Rube Goldberg Machine to celebrate 1,000,000 subscribers!!

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  • I made a Rube Goldberg machine to celebrate hitting 1,000,000 subscribers!! Thank you all!!
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  • I Like To Make Stuff
    I Like To Make Stuff 5 months ago

    Don't forget to watch the behind-the-scenes video on my 2nd channel, to see how I made this thing work!

    • Erin Walker
      Erin Walker 1 month ago

      Huge wood working designs on WoodBuilderPlans,com pass it on

    • Bryson Jakins
      Bryson Jakins 5 months ago

      P.S congrats on 1million!!!!!

    • Bryson Jakins
      Bryson Jakins 5 months ago

      Hey I like to make stuff can you make a shop tool video because I am building my own shop rite now and would really like to know what tools you use thanks👍🏽

    • Ante Prezime
      Ante Prezime 5 months ago

      I Like To Make Stuff congrats for the 1M subscribers I knew you could do it 😁

    • Joseph Tran
      Joseph Tran 5 months ago

      I Like To Make Stuff congrats dude I have been watching you for so long

  • Toxico Knight
    Toxico Knight 14 days ago

    if you quit your standard jobs, how do you support family and buy tools when you said that you aren't making so much money

  • Fireball 9259
    Fireball 9259 1 month ago

    Congratulations for 1 million

  • Hansel Ying
    Hansel Ying 1 month ago

    The things that he create always blow my mind :)

  • Frank Allison
    Frank Allison 2 months ago

    No thank you. Fell a bit behind and now I'm binge watching to catch back up. Congrats

  • Kiki Derpwal
    Kiki Derpwal 3 months ago

    I was the millionth

  • José Dávalos
    José Dávalos 3 months ago

    Thank YOU man! Your videos help me sleep a lot, not because de they are boring but because they calm me, and really ease my mind. Love and regards from Ecuador.

  • Flash Draw
    Flash Draw 3 months ago

    I was the millionth subscriber

  • Samoht Gaming - Norsk Gaming

    congrats on 1124410 subs. keep up the good work. PS: Love your vidios

  • maogolfgt
    maogolfgt 4 months ago

    keep up the good work!!

  • Ivan Pedroso
    Ivan Pedroso 4 months ago

    You inspire me to build stuff. I thank you sir, for all the hard work! Cheers from Brazil!

  • Artfully Rogue
    Artfully Rogue 4 months ago

    Clever use of tools and congrats on the 1 million subscribers

  • Barnacules Nerdgasm
    Barnacules Nerdgasm 4 months ago

    How many attempts to get it right?

    • I Like To Make Stuff
      I Like To Make Stuff 4 months ago

      +Barnacules Nerdgasm only 3 or 4 actually. I've got a BTS video about it on the 2nd channel

  • Myrtle Entertainment
    Myrtle Entertainment 4 months ago

    What a creative way to celebrate a huge milestone! I must say, I subscribed when I saw your video on how to make a secret door, and I've been impressed with your videos ever since! My favorites are the iPad register stand and the swivel arm for your monitor. Congratulations on your huge success, and I wish you the best in the future!

  • Wildman Tech
    Wildman Tech 4 months ago

    Congratulations Bob!

  • TermiMC
    TermiMC 4 months ago

    eyy man congratulation from switzerland 😇👌 bes yt-er on earth

  • Power Violin
    Power Violin 4 months ago

    (I don't know why I haven't seen this video yet but...)
    I appreciate every video you make :)

    BELONG 4 months ago

    So cool ! keep going

  • Daniel O'Donoghue
    Daniel O'Donoghue 4 months ago

    I just got an idea... the monitor behind you at the end of the video, you should put your logo on that when you do an explanation that shows your face..

