16 AWESOME New Upcoming Games to Play in 2017 & Beyond | PS4 Xbox One PC

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  • Here are 16 NEW EPIC Upcoming Games you NEED to play in 2017 & 2018! Anticipated games coming to Playstation 4, PC & Xbox One. Which game looks the most promising? Post in the comments! List of the games below:

    0:00 Middle Earth Shadow of War

    2:59 RAID: World War 2

    4:58 AVATAR

    6:57 Agony

    9:51 Project Wight

    11:35 Vampyr

    13:20 Heathen

    15:26 Mordhau

    17:16 Echo

    19:53 Sea of Thieves

    21:56 Identity

    23:52 Inner Chains

    24:59 Vestige of the Past

    26:46 Dual Universe

    27:50 Visage

    29:02 Last Year

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  • MathChief - Gameplay & Trailers!

    This video has been RE-UPLOADED! (from Yesterday) because of the quality of the video but it's been fixed now!

    • Kingwolfmaster Velez
      Kingwolfmaster Velez 1 month ago

      MathChief - Gameplay & Trailers! bbbhj

    • Short Films
      Short Films 2 months ago

      MathChief - Gameplay & Trailers! I am definitely giving sea of thieves

    • harambe
      harambe 2 months ago

      Imdatguy 4rea! torokmakto

    • Ursuz Bro
      Ursuz Bro 2 months ago

      MathChief - Gameplay & Trailers! shadow of war will be online multiplayer? Plz answer

  • C2K2125
    C2K2125 6 days ago

    I was looking forward to that Avatar game but until I saw Ubisoft who I know always downgrade their games. 😭

  • Dogmaguy74
    Dogmaguy74 7 days ago

    29:39 Jason: oh hell no!

  • Dogmaguy74
    Dogmaguy74 7 days ago

    iron chains? i didnt know doom adopted a son!

  • bwed is gud
    bwed is gud 8 days ago

    i thought the orc (correct me if im wrong) was going to say "this is the power of the dark side"

  • Beast P
    Beast P 10 days ago

    agony looks like the nightmare you never want.

  • Rrinkk
    Rrinkk 12 days ago


  • Billy Feucht
    Billy Feucht 14 days ago

    that avatar game had nothing to do with avatar

  • Dennis Schaible
    Dennis Schaible 19 days ago

    avatar game 2018?? its the old one in the trailer , it will be a remake or what ???

  • papa corey
    papa corey 20 days ago

    raid looks like if inglorious basterds had a game

  • SkyRider gaming
    SkyRider gaming 22 days ago

    thumbnail got me

  • Lil Kachada
    Lil Kachada 27 days ago

    I feel like avatar would be a good game for bethesda to make

  • Jacko Gaming
    Jacko Gaming 28 days ago

    does anyone know the game where you change the weather and other animals will die or appear? if so then i would love the title!

  • hevxyshdvhsiwbsbwjak hebwbsiwksnsbsb

    avatar is fantastic

  • Syntax PW
    Syntax PW 29 days ago

    Avatar 2 must be in ps3,ps4,xb1,xb360,pc. Cuz I want to play it in ps3 . The destination is stunning

  • Elijah Edgelord
    Elijah Edgelord 1 month ago

    HECK, a new Avatar game? Don't fuck this up, _please_ Ubisoft.

  • karr umi
    karr umi 1 month ago

    agony just looks dumb. i dont think going around a map designed to give you epileptic seizures killing literally everything would stay fun for more than 30 mins at a time.

  • GamerGeek TV
    GamerGeek TV 1 month ago

    last year looks cool, yay a new avatar game, echo has awesome visuals and gameplay, fuck yeah another space building game.

  • Gamer Brothers
    Gamer Brothers 1 month ago

    identety should come for ps4 PLEASE

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan 1 month ago

    I feel like you could beat echo by just walking around docile-like and never running.

  • adrian albacete
    adrian albacete 1 month ago

    29:11 TREVOR?!??!

  • adrian albacete
    adrian albacete 1 month ago


  • Mohit Gangrade
    Mohit Gangrade 1 month ago

    wtf is the matter with agony? irritating

  • Retro Tha Locc
    Retro Tha Locc 1 month ago

    Bro why all the good games only come out on fucking PC😤 got us PS4 niggas sleep😤😤😤

  • Zerosoldier
    Zerosoldier 1 month ago

    I can't wait for the new avatar game, everyone is hating on the first one but I genuinely thought it was great

    V.GAMES 1 month ago

    Very good video

  • tatum totarini
    tatum totarini 1 month ago

    raider ww2 just looks like its gonna be a payday but set in the time ww2 was in and identity just looks like a really, really, really complex versions of the sims which doesn't look like it'll take off to well cos you'd have two types of people, people that would want to play the game the way its meant to be played and the other would be the people that would only play the game so they could just kill everyone eventually leading to the people that do play the game properly to get sick of playing properly and then just go on mad killing sprees with the others that just kill, idk i might be wrong, but thats what im thinking what that game is going to be

  • Giant Shark
    Giant Shark 1 month ago

    Am I the only one excited for sea of thieves?

  • perrilloxd013 GAMEPLAY Y MAS

    4:36 :#

  • Fabio Müller
    Fabio Müller 1 month ago


  • Manuela Varljen
    Manuela Varljen 1 month ago

    I am proud that a slovenian created such a good game as mordhau!

