=AQW= How to get a Non-Member Pet

In this video, I will be showing you how to get the Mercenary Gnome pet in AQWorlds withought buying Portal Battleon Points! Oh and did I tell you guys that the pet is Non-Member too? Well, it is! You can also store it for FREE in your Bank!

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that is not really cool bc this is my first video@@@@@@@!!!!!!!!
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AQW how to get free non-member pet
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aqw how to get a non member pet
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Hi youtube , im dany2312 from aqw , this is my first video , i will show you how to get the mercenary gnome pet * sorry for the quality *
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slow internet and like that
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Gostaram do video???espero que sim!Mais duvidas?acessecem e pergunteem xD
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