Top 10 Best Moto Road Rage Compilation [2017]

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  • docwhispr
    docwhispr 17 minutes ago

    these video's are all from moto Madness are they not??

  • david vang
    david vang 34 minutes ago


  • Toastman Breadman
    Toastman Breadman 43 minutes ago

    "I woulda wooped yo fuckin ass!" but then I guess he doesn't have to now

  • Black Jack
    Black Jack 2 hours ago

    les motards sont des lâches !

  • Sèbastian
    Sèbastian 2 hours ago


  • Nx suggested
    Nx suggested 2 hours ago

    Bikers really are a set of self entitled cunts

  • Nx suggested
    Nx suggested 2 hours ago

    4:05 what a cunt the biker looked

  • daniel delval
    daniel delval 3 hours ago

    Le premier truc il a abuser

  • SaraI Cifuentes
    SaraI Cifuentes 3 hours ago

    8:13 he got head but the fuck out

  • Captain Coolant
    Captain Coolant 3 hours ago

    The fuck was the guys problem at the gas station? The biker stayed calm for suprisingly long

  • Ahmad A.
    Ahmad A. 4 hours ago

    what even happened in the first one?

  • Tammy Allison
    Tammy Allison 6 hours ago

    Dude in orange is a complete asshole that makes this world on edge.. he is the type thats a little bitch

  • Brendan Williams
    Brendan Williams 13 hours ago

    The guy at 7:05 didnt even react to a gun in his face

  • x9xo
    x9xo 14 hours ago

    So y'all can carry guns just like that!! THE FUCK!?

  • Bseroj Trbsr
    Bseroj Trbsr 14 hours ago

    Everyone was a dick in 3

  • Bseroj Trbsr
    Bseroj Trbsr 15 hours ago

    I-I don't speak french

  • Mark Turner-smith
    Mark Turner-smith 15 hours ago

    I really fail to see what you as the biker did wrong at the petrol station? what was his problem.

  • Jolly Roger
    Jolly Roger 23 hours ago

    bikers deserved that in the second last clip, i wouldave reversed and crushed a few

  • Tim Treakle
    Tim Treakle 1 day ago

    5:35 I love when that dipshit gets knocked down!!

  • Ghost32567
    Ghost32567 9 days ago

    one word.. Americans

  • Rabadu
    Rabadu 9 days ago

    stupid motorcycle ridders cocksucker

  • PluhDude
    PluhDude 9 days ago

    Good ol murica and guns

    • PluhDude
      PluhDude 9 days ago

      Honestly why let stupid people have guns?

  • Teguh arya putra
    Teguh arya putra 9 days ago

    orang yang berkelahi disana, aku yang jantungan.......

  • DJShadesUK
    DJShadesUK 9 days ago

    5:11 Stifler?

  • Pugcraft
    Pugcraft 9 days ago

    lol I love it how they guy who get headbutted was like 'I was doing this for my kids!' B**ch plz. 101 Great parenting cough*douchebag*cough

  • Mikhail Stefaniak
    Mikhail Stefaniak 9 days ago

    the headbutt of justice

  • DrPugjunior
    DrPugjunior 9 days ago

    what was the guy in the orange doing? lmao? was he high?

  • Fire Texas 277 Gonzalez

    number 6 was cool

  • Antonioloyalgod
    Antonioloyalgod 9 days ago

    8:04 - 8:06 😂😂😂

  • The L Delivery Man
    The L Delivery Man 9 days ago

    "Hey...Hell naw You ain't finna tell me shit"

  • Antonioloyalgod
    Antonioloyalgod 9 days ago

    3:10 had me week💀💀💀

  • Skullcrusher Lawrence

    thank you people that record these and put them in jail

  • jan aguirre
    jan aguirre 9 days ago

    lmfao yhe second one is where i live!! And and I truly remember what happen that day

  • Owen Skelly
    Owen Skelly 10 days ago

    so ive gathered that bikers need group's to fight.

    • Big Al
      Big Al 9 days ago

      plenty of videos where its the other way around, I gather you need to do your homework and maybe you won't look like such a fuckin idiot

  • Conor Court
    Conor Court 10 days ago

    Wtf was up with the guy at the pump.

  • Danel  Jotun
    Danel Jotun 10 days ago

    The guy in the pick up truck probably was illegal Mexican

  • Jeremiah Lastic
    Jeremiah Lastic 10 days ago

    9 is were im at homestead

  • BagelBytes
    BagelBytes 10 days ago

    The hell did the #10 guy get so worked up for? I dont understand french or whatever language theyre speaking in, but I didnt see the guy in the car do anything wrong.

