Kangal vs Dogo Argentino

dogo vs kangal psi KANGAL ROZAJE

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Author Łukasz Nałęczny (6 months)
Dogo Argentiono puppy wants to play, not fight:)

Author Alfonso Urbina (6 months)
C'mon man, that's a Dogos Puppy!! Look the Kangal puppy all afraid!! DOGO
is the KING

Author Zach Malkemus (25 days)
What dog fight it just shows the biggist bad ass dog in the world showing
his domonince.

Author Ronald Selder (1 month)
my Fila Brasileiro at 8 weeks of age would attack that turkish bastard
Kangal directly, fucking losers

Author Mert Güven (7 months)

Author karn shergill (6 months)
There not even fighting

Author Furkan Güngör (4 months)
Turkish Kangal <3 

Author Ronald Selder (1 month)
stupid Turkish asses this Dogo is an pup of 12 weeks of age stupid MONGOLS

Author Şahin Birel (4 months)
ben bir kangalcıyım kangal çok büyük digeri ise çok ufak gerçekten
korkmasının sebebi bu dogo larda ve kangallarda (yetişkinlerde) korku
duygusu yoktur başlarına ne gelecegini düşünemezler dogo yetişkin olsaydı
oda saldırırdı eminim ben bir kangal severim dogonun hiç bir şekilde
kangalı alabilecegini düşünmüyorum ama ordaki dogoda küçük yani 

Author AXEL201211 (1 year)
yes and you hunted so much XD try to hunt a jaguar with pitbulls and you
gonna lose all your dogs they are bad hunters doesent know how to work well
in packs and they will die nobody trust dangerous hunts to a dog that
doesent knows how to hunt and bite and they are not really samrt they use
rodesian ridgeback dogo argentino jagd terrier blue tick hounds cos they re
smart and have god nose nd some like DA jagd terr know how to catch and
hold an animal and doesent will die in secs

Author gur ganr (1 year)
experts say that the strongest fighter is tosa inu beacuse if the stats in
japan tosa wins against pitbull 90% of the time just sayng that tosa is a
sumo fighter he has a difierent kind of ffight style and diferent rules in
open camp sarplaninac CAO and kangal are the kings

Author ebrar soydemir (1 year)
Türk kangalı orginal kangal olm borumu

Author gur ganr (1 year)
ht tp://vk. com/video-45923869 _165754556

Author gur ganr (1 year)
wow that leopard fucked that alabai lol. i know the fighting skills of dogo
are great they fucked that puma and that big young bear they are hunting
machines wid boar puma leopard bears badgers jaguars deers wolfs linxs
foxes they are amazing i think if they change those skills in the fight any
dog will be fucked and out maybe i was wrong and DA is stronger than

Author djshortsleeve (1 year)
That Dogo is either a puppy, a mixed, or very poor bloodline. Dogos are
typically much bigger than that.

Author Luca Dills (1 year)
1/4) Well I definitely agree with you that an exceptional Kangal could kill
an average pitbull. It's defiantly possible due to their large size and
strength. The reality is though, that you'll have to go through 100s of
Kangal's to find ONE that can beat a very average catch weight game bred

Author SMOlmec (1 year)
I never state that, any reall hunter knows that he can hunt with any type
of dog but you dont even know this. The killing part is one me and never
with the dogs LOL no drugs GET REALL 13 MIN LOL TO KILL KAKAKAKA 2M SON

Author arazdj (1 year)
Don't sit there and write nonesense! A Sivas kangal would tear apart a
rednose easily! You say it is more fearless and have more pain tolerant and
bullcrap like that! They use these dogs in Turkey, Bulgaria, USA and
Romania against bears and wolfs, let's not forget about how they use them
against Lions and cheetas in Africa :)! I've been working with these dogs
for a little while now and i can clearly say im 100% sure that kangal would
win 10 out of 10 fights :)!

Author AXEL201211 (1 year)
hehe hi mi friend you never learn XD do you want me to give you leason
again stop showing this videos of kangal pups that doesent wants to fight
any pitbull in drugs can win a true kangal..kangal have enoug stamina for
kill pitbull in 10 secs go to germany my friend here you can see kangals
fighting pitbulls XD

Author AXEL201211 (1 year)
put that in youtube and compare-------------------------------
Srednjeazijski ovčar - Sasvim Prirodno-- dogo argentino vs puma dogos have
wined pitb ulls in pits in open camp and has wined CAO and CO in open camp
to in USA is starting to be used to i allways have underrated DA but the
truth is that he is stronger than i thoug ht tp://video.mail.
ru/mail/krutoiperet1/_ myvideo/24. html?liked=1

Author claudio cativa (1 year)
cuando yo sea adulto quisiera ver si se atreveria a ladrarme XD

Author decapitation cartel (1 year)
get a life sicko.

