Bigfoot: The Convincing Evidence

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  • Is Bigfoot real? We decided to find out!

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  • Caesar Espinoza
    Caesar Espinoza 6 hours ago

    "there's definitely a snake that's going to bite me in the Weiner" i died

  • SuperChristy XD
    SuperChristy XD 13 hours ago


  • acidic scorpion12
    acidic scorpion12 13 hours ago

    *Someone hears and takes a video of Shane doing the Big for call*
    2678- "the biggest evidence we have on big foot is the 600 year old video of big foot trying to smash"

  • Lana Hodgson
    Lana Hodgson 17 hours ago

    Honestly, who would take any interest in looking at feet sizes for a profession XD XD Apparently the guy at 12:30

  • Ava The book geek
    Ava The book geek 18 hours ago

    Welcome to Buzzfeed Unsolved Safety Hotel!

    There's food

    And Games

    And FREE WIFI!

    1 like=Unlimited Stay

  • Killed by Bigfoot
    Killed by Bigfoot 23 hours ago

    Any forest person would be Long gone before these dudes got anywhere near them. They are almost shy, but that's not it, there is sooo much more than to these creatures to be learned (by citizens).

  • Srslyromi
    Srslyromi 1 day ago

    Cracking open a cold one with the foots

  • Nick Bouren
    Nick Bouren 1 day ago

    There is a movie called willow creek....really good movie pretty scary

  • Ella Gurl
    Ella Gurl 1 day ago

    idiot in a gorilla suit

  • Collette Bellazene
    Collette Bellazene 2 days ago

    what if other people thought to have heard big foot and his ape-like sounds because of groups like buzzfeed unsolved going to forests and calling for big foot with their ape-like sounds?

  • Miles Ferris
    Miles Ferris 2 days ago

    I really wish they could go to lock ness

  • AvEc FroZtro
    AvEc FroZtro 2 days ago

    Hey mr Bigfoot man what doing

  • Kate Griffith
    Kate Griffith 2 days ago

    If you wanna stay somewhere nice go to the Stanley Hotel in Colorado. It's very nice but it's believed to be extremely haunted, it's the hotel the shining is based on

  • fatboy
    fatboy 2 days ago

    5:50 license plate

  • it doesn't matter
    it doesn't matter 3 days ago

    "COME CRUSH RYAN'S HEAD" friendship goals

  • nachowarrior1
    nachowarrior1 3 days ago

    The chemistry between these guys are not good


    1:25 its possible.. but is it plausible?

  • Gabrielagnor
    Gabrielagnor 3 days ago

    when did Bigfoot become supernatural

  • VisileShelf7674
    VisileShelf7674 3 days ago

    20:04 Every cause has more than one effect.

  • IisBubbles
    IisBubbles 3 days ago

    for the "most convincing evidence" there was literally a dude that was like "GUYS THAT WAS ME DRESSED UP, I JUST WALK WEIRD"

  • The gaming panda 63

    they should do one on slenderman

    • Chocktae Bolanca
      Chocktae Bolanca 16 hours ago

      The gaming panda 63 do you actually believe that a video game character is real

  • Julie Parrish
    Julie Parrish 3 days ago

    TIRED OF FOUL MOUTHS!!! People who use the "F" word are classless, ignoramuses who are linguistically challenged. i give you a thumbs DOWN!!!

  • Emma Kraus
    Emma Kraus 3 days ago

    Who Else thinks Shane is CUTE!!!

  • Legoboy 8018
    Legoboy 8018 3 days ago

    3:41 That place sucks, THEY USE THE WRONG KETCHUP!! They need Heinz!

  • kneecole198
    kneecole198 4 days ago

    Why does the salamander legit look like Ryan

  • Fantactic Narwhal
    Fantactic Narwhal 4 days ago

    If I were on the crew I would dress in a gorilla suit and scare them so bad

  • mic300391
    mic300391 4 days ago


  • Open gaming
    Open gaming 4 days ago

    Moth man

  • Open gaming
    Open gaming 4 days ago

    Do moth man

  • Elle Weisen
    Elle Weisen 4 days ago

    I'm very skeptical on big foot but that's because of my brother in laws stories. He used to tell me when he went to collage he'd dress up like big foot and run around the California woods and scare the crap out of people. I believe it could exist but until I see some evidence that's not inconclusive I'll remain a skeptic.