  • Rich Nb
    Rich Nb 10 days ago


  • MrJark0
    MrJark0 10 days ago

    What's wrong with you people, you would avoid most of these, just keep calm and drive your way.

  • PokeCat
    PokeCat 10 days ago

    6 is awesome

  • Hayden Diaz
    Hayden Diaz 10 days ago

    the dude on 8 was on drugs

  • linkspyder
    linkspyder 10 days ago

    That redneck at 7.00 with the blue shirt in the red truck must be ill or addicted to some drug...I swear I never saw such a thin american

  • Randy Hoffman
    Randy Hoffman 10 days ago

    I would of ran you down as well on purpose so just imagine kids run u down proper boy and your girls under my tires all that good stuff

  • Randy Hoffman
    Randy Hoffman 10 days ago

    u dingbat with all those kiddy plastic bikes against one redneck u should be ashamed move the flip on kids

  • Randy Hoffman
    Randy Hoffman 10 days ago

    redneck u ain't got no kids trailer us tax payers do hik

  • Randy Hoffman
    Randy Hoffman 10 days ago

    look at scrawny nerd in passenger seat of house on wheels without gun u needs get those huge redneck teeth knocked out u face kids

  • Randy Hoffman
    Randy Hoffman 10 days ago

    got boomed big tooth kid

  • Randy Hoffman
    Randy Hoffman 10 days ago

    we America takes care of your country and all others y u think world still exists it's because America demands peace and if u don't want that well u already know what we look like and what we do and how we do it so relax your neck son

  • กลิ่นไอดิน 7163

    why not fighter.

  • Milfie
    Milfie 10 days ago

    this fcking loud as music in between those silent ass clips.

  • William Gamboa
    William Gamboa 10 days ago

    Man please don't let those rednecks have children can only imagine how stupid they may turn out to be

  • Anthony Quick
    Anthony Quick 10 days ago

    link to that last one???

  • Spintosmom
    Spintosmom 10 days ago

    I've watched half of these and its the peoples fault for making the motorcyclists act like this

  • vortex 686
    vortex 686 10 days ago

    arrrrrrrh fucking readnecks

  • Dan Glen
    Dan Glen 10 days ago

    these immature, aggressive bikers should be outlawed, its an teenage mob mentality when they get on bikes in groups and it should be stopped..

  • Ramon Miguel
    Ramon Miguel 10 days ago

    3rd vid prolly had mental issues

  • Tacticalcandy 18
    Tacticalcandy 18 10 days ago

    Do you remember the episode of South Park when they changed the definition of faggot? "The new definition of faggot is a guy on a motorcycle making loud noise"

  • Cristiano Ronaldos Son

    The fucking headbut was crazy

  • Mason Order
    Mason Order 11 days ago

    And that's why I carry a crowbar with me on my bike

  • claude salkeld
    claude salkeld 11 days ago

    beaucoup de trous du cul a 2 et 4 roues comme les premiers francais helas

  • Hotstuff Huff
    Hotstuff Huff 11 days ago

    at 9:18 did anyone know what that crazy banshee with the gun said??

  • Marc Torres
    Marc Torres 11 days ago

    so fuked up. the motorcycle riders harassing him just because he is mexican. fuk them all

  • Flare side
    Flare side 11 days ago

    what do people expect when there is a mob around a car?

  • Lif3 G0n3
    Lif3 G0n3 11 days ago

    Some are 2013 Bruh

  • Jared Gerstein
    Jared Gerstein 11 days ago

    this was the worst fucking video ever seen you are cancer should get it roll over and die

  • Nobrain Mario
    Nobrain Mario 11 days ago

    Number 8 is creepy as fuck XD Look at him! he have no soul That guy is probably a serial killer and rape little girls. Fuck that guy he give me goosebumps

  • Noé Miquel
    Noé Miquel 11 days ago

    The six was soooo funnyyyy 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Huzaifa Khan
    Huzaifa Khan 11 days ago

    8:13 lmao. so funny. man walks up to him head butts him😂😂😂😂

  • Will Tisdale
    Will Tisdale 11 days ago

    9:17 that lady is lucky those guys didnt try to shoot her for drawing that gun. I garuntee she had no clue how to use it.

