Our 23andMe DNA Ancestry Test & Results - WOW!!!

Watch us fill up our saliva specimens and read our DNA Ancestry Composition reports from 23andMe LIVE!!! Such a fun and interesting way to find more about yourself - have you done your DNA ancestry testing yet?? (Disclaimer: We received our tests for free in exchange for sharing our experience. You can read more on the blog here:

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Author Tanvi Kirtani ( ago)
all of you are so adorable. this made me smile (^^)

Author liberty2011able ( ago)
Great report here! I'm a mixed female born to a black mom and white dad. I know bits and pieces about my European half, but don't have a clear picture of my black half. I've heard I had a great grandparent on my mom's half who was part Native American, but I'm not so sure. My mom was pretty dark so I probably have around 40% African ancestry or close to it. More than Maya Rudolph if I might add. LOL. As far as you having a little bit of North African and Middle Eastern DNA, there's a special, special story behind that. North Africa, from what I heard, was originally all black like Sub-Sahara Africa below, which the latter counts for about 80% of the continent. It wasn't until maybe the 8th or 9th century when the Berbers and Arabs started the slave trade thus enslaving thousands from North Africa, the Middle East and Southwestern Europe (Iberia peninsula). Thus, resulting in lots of mixing between the native North African people (the blacks), Arabs and Europeans. It's also said that many people in Spain and Portugal can trace their roots to the Middle East because of this. I'm not saying you may have black ancestry because of this. DNA test kits only go back 1,000 years. However, I'm writing all of this to give you a little bit of history here.

Author Ng kw ( ago)
you get a sub . 😃

Author Andrew and Chelsea ( ago)
I have been wanting to do one of these! I know I'm mostly European but I'd love to see what else is in there! Also my husband has no idea what parts of Europe he is so that would be super interesting!

PS Your kids are darling!

Author pbg98pbgpbg98pbg ( ago)
beautiful children.

Author Michael Hur ( ago)
your husband seems like he dislikes koreans.....its true koreans and japanese hate each other.... he is such a racist!

Author Andy Nixon ( ago)
such a happy family .

Author Jack K ( ago)
I'm not familiar with this channel, but you two are such an attractive couple.

Author iGaara19 ( ago)
Your kids are adorable. Especially your son who kiss your head. So cute. DNA test would be great to try but it's pricey for just a spit to know yourself. lol Might do it in the future maybe. Great video! 👍

Author Orlando Cruz ( ago)
Oh my God all you kids look Asian. They are beautiful.

Author 2KTwisted2K ( ago)
Beautiful family!

Author RUTH HOLCOMBE ( ago)
Very cool, I'd love to do 23 and me simply for that timeline!! I've done ancestry & finding it difficult to know when some of the various areas would've come from as I have Native American and North African in me but am half British & half South African? Perhaps something from my mother SA side? I've sent off for my parents to get tested too, can't wait to see their results!! ❤

Author xEmpty.Abyssx ( ago)
He is so attractive...

Author Jaxson Davis72 ( ago)
such a cute family 😂

Author Barbara Bach ( ago)
Their bloody cute

Author jamilasalaam ( ago)
Loved your vid :)
Bless your beautiful family dear. I also took my test with ancestry and to my surprise I'm 74% European,a lot of Eastern plus Iberian peninsula, and very shocking to me was that I'm 33% Italian/ Greek <3
I was really happy about that but what blew my mind away totally was that I'm 16% African (5% Senegal 4% North African, them smaller amounts of Togo & Benin & NIGERIA, I mean how amazingly cool is that
Now the icing on my cake was to find out I'm 7% NATIVE AMERICAN <3
With my last Lil bits being 3% middle eastern & about 3% European Jewish
I didn't know religion could be traced but hey I'm cool with it <3
Again thank you for your video, these are so much fun to watch :)

Author worthlessdollar1 ( ago)
"I'm not surprised that it was all European". No, not surprised as such, but obviously disappointed.

Author Selena Gomez Acapella ( ago)
What a cute little family, I'm in awe.

Author Darlene Farmer ( ago)
You guys are so cute! Thank you for sharing.

Author Adan Dualeh ( ago)
you haven't talk about your african ancestors why

Author Dhee Nooage ( ago)
you can download his data an upload it to wegene for free its a asian based company with more asian samples so it can break down asian more.

Author Gabrielly Margutti ( ago)
This is so nice.

Author LOLO Crazy ( ago)

Author Fuchsia Fables ( ago)
I was totally guessing that you have some celtic origins. I was guessing Irish but didn't thik of Scandinavian. Very interesting!

Author Rebecca Lemke ( ago)
My family tree just got a little crazier so I am interested to see how this went for you. I might do this test too!

Author The Mama Maven Blog ( ago)
I am so fascinated by this DNA testing.

Author Amber Ludwig ( ago)
Haha Omgosh!! So funny that you have to spit!! I would be so bad at it lol!! Can you imagine the scientists that get all that spit?!?! Ew!! Lol!!

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