Kangal vs Dogo Argentino

dogo vs kangal psi KANGAL ROZAJE

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Author Wt Shop ( ago)
dogo cox kucuk

Author Gluten Gains ( ago)
That's a tiny Dogo

Author silas kadir Martinez ( ago)
Invesil de mierda como vas a comparar un dogo cachorro con un kangal adulto
enserio si que sos idiota

Author vakkas SonÇakıcıOgularından (1975 years ago)
dogo kangaldan daha güçlüdür.

Author Diego Guzman ( ago)
el Dogo Argentino es un cachorro, además el Dogo Argentino fue creado para
la caza montera, jabalíes y pumas, en cambio el Kangal fue creado como
pastor de ganado, ahora, ese ganado es cuidado contra lobos y osos, por eso
la diferencia morfológica, carácter, etc. PD: Amo las dos razas

Author zülfü davulcu ( ago)
dogo yavru amına koyim

Author Reinhard Heydrich ( ago)
Both are great breeds and deserve RESPECT

Author Vladimir Milinković ( ago)
to je kuce dogo argentino

Author Beste Bardakçı ( ago)
Kangal orijinal değil Dogo da yavru. Köpekler birbirleri ile dalaşmak için
doğmadılar sizin hayvan sevginize tüküreyim

Author Antonio Rodriguez ( ago)
Para los argentinos el dogo es una verga pero analizando contra un kangal
se queda muy atrás

Author Jake Jefferson ( ago)
The dogo is a puppy.

Author Dark House ( ago)
The best of Turkish Kangal <3

Author Cihan Canpolat ( ago)
Not original kangal.

Author Melih Göktuğ Laçiner ( ago)
kangal is best

Author angel palcio ( ago)
si pe amor son abusibos jajaj

Author Irving Mendoza ( ago)
Aunque el dogo fuera un adulto no tendría oportunida 

Author Patricio Magnetic ( ago)
Conozco al dogo argentino, ese no es adulto, es cachorro, debe tener la
misma edad de ese kangal cachorro que esta ahi XD( ͡°╭͜ʖ╮͡° )

Author ruberu1000 ( ago)
argentino daha yavru heralde.
bizim kangal mahvedecek dogoyu

Author pilafaso ( ago)
el kangal no tiene chances contra un dogo adulto.

Author FMF TNT ( ago)
quiero ver un kangal mano a mano por 5 minutos con un Jabali cojudo de 140
kilos... dudo que dure mas de 3 minutos con ese tamaño...

Author Jimmy Acosta ( ago)
El kangal es fuerte es el mas fuerte junto el mastin Tibetano y el caucasia

Author matiasver1 ( ago)
Ehhhhh!!!... Es cachorro el Dogo!, no se vale, el Dogo le pasa el trapo a
varios, yo ví como le dío una paliza terrible a un pitbull, que según los
yankis son los más y que se yo!...... Paliza le dío el dogo en la plaza y
despúes volvío a jugar con un niño creo q era el hijo del dueño, como si
nada, el pitbull tirado quedo.

Author Oskar Pineda ( ago)
Jaja that dogo is a baby yet, please cowards, due the same whit a adult
dogo please

Author Rocio milagros ( ago)
el Dogo es un cachorrito. y lo ponen con el otro que es adulto. Una

Author semihcan külahlı ( ago)
Kangal videonun sonunda adama saldırıyor bittim la

Author omgdanesi ( ago)
Dogo en fazla 4 aylık bir dogo. Boyutundan belli. Şimdi bu arkadaşlar
Kangal'ı övmüş mü :D Bırakın bu işleri ya ne boş adamlarsınız. Dogo
Argentino'lar dünyanın en kusursuz ve en güçlü köpeğidir. Kangal falan

Author Alex ( ago)
mecha shut up or i will kill you hahahahahahah

Author alex mecha ( ago)
go fuck yourself axel

Author Bateristain805 ( ago)
That kanghal is fucking huge!Id be scared if i were a dogo argentino or a
pitbull lol. If i was a rottt than maybe a lil more confident but still

Author minato7724 ( ago)
naaa... q manchados¡¡¡ el dogo es apenas un cachorrito¡¡¡ xD

Author pedro juan ( ago)
what is farmers boys lol i didnt hear abput that bullshit looooooooooooll
gr ch cela from CILE KENNELS chile beka from serbia 6xW gr ch llantas
mexico gr ch croata ecuador the 11 fuking times winer gr ch brutus from
mexico you are an idiot you dont know a shit ireland pitbulls suck you just
know what you see in TV and youtube looooooool idiottttttt

Author undomix ( ago)
Kangal is crazy. it breaks chains and walls man...

