Stronghold 1 2001 free download full game

here ya go guys, thank kamock45 for suggesting this one... and subscribe to him too. heres the link guys

have fun

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Author Achille axel ( ago)
server don't exist!

Author BrykuPlayer ( ago)

Author carlos fontinelly (188 years ago)
chupa minha rola felada puta

Author Federico Castiglioni ( ago)
gordo sopeda putoooo el link es de megatrolazzoo te quiero negro y P.D.
aguanten las putas que se parten 

Author AnyGood NameLeft ( ago)
your going jail sir 

Author Ian Thornton ( ago)
the government just shot the first arrow against the nerds, when it comes
to nerds vs government on the computer, lets just say its not gonna be a
very long war, NERDS UNITE!!!!! lol 

Author Herp Scout ( ago)
sopa -.-.-.-.-!!!!!

Author DarthGamer2000 ( ago)
Pirate bay. SOPA free 

Author Karl ( ago)

Author Danko Stanojevic ( ago)
@cellzan lol alright thanks man. sorry bout the caps bro, i just despise
the government.

Author cellzan ( ago)
@ArcticB4Desert Yes, i know... They can suck my dick because now i dont
know of another uploading site that you can upload more than 100mb at a
time.... as soon as i find one, i will re upload all of my videos

Author Danko Stanojevic ( ago)

Author Uncle Skull,14'th Panonian Regiment of the Imperial Guard ( ago)
@XTheXNogginX Tnx.I subbed you.:D PS. - The game is not launchabe after I
dowload the pach...Gotta get a new crack now.... - -

Author XTheXNogginX ( ago)
@SkullHeroLord np i upload it and send you link per pm... ^^

Author Uncle Skull,14'th Panonian Regiment of the Imperial Guard ( ago)
@XTheXNogginX I woud subscribe to you too.

Author Uncle Skull,14'th Panonian Regiment of the Imperial Guard ( ago)
@XTheXNogginX OK.:) Coud you upload the music folder?I woud be tankeful to
you to death!

Author XTheXNogginX ( ago)
@SkullHeroLord yeah it´s 1.0 but you can patch it to 1.2 ... just search by
google and install it into the folder works by me to. and yes no msic by
this -.-... ok by me now music cuase the folder from my friend with german
speech and music etc... ^^ but at least this gamwe rocks :D old days come

Author Uncle Skull,14'th Panonian Regiment of the Imperial Guard ( ago)
@XTheXNogginX Ok. @cellzan - This is version 1.0 and that is the reaseon
for why the game knows to be glichy....:( But definatly the worst part is
the lack of music in the game...

Author XTheXNogginX ( ago)
@SkullHeroLord np ^^ i dion´t need more help anymore. i ask some friends
yesterday and one of them got a german stronghold version on his pc ....
and he send me a folder called "fx" and said that i have to copy it into
the stronghold folder and delete the old folder i don´t now why but now the
talk german in game and in the video szene :D 

Author Uncle Skull,14'th Panonian Regiment of the Imperial Guard ( ago)
@XTheXNogginX No,I havent dowloaded it yet... I will dowload it now and see
can I help you......OK?

Author XTheXNogginX ( ago)
@SkullHeroLord you can start an instalation? i just unpack the download
file into a folder and press on Stronghold.exe and game starting... without
instaling... and no i got no music just SFX-Sounds and Speaking people no

Author Uncle Skull,14'th Panonian Regiment of the Imperial Guard ( ago)
@XTheXNogginX There shoud be a option for it when you start the
instalation... Does music work to you?

Author XTheXNogginX ( ago)
@cellzan nice it works but its in english is there a possible to make them
speak in german? the text is no matter but i really want to like if they
speak german... but i can´t find some option´s for languages 

Author cory hurt (1844 years ago)
@ThaGamezTime That'd be great. 'elp a bro out? 

Author Uncle Skull,14'th Panonian Regiment of the Imperial Guard ( ago)
@cellzan - Does it have viruses? And some people talk about music and save
not working,does it work for you?

Author cory hurt ( ago)
Works great, too bad can't save, any way you could send up a Stronghold 2
or crusader?

Author Sir Shark ( ago)

Author Williams leiva ( ago)
hey, the game Stronghold Crusader is not it?

Author Williams leiva ( ago)
hey, the game Stronghold Crusader is not it?

Author kikkomaafaka ( ago)
tnx mate so much thanks :) (Y)

Author 7waluigi7 ( ago)
Someone please help me, When I play it there is no music

Author Patrick H. ( ago)
2011!!! ;D

Author setangon ( ago)
where is da link??

Author Torqzeh HD ( ago)
@cellzan y cant i save ?

Author emplexityy ( ago)
Although I dont approve of priated Stronghold 1 as it is on steam I think
it needs to get out more and get recognised! It is such an awesome, amazing
classic game that I will never forget!

Author Torqzeh HD ( ago)
@cellzan thank u so muchive been looking 4 dis game 4 2 years subbed

Author Reltier ( ago)

Author home508 ( ago)
I downloded this and i cant save any of my maps anyone help?? 

Author Pinkie Pie ( ago)
its the silly demoversion

Author xXEkomanXx ( ago)
where i can change the language please ?

Author Liam ( ago)
My computer is shit and it still works. Thanks man! :D

Author cellzan ( ago)
@lucgh2007 chrome ofc

Author lucgh2007 ( ago)
@cellzan what browser you use?

Author cellzan ( ago)
@lucgh2007 sorry man, it works for me.

