Static breathholding session

Not too static actually. Includes proper body moves in the course of the process. Decreased duration, but increased impression.

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Author Charles John ( ago)
the tight bikini is beautiful on your body! the bulge is interesting, to
say the least! very hot vid....the wiggling actually make my dick hard
while watching you! Thanks

Author emanuel Taborda ( ago)
muy lindo

Author emanuel Taborda ( ago)
muy lindo

Author Naia 2811 ( ago)
Where is your face?

Author jptorre11 ( ago)
Beautiful body !

Author olen cornelius ( ago)
Hot as hell , Awesome wiggling

Author John J ( ago)
Powerful diaphragm.

Author Jackey J ( ago)
you can hold your beath longer if you try not to move. Your kinda wiggly
and that will wast air.

Author AzureDragonVortex ( ago)

Author 92mumbojumbo ( ago)
hi. I have pectus excavatum can you give me some tips how to expand my

Author Lehla Chan ( ago)
Stick to your yaoi, hun. Go watch your Boku no Pico

Author mysebbychan ( ago)
ewww DX

Author dmax7400 ( ago)
Get some meat on dem bones!!!!!

Author le lambda ( ago)
C'est beau :'(

Author Ron Sanderson ( ago)
I rewatched this video and still find it remarkable.If you look at some of
my breathold videos ,I try not to contract as it uses up are,but this one
here seems to make it a virtue.

Author Lola mermaid ( ago)

Author VerySelf ( ago)
Thanks a lot, I know it. Movements add animation to the show.

Author Ahmed Rhouma ( ago)
i can tell u what to do to hold ur breath longer, first of all u need to
clear ur mind and think of ur heart biting slowly, stay relax so that you
can lower your heart rate. Your body will consume less oxygen that way,
also being afraid of drawing increase the adrenaline in your body that way
ur heart will beat more faster then your gonna lose oxygen, thanks for
reading :)

Author Jessie Cherall ( ago)
Intriguing answer...

Author VerySelf ( ago)
To me it is not a problem, it is the point. Erection increases duration.
Tight bikini helps.

Author Flysnow28 ( ago)
I tried to perform the same exercise on breath hold - but very distracting
involuntary erection, although nice. Do you have the same problem?

Author VerySelf ( ago)
Thanks for appreciation. Same question asked me recently roniesanderson.
Just see comments a bit earlier. Breathholding is a mental game, very
individual. Stomack contraction is my fancy because of its beauty and
pleasant sensations. Works to me good. May work or not work to others. If
questions, feel free to send messages.

Author Jessie Cherall ( ago)
Wow, how do you stand those contractions?! I'm just learning breath hold
diving... Have any tips to deal with contractions? Thanks for the vid. Very

Author VerySelf ( ago)
A matter of little practice.

Author Peter 3337 ( ago)
i just held my breath for two mins 10 mins ago i could only do 1 :)

Author VerySelf ( ago)
Yes, freediving is what I like, but only of dynamic type.

Author Glyn Weiss ( ago)
have you tried swimming underwater or even statics underwater? The dive
reflex might help you go longer

Author VerySelf ( ago)
Long? Rather modest, I think. No need to hold nose deliberately.

Author xXMUGXx209 ( ago)
your one seeny mother fucker

Author VerySelf ( ago)
Pain + pleasure = ecstasy

Author Ron Sanderson ( ago)
When I first saw you ,I wondered if you was suffering to much pain,but
seems all is good.

Author VerySelf ( ago)
That is true, thanks.

Author Ron Sanderson ( ago)
I have tried out some holds using a lot of contractions like what you have
done and I was surprised how well it works even though I did not gain much
but it seems to stay off the urge to breath a little longer.

Author Nicouzo737 ( ago)
It is very erotic

Author VerySelf ( ago)
You are right, it is my point. I do love to feel my lungs, and belly
contractions help me much. Personal aqua-lungs with compressed air in my
rib-cage, so to speak. Very special sensations. I am not sure it really
prolongs the hold time. But it gives me great pleasure that improves
tolerance. Glad you noticed and found useful for you.