Author gur ganr ( ago)
ht tp://vk. com/video-45923869 _165754556

Author kaan kalsan ( ago)
Valla bizde bi laf vardir yemicegin yarragin altina yatmican

Author Luca Dills ( ago)
You say champion? From which country did the pit bulls have lost? Pitbull
he is a champion when it comes from Ireland, Russia and USA and has a
pedigree of 15 generations. A pitbull from the Türkey, Balkans, South
America or Asia is not a true american pitbull terrier. The pitbulls from
"Farmer Boys" or "Dunkel Cennel" would kill any Kangal, DA or Cao. But
these pitbulls cost up to half a million dollars. A true champion american
pitbull terrier can cost up to several million euros.

Author gur ganr ( ago)
i love sarplaninac but truth is the truth i know that dogos kill pumas
jaguars and wolves so the diference betwen a sarplaninac and a DA its big a
big car kills in a singel bite 99%of the dogs but dogo changes that a dog
who can kill a big cat have all my respect

Author Alex ( ago)
its cool to talk with a normal guy that its not an obsesed dog lover

Author Alex ( ago)
CAO CO and kangal uses his boddy to fight dogs and wolves leopard bears and
pumas fight in a diferent way they have paws and DA is better in that point
cos he bites in the nose and throat to immobilize and knows how to fight a
big cat cos hes breed for that. people thinks a pitbull can win a true DA
they think that cos they dont know the DA a true DA can fuck all breeds
kangal pitbull CAO CO doesent matters

Author gur ganr ( ago)
wow that leopard fucked that alabai lol. i know the fighting skills of dogo
are great they fucked that puma and that big young bear they are hunting
machines wid boar puma leopard bears badgers jaguars deers wolfs linxs
foxes they are amazing i think if they change those skills in the fight any
dog will be fucked and out maybe i was wrong and DA is stronger than

Author Alex ( ago)
put that in youtube and compare-------------------------------
Srednjeazijski ovčar - Sasvim Prirodno-- dogo argentino vs puma dogos have
wined pitb ulls in pits in open camp and has wined CAO and CO in open camp
to in USA is starting to be used to i allways have underrated DA but the
truth is that he is stronger than i thoug ht tp://video.mail.
ru/mail/krutoiperet1/_ myvideo/24. html?liked=1

Author gur ganr ( ago)
experts say that the strongest fighter is tosa inu beacuse if the stats in
japan tosa wins against pitbull 90% of the time just sayng that tosa is a
sumo fighter he has a difierent kind of ffight style and diferent rules in
open camp sarplaninac CAO and kangal are the kings

Author Alex ( ago)
i dont know so much about sarplaninac in fights i own a sarplaninac and i
know he is a really strong dog its true that fights i have seen sarplaninac
vs co sarplaninac vs kangal has wined the sarplaninac i know they are
monsters cos my sarplaninac killed my fahters bullmastiff and almost kills
my borthers CO but my sarplaninac is just a pet and is only aggresive with
dominant dogs i never owned a kangal and i will never own one i want
another DA i dont care what people say he is the best dog

Author gur ganr ( ago)
as i know APBT kangal CAO and CO that goes to servia and fight a
sarplaninac lose

Author 4c00h ( ago)
It's a baby dude, I live in Argentina and there's plenty of Dogos around
and they're bloody scary, I wouldn't say it will reach the size of that
Kangal but definitely not too much smaller. They make pitbull's look like
bull terriers (not to say it matters when testing their character)

Author djshortsleeve ( ago)
That Dogo is either a puppy, a mixed, or very poor bloodline. Dogos are
typically much bigger than that.

Author Alex ( ago)
lol hahaha your right XD i agree with you in all arcanine is invincible

Author PDArest ( ago)
the strongest dog is arcanine pitbull and kangal are pussyes near arcanine
the are 1,9mtrs tall and wheight 200kg and can spit fire thats the true LOL

Author PDArest ( ago)
lol thats the best chat i have ever seen a guy who says a labrador can win
a wolf another talks in a strange lang another who says a dog can win a
lion and a tiger lol thats really cool we dont need pokemon we have it in
real live labrador is water type and wolf ice type??? what tipe is pitbull
fighting type what bunch of idiots the skull of a lion is the size of a
full grown kangal lol the wolfs are breed by nature to be smart and strong
do you ever have seen a real gray wolf skull?

