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Author Kis møller (3 years)
if you dot like your leather , give it to me

Author Giant Faggot (1 year)
Mud is a fetish? What the fuck. Why aren't numbers a fetish yet?

Author thedorsey1234 (3 years)
OMG!! wil you let me shine up your boots while your wearing them.

Author muddyfeet1000 (3 years)
Greta video especially when the mud is at the tops of her boots

Author ComoEstas Puta (1 year)
please do more mud videos :)

Author scientologysideboob (2 years)
love it hope to see more videos like this :)

Author nickibigboots (2 years)
You stopped right at the best part ;)

Author 11SNA (2 years)

Author Gnyffe Gnyffesen (2 years)
Love it!!

Author Giant Faggot (1 year)
Wait, nevermind, they apparently are >:/

Author MrVideoproz (3 years)
@teknikken you do relise thats a guy dont ya

Author thighbootsrock (1 year)
I'd greatly prefer seeing this woman NOT DELIBERATELY ruining these
otherwise verrrry soft 'n sexy pull-on, black, slouchy thighboots----but I
guess I'll be in minority here for feeling that way. Hugs, Joannie H.

Author xia0lei (3 years)
??? whats the point of this video... i dont get it...

Author Muddyfunwaders (3 years)
Try this way with your high rubber boots

Author gorman31 (3 years)

Author StinkyWaders (3 years)
Once again a great video that's muddy and hot... ;-)

Author rgadt (3 years)
Bravo!!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful!!!!!!!!! Great job girl! Bet your legs were sore
after that workout, but it was worth it (at least we think so)!
Wonderful!!!! You could make as many like this as you feel like, we'll be
back for more! Love ya!

Author heelrubberboots (3 years)
this kindly boots is really waterproof?

Author lucas767676 (3 years)
super outfit. White blouse and leather jacket, skirt and fantastic muddy
boots. Keep on

Author 1234id (3 years)
i would love to see you flood those boots with your leather pants on, so

Author Ralph Wicks (1 year)
my i have those boots when you have fucked them? as they r not made for
that, i would fix them and wear them for what they r made fo.r going out in
not in fucken mud.

Author Lancia672 (3 years)
Nice video, like the way you wade in the sloppy mud. It seems at the last
you get stuck and I wonder if you get out without flooding your boots.
Perhaps we will see you back wading in the mud with your red boots.

Author edward challinor (2 years)
Hu wud wanna see me do dat in a shortie wetsuit and wetsuit boots

Author antonnilov (3 years)
Обалденно снято и настолько заводит что я просто с шоке !

Author kramden (3 years)
Oh yeah, love those sexy boots, wish I was with you in that mud....Nice
crotch too!

Author Poul Buch (3 years)

Author LATEXSHOES (3 years)

Author napa3ghost (3 years)
Mmmm, great work. Love how u end vid., stuck and sucked up right to top of
boots. Wish I could be there.

Author CrysisWar1234 (1 year)
Look at 0:12

Author Ivanfadil (2 years)
love it..

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