How to create a MineCraft Alpha server - MineCraft Alpha

In this video tutorial I'll show you how to setup your own MineCraft server and how to connect to MineCraft servers.

step1:Go to
step 2: Start the server.
Step 3:Write down the port number that the server package says.
Step 4:Start MineCraft's client.exe (This is what you actually play the games on)
Step 5:Click Multiplayer on MineCraft's Main Menu.
Step 6: Combine the IP address and the port number together like I did in the video.
Step 7: Hit connect.
If this doesn't work let me know.

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Author jackbetamine 27 ( ago)
thanks to you, that website that u go to must of hacked my account. because
ever since I went on dat now I can only play the demo D:

Author SuperHamsterhuey (1772 years ago)
It's been so long since alpha was the latest version, Mojang doesn't put
any past versions of the server software on their website. Where can I find
older versions?

Author Jack Deputy ( ago)
It always says failed to connect 

Author RoyaltyPvP ( ago)
what bout for mac

Author TYC ( ago)
Did Not Work :((((((((((

Author SockJean ( ago)

Author jettrainz ( ago)
Meant to say the .jar for the Alpha Client.

Author jettrainz ( ago)
Yeah, I feel ya man. I'm currently trying to start an Alpha Minecraft
server though! I (possibly) will invite you to join. Also, I'll send you
the .jar for the Alpha server.

Author SockJean ( ago)
What does it do?

Author Minecraft OFP857 ( ago)
I know, right? I'm still looking for one!

Author SockJean ( ago)
I miss the old Minecraft the cobblestone texture the lighting everything
but this Minecraft right now is better but idk why I like the old texture

Author This Is Not GOOD ( ago)
i do have a minecraft alpha server but it is a bit change

Author Nathanoj ( ago)
What version of MC Alpha?

Author SuperWarfare101 ( ago)
does any one have a server for v.1.0.17_04 alpha minecraft that would be
great thanks! ;) 

Author NodoV7Ak ( ago)
error link 

Author Саня Крафтер ( ago)
what ? i russian

Author Morgan Freeman ( ago)
hmm how do u use MCnostalga to get a 1.2.6 .jar

Author Morgan Freeman ( ago)
i wish 

Author Austin Whitis ( ago)
it says end of stream 

Author DanixePro ( ago)
A month ago? ...

Author Kyung ( ago)
Whats the ip?I have MCNostalgia :)

Author tannerpanthers1 ( ago)
Ok i need help everytime i pop up the start sever file it says Java is not
reconised hlpe 

Author BillChelios ( ago)
oh no w8 at the time wrote this comment i thought he said"anyone play alpha
still?" so i replied "i do!". didnt pay much attention to his comment :P no
server here sorry :D

Author Jake Navvy (670 years ago)
Where did you get the .jar file? I'm looking for the 1.1.2 one and can't
find it

Author BillChelios ( ago)
i do!

Author Alex Obermeier ( ago)
Can the alpha work in a 1.2.5 server

Author Clown Nine (1925 years ago)
Yeah MC version changer its heaps fun to go back in time with friends

Author BECEthegamer (461 year ago)
i know i was talking about alpha 1.2.6 not full release. and i wanted to
know the ip of this guys server not my ip :P

Author JAREDsFOr ( ago)
The newest version of minecraft is 1.2.5. anyway an ip address is basicly
the address that all of the information from other computers is sent to. if
you want to find it, go to your start menu (if you have xp click on run
then type in cmd. if not type in cmd into the search bar) after you open
command prompt type in ipconfig. The default gateway i think is your ip.

Author BECEthegamer ( ago)
wats the ip and wat version? i have 1.2.6 right now 

Author BECEthegamer ( ago)
wat is it and wat version is it, been looking for one

Author cory denette ( ago)
can i be in it please 

Author cory denette ( ago)
well if u make 1 

Author cory denette ( ago)
wait ur doing an older version of minecraft series can i please be in it? 

Author Cptpainter ( ago)
plz help me fast i need a 1.2.2 alpha plz help im starting a series!

