compete with Rory McIlroy, Jordan Spieth or Sergio Garcia? Of course not. Nor would I think to try." ~Oscar

  • Stephen Lynch
    Stephen Lynch 4 days ago

    lads MC Gregor is gonna knock grandad out in the 2 nd round .. sure like it would be rude not too

  • George Bulley
    George Bulley 4 days ago

    Floyd Mayweather is UNBEATEN in the Boxing ring and Conor has Lost 3 times!!! STFU McGregor... "My fist is bigger than his head!" it wont matter how big your fist is because you wont hit him you delusional mess!!!

  • Erick Santos
    Erick Santos 4 days ago

    Let me point out the problem with this assessment.
    1. Two completely different sports. It doesn't matter how good he is in the octagon. Boxing is not his comfort zone.
    2. Size - Floyd has fought bigger fighters, all of them being boxers. Conor is not.
    3. Southpaw - There is no solid evidence that Floyd struggles with them. Are they harder? in some ways. However, it also makes it easier to land his right. The fight with Pacquiao had nothing to do with him being a Southpaw.
    4. Trash talk - That's good. It means Floyd can sit back and let Conor do the work while he just shows up.
    5. Preparation - The best trainers and the best fighters in boxing have tried studying Floyd. IT DOESNT WORK. His ability to adapt to any situation or style throws those plans out the window. It's what Floyd does best, take his opponent's game away. Conor studying Floyd won't mean anything, because what he does will depend on what Conor does.
    5. Floyd knows more about boxing, in every aspect. There is nothing Conor knows that Floyd wasn't learning when Conor was a sperm cell.

    Whoever listens to this video simply wants to believe Conor has a much better chance than he actually does.
    MMA is not a real fight. It has rules. Floyd didn't call out Conor. It was Conor that ran his mouth. Obviously Floyd would lose outside of boxing, but that isn't the case.

  • ChildishBrandino
    ChildishBrandino 4 days ago

    If they fight it's going to be a boxing match. And if they fight then Mayweather is going to win because he has mastered the boxing game. Mayweather is the best boxer ever. No arguments about it. This was made by a Mcgregor fan obviously.

  • saketh reddy
    saketh reddy 5 days ago

    11:52 story of manji that's the man single handedly took the whole mountain there's also a bioppic movie

  • OriginalNex TV
    OriginalNex TV 5 days ago

    I personally think Connor Mcgreggor is going to win and if I have £100 spare I am putting it on Connor but what ever I do have is going on him

  • adili mssusa
    adili mssusa 5 days ago

    u wanna know the bad part about floyd as opponent is the speed of a punch from point A to B its soo fast mcgragor with no experience in boxing will eat them all day long u wanna know the other bad thing is floyd always reduce your punching power if you manage to hit him..see when you through a punch he leans backwards when you combine he either counter with unavoidable punch or simply move away no body in this world knows how to deal with that shit even floyd doesnt know wanna know another bad thing floyd spars with 3 opponents one by one until they all get fatigued with no timeout conor will never learn that shit in 12 rounds even if he gets a computer chip implant in his brain and the sad part is that conor never fought anyone that moves in and out as fast as floyd you dont get that on watching a video you get that from doing tha same things again and again its called exeprience which conor doesnt have after reading this watch conor highlights when he knocks people with his boxing style and go watch mayweather highlights

  • HunterKiller
    HunterKiller 5 days ago

    Gayweather sucks! McGreggor FTW!

  • steveninthe
    steveninthe 5 days ago

    Conor gets dismantled in a few rounds.... everyone has a plan,till they get hit in the face.... Conor doesnt have the footwork or head movement to avoid Floyd landing every shot..... game over, in a few rounds

  • bradblazer
    bradblazer 5 days ago

    Everyone doubts Mac. He just proves people wrong. In an ordinary situation, there shouldn't be any chance that an MMA fighter beats a World Champion boxer in the boxing ring. But, like him or not, Conor is not an ordinary MMA fighter. If you don't think Conor has a chance to KO him or at least give him a good fight, you have not been paying attention. Conor isn't a Neanderthal MMA fighter. It's like he said, "Precision beats power and timing beats speed." Conor happens to have all 4 of those attributes. The work he puts into movement training pays off in spades. He knows how to move in a fight to put himself in optimal situations. Case and point: Jose Aldo. He also took a hell of a shot from one of the best strikers in MMA history while perfectly placing one on Jose's chin. Conor's length, speed, power, range and the fact that he's a south paw will give Floyd fits. Floyd might win, but it won't be as easy as everyone thinks.