Author Alex ( ago)
kangal is the strongest dog i dont have any doubt about that and can win
all breeds if you talk about the best fighter yes i admit that the best
fighter is the GBP they are easy to train when you geat a full game dog you
have dog that will never surrender and allways will be ready to fight with
CAO kangal caucasian are not so good cos they fight when they want.. dogo
argentino is being used in USA and brasil in dog fights and are getting
really popula slowly

Author Alex ( ago)
i dotn hate pitbulls look in youtube you will se how i try to explain to
people the they are not aggresive they are good dogs...i love pits they are
amazing warriors agile and really strong but they are not the strongest you
can see alot of kangal CAO champions that has defeated and killed top about wolfs and you will undestand how stupid your coment is CAO
gabo was called pit killer snice he was defeated by a staffy babai killed 3
pits and tones of more champions

Author Luca Dills ( ago)
Why do they hate pit bulls? Because you know that it is the strongest dog?
With your Comment, you confirm only that you're a Kangal fan who hates
Pitbull. Fact: A wolf is a pack animal. 1v1 would even a Labrador besigen a
wolf. Yes, Kangal can kill a wolf, but that can be 70% of all dogs. A pit
bull has the most courage and fighting spirit, as all other dogs. That is
why he is the sterkste dog, and you just jealous Kangal Fan

Author Luca Dills ( ago)
No, I do not like pit bulls. You are ugly! My favorite dog is the Doberman.
But the fact is: You idiot've never seen a real dog fight. I have already
bred pit bulls for fighting, when you were a baby! I have seen hundreds of
fights with Pitbull against other breeds. And 99% of the pit bull wins.

Author Luca Dills ( ago)
I know the video. But these are Tame the Tigers were raised by humans. The
Tiegers and lions play with the Kangalen. In a real fight a lion would kill
a Kangal in 10 Sec. But a pitbull against a lion is 50% wins the lion, and
50% wins the Pit Bull.

Author Luca Dills ( ago)
You are a blind idiot who does not want to see the truth. The best pit bull
will always win against the best Kangal, Dogo, Tosa. A mediocre Pitbulll
win against a mediocre Kangal etc. Best vs. best, Pitbull win. Bad Pitbull
vs Bad Kangal, or Dogt, Tosa, Rott: Pit bull wins. End of the storry!

Author cristian nuñez ( ago)
PERO ES UN Cachorrito de dogo argentino no un pitbull

Author izlemeyenkalmasin ( ago)
yavru be o dogo çok saçma başlık

Author kltraable ( ago)
smotr ew/?id=v65 8077c29 1&confir m=nQoK AGbl1lEzYmFl

Author kltraable ( ago)
mira este vídeo y compruébalo tu mismo quien es mejor:
kangalownsanycanine.blogspot -vs-pitbull-

Author kltraable ( ago)
mira lo que opina la gente sobre quien es mas fuerte un kangal turco o un
pitbull /question/index?qid =2008121309 1541AAFyebU

Author umutatak1 ( ago)
"Aradaki Yaş Farkına Bakarsan Kangal Alır Ama Argentino Dogo da Hafifde
Almayın İsterseniz

Author Thutmose Hatshepsut ( ago)

Author Alex ( ago)
read the title its pup VS a pitbull XD and pitbull dont kills anything i
showed you thousands of videos of pitbull game breed where if the owners
dont stop the fight the pitbull will die and the excuse is the same "thats
not true pitbull" "he is not trained" XD and 100% fights wer pitbull wins
is just because the other dog doesent wants to fight XD small tosa vs
pitbull ht tp: //video. mail/reptornicus/_ myvideo/4. html? liked=1

Author Alex ( ago)
its funny tho belive that manny pacquiao is stronger than tyson thats
really funny the same with pitbull DA fights better than pitbull fila
brasielro fights better than pitbull ambull fights better than pitbull gull
terr fights better than pitbull i can tell you more a pitbull cant do
anything against a grey wolf the wolf will kill it 2 ,mints im shure that
you belive that pitbull can kill a puma jaguar or a lion like the idiot of
the red hand XD

Author SMOlmec ( ago)
I don´t need to see i know what a GPB 2m is; ad i also know what i dead
game dog ca do when he is at the point ;))))

Author Luca Dills ( ago)
presa vs Pitbull. Pitbull kill presa ht tp://ww w.56.
com/u16/v_NjYxNDcyMjk. html

Author Luca Dills ( ago)
If you believe that, then I can not help you. Then you're just an idiot,
but at some point you're going to see a real fight, then you see that a pit
bull is always stronger than a Kangal

