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Author Jaelle Hersey (1 year)
help, i see all these really great pieces of dead wood but i can't for the
life of me figure out how you create dead wood in the first place also how
do you develop a really twisted gnarly tree trunks somebody help me, post a

Author BrenticusMaximus1 (4 years)
As a beginner I appreciate the simple focus on one aspect of Bonsai covered
in good detail, very helpful. Kudos

Author liuc94chek (1 year)
change the mic use a rode mic for your camera 60 $

Author shwoop10388 (4 years)
Great Video! I have been working with and creating bonsai for about 2.5 to
3 years now. I am at the point where I need to work with dead wood. This
video couldn't have come at a better time. I have a Barberry bonsai that
needs lime sulfur and I really did not know much about it until now. Thanks
you for your knowledge.

Author pacovl46 (2 years)
Yeah, the tree is still alive, but the bleached looking parts he applied it
to are already dead.

Author bigdearmond (4 years)
Great video, hope to see more.

Author NorthStarBonsai (4 years)
@kaige50 - Am I that predictable ;o)

Author AB1KHB (4 years)
you do very nice work put up more videos

Author jakesweet1000 (1 year)
the video is 3 years old

Author digitalbeachbum (3 years)
Lime sulfur leaves the subject looking horrible. It makes it look fake. Why
do people keep using it? At least he puts ink in the mixture to wash out
the white.

Author pacovl46 (2 years)
I think it looks great! Also, if you keep your trees outside the sun will
weather the parts where the lime sulfur has been applied and it will begin
to look more natural again.

Author romonyangzarr (3 years)

Author seniorwisdom (4 years)
nice nice...i like it^^

Author NorthStarBonsai (4 years)
@shwoop10388 - Glad you liked it! North Star is doing a few more of these.
This being the first, the quality and content of the videos will get
better. So stay tuned =o)

Author BackSeatHump (3 years)
You might want to write it down beforehand and rehearse what it is you want
to say, before you switch on the camera, Tom.

Author lelkish (2 years)
Can anyone tell me what colour ink is best?

Author Ben Oto (2 years)
like the beginning lulz

Author Ben Oto (2 years)
The audio is not too good.

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