16 AWESOME New Upcoming Games to Play in 2017 & Beyond | PS4 Xbox One PC

Here are 16 NEW EPIC Upcoming Games you NEED to play in 2017 & 2018! Anticipated games coming to Playstation 4, PC & Xbox One. Which game looks the most promising? Post in the comments! List of the games below:

0:00 Middle Earth Shadow of War

2:59 RAID: World War 2


6:57 Agony

9:51 Project Wight

11:35 Vampyr

13:20 Heathen

15:26 Mordhau

17:16 Echo

19:53 Sea of Thieves

21:56 Identity

23:52 Inner Chains

24:59 Vestige of the Past

26:46 Dual Universe

27:50 Visage

29:02 Last Year


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Author MathChief - Gameplay & Trailers! ( ago)
This video has been RE-UPLOADED! (from Yesterday) because of the quality of the video but it's been fixed now!

Author SkinnyODST ( ago)
Agony looks fucked

Author Rohit Karekar ( ago)
ubisoft rocks!!!😃😃

Author Crypted Demise ( ago)
duel universe looks cool too

Author Crypted Demise ( ago)
identity looks the best

Author Crypted Demise ( ago)
wtf is xo

Author River Sharkey ( ago)
Mordhau looks really cool

Author foxy gamer ( ago)
thumnail is a avitar cutscene fucking isn't a game title

Author Poppin Cherry Soda ( ago)
The game Agony looks like a bad trip on LSD.

Author Erisson Magalhaes ( ago)
I like the raid of world war 2 the guy just do the middle finger for them I am done

Author Panda ( ago)
Identity : Looks like it's going to be downgraded and very poorly made . BUt I LOVE the idea!

Author Matt Wood ( ago)
why r there so many weird demonic games

Author Matt Wood ( ago)
agony just looks messed up, i don't see why you would want to play a game like that.

Author Logan Girard ( ago)
Raid ww2. Looks Awesome

Author Wade Adpool ( ago)
Middle earth shadow of war like Clash of Clans PC real version third person mode

Author Pants Mage ( ago)
Idc about the rest but if I can't be humans in avatar and kill those stupid blue tree huggers I'll be sad

Author Lukaku086 ( ago)
Last Year looks like a Dead Realm Copy, but it looks pretty good

Author The Mitch Zone ( ago)
HAVE THEY ALREADY STOPPED RELEASING GAMES ON THE PS3 AND 360?!! This happens *EVERY F'ING TIME* I finally get the next gen console higher than the one I currently have!! EVERY D*MN TIME! 😣
Back when I got the Ps1, they stopped releasing and selling games for it, and released the Ps2. When I finally get the Ps2, low and behold I hear of this new awesome HD/Blu-ray gaming console, the Ps3. I finally got my first Ps3 around 5 years ago when we had just moved into our current house, back in 2013. I can't afford a new console anytime soon. Trying to collect as many Ps3 games as I can, BOOM! Just like that, history begins to repeat itself! No more new game titles available for last gen players..... AGHH, F*CK!! 😠

Author Green Lit Gaming ( ago)
Agony looks creepy as shit.

Author Big Dog ( ago)
Around 19:00 this is what tiny build wanted

Author TheUpset Destroyer ( ago)
I really hope identity isn't gonna be a huge let down

Author Grim Reaper ( ago)
Az-Laar the Demolisher i missed you buddy i missed you too much :'(

Author Taylor O'Dell ( ago)
I hope the Avatar game is open world.

Author Emotional Goon ( ago)
I hope they get avatar right time....The last game was pretty shit after you finished the campaign

Author IT'S REALLY MKK88 ( ago)
Hopefully avatar does not suck and actually be a open world 🌎 #Game.

Author ТОП Лучших ( ago)

Author ТОП Лучших ( ago)

Author Josh Hodgeman ( ago)
Vampyre looks like shit almost as bad as dark souls, have they never sharpened a blade! My kitchen knives are more lethal

Author Josh Hodgeman ( ago)
Agony looks lame I was bored within the first 10 seconds everything else looks decent and little nightmares is gay too

Author Hiron shy ( ago)
What about star citizen ?

Author UltimateGamerX ( ago)
Shadow of War!!!!

Author LogiSea ( ago)
16 Awesome games to play in 2017... isn't Avatar coming out in 2018?

Author Rafail Papaz ( ago)
Sea of thieves is actually going to be loved

Author VeryzonGames ( ago)
Last Year Seems Like Game That I Would Actually Buy :D

Author Rawb ( ago)
This is not good enough! We are in 2017!

Author Sonny Boi ( ago)
Why the fuck isnt Tekken 7 on this goddam list xD.... and red dead 2 xD

Author Theo Vandenbussche ( ago)
Where is Staaaarcitizeeeen????

Author Scavenger65 ( ago)
5:06 really ubisoft you made an Avatar game?

Author Bladzzter 1 ( ago)
Shadow of war = 1st place

Author Christoffer Spets ( ago)
The dual universe game... trust me the only thing you will see is space dicks

Author blacky_chan_77 ( ago)
Can i skip shadow of mordor or is it a must play before shadow of war?

Author Epsy_Wolfie ( ago)
Yes they finally made a game on Avatar

Author stennor 18 ( ago)
what another avatar game? theres already a movie game about avatar that came out in 2009.

Author Noah Buchanan-Ruru ( ago)
That identity game looks mad af

Author 14UnDeAd14 ( ago)
All of this looks so good

Author Grinder Tinder ( ago)
Agony is one of those games where I would be to embarrassed to go into a shop and get it

Author Riven Fish ( ago)
so identity is arma life mod?

