We Tried A -250°F Cryotherapy Chamber (feat. Safiya Nygaard)

"My nipples are hard." What weird thing should we try on the next "Adventure Time (but not the cartoon)"?



MUSICAL.LY: Michelle Khare

Check out the beautiful Saf!

Special thanks to Grotto De Sal for allow us to try out cryotherapy! You can try it out yourself at their spa:

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Author cyrina middleton ( ago)
Saf is my spirit animal.

Author Art Whore ( ago)
This is what living in Canada is like

Author Shannon Brown ( ago)
Did she quit buzzfeed too!? Man you guys are dropping like flys... I have a new person to support like every week! 😂😊

Author Ćhãrłøtté Døłáñ ( ago)
Michelle your skin is flawless! Please make a skin routine video xx

Author ForCommentingMusic&Etc. :D♥ ( ago)
my freaking favessss <3

Author Jean Bean ( ago)
I love Saf's facial expressions 😂😂😂😂 I watched it so many times!!! I love you both

Author MinnieGamer ( ago)
"The reason I brought Saf with me because I want to murder her" I'm dead xD

Author Faebinder ( ago)

Btw I just found your account! Finding made my day!

Author Rumer Priestly ( ago)
I hate the intro so much oh man

Author Shadra ( ago)
That facebook link in your description box leads to some other girl which is most certainly not you :D

Author BunniiMice ( ago)
I highkey ship Saf and Michelle, anyone else?

Author Maxi Buchholz ( ago)
6:21 I died

Author Tea Leaf ( ago)
So did they both quit buzzfeed? Did she recently made a buzzfeed video? Or is she always a guest on every buzzfeed video?

Author why do they keep calling me mommy? ( ago)
lol @ Saf... "my nipples are hard"

Author Henna Kan ( ago)
I love it when saf references stranger things

Author kiki pop ( ago)
Oh hell nah ! I'm from Miami so the coldest I ever been in was like 50 F

Author magicallyriley ( ago)
Dry doing a sensory deprivation tank

Author Ellie X ( ago)

Author Kass Lambert ( ago)

Author Abby John ( ago)
why did I read it as "cucumber chamber therapy"

Author Anna Kopsick ( ago)
Wait...if you were wearing a tampon and did the cryo chamber thing, would the blood freeze inside of you? 😂😂

Author Kat ( ago)
haha 4:41

Author Jay Marz ( ago)
Michelle is goals

Author Esther Dorado ( ago)
C v.

Author Kelly Beth Engelke ( ago)
Ok. If Freddie, Jen, Chantel, or Devin leave BuzzFeed I will cry and never go on YouTube ever again.

Author Yekaterina M. Volchenov ( ago)
Mission report, December 16, 1991

Author Ellie Smith ( ago)
Does anybody else think that she looks like Natalie's outlet???

Author Emma! Xx ( ago)
Name idea: Michelle's madventures 😂

Author Beauty Brigade ( ago)
it was really great when you said that making videos for own channel is fun and relaxing cz i started mine just for that i am a med student nd youtube helps me create share relax and have fun ♥

Author Mariela Brown ( ago)
Did BOTH leave buzzfeed?

Author Missy Minx ( ago)
This would make me have to pee SO BAD.

Author PacMan Player ( ago)
What's -250 F in degrees Celsius

Author Lexie Fullerton ( ago)
You could call it "guest quest"

Author The Kendyl Diaries ( ago)
Your face though 😂😂😂

Author Mondkind Erdentochter ( ago)
Who else wants to try this

Author Beth Davies ( ago)
I love how saf and michelle worked at buzz feed for so long the make their videos like buzz feed does

Author Dila dede ( ago)
Or you could just exercise

Author min yoongi for life ( ago)
safiya's facial expression montage ....will be the death of me

Author Draw.Rehab ( ago)
You and I have the same name initials. My first name is Maren (mau-ren) and my last name starts with a K.

Author TheyCallMeG ( ago)
You should call it 'Kharzy Times'

Author Caroline H ( ago)
was michelle training for her marathon when she made this video

Author Mykenzie Meredith ( ago)
You and saf were my favs from buzzfeed!!!

Author -ˏˋolivia ˎˊ- ( ago)
Love your channel!!

Author Blurry Kay ( ago)
Okay but it does look like elevens water tank thing

Author Lisaa mc ( ago)
liquid nitrogen and refrigerated cold air. During these exposures, individuals wear minimal clothing, which usually consists of shorts for males and shorts and a crop top for females. Gloves, a woollen headband covering the ears, and a nose and mouth mask, in addition to dry shoes and socks, are commonly worn to reduce the risk of cold-related injury.

Author Arielles Den ( ago)
i wonder what happens if you go there on your period would the pad freeze

Author Stolt Irakie ( ago)
khare means shit in arabic

Author thisiskaleidoscopic ( ago)
Michelle's smile is so radiating.. she like glows it's kind of crazy

Author Tainted Skyy ( ago)
When you talked about Eleven I fangirled a bit.
I just really, really love Stranger Things. xD

Author Madeline H ( ago)
"adventure thyme" (like the spice)

Author Maia ( ago)
wait. doesnt michelle still work for buzzfeed? shes allowed to have her own channel and have safiya in it? im confused.

