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  • Lesbian Horror Show


  • Lesbian Horror Show

    After 100 years, a 0.02c drop in temperature IF all parties abide by the agreement, which will NEVER happen! THE EU IS OVER!

  • SuperBeautifulNoise

    France will become an islamic Sharia state in the next few decades RIP France.

  • Djam O
    Djam O 9 days ago

    "French have delayed the end of the world": you're welcome, world.

  • NetTubeUser
    NetTubeUser 10 days ago

    1:15 - _"at LOUVREEE"_ ...come on! ROFLMAO!

  • Suzanne Z
    Suzanne Z 11 days ago

    Scarf guy made a good point.

  • Mario Neziri
    Mario Neziri 11 days ago

    French guy's they was always smart and open-minded they are so old in civilisation that still can teach the world their language culture and everything they are vary vary good people and they are maybe the mos humanists people in this fu...west that is getting colder everyday love u French people and love u France

  • Smokeurmum
    Smokeurmum 13 days ago

    every time I see, hear or watch american media, there is always this ignorance about everything alien. I guess it's in their culture to be focused on their own little precious as**ole.

  • Raymond Bates
    Raymond Bates 13 days ago

    Aye, you can always trust a banker to save the world. Honest as the day is long, where would we be without them. Living without austerity that's fucking where. You know you're fucked when the so-called left are lining up to kiss the arse of a banker less than ten years after they brought the world to its knee's. Oh, the irony.

  • tommy paris
    tommy paris 15 days ago

    One day maybe I will understand why French people are supposed to be mimes wearing a horizontal stripes T-Shirt..........

  • Bart Simpson
    Bart Simpson 16 days ago

    Immanuel Makeroni

  • James Sudbury
    James Sudbury 17 days ago

    liberals are sad

  • Arthur Montalto
    Arthur Montalto 18 days ago

    Yes Rotschild, using the power of the media and the stupidity of the people won over this same people. A powerful bank running a whole country isn't a good news for the world.

  • Lonely Wolf
    Lonely Wolf 19 days ago

    he wanted more topics to tweet about

  • typikaljesus
    typikaljesus 19 days ago

    He so handsome

  • David M
    David M 20 days ago

    the lavreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee covfefe

  • The Dynamic Kitten
    The Dynamic Kitten 20 days ago

    I love macaroons

  • Carrie Delo
    Carrie Delo 21 day ago

    LePen came from nothing? Do your homework first. She inherited a party from her father, the extreme right party has been found 40 years ago...

  • Shreya Dey
    Shreya Dey 23 days ago

    omfg that Trump voice was so accurate 😱

  • Léon Bott'ndr
    Léon Bott'ndr 23 days ago

    I'm French I never saw a fucking mime in my country

  • Lukas Bernays
    Lukas Bernays 23 days ago

    The Mona Lisa is Italian not French.

  • Syas Leea
    Syas Leea 23 days ago

    OMG it is in LImoges!! AHAH LImoges on the Daily Show, thats cool, thats cool....

  • michelle courtin
    michelle courtin 24 days ago

    Yes THE mime thing isn't funny ! Some people can't hear thing so is important that everyone can be part to THE information

  • bouba drawing
    bouba drawing 24 days ago

    Damn, he looks like Russel Westbrook my nigga

  • Retief Groves
    Retief Groves 24 days ago

    Macron is a Rothschild banker, and his election has been dreamed up for years. He was peddled as a centrist revolutionary by the whole French media, and Le Pen was made a femme' Hitler.

  • Bon Louis
    Bon Louis 24 days ago

    How can you be an outsider and a former banker?

  • Noel California
    Noel California 25 days ago

    Now we just need to vote out Trump and his crew.

  • Alison Armstrong
    Alison Armstrong 25 days ago

    i fucking hate french people

  • Wegar Monsen
    Wegar Monsen 25 days ago

    Great video! hahaha! Youtube gold! The mime xD

  • RAKOTOZAFY Yannick
    RAKOTOZAFY Yannick 26 days ago

    The Front National didn't come "from nothing", it is the first party by numbers of votes at many elections, the others parties just stay in power thanks to alliances and thanks to the odd system of election without proportional representation of the vote in assemblies (the winner takes it all).

  • Thomas Chouk
    Thomas Chouk 26 days ago


  • Mario Darnadi
    Mario Darnadi 27 days ago

    so this is not racist ? :D Whiteface :D :D :D :D

  • Wyzax76
    Wyzax76 27 days ago

    I know this is 'so wrong' but I think more black people should do 'white face'. #FunniestThingEver

  • Wyzax76
    Wyzax76 27 days ago

    Is the President of France a sentient toupee? #ManualMirkin

  • Vivek R
    Vivek R 29 days ago

    trevor noah, r u black or brown or white ..?? man u get people confused , was ur mother pussy filled with different country sperms r wat ??.. r is it like , during world end ur mom pussy was filled with all sperm from the world ,in the noah ark . ?? wat freaking creature r u man

    ASTON RAY 29 days ago

    It's End of America, not the World, you bloody idiot!