Author cumbeschillzone ( ago)
I do....

Author Gokum ( ago)
No, I dont mean the minecraft.jar I mean the MinecraftServer.jar which it
doesn't have

Author Gokum ( ago)
I ment for the Server, like alpha 1.2.3_2 server.jar

Author byDanish ( ago)
you have a alpha server?

Author Gokum ( ago)
does anyone have the Minecraft alpha 1.2.3 jar?

Author Paweł Imianowski ( ago)

Author Minga ( ago)
i have 1.3 bukkit. Thats the earliest i could still find :P

Author Aaron Sykes ( ago)
thanks for that 

Author habishua ( ago)
what if i didnt want the ip to be a local area ip address but for others
not connected to my internet to play on my server?

Author Hyguys ( ago)
@TheColondox Leia = ALPHA , e não 1.0.0.

Author TheColondox ( ago)
I'm not able to connect to servidor.No minecraft shows: loading ... and
never leave disso.Uma hours then goes out and shows that I was
disconnected. Sorry for my bad English, because I am Brazilian and I put it
in the translator. 

Author GTA4120 ( ago)
@btrey60 what is the ip? 

Author charlycute123 ( ago)
wow 3:00 mins defo do this!

Author JohnTheGreat7822 ( ago)
@btrey60 WHats the ip

Author TheRealCorn ( ago)
@Kinglp222 That's what MC Nostalgia is for

Author Austin Julius ( ago)
@btrey60 rlly? lmao watch verzion you got? i wouldnt mind joining lol 

Author JWhoGaming ( ago)
@btrey60 Could you please give me the .jar? :)

Author Austin Julius ( ago)
anyone have a alpha server still? lmao

Author Rathar09 ( ago)
Out Dated....

Author The Great Plague ( ago)
i need some help! everytime i try to join to My own server it freezes i
tried to take a look at my server status and i get this same thing over
over and over again! [WARNING] Can't keep up! Did the system time changed,
or is the server overloaded? it keeps appearing the same thing! is there
any solution to this? please! 

Author SixxArmyy ( ago)
I have a question for u it say I have to play 1 game online and than I
could play offline iv done that already and it won't let me sign in on the
page u were on where it said multiplayer and stuff.

Author MrHearThis ( ago)
@felix0021111 thats why it says alpha sherlock 

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Author Joey Sloth ( ago)
whenever i connect to mine it just says connection lost on the server it
says i was kicked and "You need to log in!" HELP!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!! 

Author dager14 ( ago)
join mine i just started and i need new people no pass ip:

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Author Zoejata ( ago)
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Author Trenton P. ( ago)
@95Trentman I meant, WHAT "DOES" THAT MEAN??? ------grammer error. lol

Author Trenton P. ( ago)
earlier this morning my minecraft was working. then, i went offline to eat
breakfast. When i try to start it up again, it says "
BindException" "address already in use." WHAT ODES THAT MEAN????

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do you need to buy the game to get a server , or can u do it if you just

Author 2010Mrsurfer ( ago)
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Author CoMeD1eZ ( ago)
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Author A is for Banana ( ago)
i bought the game and it says conection refused whats going on?

Author sor dus ( ago)
Hamachi id : sordus 123 Pass: 123 Ip This is a Cracked server
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Author LegendofAkaiyus ( ago)
maybe you should make a video on how to turn ur fucking mic up

Author Kristoffer Bartholin ( ago)
hello i saw your video and done everything like you but to me it says that
the connection is lost "Can You help my email me

Author Charles Cole ( ago)
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Author JAMY650 ( ago)
Oi could some1 tell me y its not letting me join ur server it says server
conection timed out

Author JAMY650 ( ago)
Oi guys could some1 inbox me as of y its not letting me join ur server it
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Author williamsu3 ( ago)
it's not working for me for some reason, i seem to time out whenever i try
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Author marcus vildma ( ago)
oh fuck u cant use it u said lemme know if i doesnt work and im telling u i
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