Author Alex ( ago)
XD why you are allways changing what im whriting read again the coment i
know very well what a (presa) dog is but pits dont know how to bite they
just bite a DA and a jagd terrier know how to bite they hunt with tactics
not aggresivity a french bull dog its a (presa) dog to XD

Author SMOlmec ( ago)
LOL don´t say that to nobody they will say that you don´t even know what a
Presa dog is LOL I TELL YOU presa dog is made to grabe animals and dont let
go Pit Bull is in this Pack kakakaka go for hunting once in your life lol

Author Alex ( ago)
yes and you hunted so much XD try to hunt a jaguar with pitbulls and you
gonna lose all your dogs they are bad hunters doesent know how to work well
in packs and they will die nobody trust dangerous hunts to a dog that
doesent knows how to hunt and bite and they are not really samrt they use
rodesian ridgeback dogo argentino jagd terrier blue tick hounds cos they re
smart and have god nose nd some like DA jagd terr know how to catch and
hold an animal and doesent will die in secs

Author SMOlmec ( ago)
I never state that, any reall hunter knows that he can hunt with any type
of dog but you dont even know this. The killing part is one me and never
with the dogs LOL no drugs GET REALL 13 MIN LOL TO KILL KAKAKAKA 2M SON

Author Alex ( ago)
i know more than you all cos you never have seen a fight in your live you
said that pitbull can kill a jaguar you just dont know a shit are an insane
pitbull lover

Author SMOlmec ( ago)
GPB does that in 2m this just show you know 0 about fithing dogs

Author SMOlmec ( ago)
lol i read the other side around lol sorry; this is truth but.. that little
dog was not top of top because Top GPB can easely kill one Kangal the mayne
issue is that once they put up a vídeo of this the site or channel is
banned by internet law.

Author Alex ( ago)
what fuck is sicko first of all learn to whrite idiot and then talk XD i
have a live you will never have XD JUST LOOK AT YOUR NAME YOU ARE A TOTAL

Author decapitation cartel ( ago)
get a life sicko.

Author decapitation cartel ( ago)
read what i wrote properly.the little pitbull won not the kangal

Author Alex ( ago)
if youwant to see a true bloody fight ht tp://ww w.videoizle .co/video
/9136/kopek-dov usu-videosu XD

Author Alex ( ago)
a kangal cant kill a true DA in fight kangal will win 40% against a true DA
but i dont think any kangal cant kill a true DA...DA its not a pitbull DA
kills pumas boars linx and alos can kill a wolf to and know how to bite its
a predator and has gamenes like pits its a really light dog but its a hard
oponent for all dog breeds pitbull cant kill a wolf so its diferent a true
kangal can kill pit but dogo argentino no way..

Author Alex ( ago)
a DA takes 14 to 20 mins for kill a puma do you tink a pitbull will be a
problem for a true DA and kangal wins DA nothing more to say some DA can
win a kangal that can happen its rare but pits not enough strong for win it
the only way a pit can win a fight against a DA CAO CO and a kangal its
that they dont want to fight cos they are house dogs and dont have any
reason to or they are pups or totally submisibe or just dont want to fight
that can hapen also with game pits but they are killed

Author Alex ( ago)
a normal kangal will kill a pit 8 9 minutes.. a trianed one in 6. 7 i have
seen DA and fila brasilero kill game breed pitbull exported form USA and
from brasil in 9 12 min a DA takes 14 to 20 min kangal its a milenary dog
that has never changed he was breed for kill wolf for thousands of years a
pitbull its just an angry dog compared with a kangal

Author Alex ( ago)
what i dont see very often is a kangal DA CAO CO cane corso CO lose against
smaller dogs doesent matter how mean they have ben trained and how many
dorgs have in theyr boddy some even win biger than they like CAO and DA i
have to tell to every pitbull lover that a gray wolf will destroy any
fighting dog in earth doesent matters if its a tosa or a pitbull kutta
doesent matters only some dogs can kill a wolf if a kangal can win and kill
a wolf he will destroy a pit secs thats obyous

Author Alex ( ago)
aaaaa.. yes like this one ht tp:// /mail/sivok41/_myvideo/90.
htmlliked=1 or this one ht tp://ww w.56. com/u98/v_ ODY3MDExMTk.html this
one too ht tp:/ /vk. com/video- 45923869_164217895 my fav pitbull fighter
the black GBP but he cant do anything against a kangal ht tp:/ /smotri.
com/video/view/ ?id=v1015985e346 some more ht tp:/ /smotri. com/
video/view/?id= v23642520b37

Author Luca Dills ( ago)
pitbull vs Kangal ht tp://ww aspx

Author Luca Dills ( ago)
pitbull vs Kangal ht tp:// /mail/classboro25/1/35. html

Author Luca Dills ( ago)
PS: The pitbulls that do the best at defeating larger dogs are ones that go
for the legs and chest of the larger dog, while doing their best to stay on
their feet so the larger dog doesn't get them in a choke hold. Those
pitbulls will win almost every time, because with out the advantage of the
choke hold, the larger dog has little chance of killing the pitbull in 10
min or less.

