"He'll Never Let You Down" (1982)- Daryl Coley & GMWA Choir

Special request of one of my friends. Recorded in 1982 at the GMWA Convention in Houston, TX. Daryl Coley lead.

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Author Tobias2013 ( ago)

Author Najhae T ( ago)
3:36-3:40 WHAT!? he kills everytime he sings!

Author Walter Burrell ( ago)

Author vangoleft2 ( ago)
This is a "Classic" I love this song always since I was a child. My uncle use to sing this at our church when I was younger. I never knew why I cried when he song this song..but glory be to God I know now!! Im 40 and it still has me crying....

Author Diamond Thomas ( ago)
made my soul cry out...JESUS

Author tenor1687 ( ago)
@veemaxx41 Where is that song and CD - is it on iTunes?? or YouTube?? The song w/ Vannessa Bell Armstrong..

Author Ebonysong-〉Renee Keya ( ago)
This song got me thru the death of my father..... Thank you for posting it.

Author Vernon Melton ( ago)
he sung with Vanessa Bell Armstrong...One of the songs I like on that cd,which I have.........Soulful Handel's Messiah CD.....

Author comeasyouarechurch ( ago)
Does anyone out there have the original I want you spirit by Walter Hawkins, Daryl Coley sang the lead on this upbeat inspirational song. I have the shorter version of this song but the original was far better.

Author Rubee Rose ( ago)
Thank you so much for posting this! Brings me right back to my early conversion days and this was one of the songs that would encourage me time and time again. it was also when I fell in love with Daryl's anointed voice! Blessings

Author shindella ( ago)
@rss22 I pray all is well now

Author Tyson randolph ( ago)
thank ya lord ! this is truely a blessing !!!

Author Dani Richardson ( ago)
The man could sure sing. He really worked this song with his God given talent.

Author jtyshi7 ( ago)
@Goodlife51 What??

Author Ikechukwu Nwadike ( ago)
As a young man in high school, he was one of the best singers that I knew. I haven't heard this song in years. Thanks for sharing.

Author Michael Murphy ( ago)
absolutely amazing that God gives people the power to impact other people through their voice

Author williamsvince ( ago)
love it!

Author shonshon1 ( ago)
OMG....I can't believe this! My aunt and I sung in this conference!!!! Thanks for posting!

Author Amber James ( ago)
@JayEm86 He was at my church last night for a concert. You're right he is a diabetic, and as a result is now completely blind. He's doing alright considering and while his health may be deteriorating, that wonderfully anointed and spirit-filled voice of his has not diminished.

Author 44altecz Costanza ( ago)
some of the best gospel is from to 80s and early 90s

Author coolhotma ( ago)
I have been searching for this sonug for approx. for 28 years and never knew what album to locate it. I have been through all circumstances within this song meaning and to this day, listening to this albumn it brought all new joy back to me. thanks a million for song retention.

Author C Lucky ( ago)
I am needing to hear this song, for all my prayers was that God don't leave me and hear my cry! He will never let you down! Thankful!!!

Author jerribaggett ( ago)
where can you purchace this song. I love it I heard it back in the 80's and just found it again. Please help.

Author ELIPOUL ( ago)
I know yall did it up, I'm also Apostolic!!!!!!!

Author ELIPOUL ( ago)
God Bless you jay OMG I heard this song when I was 14, I never knew who song this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this song.

Author AfroLady352 ( ago)
Darryl is one of the best vocalists ever!!! I can listen to him all day!

Author riawl ( ago)
i miss the "real" gospel daryl coley

Author lennie law ( ago)
my favorie singer ever

Author ItsRon Allen ( ago)
When your house just don't seem like a home
family all around you but you're all alone
phone rings but there's no good new
everything seems wrong no matter what you chose
and even the happiest people of the world
are wearing a frown
but hold on cause their's Jesus
and he'll never let you down.

Author ItsRon Allen ( ago)
This is the song that was written specifically for Darryl by Steven Roberts of Northern California GMWA choir. Like Darryl Coley, Steve was a part of the choir under the great Helen Stephens.

Author ItsRon Allen ( ago)
I heard that Darryl was sick or worse. Can anyone check for me.

Author ItsRon Allen ( ago)
A brother will let go you hand
a sister will seldom understand
a mother can't aways dry your tears
a father at times can't be there
and even your best friend
it seems can't be found
well, there's Jesus
and he'll never let you down

Author nyc10031black ( ago)
You better believe it! This "gospel" music today is a mess....

Author myra lee ( ago)
thank ya!! heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Author MIKISHA FYKES ( ago)
classics!!! WOW

Author sinha03 ( ago)
To god be the glory...this song has helped me through so much especially with family situations. I'm still young (23) and have dealt with so much pain...but this song brings me joy like no other.
Thank you so much for uploading, I really needed to hear this message again.

Author Douglas Chew ( ago)
This may be the first Daryl Coly song I ever heard. I also remember around about tis time Rev. Coley and GMWA did " Chariot Coming". The man has been slaying us ever since! God bless you Rev. Coley. Excellent posting!!!!

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