Paramore: Hard Times [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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  • Paramore's music video for 'Hard Times' from the album, After Laughter - available now on Fueled By Ramen. Download it at

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    Directed by Andrew Joffe (

    All that I want
    Is to wake up fine
    Tell me that I’m alright
    That I Ain’t gonna die
    All that I want
    Is a hole in the ground
    You can tell me when it’s alright
    For me to come out

    Gonna make you wonder why you even try
    Gonna take you down and laugh when you cry
    And I still don't know how I even survive
    and I gotta get to rock bottom

    Walking around
    With my little raincloud
    Hanging over my head
    And it ain’t coming down
    Where do I go?
    Gimme some sort of sign
    Hit me with lightning!
    Maybe I’ll come alive

    Tell my friends I’m coming down
    We'll kick it when I hit the ground
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Comments: 45 753

  • Josefina
    Josefina 12 minutes ago

    I really like this album, but please next album go back to ROCK!

  • Vin Cent
    Vin Cent 34 minutes ago

    Excited for the deluxe version of after laughter, hoping for bonus track

  • Holly Canales
    Holly Canales 42 minutes ago

    remember when they were still emo....

  • ricardo zuluaga
    ricardo zuluaga 58 minutes ago


  • chemicalmewithromancedaddy

    I love you Paramore. You are still amazing.

  • trentigalaxy
    trentigalaxy 1 hour ago

    cute in a mcdonalds  kinda way...

  • Crazy Hair Day
    Crazy Hair Day 2 hours ago

    i hate pop music and I hate paramore's new sound
    .but this song is fire af and I can't stop listening to it

  • maia romina
    maia romina 2 hours ago

    this song is so good!

  • Dionamuh
    Dionamuh 2 hours ago

    Thank you for the ultra-wide goodness. You guys rock.

  • Elena L
    Elena L 2 hours ago

    Okay, I can't stop replaying this ...

  • rekilk
    rekilk 2 hours ago

    Same emo lyrics now with hipster beat???

  • Leonardo Gonzalez
    Leonardo Gonzalez 2 hours ago

    There's such a strong HalfNoise influence. Zac is that you.???

  • Rafael Dejesus
    Rafael Dejesus 3 hours ago

    I said it 2 months ago and I say it again, I still dig it.

  • Jon Snow
    Jon Snow 3 hours ago

    DEEZ NUTS, and i still don't know how I even survive, got that Ramsay ass tho

  • Mitch Mitchell
    Mitch Mitchell 3 hours ago

    the clothing being sold today is from the 70's and apparently according to this  music has reverted back to the 80's lol  except the singer  and the song aren't very good.  you live long enough things start repeating!

  • Ariana Edwards
    Ariana Edwards 3 hours ago

    Hayley is my idol... Paramore never disappoints. Idc how much their style changes they'll always be amazing.

  • Bryant Mora
    Bryant Mora 3 hours ago

    I vote because it is the best pop music video of the 2017 Grammy Awards!

  • Vinícius Gabriel
    Vinícius Gabriel 4 hours ago

    como curto mil vezes???

  • sailor voodoo
    sailor voodoo 5 hours ago

    can I just say that 2017 paramore is like the perfect embodiment of what most emo kids grew up to be

  • Andy Brown
    Andy Brown 5 hours ago

    A track to listen to while I have my breakfast and to listen to with my supper, my whole day is sandwiched between the most awesome song and video to give me goosebumps, every single frickin time! 😍

  • Simply Kelsey
    Simply Kelsey 5 hours ago

    anybody else's favorite song?

  • João Carlos Oliveira de Proença

    Essa musica me faz dançar tanto gente! Amo demais!

  • Ari
    Ari 6 hours ago

    am i the only one who kept looking at the glowing clouds?

  • ELiTE Box
    ELiTE Box 6 hours ago

    this was the fucking bomb live. for anyone going to the concerts it's amazing

  • Azariya Burson
    Azariya Burson 7 hours ago

    this is a great song 10/10

  • what the fuck emily
    what the fuck emily 7 hours ago

    Paramore, you're doing amazing sweetie.

  • Eithne Mackinnon
    Eithne Mackinnon 7 hours ago


  • Edgar Herrera
    Edgar Herrera 7 hours ago

    this woman can sing anything I swear, she makes love to my ears

  • Kyla Ardis
    Kyla Ardis 8 hours ago

    When I first heard this I woke up to this song playing on my tv. I've been in love with it ever since.