  • Andreas Augustinius
    Andreas Augustinius 11 days ago

    There are too many crazy car drivers in the US. Guns should not be allowed for those assholes

  • Alistair Robequin
    Alistair Robequin 11 days ago

    So glad I don't live in America. Everybody pulls guns at each other for the stupidest of reasons. What chaos

    • Jack falcon
      Jack falcon 10 days ago

      Alistair Robequin Not many people pull guns on each other for no reason. Just letting you know

  • Spetsop
    Spetsop 11 days ago

    ROFLMAO French people arguing is hilarious!!! Pretending to be tough with each other and then shit on their own country and capitulate the instant someone else demands their subordination! Sad :(

  • Jayson Fagioli
    Jayson Fagioli 11 days ago

    shit music, good clips

  • ChelseaFCMario
    ChelseaFCMario 11 days ago

    All these atheists are fucked up!!

  • Alain Franzolini
    Alain Franzolini 11 days ago

    wow, there is some aggression in the air !

  • MaxtilikPL #ziomek z biedry

    1 schlablablaschmablaszmlalalablsblaszlsbszkla

  • Rolandhinho
    Rolandhinho 11 days ago

    Too many idiots in this planet..

  • HC Zocker
    HC Zocker 11 days ago

    8:15 thanks to god that at least 1 guy gets what he deserves

  • alex johnson
    alex johnson 11 days ago

    If you drive a car and are irritated or annoyed by a biker or group of bikers, hand your license in and get off the road or shut the fuck up suck it up or pull over. You will always be in the wrong and get fucked up if you try to screw with or hit a motorcyclist no matter what your personal feelings are on the matter.

  • Crash Breaker
    Crash Breaker 11 days ago

    2 Wheels always rite

  • Michael
    Michael 11 days ago


  • Dustin Hill
    Dustin Hill 11 days ago

    7 and 10 were the same. not as dumb as the cyclist on #9 but whatever. The 1-10 shit totally not logical.

  • Devin McLeod
    Devin McLeod 11 days ago

    It may seem like that last mustang driver got away, but yiu can be sure that he got all of his windows broken and his mirrors smashed off by the persuying bikers. Don't assume just cause you have a car you can push them around. Especially when it's 30 to 1..

  • GM Swagger
    GM Swagger 11 days ago


  • Everlasting Flare
    Everlasting Flare 12 days ago

    Stupid people compilation

  • Salev Ulysses Ekirat

    These bikers scarier than hells angels 😥😣🙄😪

  • mateo andres orellana aliaga

    8:12 fuckin alistar supp KZLDLFKFKFKFFK

  • xcaluhbration
    xcaluhbration 12 days ago

    The last two clips are the reason I don't ride with large crews of people, especially people I don't know. All it takes is one hotheaded aggressive moron to screw the ride up and cause a melee.

  • James Oneal
    James Oneal 12 days ago

    Videos like these make me laugh with satisfaction every time I hear about one of these shitskins getting careened by a car or truck. Motorcyclist are the biggest group of pussies I have ever seen. Lmfao.

  • Clem
    Clem 12 days ago

    I would have shot the #6 guy the second he opened his mouth also those fucking cuntry hick fucks, no I wouldn't have tapped the window, I would've popped a cap in both passengers and the driver :|

  • felix Nilsson
    felix Nilsson 12 days ago

    the headbutt is the most glorious thing i have ever witnessed in my life

  • DingDongDanger
    DingDongDanger 12 days ago

    7:40 "They're fucking idiots dude!", you're the ones who pulled out a gun because of some dude being a jackass in traffic?

  • Kelpie
    Kelpie 12 days ago

    #2 I was hoping that dude was gonna get his ass kicked

  • Marino Nooitmeer
    Marino Nooitmeer 12 days ago

    Number 8 hes a savage

  • Idrift4Fun
    Idrift4Fun 12 days ago

    8:15 my favorite part * goes down to description * Sees Game- gta 5 now we see xD

  • Mylle Mulle
    Mylle Mulle 12 days ago

    Number 2 and 1 is some insane cunts

  • AngelEyes
    AngelEyes 12 days ago

    Yeah run those cunts over, good score. That's what I would have done.

  • AngelEyes
    AngelEyes 12 days ago

    Let's face it, most motorcyclists are total cunts.

  • Manuel DerEchte
    Manuel DerEchte 12 days ago

    what was that for a Black bike on number 2

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