QI | What Clothing Got The Duke Of Wellington Kicked Out Of A Club?

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  • Christian Unger
    Christian Unger 5 days ago

    Thought for sure it was going to be his tails! Heard they were as outrageous when first introduced as buttoning up all the buttons on your vest!

  • Illegal Commenter
    Illegal Commenter 7 days ago

    What's with the black guys hair?

  • Nicolai Czempin
    Nicolai Czempin 8 days ago

    June 18, 1815, actually, not 1813.

  • kingda117
    kingda117 8 days ago

    "pants to you"

  • Franklin Blankenship

    why do they repost the same videos?

    • Franklin Blankenship
      Franklin Blankenship 7 days ago

      Austin Gravestocks ah...that's *quite interesting* ....thnx

    • Austin Gravestocks
      Austin Gravestocks 8 days ago

      They relate to famous events, check the description.

    • Adam Rivera
      Adam Rivera 8 days ago

      They're hiring elderly people to seem more inclusive. Unfortunately, this one is senile and only knows how to use the 'random upload' program one of the techies taught them how to use.

  • New Message
    New Message 8 days ago

    How far we've come.. just recently, I was thrown out of a children's party fro NOT wearing trousers.

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