  • Ray Cist
    Ray Cist 5 days ago

    if this fight happens
    Floyd's entrance music should be Vince McMahon's theme song,
    just to let those lrish fans no from the start

  • Marcin Rucinski
    Marcin Rucinski 5 days ago

    I don't sub much lately, I am trying to be quite selective. But your videos make me want to stop, watch and listen , great work!... SUBBED

  • Twisted Headlines
    Twisted Headlines 5 days ago

    So, why did Conor not go into boxing in the 1st place & make a shit load of money? Because........ he'd never ever get to world champion level is why. UFC guys can never win in boxing, it's too specialized. & while we're at it, why not wrestling Conor? Or Jiu-Jitsu? or kick-boxing?
    _All_ of those disciplines are amply represented in the UFC. Conor has chosen boxing based on the delusion his octagon antics can work in a boxing ring. The best UFC fighters are ranked AMATEUR boxers at best. There's a huge difference between a pro boxer & an amateur, & Conor is at best, a great amateur boxer. He'll be no match for Floyd, even an old rusty Floyd.
    It takes a lot of ring smarts to survive 10 rounds of pro boxing & Conor is out of his league on this. This all a bunch of b.s. ..... _It's all about money, nothing else_ & fight fans are getting sucked into the hype. I'd be surprised if he even lands one punch on Floyd.

  • Temo Velazquez
    Temo Velazquez 5 days ago

    Prageru must be paying Shapiro quite a bit too say foolish things

  • Danny Tennial
    Danny Tennial 6 days ago

    Mayweather is going to own this amateur boxer.

  • youknow763
    youknow763 6 days ago

    Another great white hype video.......NEXT!

  • J1NX1337
    J1NX1337 6 days ago

    Conor would even blow Floyd for the right paycheck.

  • gianni Antonelli
    gianni Antonelli 6 days ago

    don't you love how mayweather fans always say "You don't know anything about boxin". that's the only thing they know what to say lol.

  • jason Andors
    jason Andors 6 days ago

    who's the dumb robot talking?

  • EO Rhino
    EO Rhino 7 days ago

    If Connor is so big then why doesn't he fight someone his own size? And also is he even going to be able to make weight?

  • Ben Abundance
    Ben Abundance 7 days ago

    be like water

  • Legend Niigga
    Legend Niigga 7 days ago

    white people just need a hero so bad ... smh ... #LegendNiigga

    • Damian
      Damian 5 days ago

      we already have a hero. his name is Lomachenko. He's currently on a spree of humiliating negroes and beaners

  • John Rico
    John Rico 7 days ago

    mmmm biomechanics. hope floyds ready to see some weird movements. luv this video. like BRUCE LEE focus on the INDIVIDUAL not the ORGANIZATION or STYLE.

  • Rango Bango
    Rango Bango 7 days ago

    What do you mean big man?? he's fucking 1.75 cm short aka a fucking gnome. Same goes for Mayweather.

  • jaedeed
    jaedeed 7 days ago

    The bitch who made this "poetic" video obviously has never thrown a punch in his life. NEWSFLASH: Wordplay and silly imagination don't win fights -- ask 49 of them!!

  • Warwick Bot
    Warwick Bot 8 days ago

    perfect lyoto clip. to this day the single pice of proof of why jon is not human. that was an amazing combination of techniques leading to a most brutal choke

  • Vito Rodriguez
    Vito Rodriguez 8 days ago

    seriously! nate diaz doesnt even knw how to punch...looks like he was slapping connor around with his hands closed

  • Jackhammer Jackson
    Jackhammer Jackson 8 days ago

    Conor can train all he wants but Floyd Is on a whole other level compared to him

  • YourMoraleBooster
    YourMoraleBooster 8 days ago

    id rather see him fight Lomachenko.

  • jay mccarron
    jay mccarron 8 days ago

    6:19 Connor says most people don't know shit about fighting and he is wanting to box one of the best boxers of all time😂😂

  • Cody Tietje
    Cody Tietje 8 days ago

    Haaaa Conor is going to destroy the number one boxer of all time!!! They putting pads on fist so Conor doesn't make Floyd have plastic surgery!!! UFC best warriors!!! Boxing is an art, martial artists is a life style!!!

  • Cease
    Cease 8 days ago

    I think McGregor is a helluva MMA fighter but if its boxing, he won't beat Mayweather. As the reporter states, it will be interesting and he may be a threat but stand up boxing is Mayweather's world. I see McGregor getting tagged one to many times and reverting to MMA to defend himself. I say Mayweather in 9 rounds unless he decides to just beat McGregor up causing him to go MMA.