Author AXEL201211 (1 year)
its funny tho belive that manny pacquiao is stronger than tyson thats
really funny the same with pitbull DA fights better than pitbull fila
brasielro fights better than pitbull ambull fights better than pitbull gull
terr fights better than pitbull i can tell you more a pitbull cant do
anything against a grey wolf the wolf will kill it 2 ,mints im shure that
you belive that pitbull can kill a puma jaguar or a lion like the idiot of
the red hand XD

Author Luca Dills (1 year)
pitbull vs Kangal ht tp:// /mail/classboro25/1/35. html

Author Long_Marlin69 (1 year)
pit bulls arnt strong dogs period , im going to contradict my self but if i
had dog to fight with it would be a rottweiler those dogs are amazing

Author Luca Dills (1 year)
No, I do not like pit bulls. You are ugly! My favorite dog is the Doberman.
But the fact is: You idiot've never seen a real dog fight. I have already
bred pit bulls for fighting, when you were a baby! I have seen hundreds of
fights with Pitbull against other breeds. And 99% of the pit bull wins.

Author SMOlmec (1 year)
GPB does that in 2m this just show you know 0 about fithing dogs

Author TheInsomniac247 (1 year)
Well that's something you would know alot more about than me eh,
considering that you have verbal diarrhea XD

Author AXEL201211 (9 months)
mecha shut up or i will kill you hahahahahahah

Author AXEL201211 (1 year)
if youwant to see a true bloody fight ht tp://ww w.videoizle .co/video
/9136/kopek-dov usu-videosu XD

Author Missy Cedarbridge (1 year)
we have alot of kangal breeders who is downloading kangal vs mutt videos
and trying to change the video title into what they want it to say so
people please do not buy into they scam kangal dogs are not the best in a
dog fight because they are just farm dogs I seen these dogs lose to many
fights with large fighting breeds like Presa and Cane so again people dont
believe in the kangal fighting myth

Author Luca Dills (1 year)
If you believe that, then I can not help you. Then you're just an idiot,
but at some point you're going to see a real fight, then you see that a pit
bull is always stronger than a Kangal

Author girlperson1 (1 year)
Adult dog barking at a puppy. Chump.

Author xxxxxxxxx127 (1 year)
in a real fight which dog would win ? a dogo argentino or a kangal? (just a
question i dont like-i hate- fights between animals)

Author AXEL201211 (1 year)
what i dont see very often is a kangal DA CAO CO cane corso CO lose against
smaller dogs doesent matter how mean they have ben trained and how many
dorgs have in theyr boddy some even win biger than they like CAO and DA i
have to tell to every pitbull lover that a gray wolf will destroy any
fighting dog in earth doesent matters if its a tosa or a pitbull kutta
doesent matters only some dogs can kill a wolf if a kangal can win and kill
a wolf he will destroy a pit secs thats obyous

Author AXEL201211 (1 year)
read the title its pup VS a pitbull XD and pitbull dont kills anything i
showed you thousands of videos of pitbull game breed where if the owners
dont stop the fight the pitbull will die and the excuse is the same "thats
not true pitbull" "he is not trained" XD and 100% fights wer pitbull wins
is just because the other dog doesent wants to fight XD small tosa vs
pitbull ht tp: //video. mail/reptornicus/_ myvideo/4. html? liked=1

Author onur ağtaş (1 year)
DOGO altına sıçtı korkudan

Author hunter fanful (1 year)
i never said a pitbull will win a kangal or a caucasian i said that they
are the best fighters like i said in the other message they are like put a
jaguar against a male lion the wheight wins and they are more tall so they
can hold them from up wolves are nothing special i have seen a caucasian
kill 2 wolves true.. but a pitbull its not a dogo argentino or a presa or a
cane corso

Author Missy Cedarbridge (1 year)
what is your e-mail so I can send you the link

Author TheInsomniac247 (1 year)
Why the hell would I give you my email addy? I get enough junk email's as
it is lol

Author Aaron Ronnebaum (1 year)
Does any body else see blood stains on floor

Author jan yilmaz (1 year)
All you clowns shut the fuck up go on google write kangal duvusu and watch
a 13 min vid it kills a dogo and all sorts like pit as well

Author bill byrne (1 year)
yes theres 2 fights kangal takes presa and cane corso

Author kchristj (1 year)
hahaha lo this dogo is a puppy 3-4 months.....stupid video but great dogo

Author bill byrne (1 year)

Author Luca Dills (1 year)
3/4) The reality is, Kangal just aren't game. They are big, they are tough,
they are strong, but they aren't game. The ONLY way a Kangal has ANY chance
of winning a fight against a game pitbull is to kill him in 10 min or less.
The pit bull doesn't even have to be a good fighter to beat a Kangal, he
just has to stay alive long enough for the Kangal to quit. THAT'S IT!

Author kltraable (1 year)
kangal the best

Author bycglu refractive (1 year)

Author Emanuel Brunetto (1 year)
Quisiera ver el dogo con unos años, con 50kgs y buena musculatura y que
vuelva a hacer el video!

Author BarbarosKumsalda Gezintide (1 year)
bulgaristan türkleri beyler adamlar karşıda ki bulgar oludugu ıcın bulgarca

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