  • Aiden Crilley
    Aiden Crilley 4 days ago

    I think Spencer Shay's encounter is all the evidence we need

  • Moxie
    Moxie 4 days ago

    I believe, that if a land animal that big existed, we would have discovered them loooong ago. With completely conclusive evidence.

  • Tallulah Fuller
    Tallulah Fuller 4 days ago


  • Krystauna Wickham
    Krystauna Wickham 4 days ago

    Ryan is the original "cracking open a cold one with the boys" 😂😂😂

  • Shushu W
    Shushu W 4 days ago


  • Shushu W
    Shushu W 4 days ago

    Pleeeaaassee do mermaids

  • John Paul Sylvester

    I'm taller than Shane... does that mean I'm gonna die young?

  • Alex
    Alex 5 days ago

    Literally everyone is looking for Bigfoot if there was one we would have caught it by now

  • Jasmine suteja
    Jasmine suteja 5 days ago

    this is so cool
    love buzzfeed unsolved

  • Caitlin is a Wallflower

    We're gonna catch ourselves a squatch!

  • Lost Meme
    Lost Meme 5 days ago

    I'm pretty sure that's just my mom taking a forest stroll

  • Beatriz Vivanco
    Beatriz Vivanco 5 days ago

    who votes on chupacabra

  • Michael Richard HARPER

    If u find it give him a hug

  • CyanideSurprise
    CyanideSurprise 5 days ago

    The Alton Giant was taller than Bigfoot.

  • Skyyy _
    Skyyy _ 5 days ago

    This is ignorant but could they be a stronger human species?

  • Greta Swim
    Greta Swim 5 days ago

    My friends and me made a meme out of that calling.

  • Gary Rathbone
    Gary Rathbone 5 days ago

    I enjoyed every minute Thankyou.

  • who knows
    who knows 5 days ago

    cracking open a cold one with. literal bigfoot

  • Jacob leavemealone
    Jacob leavemealone 5 days ago

    Your problem is that you tried luring out bigfoot with pabst.

    Bigfoot only drinks craft beer

  • Phebe Klostreich
    Phebe Klostreich 6 days ago

    Crack a cold one with the foots

  • Natalie HeartysFox
    Natalie HeartysFox 6 days ago

    It's it the belly of the beast?

  • Hobi Hobi
    Hobi Hobi 6 days ago

    Can someone do 1 hour of Shane doing Bigfoot call?😂

  • Joe Dizzle
    Joe Dizzle 6 days ago

    I cant handle Shane's mating call

  • Joe Dizzle
    Joe Dizzle 6 days ago

    Ryan wearing a helmet and neon vest I'm wheezing

  • Ordinary ME
    Ordinary ME 6 days ago

    Did anyone notices that Nebraska hasn't seen one?

  • Summer's Corner
    Summer's Corner 6 days ago

    they took cracking open a cold one with the boys to a whole other level

  • elias
    elias 6 days ago

    9:36 lmfao 😂 idk why his reaction made me laugh so hard

  • Gillian Feeney
    Gillian Feeney 7 days ago

    I like Shane's beard, it makes him look like a dad who coaches soccer

  • Rita 215
    Rita 215 7 days ago

    How does the camera man not make a sound

  • _Dat Boi_
    _Dat Boi_ 7 days ago


  • PascalGame indonesia

    probably big foot think that your growl was his ex girlfriend and run away

  • Aedan Barnes-Shumway


  • Aedan Barnes-Shumway

    do jack the ripper and spring heeled jack

  • Jason Adams
    Jason Adams 7 days ago

    Skip to 12:06 do you se the red figure

  • cinnamongirl3121
    cinnamongirl3121 7 days ago

    Sad to say you're more likely to run into a body left by a serial killer in the Pacific Northwest.

  • David Cramer
    David Cramer 7 days ago

    That one guy in these vids this time says "Bigfoot is flesh and blood" funny enough that's one of the most telling bits of evidence that no big foot exists. There have never been any remains of a bigfoot found. There have never been bones. There have never been any secretions found tied to bigfoot.. The sightings are all in dense forested land where someone might see ANY creature out of the corner of their eye and go "IT'S BIGFOOT!"