  • T Bentall
    T Bentall 4 months ago


  • Abel Villegas
    Abel Villegas 4 months ago

    I love your videos it makes me want to be like u when I am older I am 12 congratulations on million subscribers

  • JAMST3RZ 2002
    JAMST3RZ 2002 4 months ago

    Hi what is the name of the camera jig that you used on your phone? Thanks

  • CoolDerp202
    CoolDerp202 4 months ago

    I watched you turn over to 1mil! I just started watching a few months ago, but I immediately subscribed because I love building!

  • Richard Clutterbuck
    Richard Clutterbuck 4 months ago

    Why is it that everyone I follow are breaking 1million subs this month (congratz btw)

  • James Bushey
    James Bushey 4 months ago

    Bob, congrats on the channel growth and your outstanding celebration video. Keep creating and inspiring us with your intelligent ideas. Happy 2017!

  • Marc Buster
    Marc Buster 4 months ago

    Vanuit Nederland Van Harte en blijf doorgaan

  • Dat boi
    Dat boi 4 months ago

    Congratulations. That was so awsomeee!!!

  • CrazyWarsLord
    CrazyWarsLord 4 months ago

    Congratulations on the big 1M

  • 9and7
    9and7 4 months ago

    Congratulations. Well deserved. Great show. Love this episode.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Kt_s .99
    Kt_s .99 4 months ago

    awesome Bob...
    you nailed it....

  • Aaron Shavolian
    Aaron Shavolian 4 months ago

    WOW. They grow up so fast. Congratulations brother.

  • Miter Mike's Woodshop
    Miter Mike's Woodshop 4 months ago

    congrats Bob well deserved.

  • Matt
    Matt 4 months ago

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us!

  • Robert Schoenert
    Robert Schoenert 4 months ago

    , what microphone do you use when doing voice-overs?

  • BergyVlogs
    BergyVlogs 4 months ago

    HEY Nice video! if anyone has got some time go check out my channel! Thanks!

  • jason osho ogiorumua
    jason osho ogiorumua 4 months ago

    please can you make an aluminum frames for a mesh to screen print?

  • Chris Jorritsma
    Chris Jorritsma 4 months ago

    Can you make a video of how to make a homemade pottery wheel?

  • Aaditya sriram
    Aaditya sriram 4 months ago

    make a pool table!!!!

  • Chaser Williams
    Chaser Williams 4 months ago

    Congrats Bob! Doesn't seem like it took you long to get here!

  • Vinicius Melo
    Vinicius Melo 4 months ago

    Congratulations =D

  • Nathan Wooler
    Nathan Wooler 4 months ago

    1 million subscribers! That is so cool!! Congratulations!!! (way too many exclamation marks, i know)

  • Kyle Is Epic
    Kyle Is Epic 4 months ago

    is I like to make stuff dead?

  • Michael Alm
    Michael Alm 4 months ago

    Congratulations Bob!!

  • Jammer53
    Jammer53 4 months ago

    Good one Bob

  • Not Quite Ripe
    Not Quite Ripe 4 months ago

    Congratulations on 1million!! Love the channel and look forward to more!!!

  • Graeme w
    Graeme w 4 months ago

    Hi Bob the reason you have so many subscribers is you are one of the best ,

  • LH YY
    LH YY 4 months ago

    Congrats mate!

  • Samuel Day
    Samuel Day 4 months ago

    Can you try to build a small vending machine using an Arduino or a Raspberry Pi?

  • Mitchell Brindley
    Mitchell Brindley 4 months ago

    WE DID IT!!!

  • MickMake
    MickMake 5 months ago

    Congratulations mate on the mill!

  • William Covington
    William Covington 5 months ago

    really nice. it was fast but it was a small shop and it looked like it took some time to do

  • Kyle Levy
    Kyle Levy 5 months ago

    Hey bob, recommendations: Hovercraft (balsa wood), electronics charging stand (phones, tablets, ect), and smart and modern table (trap doors, electronics, glass touch screen).

