How to create a MineCraft Alpha server - MineCraft Alpha

In this video tutorial I'll show you how to setup your own MineCraft server and how to connect to MineCraft servers.

step1:Go to
step 2: Start the server.
Step 3:Write down the port number that the server package says.
Step 4:Start MineCraft's client.exe (This is what you actually play the games on)
Step 5:Click Multiplayer on MineCraft's Main Menu.
Step 6: Combine the IP address and the port number together like I did in the video.
Step 7: Hit connect.
If this doesn't work let me know.

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Author Jack Deputy (21 day)
It always says failed to connect 

Author WingsMiningMC (4 months)
what bout for mac

Author Minga (2 years)
i have 1.3 bukkit. Thats the earliest i could still find :P

Author Fab00t (1 year)
i do have a minecraft alpha server but it is a bit change

Author BillChelios (2 years)
i do!

Author CoMeD1eZ (3 years)
ID: Constructive Free Build PASS: No Pass IP:

Author Uchiha1243 (3 years)
hamachi id : craftunow hamachi pass : craftulater server id :

Author Gokum (2 years)
No, I dont mean the minecraft.jar I mean the MinecraftServer.jar which it
doesn't have

Author nk020 (3 years)
Hi do you want to join a cool minecraft server visit our site

Author klips mania (2 years)
can i be in it please

Author Morgan Freeman (1 year)
i wish

Author Mr. Classic (2 years)
i need some help! everytime i try to join to My own server it freezes i
tried to take a look at my server status and i get this same thing over
over and over again! [WARNING] Can't keep up! Did the system time changed,
or is the server overloaded? it keeps appearing the same thing! is there
any solution to this? please!

Author klips mania (2 years)
well if u make 1

Author ighost13 (3 years) join for tons of fun no hamachi needed :D

Author themariomankiller (3 years)
I will give a visa $25 gift card for minecraft premium account or code, it
would be better if you could trade a code.

Author Rathar09 (2 years)
Out Dated....

Author Trenton P. (3 years)
@95Trentman I meant, WHAT "DOES" THAT MEAN??? ------grammer error. lol

Author cumbeschillzone (2 years)
I do....

Author GTA4120 (2 years)
@btrey60 what is the ip?

Author Tiffany Wild (1 year)
What does it do?

Author minibuddy9I (3 years)
--- JOIN MY 24/7 FREE BUILD ADVENTURE SERVER --- Features Include: iConomy,
Essentials, RPG, and more!! Need OPS! SERVER IS BRAND NEW IP:
PORT: 25565

Author Austin Whitis (1 year)
it says end of stream

Author BECEthegamer (2 years)
wat is it and wat version is it, been looking for one

Author jettrainz (1 year)
Meant to say the .jar for the Alpha Client.

Author tannerpanthers1 (2 years)
Ok i need help everytime i pop up the start sever file it says Java is not
reconised hlpe

Author Austin Julius (2 years)
@btrey60 rlly? lmao watch verzion you got? i wouldnt mind joining lol

Author QuasiParticleMan (2 years)

Author brainfuk7O22 (2 years)
@yugioh1581 me too :D

Author sor dus (3 years)
Hamachi id : sordus 123 Pass: 123 Ip This is a Cracked server
and anyone can join with himachi. If you have skype tell me in game. :D

Author Aaron Sykes (2 years)
thanks for that

Author BTrey60 (2 years)
@iPodtouchkid2011 I do :P Im not kidding, even though minecraft canadate 2
is out, i still play alpha, and stil ahve an alpha server, and still play
sometimes L\:P

Author TheJamesp55 (2 years)
Oh right misread! sorry, but its long gone...

Author xCurtHD (3 years)
@odair96 Run the Minecraft server then try and join...

Author xHardcorexGamingx (3 years)
Come Join the fun!

Author SixxArmyy (3 years)
I have a question for u it say I have to play 1 game online and than I
could play offline iv done that already and it won't let me sign in on the
page u were on where it said multiplayer and stuff.

Author QuasiParticleMan (2 years)
Just use MCnostalgia.

Author BananaPhoneYay (3 years)
Very good server Uppgraded to 1024 MB 24/7 18-slots More plugins More fun
(: IP: Forum: Allex1997minecraft(dot)forumn(­dot)net
Join now!

Author charlycute123 (2 years)
wow 3:00 mins defo do this!

Author jord10110 (3 years)
survival island map, need some people to play survival island with me. ID:
small survival pass: 123 IP:

Author Gokum (2 years)
I ment for the Server, like alpha 1.2.3_2 server.jar

Author Joey Sloth (3 years)
whenever i connect to mine it just says connection lost on the server it
says i was kicked and "You need to log in!" HELP!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

Author N0vaNgamingworldz (3 years)
how you make a 24/7 server!!!!

Author Jake Navvy (2 years)
Where did you get the .jar file? I'm looking for the 1.1.2 one and can't
find it

Author ThaByza (3 years)
Hey all join my new launched server! CRACKERS AND MEMBERS WELCOME! Hamachi
IP: ThaByza Password: Its free join. (So no pass) Server IP:
Join Quickly! Its an limited server that will go on youtube! Succes with
joining :D (Only english chat in Server)

Author BillChelios (2 years)
oh no w8 at the time wrote this comment i thought he said"anyone play alpha
still?" so i replied "i do!". didnt pay much attention to his comment :P no
server here sorry :D

Author Lexmark117 (3 years)
We're Hosting a RPG Minecraft Survival 1.7.2 Hamachi server. (You can Gain
Levels in it!!) If you would like to join, Enter our hamachi server to be
whitelisted (aka allowed in the game) Hamachi Id: RpgCraft1 RpgCraft2
RpgCraft3 Password: 123 Pass is the same for all of them :)

Author tnvols02 (1 year)
You can get Alpha and a Alpha Server with MVC (Minecraft Version Changer).

Author ShisnoZ (2 years)
Yeah MC version changer its heaps fun to go back in time with friends

Author AGhguGSD123 (2 years)
download mc using alpha now

Author NorgeFTWMiner (1 year)
A month ago? ...

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