Author lucgh2007 ( ago)
@cellzan google chrome

Author lucgh2007 ( ago)
@cellzan google chrome

Author lucgh2007 ( ago)
dude i wait for the 45 seconds...then click on the button for the
download..then it sends me to a page, but the download doesnt starts

Author cellzan ( ago)
@lucgh2007 what browser are you using?

Author lucgh2007 ( ago)
dude i wait for the 45 on the download.... and then sends
me to a page, but the download doesnt starts

Author kokokoko shooshooboop ( ago)
there is no music?

Author SleeplessNinja ( ago)
@TheMiniDragons there should be an application that you can run. If you
have windows Vista or newer try running it as administrator.

Author SleeplessNinja ( ago)
@TheMiniDragons there should be an application there that you can run. If
you have windows vista or higher make sure you run it as administrator.

Author shaun clegg ( ago)
@SleeplessNinja how do you make the actual game come on? i've just got

Author shaun clegg ( ago)
can you use the custom map thing where you can customise your own map etc?
thanks in advance 10 mins i hope it works if it does defo subscribing!

Author cellzan ( ago)
@MyFanMadeFilms yes it is.... wait the 45 seconds on the download and you
can download it

Author Random Fandom ( ago)
Hey Its not for free!!!

Author SleeplessNinja ( ago)
Download winrar to unzip this file. DON'T download 7zip OR winzip. winrar
works EVERYTIME and is what you really should be using! I hope this helps
+1 if you want this to be seen but that's up to you guys.

Author Torqzeh HD ( ago)
@cellzan i downloaded 7zip but how do u use it

Author KryptonicAxe ( ago)
@DiseasedFiachra no you don't just wait for the slower download 

Author Robin P ( ago)

Author Viktor Vilicic ( ago)
@VaginalniPretres i also forgot to say that my download speed was on
average 65 KB/Sec but still many thanks and i subscribed

Author Viktor Vilicic ( ago)
i had this game when i was a little kid and i only remember that it was
great. i do have crusader now and i know its pretty similar. however when i
use the link u are giving us and start the game i do not have many maps and
i remember that i had a bunch without aditional download. also there are no
music files for the game to use. pls reply if u can help.

Author João Álvaro ( ago)
do you have the link of stronghold 2?

Author The Sad One ( ago)

Author Erykex ( ago)
Thank you my friend !

Author bojdo tech ( ago)
thankssssssssssss <3

Author appabend ( ago)

Author Emily C.A.K.W ( ago)
Holy crap i lost my disc , thank you

Author SuperThecrap ( ago)
there is no songs in it why??!? oh well at least it brings back good time.

Author Torqzeh HD ( ago)
@cellzan how do u get 7zip

Author cellzan ( ago)
@DiseasedFiachra use 7zip....i use it and its awesome. winzip is just shit.

Author Torqzeh HD ( ago)
@cellzan still didnt work said winzip 41 thing over ???

Author Torqzeh HD ( ago)
@cellzan still diddnt work sed winzip not alowed must buy winzip first

Author GPerfection ( ago)
works but the music doesn't play thats the only downer, not sure about you 

Author cellzan ( ago)
@DiseasedFiachra im guessing that you are seeing the "Premium Download"
button there....there is a timer below that button, and when the 45 seconds
is up, then you can download it non premium! Hope its cleared up for you!

Author Torqzeh HD ( ago)
i thought u said free but i have 2 pay 4 premium

Author Sabina Christiansen ( ago)
thx :)

Author MrQud5 ( ago)
Yh thanks dude been looking for this game for ages and it works fine.

Author cellzan ( ago)
@cc3702 ANY time man...check out my other videos too!

Author cellzan ( ago)
@qcman101 good to know!

Author Libre Pector ( ago)
Thanks! It's working perfectly :D

Author Conor Nicoll ( ago)
is it the full game of stronghold 1 ????? soo can you battle on lan with a
friend ??

Author Zach Raifsnider ( ago)
@albanianmario i have age of empires 3 and all the expansions i was
wondering how i might put them on the internet for other people to enjoy

Author Johnny Knoxville ( ago)
mine takes 13 minutes

Author Hellsoul10 ( ago)
Dosent work =/ says 38 hours and 20 mins (I did try more then once, also
its not my comp its virus free and fast with a lot of memory) then it

Author Christian Sandoval ( ago)
it is that game but its not the full game.

Author TheVidalis ( ago)
i want so bad this game but i can't find any store here to glyfada to sells

Author jackthemaster101 ( ago)
thx but the music files are broken

Author MrEmineminator ( ago)
@insainmonkey6969 Not just game files...

Author Etienne M ( ago)
it works thanks m8 :D

Author Callum Snow ( ago)

Author Fallout3fananza ( ago)
lol I have the game but it wont download because it says it cant find a
file also tell me is there a problem with the music in this download
because I love the stronghold music

Author phr33 views ( ago)
Hello, i downloaded it and everything but it says choose a programme to
open it with.... what do i use to open it ?

Author Kart offel ( ago)
@ all klappt da auch..;(

Author izzyvulaca ( ago)

Author milosrale ( ago)
I don't get it ! This game is the oldest in the serial and it has better
graphics than Stronghold Crusader 1 and 2 !!!

Author FleXiblE Flexi ( ago)
ty very much man i relly love the game

Author Jun Tabskii ( ago)
uhhm, where's the music? the unpack app is only decompressing fx/speech...

Author albanianmario ( ago)
ok no need to rush....have fun

Author cellzan ( ago)
i can try to find stronghold 2, but not this weekend or mon or tues, going

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