Author dragonaspect26 ( ago)
that Avatar game looks sick, but hopefully the E3 reveal Graphics would stay like how they are revealed since they ALWAYS DOWN GRADE

Author Mike G ( ago)
I already played avatar it was on 360

Author gusstauskas yout ( ago)
and again 0 footage from the actual avatar game

Author Ubi Fan ( ago)
what so the main character is side by side with other orcs i dont get it

Author Matthew Hubbard ( ago)
bro I'm just trying to find L4D3 up in this bitch

Author Guilty Wolf ( ago)
Avatar is made by Ubisoft, can't wait for the downgrade

Author Luke Campbell ( ago)
It wasn't clickbait!

Author VICI GAMING ( ago)
if you want 10% off on g fuel. use the code vice

Author VICI GAMING ( ago)
I have the beta to some of the games if you want to play them on PC tell me and I can give all the link trust me I won't hack you or nothing

Author ProOptix ( ago)
on the xbox 360 i had that game they are just reproduceing it

Author The everything gamer ( ago)

Author Mitchell Shuster ( ago)
What is the point of 'agony' that game looks like complete shit. Heathen looks like garbage, since its damage model is so bad. Your weapons don't even work. There are a lot of other great games though! Identity looks really fun!

Author Cherry Bomb Studios ( ago)
Dual Universe is gonna be the new NMS.
Calling it right freakin now.

Author Kieran Blackie ( ago)
Avatar needs fully customisable characters and a huge open world, hope ubisoft dont just revamp wildlands to make it looklike and avatar game

Author Angel Regalado ( ago)
I remember the first avatar game that was my shit right there I'm so glad that there making a 2nd one

Author zerO - CSGO & more ( ago)
The fact that you put avatar in lol?. is in early development? will come in 2019-20

Author killer instinct ( ago)
we already had middle earth

Author Brandon CrAzY ( ago)
Lmao, I was just watching Avatar too.

Author Max Headroom ( ago)
The game at 26:00 is stupid, who the fuck wants to be sitting around making coffee and cooking

Author Flakey Tea ( ago)
I take it that the new game "dual universe" mentioned in the video is going to be a replacement for no mans sky? Hopefully...

Author Test Tes ( ago)
Where is tom clancys ghost recon wildlands

Author Winston german ( ago)
Last Year looks really cool

Author Castjet 989 ( ago)
Dude, you know that is ilegal to play an add for more then 10sec without giving the viewers the option to skip the add.

Author pc gamerzboyz ( ago)
assassin creed and hitman= Middle Earth Shadow of War

Author Frosty ice shards ( ago)
who seriously only came for avatar I did....

Author Lone Soldier ( ago)
mostly pc games

Author Charlie Dont Surf ( ago)
omg look at the raid ww2

Author Bear-Dog ( ago)
Imagine playing Avatar with VR

Author Gage Quina ( ago)
Who in their right mind would want to play Agony? It's terrifying.

Author Duck Con ( ago)
the first game is what i thought for honer was going to be like

Author Joni Williams ( ago)
dual universe is going to be another new man sky

Author Dark Wolf ( ago)
AVATAR for PC!? Hell Yeah!

Author Hemming Lindström ( ago)
Disgusting taste!

Author Richi Gomez ( ago)
i saw avatar and i was like yeah! , then ubisoft logo came up and i was like oh.. :( never mind

Author Carlos Pagan ( ago)
There's a lot of Horror Games coming out, I would like to see a remake or they should make a new Suffering game! the first 2 Suffering games were badass

Author Χρηστος Λελεκας ( ago)
"Agony" is fucked up.

Author Deadx Fool ( ago)
subscribe to me

Author Rakesh Ojha ( ago)
these are sucks games should not be made too much crap too much violent for children should not be play

Author Meesja ( ago)
ubisoft is probably going to fuck up avatar

Author YoloPenguin ( ago)
Only liked, RAID WWII, Avatar, Shadows Of War and Last Year a little bit.

Author YoloPenguin ( ago)
Dual Universe? We have Minecraft, No Mans Sky and GMod. ._.

Author YoloPenguin ( ago)
Mordhau looks like an ugly fusion of Chivalry and For Honor with bad physics

Author dejan marinkovic ( ago)
shit antipathetic sicks games oft pc

Author dejan marinkovic ( ago)
a games for loser agony and the game making hot dogs

Author Swiitch Poiint Gamiing ( ago)
i dont understand the point of agony

Author สมหมาย ศักด์ศรื ( ago)
I need dying light 2 pleaseeeeee!!!!

Author Ps2 &under ( ago)
Every thing I saw is so generic same old same old same shit different look different stupid story

Author Ps2 &under ( ago)
Oh boy more blood guns and fighting wooo hooo why do they only make games to appeal to immature kids oh look at that fight oooohhh ahhhh where the fuck are some uniquely made games for adults with good game play like the old day not just a shiny hallway to shoot your stoped fps ass down same shit different cover how annoying

Author Ps2 &under ( ago)
Why do I still feel the new games are missing something that the old games have these new games have no soul no heart I don't understand why but the new stuff may look good but it sucks it looks so good it's annoying weird huh am I

Author Mohd Musa ( ago)
All those real-life-alike open world games are worrying me, because the promises made by the developers might just be turned down due to the vastness of the game being planned, kinda like the "No man sky effect".

Author Kaiser Krysalis ( ago)
Agony, thats some Illuminati shit.

Author Christopher Chavez ( ago)
All these games look so generic and boring

Author Tristan McQueen ( ago)
Visage, Identity and Avatar 😍😍😍

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