  • Brandon Durham
    Brandon Durham 8 hours ago

    I love everything about this song and video

  • jamie jones
    jamie jones 11 hours ago

    Hard Times. I think we all been though that

  • Chene Scott
    Chene Scott 11 hours ago

    i heard this song once or twice and didnt care for it....ive listened to it a few more times and keep coming back. damn you for making a catchy song paramore

  • Lps Jewel
    Lps Jewel 11 hours ago

    wth I'm obsessed

  • Jessie Harris
    Jessie Harris 11 hours ago

    This is what my brain looks like inside

  • Sheesh02
    Sheesh02 11 hours ago

    Sooo Twenty Øne Piløts-ish...Deep lyrics, happy beat. But dont worry, im into you😘

  • Ferci Ilasin
    Ferci Ilasin 12 hours ago

    what a new wave for paramore

  • Aleisha life
    Aleisha life 12 hours ago

    my brother fell in love at the girl😂😌

  • Giancarlo Astro
    Giancarlo Astro 13 hours ago

    how can someone hate this song? so catchy!!!

  • Fabricio gonzalez
    Fabricio gonzalez 14 hours ago

    Paramore will always be the hit! Best funniest depressed song ever

  • Miho Dc.
    Miho Dc. 14 hours ago

    .paramore is life.😘💪

  • jafrin elma
    jafrin elma 15 hours ago

    Awesome l love it!!!!!!

  • Marcin Lewicki
    Marcin Lewicki 17 hours ago

    what for is that backpack?

  • David Maniaci
    David Maniaci 17 hours ago

    sooo 80's. I love it!

  • Geek Mate
    Geek Mate 18 hours ago


  • chaoskyle2424
    chaoskyle2424 18 hours ago

    i guess we're bring the 80's back.. not complaining

  • 간메
    간메 18 hours ago

    Nagem nagem nagem

  • Rasma Cox
    Rasma Cox 19 hours ago

    The 80s want their music back

  • Antonio Merlussa
    Antonio Merlussa 19 hours ago


  • Rodrigo dos Santos Custodio

    loveee it

  • Daniel Aguirre Guerrero

    I love this song 😍😍

  • Jen Minor
    Jen Minor 23 hours ago

    If you love Paramore, you will love Australian band Dangerpenny. Check out their music video for their song "Wash"

  • Jen Minor
    Jen Minor 23 hours ago

    If you love Paramore, you will love Australian band Dangerpenny. Check out their music video for their song "Wash"

  • leonardo andres
    leonardo andres 23 hours ago

    so good song

  • Ricardo Peñaranda
    Ricardo Peñaranda 23 hours ago

    it s a diferent paramore but a like a lot this new style. hello from Colombia Paramore...good videoclip

  • James Robson
    James Robson 1 day ago

    Taylor is still fine AF

  • Aliya_FK_RS
    Aliya_FK_RS 1 day ago

    Anyone going to the show on JUL 03??🤔

  • Aliya_FK_RS
    Aliya_FK_RS 1 day ago

    I am in love with Hayley's hair ;-;

  • diego jose
    diego jose 1 day ago

    k wuen tema :v

  • Michael Kay
    Michael Kay 1 day ago

    Sooooo addicting & infectious!!!!🍄✨🎶😻🎶✨🍄

  • Reif Goku
    Reif Goku 1 day ago

    LOL Good Music hard times :v

  • erin nightingale
    erin nightingale 1 day ago

    high key gay for Hayley
    low key wanna be her

  • SkillerFiftyOne
    SkillerFiftyOne 1 day ago

    Did anyone notice how during the solo you can hear the lyrics in it?

  • L.A. Libertad
    L.A. Libertad 1 day ago

    Love her voice as ever, but the song... Still better than the last linkin park at least

  • Gian Franco
    Gian Franco 1 day ago


  • Julio Mauricio
    Julio Mauricio 1 day ago

    Paramore is life

  • Mermaid Motel
    Mermaid Motel 1 day ago

    it's funny how they went from emo to hipster lol and omg she still looks so young and pretty

  • Omniverse
    Omniverse 1 day ago

    Just remember that she accidentally tweeted her nudes out once.