  • Stephan's Notes
    Stephan's Notes 8 days ago

    I hope for Mayweather's sake he is studying McGregor aswell. If not in 2017 we will see the biggest up in past present and future history.

  • Antonio Moore
    Antonio Moore 9 days ago


  • Jim Mcmorgan
    Jim Mcmorgan 9 days ago

    0 chance.
    Floyd is a terrible trash talker.

  • TheBlackDog73
    TheBlackDog73 9 days ago

    it's going to be a boxing match not mma.

  • hassan zulfiqar
    hassan zulfiqar 9 days ago

    how are you such a geniois @mindsmash

  • Wilde Beast
    Wilde Beast 9 days ago

    The same sucker circus the follows Mayweather everywhere. They talk up the fight, the fighters trash talk to build the fight. The fans that don't know any better buy the fight. Floyd leaves with 100 million after landing 5 slap punches a round and hugging and running. Boxing goes down another notch and fans lose again. Punch, hug, break and repeat! Lol

  • Wilde Beast
    Wilde Beast 9 days ago

    So Sick of the Mayweather circus of Bull Shit!!!! The fans always lose in the end. A guy that is supposed to be one of the greats trying to fight a man who never fought 1 round of Boxing in his life!!? You people that buy this are Suckers!!!

  • Diogenes Laertius
    Diogenes Laertius 9 days ago

    floyds gonna get beat at his own games, conor modeled himself after floyd

  • Mr. Steal Your Gurl

    the better title, "mayweathers chances vs mcgregor".

  • James Nicholson
    James Nicholson 9 days ago

    Man I know your kidding, Mayweather will destroy this kid.

  • ron wilson
    ron wilson 9 days ago

    You have to be a total moron if you think Mcgregor even has a chance at boxing lol. He's only fighting for MONEY, PERIOD. lol... Look it takes a very long time to understand the art of boxing let alone becoming the only undefeated fighter ever? hah.. GL RETARDS.

  • ThayDath Roeun
    ThayDath Roeun 10 days ago

    I hope floyd gets ktfo

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith 10 days ago

    The end was hilarious. Great video man. All of your videos are good. 👍

  • Chris
    Chris 10 days ago

    Law of attraction? Really?

  • Hari Maneh
    Hari Maneh 10 days ago

    May Weather is Chicken...... Just Run & run.... Conor will KO Weather Chicken

  • Lord Tigranes
    Lord Tigranes 10 days ago

    Go Connor ✊

  • Илияс Илиев

    Go and suck McGregors's dick fanboy :D

  • MingTuck Chung
    MingTuck Chung 10 days ago

    A lot of us don't deny that Mayweather is good but his matches >_< is a pain. I dont care who wins if this match happens I just want to see it happen. If Conor lose we can say now he knows why his in MMA instead of boxing. If Mayweather lose we say HAA HAHAHAHA!!! But really? Is this match going to actually happen?

  • Kenneth Johnson
    Kenneth Johnson 10 days ago

    whoever leaked this video need their ass kicked

  • joseph charlot
    joseph charlot 10 days ago

    OK so your a McGregor fan lol

  • Jonathan quinlan
    Jonathan quinlan 11 days ago

    This dude is stupid AF.

  • John Schreckengost
    John Schreckengost 11 days ago

    Conor vs. Nate 2 greatest fight of all time? Really? I guess you haven't seen many fights.

  • Cesar Rodriguez
    Cesar Rodriguez 11 days ago

    wow nice

  • Elder Marty
    Elder Marty 11 days ago

    I don't think Conor will win, not because of his performance. I think he will lose because Floyd will make sure everything is in his favor. Just like the Manny V Mayweather fight and most of Mayweather's fights throughout his career, he makes sure all he has to do is survive. As long as Floyd is the 'A side', he will always make sure everything is in his favor. Referees, Judges, Town they fight in, gloves, etc. He will always make sure everything is in his favor so all he has to do is survive or get a knock out. Thats why he says he believes in "Working *smart* and not hard ". As long as Floyd can promote the fight he will always win.

  • Tay_Got _Em
    Tay_Got _Em 11 days ago

    I bet you betted pacquiao to win against floyd

  • Mike Mason
    Mike Mason 11 days ago

    come back to this comment after the fight. Mcgregor will DESTROY Floyd. Mayweathers false sense of confidence and Mcgregors SUPERIOR fighting ability will determine the winner. And that winner will be Connor Mcgregor. Mayweather has never been beaten nor embarassed like the way Mcgregor is going to beat and embarass him..