  • The Dark Knight
    The Dark Knight 1 month ago

    can someone please tell me the song that was playing when mona lisa dances?

  • jlcjapon59
    jlcjapon59 1 month ago

    Noah, where have you gone? Missing your up-date...

  • wisildur
    wisildur 1 month ago

    France has elected a neoliberal who wants to destroy social rights. But, he looks good and hes not a prick like Trump. Thanks american friends for u """analysis""".

  • WDeeGee1
    WDeeGee1 1 month ago


  • milane53 Milane
    milane53 Milane 1 month ago

    au moins il imite bien Trump..(^^)

  • Jonathan Roseland
    Jonathan Roseland 1 month ago

    *The French surrender* again!

    I for one will not lift a finger to help them from the barbarians that are conquering them.

  • Olivia Latoile
    Olivia Latoile 1 month ago

    Hilarant ! I love watching american videos that criticize our country, it's hilarious !

  • Vijay Rana
    Vijay Rana 1 month ago

    or may have accelerated the End of Europe and European culture.

  • NexisFilms
    NexisFilms 1 month ago

    So, a banker was elected and rapefugees get a free pass ?!
    How's that a win for France again ?

  • Iamtop
    Iamtop 1 month ago

    While the core FN supporters have many racists, a lot of new people that joined did so first and foremost because they want protectionist economic policies.

  • Chloé Brasy
    Chloé Brasy 1 month ago

    i don't get it all the mimes stereotypes things . I am French and i never seen a mime in my life 😅

  • Lawrence D’Oliveiro

    Duterte, Trump, Le P--oh, thank the gods, no!

  • Katerina Petrova
    Katerina Petrova 1 month ago

    Louvree!!! omg!

  • sweety bird
    sweety bird 1 month ago

    The Front National's role has always been to vilify and ridicule very serious topics concerning the potential exit of the EU/Euro/NATO. That is the very purpose of their existence in the French political scene. Now Emmanuel Macron will make sure France continues to align itself with US Supremacy.

  • Calum Spencer
    Calum Spencer 1 month ago

    Gets a like just for the white face joke.

  • Gpod 7
    Gpod 7 1 month ago

    i must admit: it's never been so cool to be french! wow!

  • Phil Strahl
    Phil Strahl 1 month ago

    3:40 Is that ... whiteface? Should I feel insulted? ;)

  • isabella love
    isabella love 1 month ago

    Din't even have to hail them... mime skills on point that shit was funny!

  • Freya Campbell
    Freya Campbell 1 month ago


  • Patience Masilela
    Patience Masilela 1 month ago

    The media can fools anyone but not me,Only God can start and end the world not the european.Europeans you are making fool of yourselfs.God created everything including france and will end everything including france,europeans always has nothing to say

  • All Mighty Lord Popo

    It's pronounced 'Loov' you fucking inbreds!

  • anupam banerjee
    anupam banerjee 1 month ago

    actually lowree means female penis in Hindi.

  • HeyThereBImHope
    HeyThereBImHope 1 month ago

    so looks like the western politics now is: money or racism.

  • Sylvain M
    Sylvain M 1 month ago

    Omg ! I'm french and I live in Paris , I also wear a scarf but I never saw a mime in the street , why do they think that ?

  • Very Nice
    Very Nice 1 month ago

    I love how they love about theguy pronouncing it louvreee but he himself pronounces it louve

  • Constanze Mantel
    Constanze Mantel 1 month ago

    dear trevor...that was lame. SO SAD

  • Alex Vyncke
    Alex Vyncke 1 month ago

    FN actually didn't come from 'practically nothing'

  • Alessa Snicket
    Alessa Snicket 1 month ago

    The French rave in May?!?!?!?!?
    It's not like it's EUROVISION month or anything!!!
    (May is Europe's rave month)

  • Manuel
    Manuel 1 month ago

    So in the US people are mad because trump put a couple of bankers in high positions but France electing a banker is now the best thing ever? Guess what, he too will put a bunch of his banker buddies in high positions.

    • Lelex C
      Lelex C 1 month ago

      Well he didn't....

  • Dennis Yue
    Dennis Yue 1 month ago

    The mime bit was so bad.

