Sesame Street: Elmo Sings Old Macdonald Had a Farm

Join Farmers Elmo, Abby and Grover as they sing Old Macdonald with some of their farm animal friends!

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Author mahamadou DRAMMEH ( ago)

Author Demaris Edmond ( ago)
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Author Trinity Harris ( ago)

Author Margarita Serrano ( ago)

Author alejandra castillo ( ago)

Author Marisa Vega ( ago)

Author Krista Phillippo ( ago)

Author Kara Elliott Craner ( ago)
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You so cute baby boy you hnuj

Author Hsprout20 ( ago)

Author ryan Lawrence ( ago)
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Author Belmary Santos ( ago)
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Author Velma dunson ( ago)

Author MÖZARTHEAD ( ago)
Old Fake-Donald had a harm ...

Author janelle cezar ( ago)

Author Saidah Aboudi ( ago)

Author jay butlerbu ( ago)

Author Lovely Ann ( ago)

Author Squirel Tooth ( ago)

Author Nicholas Yang ( ago)

Author Dayana McClinton ( ago)

Author Dayana McClinton ( ago)

Author alex colson ( ago)

Author Alex Martinez ( ago)

Author Shameka Payne ( ago)
my baby brother likes to watch Elmo so much

Author Kailan Releford ( ago)
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Author Nicole Poetter ( ago)

Author Annalyssa Alvarez ( ago)

Author Gina Nelson ( ago)
thank you so much

Author Crystal Ayala ( ago)
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Author Adrian Avila ( ago)

My little brother loves you elmo he watch you everyday

Author Gabrielle Martinez ( ago)
My brother loves you

Author big noodles ( ago)
Hahahahahahaha love watch this clip sesame street makes me laugh so hard my favorite is elmo but this song crack me up forever down with sesame street

Author Mary Joyce ( ago)
Lo del coche de Milán

Author Tracey King ( ago)

Author Edgar Vergara ( ago)

Author VeganVixen ( ago)
Please don't lie to children about farms that use animals. These are not happy places that animals love. These are places where animals are harmed. They do not want to die and they are killed. We do not have to harm animals. We can treat animals with respect and live vegan. Please don't trick children with happy animal puppets singing with joy about being farmed...
Sesame Street is a wonderful show, but this is a very serious problem that needs to come to an end.
There is something very wrong with telling children that animals are our friends and then tricking them into hurting their friends. Please teach children compassion for animals. Not violence.

Author Sego ( ago)
Elmo is so cool

Author Jeff Whitt ( ago)

Author Milena Gonos ( ago)

Author Monika Hall ( ago)
mine too

Author milton demus ( ago)
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Author marvin lagrier ( ago)

Author MrsCherylLane ( ago)
My son loves this song❤️❤️😍😍😍😂

Author Hamish Daine ( ago)

Author angel martinez ( ago)
I'm jh

Author vionnette g ( ago)

Author Tiny Dancer ( ago)
Only on Sesame Street could there be a disco ball on a "farm", lol! Don't ever change.

Author Issac German ( ago)
that pig sounds like Ernie

Author Disney Cars Barbie Toys ( ago)
I love farm animals!! :-) :-)

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