Author ROBLOXFLIMS ( ago)
Stop at 3:29 xDDDD

Author Laura Chia ( ago)
did Michelle leave? I thought BuzzFeed video producers couldn't be in non BF videos while working at BF

Author spoopy jim ( ago)
.......... bucky

Author adriana vasquez ( ago)

Author Beau Allen ( ago)
Safyia reminds me of dan howell ~ also ... STRANGER THINGSSSS❤️❤️

Author Sheida Sarhangi ( ago)
Michelle khare gave mane savaresh misham ram mibare

Author beckah brooks ( ago)
Literally just watch NCIS new Orleans. it had people frozen to death in one of these

Author Mister Doctor ( ago)
Is it wrong that I'm here for the research of what cryo does to nipples?

Author Rebecca Rocha ( ago)

Author Laura Guzmán ( ago)
Just wondering, is the personal in this spa qualified to apply this kind of therapy ? Like they are actual physical therapists ? 🤔

Author hann j. michaels ( ago)
pyro means fire, as in pyromanic (person who likes setting things on fire, likes fire in an unusual and usually in an unhealthy way, etc) so to hear "cryo" it means ice. huh. just realized that.

Author What's Up ( ago)
the facial expression montage gave me life!! love them!!

Author Jamaili Roldan ( ago)
This reminds me of the Cryo Chambers from Marvel and Batman XD

Author Era Latifi ( ago)
Thats like as cold as antartica

Author Regina J. ( ago)

Author Emma Arp ( ago)
Does anyone know if she is going to run in Boston?

Author Joanne Casupanan's life on youtube ( ago)
OMG are u the girl from buzzfeed

Author Josie Lee ( ago)
I'm actually so grateful they left BuzzFeed. BuzzFeed was simply a stumbling block.

Author Carolina Cámara ( ago)
Just wanna say, This I for your marathon video:

Hey Michelle! I have been following your process on Snapchat from the start! You're an amazing human and so inspiring! I love all your work and be proud of yourself cause you're unbelievably amazing 🙏🏻😘

Author Julia ( ago)
"I want someone to witness my death!"

Author Kassandra Starr ( ago)
Sofia looked really tired before it then BAM, awake af

Author Izabela Jelena Pandilovska ( ago)
do u still work at buzzfeed

Author Georgia ( ago)
6:21 ohmygosh hahaha

Author miamar ( ago)
Wait, I saw her Michelle in the new BuzzFeed dancing video...Did she join BuzzFeed again?

Author 94 .t ( ago)
michelle lowkey has cake 🍰man

Author Deepthi Rao ( ago)
I get scared seeing you talk in the video while driving. 🙈

Author Kaitlyn Carroll ( ago)
Why do they do that

Author Julz B ( ago)
I've done cryotherapy several times. I really enjoy going. I learned that keeping my chin up above the top of the chamber will prevent getting light headed like Saf. She probably breathed in too much nitrogen. Also, I learned not to get too close to the jets that release the nitrogen to avoid getting burned. I would recommend it to anyone who is curious about going.

Author Mychi Tran ( ago)
I went into one of these before fully clothed and almost freeze my ass off...

Author michelle johnson redmond ( ago)

Author Skymuffins ( ago)
In Canada we call this "Walking to the Store in Winter"

Author Lisa Romo ( ago)
How about "Mish Adventure Time"? Just subscribed, 😁😁😂😂😂😂

Author MommyandKai ( ago)
My two favorite girls from buzzfeed 😍

Author adverbialphrases yh ( ago)
i saw cryotherapy and am i the only one who got bucky barnes vibes

Author Meg Mon ( ago)
:33 bahaha

Author Friends4 LifeMN ( ago)
At 5:59 omg her face😂😂😂😂😂 and then the right hand has cripple depression

Author Alicia Gaultney ( ago)
saf got to -273

Author meagen kleiner ( ago)
did Michelle leave BuzzFeed too??

Author Cori Cookie ( ago)
For all you sick freaks like me: I googled the women who died. She has a manager and got stuck in after getting locked in for 10 hours. She was a 24 year old Hawaiian and it's really sad cause they're not exactly sure if she suffocated or froze to death apparently. So I'm assuming she went in to turn it off before leaving and got stuck in... really sad ;-;

Author Dhia G. ( ago)
Michelle you forgot telling audiences who has no idea about what this therapy is for. Like me :(

Author Rebel Love ( ago)
I'm confident that I will never try this or want to try this. Ever. FUCK the cold.
Actually I'm lying. In a heat wave..... I would be eager to try this. So nevermind.

Author ziona2k ( ago)
I laughed my butt off when you said "So this is whst it feels like to be a frozen chicken leg" XD I love it.

Author Imagination_len ( ago)
Im.sooo happy to guys still successful!!

Author Qweenzamira ( ago)
looks like natalies outlet lmaoo

Author Tora Northman ( ago)
Just came across this channel and got so excited when I saw you had a channel separate from Buzzfeed!! Keep up the great content <3

Author Bethany Nuttall ( ago)
WHAT. Safiya Candice AND Michelle left Buzzfeed i am just waiting for Freddie or Jen to leave

Author Harpy Wings ( ago)
I have that same sweatshrit

Author Veronica Del Sato ( ago)
The adventurous adventures of Michelle Khare

Author rainbow_ _tissues ( ago)
no worries freinds it's -156 in celsius

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