  • ellie
    ellie 7 days ago

    i wish they could meet sam and dean

  • Holly H
    Holly H 7 days ago

    They should do an episode on mermaids

  • Victoria Fenton
    Victoria Fenton 7 days ago

    Do a mermaid one?

  • Big Foot
    Big Foot 7 days ago

    I just want to be left alone pls

  • _ShadowPhoenix_
    _ShadowPhoenix_ 7 days ago

    No, I've named him Ignatius the Salamander Demon.

  • Brinthan Kasinathan

    I need those Big Foot sandwiches 3:33

  • Mia Alafaci
    Mia Alafaci 8 days ago

    lets be realistic Bigfoot is just a tall woman/girl who maybe has a hair growth condition and doesn't shave because it's goddamn 2017

  • Danington138
    Danington138 8 days ago

    20 bucks says they'll never go to Skinwalker canyon.... Or the cave....

  • TheTrainFanMan
    TheTrainFanMan 8 days ago


  • TheTrainFanMan
    TheTrainFanMan 8 days ago

    Wow I want to be friends with Shane

  • Ceejay Marcos
    Ceejay Marcos 8 days ago

    Shane is officially my new Buzzfeed crush and favorite Buzzfeed person!

    • Ceejay Marcos
      Ceejay Marcos 8 days ago

      Along with Keith, Ned, Zach, and the Worth It crew.

  • Xiamari Yōsuke
    Xiamari Yōsuke 8 days ago

    Can you imagine cracking open a cold one with bigfoot and the boys?

  • Pan_Is_Not_On_Fire
    Pan_Is_Not_On_Fire 8 days ago

    Anybody else always think of Sharon Needles when you see a PBR?

  • Dakota Van Aken
    Dakota Van Aken 8 days ago

    but like... imagine a baby big foot

  • Dakota Van Aken
    Dakota Van Aken 8 days ago

    bigfoot is like love, you can't go looking for love and expect to find it. you gotta let it find you. so you can't go looking for bigfoot, you gotta let him find you my bros.

  • michigan1622
    michigan1622 8 days ago

    I believe there in Bigfoot, I've seen him plenty in commercials

  • Julian Mierzejewski

    Lol Robert wallow is taller than big foot

  • Jeffrey Kennedy
    Jeffrey Kennedy 8 days ago

    Cracking open a cold one with the Squatch

  • babyfruitbat
    babyfruitbat 8 days ago

    Rhett and link anyone?

  • festerson  obasohan
    festerson obasohan 8 days ago

    neither exist

  • Star Weisbarth
    Star Weisbarth 9 days ago

    Wouldn't it be cool if bigfoot was Chewbacca from Star Wars?

  • Acid Rain
    Acid Rain 9 days ago

    This is my new OTP

  • Caralyn Carver
    Caralyn Carver 9 days ago

    Northern Michigan has a legend of a creature called Dogman! I honestly believe it's all the same creature!

  • carlos munoz
    carlos munoz 9 days ago

    Remains me of Dark5

  • Stephen Hodgkinson
    Stephen Hodgkinson 9 days ago

    The only reason I don't believe is because of how easy it is to fake

  • Chris
    Chris 9 days ago

    I would have never gone out there

  • Chris
    Chris 9 days ago

    Jack the Ripper

  • Fivefootnothin Marykate

    You're supposed to wear orange to avoide being shot😂

  • DIYwith Karma
    DIYwith Karma 10 days ago

    I JUMPED AT 18:34

  • Chica
    Chica 10 days ago

    big foot is probably a fucking hybrid

  • 規制 -KISEI-

    this is why I watch Finding Bigfoot

  • Brendon Scholl
    Brendon Scholl 10 days ago

    did they not think that maybe shanes "calls" would be heard by someone else and they would think they hear bigfoot?

  • Brooklynn Tyler
    Brooklynn Tyler 10 days ago

    Okay but like I freaking love Shane. Then again, who doesn't.

  • Penny J
    Penny J 10 days ago

    I wonder if all the reported noises are just other people out in the woods trying to call big foot 😆😆😆

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