  • Sankalp Datal
    Sankalp Datal 1 month ago

    lapenn lost because this world just wont have two clowns at the same time

  • ProjectFlashlight612

    Macron may be a noob at politics, and we as a planet may never get over the fact that his wife is a good deal older than he is (surely a crime worthy of impeachment) but at least the French didn't elect Ilsa, She-Wolf Of The SS....or Marine LePen, as it claims on her passport.  It is fitting that a shitty fascist would get down and boogie to I Love Rock N Roll, easily one of the ten worst songs of the entire Twentieth Century.

  • Banepfc
    Banepfc 1 month ago

    The longer the neoliberals are in power the faster will the end of the world come

  • drumraine
    drumraine 1 month ago

    0:46 ''... the global trend to order against nationalism''. What a sinister thing to say.

  • PierrotHD
    PierrotHD 1 month ago


  • sunrise93pool
    sunrise93pool 1 month ago

    I am worried about the shaking future of democracy as we have well seen how foreign countries can manipulate elections. What is happening in the world? Are we going backwards as a society?

  • Camille N
    Camille N 1 month ago

    I'm French and never seen a mime in my life but the scarf philosopher stereotypes is true haha

  • Artemis
    Artemis 1 month ago

    Emanuel Macaroons 🍪

  • Laure Castan
    Laure Castan 1 month ago

    As a french, I never got the "mime" thing, I have actually never seem one of my entire live in France, where does it come from really?

  • Christian Grey
    Christian Grey 1 month ago

    Lol Trevor Noah doesn't even understand politics, he's just a clown like the rest of them.

  • Henk-Jan Bakker
    Henk-Jan Bakker 1 month ago

    Whitewashing the french with white-face? That's racist. subject.

  • Kamal Hossain
    Kamal Hossain 1 month ago

    Really I feel proud and happy because at least ," France people's" don't elected 🐕 Trump ( Photocopy!!!???) Le pen, Maximum France people's rejected and Boycott , Racist, Fundamentalist​, Stupid, Hypocrite, & Human cancer Le pen and Front National. Thanks France For your great & appropriate decision in favour of humanity, justice, & rules of law.

  • Fanny Eva
    Fanny Eva 1 month ago

    Is that supposed to be about politics? Because I just heard really bad humour

  • Hassan Ali
    Hassan Ali 1 month ago

    U fucking cunty over confident ass STFU

  • Cloudtail 7
    Cloudtail 7 1 month ago

    It's like a bad game of telephone

  • LordOfTheBored
    LordOfTheBored 1 month ago

    umm i understood that blackfacing was racist. how about whitefacing?

  • domenicodominique
    domenicodominique 1 month ago

    2'03" Came from nothing to win 35% of the votes???? Some research would have avoid such mistake. The Front National is more than 40 years old and Marine Le Pen's father, Jean-Marie, lost the second tour against Chirac in 2002. They didn't come from nothing, like a disease slowly growing...

  • Leananshae
    Leananshae 1 month ago

    seriously... I live in France and I'm sitting here watching this wearing a scarf... no joke

  • TheBumblebee84
    TheBumblebee84 1 month ago

    they change correction to connection at 2:33 hmmm

  • Leonardo Olivet
    Leonardo Olivet 1 month ago

    Progressively becoming Fox News.

  • DeinFreund
    DeinFreund 1 month ago

    your mother fucker


    Are you sure the end of the world will come ?

  • Raachen
    Raachen 1 month ago

    haha, "Louvreee" actually sounds like an american female ghetto name :D

  • sverebom
    sverebom 1 month ago

    A mime and scarfs are what you have to say about the elections in France?

  • SM Al
    SM Al 1 month ago

    Well to quote Phoebe Buffay "You Americans always butcher the French language" 😂

  • Sarah A
    Sarah A 1 month ago

    That sign language mime looked like he was rapping!

  • Andre Cabezas
    Andre Cabezas 1 month ago

    Sorry to tell. But AT LEAST WE DID NOT ELECT A SHAME

  • Fayre Maiden
    Fayre Maiden 1 month ago

    Wow! I bet half of the viewers didn't quite get the crux of the "joke". Not funny on a deeper level, but inspiring to rise above hatred and fear and recognise the short comings of others.

  • Marcus Andos
    Marcus Andos 1 month ago

    Did anyone else think it said "France declares The End of the world" and got shit scared?

  • kalai naicker
    kalai naicker 1 month ago

    Trevor's face at 1:17, priceless

  • TheLydia1011
    TheLydia1011 1 month ago

    I love this guy !

  • nela277
    nela277 1 month ago

    Haha I'm Parisian and just realize I wear scarfs even in summer 😂

  • Farid Amin
    Farid Amin 1 month ago

    French are the most depressed people on the planet

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