Author Ron Sanderson ( ago)
Hi ,What I was getting at is I wonder if the cotractions reduce the
capacity to hold on longer as they use up energy?I have found that is the
case up to a point, and your correct on this is that some movement seems to
help tollerance to holding on.It is an impressive piece of work all the
same and inspires me to try harder!

Author VerySelf ( ago)
Not sure what you mean... I always exhale a little before breathholding, it
helps me feel comfortable. I like to heave my chest freely, a kind ot
pseudo-breathing. Just one of possible styles, you know. Thanks a lot!

Author Ron Sanderson ( ago)
What an amazing effort! I was surprised how much you contracted before 1
minute was up ,I wonder if you used up to much air doing that? Makes me
want to try harder and keep up the good work.

Author VerySelf ( ago)
@breathholdchamp Thanks. I contest only with myself for personal pleasure.
Not sure, what you mean saying red or blue. If face colour, it stays almost

Author VerySelf ( ago)
@breathholdchamp You a champ, I will look ridiculous beside you.

Author Ti Pit ( ago)
vraiment très excitant que de voir son excitation et son superbe corps sans

Author Ti Pit ( ago)
@gloglo5160 Dis moi,, est-ce que tu bandes dans ce cas?

Author VerySelf ( ago)
@diveguy33 Thanks a lot for your keen comments, you definitely understand
the point. Not many of visitors do...

Author diveguy33 ( ago)
Wear same awesome looking black bikini speedo! Or blue one- your choice!
Best wishes to you!

Author diveguy33 ( ago)
Caution do not immerse in tub of water without someone watching over you
for safety just dry breathhold to extreme conclusion is wonderful and very
appreciated by you viewers. Please consider!!

Author diveguy33 ( ago)
During latter part of hold natural abdominal contractions and spasms will
be happening- very sensual and enjoyable to watch!

Author diveguy33 ( ago)
Just relaxed pleasurable dry static hold without the added body movements.
Staying unmoving for as long as possible while holding breath.

Author diveguy33 ( ago)
Still one of my favorite videos! But now please is time to post a companion
video of pure static breathhold!

Author VerySelf ( ago)
@donde2k I myself like to watch my vids, much more than any others.

Author donde2k ( ago)
I... I... I can't stop watching this video. It's as if an unseen force
compels me.

Author gloglo5160 ( ago)
un mec qui étouffe , c'est vraiment excitant, j'aimerai bien lui serrer son

Author gloglo5160 ( ago)
c'est le même plaisir quand on m'étrangle mon cou saillant

Author thebignomnomface ( ago)
something about the squirming turns me on

Author thebignomnomface ( ago)

Author eschell2 ( ago)

Author underhtoo ( ago)
Please do more videos!

Author 3CheersForMHSMellos ( ago)
somebody please tell me what the crap i just watched.

Author James Holm (1183 years ago)
wow that was good!! I love that you get pleasure out of this. I get
pleasure out of hunger. I thtink it is very similar. Over two minute is

Author Fluffybunny123green ( ago)
Is that a dude cuz if it is that's kinda gay looking!

Author VerySelf ( ago)
@peterwimsey1 Sensations can not be described by words. Just see, enjoy and
feel your own sensations. New videos are possible, if new ideas come.

Author VerySelf ( ago)
@underhtoo Yes, freediving is most dramatic thing. Sadly, I do not have
such videos.

Author underhtoo ( ago)
Awesome. Would like to see you try that underwater.

Author ZOOMZOOMU2 ( ago)
@SkinnyBellyBoy yes it would be so cool to see it pumping hard in your
amazing chest. Try the mic :-)

Author VerySelf ( ago)
@SkinnyBellyBoy Borrowed music from computer game "X2: the Threat". Glad
you find it suitable.

Author SkinnyBellyBoy ( ago)
Outstanding, and I like your music too! Thanks for sharing.

Author VerySelf ( ago)
@ZOOMZOOMU2 Yes, I thought about a mic. But somehow ignored the idea. As to
my heart, it is a pity that my chest is not transparent...

Author ZOOMZOOMU2 ( ago)
wow that is amazing. Thanks for sharing. Would be so cool of you put a mic
on your chest and recorded your heartbeat. I bet your heart was pounding :-)

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