    I think everything you make on this channel is awesome, and it truly is fun to watch someone so dedicated to something, do the thing they love.

  • Mighty Storm1820
    Mighty Storm1820 5 months ago

    you got one million subscribers, made a cool machine, and got a board plained all in one video. great job and i cant wait to see more of you content

  • Chad Tuggle
    Chad Tuggle 5 months ago

    Glad I could be 1/1,000,000 of it all!

  • Webbed Toed Workbench
    Webbed Toed Workbench 5 months ago

    congrats Bob. So happy its all worked out. Love the projects you share. I need to buckel down and start documenting and sharing my stuff again. - Jeff

  • Maciej Sperkowski
    Maciej Sperkowski 5 months ago

    congrats :)

  • marcomolo
    marcomolo 5 months ago

    well done on 1000000subs and keep up the good work on the podcast! always interesting and an education in making! also sweet rube machine!

  • Tizona Amanthia
    Tizona Amanthia 5 months ago

    that was fun, Congrats!

  • Rob Kirkland
    Rob Kirkland 5 months ago

    Congratulations on 1m. Your channel is excellent. I am so grateful that there is a platform for people like you who can make a living creating high quality content without a massive production team. Thanks for your wonderful insights and excellent presentation.

  • Infinite Crafting
    Infinite Crafting 5 months ago

    you shoukd do a fidget cube

  • Adam Yarris
    Adam Yarris 5 months ago

    Well apparently your channel isn't dead, I haven't gotten notifications from you or seen you in my subscription feed in months

    • Adam Yarris
      Adam Yarris 5 months ago

      Yeah I just set notifications on, and I was starting to wonder why I haven't seen your content in months, because you do some pretty cool stuff ;)

    • I Like To Make Stuff
      I Like To Make Stuff 5 months ago

      :/ YouTube is doing that a lot lately unfortunately. My channel definitely isn't dead, we're just getting started!! :) Be sure to hit the "bell" icon to get notifications. It looks like YouTube is pushing people in that direction to keep up with certain creators.

  • Jim Stiernberg
    Jim Stiernberg 5 months ago

    Good job, man! You deserve it!

  • TeeXclusive
    TeeXclusive 5 months ago

    Are you Iron Man aka Tony Stark?

  • salim alhabsi
    salim alhabsi 5 months ago

    thank you

  • Aisling Chiamaka John
    Aisling Chiamaka John 5 months ago

    Congrats on your 1M subs and I need your help on my technology skills. So basically I'm doing a project on hygiene, cleanliness and orderly tidiness for either the home, at work and public areas e.g. playgrounds and I have to make a model that include a circuit: Motorised circuit, Daytime circuit or Nightime circuit (these are the only circuits I've made) the materials available in my school is wood and perspex. All the others such as glue, tape, machinery, nails, drills etc. are available aswell but I'm not sure on what I want to make. can't wait for your reply and keep up the good work 👍

  • TurtleMarston
    TurtleMarston 5 months ago

    Yay I'm so happy!

  • Jp's Custom Woodworking

    Congratulations! Bob, on reaching 1,024,122 subscribers. >:)...JP

  • Kreative Blog
    Kreative Blog 5 months ago

    Congratulations! :)

  • Brian Torsell
    Brian Torsell 5 months ago

    Hey Bob, thanks for the video; it must be quite rewarding to have hit 1,000,000 subscribers. I had a quick question about your laser engraver: Do you engrave from the bottom up to avoid smoke "contamination" of the engraved area? Anyway, keep up the good work!

  • Fabio Bernardino
    Fabio Bernardino 5 months ago

    I like your beard

    also I subscribed to you

  • Gaming Center plus
    Gaming Center plus 5 months ago

    Congratulations man 1,000,000 👍 .... huge fan from iraq 🇮🇶 ✌️

  • Adi Miller
    Adi Miller 5 months ago

    It's about flipped time, you really deserve this

  • Anthony Zastoupil
    Anthony Zastoupil 5 months ago

    Congratulations, Bob!