  • RomeoTheBeast11
    RomeoTheBeast11 1 day ago

    The very beginning reminds me of Crash Bandicoot

  • serra angel
    serra angel 1 day ago

    well I know Brad from The Vamps likes this song.

  • sm1carnage
    sm1carnage 1 day ago

    why does it play keyboard cat at the end?

  • Gaby Fanlol
    Gaby Fanlol 1 day ago

    absolutely like it!

  • Crazy2Chrissy
    Crazy2Chrissy 1 day ago

    I always misheard hard trunch

  • Evey and jas Waddington

    Scrolling for ages and still can't find my comment with 59 likes on the Its JazHands channel

  • Don't look At my first video

    I can't get this song out of my head

  • ben haworth
    ben haworth 1 day ago

    I absolutely love this song

  • Michael Kay
    Michael Kay 1 day ago

    Best song of 2017 thus far!!!!✨🎶😸🎶✨

  • Angela
    Angela 1 day ago

    Reminds me of 80s music, especially the chorus, but it's mixed with a modern sound too. Cool.

  • Jesse Crouse
    Jesse Crouse 1 day ago

    Seriously why is she so adorable

  • Juliana Bastidas
    Juliana Bastidas 1 day ago

    Cómo diría un profesor mío, "vea eso, puras drogas" jajaja 😂😂 sabrosa canción

  • Mae Javier
    Mae Javier 1 day ago

    song of my life! 🙌💁😘💞

  • Kh tr
    Kh tr 1 day ago

    The Intro remind me of crash bandicoot somehow.

  • Glitchfaction
    Glitchfaction 1 day ago

    what the hell Paramore? This sucks....

  • Denisha Cook
    Denisha Cook 1 day ago

    this is my anthem right now lol

  • cliff royd
    cliff royd 1 day ago

    I can't stop listening to this music and looking at hayley's face. she's so beautiful. :')

  • Niki Hoenselaar
    Niki Hoenselaar 1 day ago

    Actually really dig this new genre they've tried out. It gives me some Passion Pit and Oh Wonder vibes. Don't get me wrong, I love the old Paramore songs and I always will,but it always sounded so angry and aggressive. This new style is positive and happy. They've evolved beautifully 😇

  • trifene fee
    trifene fee 1 day ago

    i love zac farro comeback

  • Arianna Morgan ღ

    0:57 - 0:58 Fav part 😂😊💗

  • The Grinch 5o
    The Grinch 5o 1 day ago

    Emos turned into Hippies

  • The Evil Angel
    The Evil Angel 1 day ago

    For a moment I thought she Taylor Swift 😂😅did you ?

  • Irvin Salazar
    Irvin Salazar 1 day ago

    i thought she dont make more music but now is to more awesome

  • Melissa Cortez
    Melissa Cortez 1 day ago

    Recien vida la peli Sing Street. y decia lo mucho que desearia que volviera la musica de los 80's o algo parecido y llega Paramore😍💛

  • frank iero
    frank iero 1 day ago

    so... can we talk about the end of the video

  • Jiselle .13
    Jiselle .13 1 day ago

    I'm so obsessed with this song! I've listened to it soo many timesss!!!💖💖💖💯😍😍💜 this is my go to song

  • Bubble Gum Fresh
    Bubble Gum Fresh 1 day ago

    Now this is what you call a pop song

    UBBERTANKER 1 day ago

    i miss the old paramore but this is better than most pop

  • Safiya Azaunce
    Safiya Azaunce 1 day ago

    You either die a great rock band or live long enough to become a modern pop group


    "PARAMORE" amo muito vocês, meu sonho e um dia poder conhece-los pessoalmente, eu sei que eu vou conhecer. Eu sou um menino pobre mais sou humilde, vou lutar ate o fim pra um dia realizar meu sonho e conhecer vocês! A musica que eu mais gosto e "Decode ". Então e isso espero que vocês posam ler, principalmente você: HAYLEY NICHOLES WILLIAMS, i love you very, sou seu fã, obrigado.

  • João Paulo Bandeira

    que musica foda!!

  • Sarge!!!
    Sarge!!! 2 days ago

    I can't get this song out of my head.

  • dan booth
    dan booth 2 days ago

    Why they turn their backs on rock?

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