  • lawdawg194
    lawdawg194 12 days ago

    If OP can get off Mcnuggets nutz long enough to see reality that'd be nice. Conor KO'd first round.

  • Jesus Murphy
    Jesus Murphy 12 days ago

    Ok conor is a bigger man ,but canelo is a much bigger man than conor who floyd beat.

    • Jesus Murphy
      Jesus Murphy 11 days ago

      Canelo weight bullys his oppenets. In liam smith fight he was easily 20 pounds bigger than floyd. And if it came to golovkin or canelo fightin conor, in a boxing match of course, both imo would knock out conor mcgregor. The highest hes fought in was 164.5 or a catchweight.

    • Vegetable Madness Ⓥ
      Vegetable Madness Ⓥ 11 days ago

      Conor has fought at 170 pounds lol, whats Canelo's highest weight he's fought at?

    • Jesus Murphy
      Jesus Murphy 11 days ago

      I was talking about weight

    • Vegetable Madness Ⓥ
      Vegetable Madness Ⓥ 11 days ago

      Conor has those broad shoulders, and longer reach and taller than canelo. Conor also is a great counter puncher, he won't go head hunting like Alvarez did, he will wait for Floyd to attack then KO him cold, wait and see.

    DARTH VAPER 12 days ago

    He has no chance outside of a lucky punch!

  • Dustin MacDougall
    Dustin MacDougall 12 days ago

    your only wrong about one fact. floyd does have a knowledge well of conors boxing. the videos are just not on youtube. conor was a pro boxer before. (if you ask why he was still on welfar and not heard of.) well cuz its boxing in Ireland. no offence to anyone . i believe he was even a Irish boxing champ before the ufc..

    so with floyds money and ppl he could easily get his eyes on those videos.. (so he does have a knowledge well) you sad he did not.. sorry just pointing it out.. i love your video tho..

    plz give me thumbs up if im not mistaken :S comment aswell more info about it plz.

  • dohnnycash
    dohnnycash 13 days ago

    Dana White (let the cat out of the bag) when asked when will the 3rd Diaz vs McGregor fight happen? Dana said it probably won't ever because the first fight should have never happened. Nobody asked him why should the biggest money making fight in UFC history should have never happened. They thought a prepared Conor would beat unprepared Nate.

  • Supakorn Sompamitwong

    everything this guy stated on this video is true and he did his homework. Yes Conor is not a boxer but he's something else. He brings in different art forms of hands combat which is more than just boxing. If you look at videos of karate counter punch you will know how fast and power they are. Conor might lose but I know for sure floyd is not stopping him.

  • dohnnycash
    dohnnycash 13 days ago

    The Fight aint happening it never had a chance of happening we were fed more bullshit and lies. I never took a bite but a lot of newbies swallowed the hook, line and sinker and still don't know it. The only question is why the UFC put out this big smoke screen? Money

  • dohnnycash
    dohnnycash 13 days ago

    Aldo took the money to lose to Conor it was so obvious. Your a fool if you think throwing a haymaker while leaving your self open against a well known counter puncher with one punch KO power wasn't an obvious dive. No rematch for Aldo or Nate because the UFC's investment in Conor has to be protected.

  • RaginGNygmA
    RaginGNygmA 13 days ago

    'white people can't box' I don't think he's ever seen a joe calzaghe fight

  • Brandon Roberts
    Brandon Roberts 13 days ago

    the title should b reversed lol

  • Simon Comerford
    Simon Comerford 13 days ago

    the lepricorn has two chances, Fuck All and None !

  • Julio Mota
    Julio Mota 13 days ago

    I respect Conor but come on guys u talking about Floyd man his a fucking beast when it comes to boxing

  • Moy Shmie
    Moy Shmie 14 days ago

    McGregor is simply going to be outclassed he doesn't have the boxing skills whatsoever he so phenomenal and I'm a fighter but he is not a professional boxer it's two totally different worlds and Mayweather is going to make him look bad......

  • Easymorte
    Easymorte 14 days ago

    Im not saying this to be a asshole but what accent is that you have ? were are you from? ... i fucking hate it ... anyway great videos man keep it up !!. ( Also just a example for you @ 11:34 "I hope i changed a few of your opinions as well , not in conner but in your selfs" the way you says selfs especially XD I dont know if its supposed to be funny or cringy ................

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