  • tntech
    tntech 5 months ago

    Congrats I've been a viewer since around 30000 it's been cool to watch this channel grow

    • tntech
      tntech 5 months ago

      no. thank you for making awesome videos keep it up

    • I Like To Make Stuff
      I Like To Make Stuff 5 months ago

      Fantastic!! Thanks for staying around so long!

  • King Beard
    King Beard 5 months ago

    Nice work Bob

  • Wood And Screw
    Wood And Screw 5 months ago

    Nice job on 1 mil. I'm getting close to that with my subscribers as well😀

  • Loriann Disanti
    Loriann Disanti 5 months ago

    Greatest awesomely! Good job! I like that. Awesomely!

  • Stelios Michailidis
    Stelios Michailidis 5 months ago

    Bravo Bob. that was the first pillar you reached ;)

  • Tyler Johnson
    Tyler Johnson 5 months ago

    Thank you Sir

  • ImCrazyDan
    ImCrazyDan 5 months ago

    Please do a video on the glow forge laser

  • Kirill Vishnevsky
    Kirill Vishnevsky 5 months ago

    Thank you for making great entertaining content and sharing your knowledge!

  • Nalu Rash
    Nalu Rash 5 months ago

    Happy for you man! What a ride its been. I can still remember when I watched your early videos and was surprised that you only had 300 sub's. Now look at you. You surpassed Matt Spa-ga-no-lo who is the god father next to Steve, oh wait you passed him too! geez. Its all in fun. your all great and im happy that this can happen

  • Matt Diresta
    Matt Diresta 5 months ago

    that was so awesome!! you totally deserve all the success my brother!! keep up the good work! hope you have another great year my friend! much love !!

  • Przemek Augustyn
    Przemek Augustyn 5 months ago

    Very very well deserved!! Congrats Bob!

  • Jared Rose
    Jared Rose 5 months ago

    Congrats Bob! And thank you for the videos. Keep up the good work.

  • Peter Lisyak
    Peter Lisyak 5 months ago

    Well Done Bob, Congrats

  • Phil Pinsky Productions

    Congrats Bob, well deserved

  • Omar Camacho
    Omar Camacho 5 months ago

    Hey bob, congrats on one mill you are a very humble channel that shows the importance of large milestones and I would like to thank you for supplying us with great content

  • David Hehman
    David Hehman 5 months ago

    Great job on your channel! You do a great job with your vids. Keep up the good work.

  • Sam Berry
    Sam Berry 5 months ago

    What!!!! Congrats Bob!

  • D Roberts
    D Roberts 5 months ago


  • GamingDad
    GamingDad 5 months ago

    More "Behind the Scenes"? Nooooh! More Rube Goldberg Machines! ;)

  • GamingDad
    GamingDad 5 months ago

    1 effing million... amazing! :)

  • Emily Bodish
    Emily Bodish 5 months ago

    Congratulations Bob!!!

  • Friggin Boom Toys
    Friggin Boom Toys 5 months ago

    That was pretty cool. I'm just imagining someone walking in to your workshop halfway through that going on and panicing

  • JopieHaargel
    JopieHaargel 5 months ago

    Who are you and what do you like to do?

  • Robert Baird
    Robert Baird 5 months ago

    haha, awesome build, congrats!!!! thank you for building and always sharing and also for replying to emails when we ask you simple questions

  • Liberty Woodworking
    Liberty Woodworking 5 months ago

    That's fantastic Bob congratulations my man!!!!!!!! <<<<<<<<<

  • DesandSam
    DesandSam 5 months ago

    Wow Bob! Congratulations on 1m subs. I've been watching you for ages and listen to the podcast. I thought I had subbed your channel a long time ago. Turns out I'm not subbed! Must have been watching via my YT feed. Well, I've fixed that now! +1 sub. :-D

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