Author Luca Dills ( ago)
4/4) Stay alive for more than 10 min, and you've got the fight in the bag.
Now Kangal's, being so much larger than pitbulls, do have a chance at
winning, I'm not saying it's impossible, it just wont happen very often if
they are fighting a quality game bred dog that weighs over 50 lbs. Best vs
best, pitbull will win EVERY time. Average vs average, pitbull will win
most of the time. End of story.

Author Luca Dills ( ago)
3/4) The reality is, Kangal just aren't game. They are big, they are tough,
they are strong, but they aren't game. The ONLY way a Kangal has ANY chance
of winning a fight against a game pitbull is to kill him in 10 min or less.
The pit bull doesn't even have to be a good fighter to beat a Kangal, he
just has to stay alive long enough for the Kangal to quit. THAT'S IT!

Author Luca Dills ( ago)
2/4) However, if you take the best fighting Kangal that ever existed and
match him against any one of the best catch weight pitbulls out there, he
will loose EVERY time. Not only that, but if you were to take an average
fighting bred Kangal, and match him against an average game bred catch
weight pitbull, the pitbull will win +90% of the time.

Author Luca Dills ( ago)
1/4) Well I definitely agree with you that an exceptional Kangal could kill
an average pitbull. It's defiantly possible due to their large size and
strength. The reality is though, that you'll have to go through 100s of
Kangal's to find ONE that can beat a very average catch weight game bred

Author Alex ( ago)
hehe hi mi friend you never learn XD do you want me to give you leason
again stop showing this videos of kangal pups that doesent wants to fight
any pitbull in drugs can win a true kangal..kangal have enoug stamina for
kill pitbull in 10 secs go to germany my friend here you can see kangals
fighting pitbulls XD

Author SMOlmec ( ago)
This is nothing your Kangal sheep dog can´t face a GPB but you still
believe biggere is better, this dog kilss any dog in less than 2m kakakaka
Pit rules

Author Lookie2020 ( ago)
freaking stupid owner, the Dogo is just a puppy!! you NEVER put a puppy in
such threatening situation!!!

Author raskulfrmAZ ( ago)
Fuuk no dogo would whoop a kangals ass kangals got height maybe some bites
but there a bit slower than the dogo dogo got those power jaws n there alot
quicker they can skrapp!

Author kltraable ( ago)
kangal the best

Author kltraable ( ago)
Es La Primera pelea Que veo Que un pitbull gana a un kangal, Pero se nota
Que el kangal no está en forma pero sin embargo no le HACE mucho daño y se
levanta Como si nada. Te apuesto $ 1000000000 Que Una pelea entre un
pitbull y un kangal los dos en buena forma, gana el kangal con mucha
diferencia, te lo digo xq e Visto vídeos y es la primera vez Que veo Una
derrota de un kangal y ademas esta confirmado que son mas fuertes ya que su
mandibula es mas fuerte.

Author Luca Dills ( ago)
Haahah you idiot! In the Internet there are exactly 13 videos where a
kangal against a pit bull wins. But in truth it looks different. A real
Amerikan Pit Bull terrier with pedigree would win 99 times out of 100
fights. The Kangal Dog has not the stamina to keep up with a pit bull.
Wacht this. On this page are the two hundred battles. You'll see that 99%
of all fights pit bull wins: ht tp:// /mail/classboro25/1/35.

Author decapitation cartel ( ago)
as sick as it sounds,i have watched a few videos of pitbulls vs kangal
outta curiosity.This one fight a little pit maby 20kgs against a 70 80kg
kangal,pit was messed up a bit but didnt give up,it was amazing ,the heart
in the little dog ,never gave up and gave it to the kangal.It disgusted me
though that these fuckwits put such a small dog against such a big dog.

Author hanasicho ( ago)
Fuck a kangal they do not have the stamina or endurance to last with a pit
ppl on youtube talk out there ass:)

Author jan yilmaz ( ago)
All you clowns shut the fuck up go on google write kangal duvusu and watch
a 13 min vid it kills a dogo and all sorts like pit as well

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