  • Alisha wung
    Alisha wung 1 month ago

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  • TellTale Stream
    TellTale Stream 1 month ago

    i GUESS It is avaliable now

  • Alpharaptor
    Alpharaptor 1 month ago

    cool :)

  • Future Trunks
    Future Trunks 1 month ago

    20:15 make it for consoles god damnit

  • Goldenage Twothousandtwelve

    War and fucking monsters are the games coming out, what a shame!!!
    Dont feed into this shitty industry by planting the wrong seeds in your mind.

  • Zipotricks
    Zipotricks 1 month ago

    That sound got stolen 1:1 from salad fingers.
    What the fuck, get your own sounds.

  • SuperJayXD
    SuperJayXD 1 month ago

    Dual Universe looks just like another No Man's Sky. It promises a bunch of things it will probably never deliver on.

    BEHEMOTH 1 month ago

    I really like the avatar one

  • Brian ONine
    Brian ONine 1 month ago

    I hope Avatar will have the same feeling and replayability as Skyrim has.

  • bi23 bi23
    bi23 bi23 1 month ago


  • Clément Poitras
    Clément Poitras 1 month ago

    What the fuck is the objective in Agony!

    ANONYMOUS HACKER 1 month ago


  • Mr.Nice Guy
    Mr.Nice Guy 1 month ago

    whao... most of these games are horrible looking.

  • J Zenstep
    J Zenstep 1 month ago

    Avatar flop

  • the light is awesome

    ANyone else like "YES! That game looks amazing! I'm totally going to buy it!.. Oh wait, it's ubisoft. Fuck them and that game"

  • the light is awesome


  • Michael Sanchez
    Michael Sanchez 1 month ago

    anybody know if days gone is gonna have an emulator for the pc becuase you know everttj ing should be on pc anyway and there's never a reason for it not to be.

  • airanator1212
    airanator1212 1 month ago

    Seriously thought that Avatar game is gonna be life changing

  • StraightHUSTLIN's Gaming Channel

    dat end screen placement though

  • NeBbleZ The Mythical Beast

    To me inner chains is just doom with synths

  • Dylan Horsnell
    Dylan Horsnell 1 month ago

    Hey random person scrolling through hope you have a nice day/ night

  • CevinGamer
    CevinGamer 1 month ago

    Will the last of us part2 be out in 2017 or 2018?

    SPBN0VA 1 month ago

    90% of the games is so over done especially the first game shown. Western games only shown in here. And all look a like in terms of graphics and gameplay.

  • Raph K
    Raph K 1 month ago

    have mmorpgs gone backwards?

  • Kim Jong Un
    Kim Jong Un 2 months ago

    another downgraded games by ubisoft

  • Josh Heijn
    Josh Heijn 2 months ago

    Who is excited for shadow of war!!!!

  • Marvin Schenker
    Marvin Schenker 2 months ago

    Avataaar :D How beautiful! Thank youbisoft :)

  • G Man
    G Man 2 months ago

    that echo game is a really cool idea

  • Ali Khalid
    Ali Khalid 2 months ago

    shitty video that focuses on stupid games rather than big games

  • Filas CZ
    Filas CZ 2 months ago

    R.I.P avatar game #ubisoft

  • RedPotato
    RedPotato 2 months ago

    Agony = horrortrip on lsd

  • Exquisite River Otter
    Exquisite River Otter 2 months ago

    PC Is getting blessed up with a lot of great games this year

  • Exquisite River Otter
    Exquisite River Otter 2 months ago

    The project witch narrator sounds like that one down kid

  • Gamer Zombie
    Gamer Zombie 2 months ago

    sub me and i will sub anyone who subscribes me

  • Gamer Zombie
    Gamer Zombie 2 months ago

    sub me I will sub you

  • Homie Jr
    Homie Jr 2 months ago

    It seems like lots of developers were inspired by DOOM's brutality.

  • BlazingWolfPD
    BlazingWolfPD 2 months ago


  • Rashidi Simba
    Rashidi Simba 2 months ago

    Lol most of these games look like shit tbh

  • Hell Boy
    Hell Boy 2 months ago


  • Hangeki
    Hangeki 2 months ago

    ECHO is the NEW kind of dynamic AI that i had been waiting for which it will adapt according to your behavior and action awsome

  • Cassis gaming
    Cassis gaming 2 months ago


  • Lucas Jordan
    Lucas Jordan 2 months ago

    There some pretty creepy
    Games comings out there heh?

  • Lucas Jordan
    Lucas Jordan 2 months ago

    Oh boy I'm afraid to get too old for games

  • Truman Goodwin
    Truman Goodwin 2 months ago

    Only game I'm hyped ab is avatar either wise bad compilation especially agony like chill

  • Rayfam
    Rayfam 2 months ago

    mordhau look like chivalry 2 to me

  • Rayfam
    Rayfam 2 months ago

    avatar hype fam

  • Lilcomet Psn
    Lilcomet Psn 2 months ago

    The previous avatar game wasnt really that bad, I actually enjoyed it very much

  • Mr JoeyF
    Mr JoeyF 2 months ago

    Identity would be chaos if u could instantly get guns

  • Brandon Sokolis
    Brandon Sokolis 2 months ago

    duuuuuude, echo looks dope asf

  • Ehren Becker
    Ehren Becker 2 months ago

    And thy expect us to be able to run something like Dual Universe? Nigga, Star Citizen would run like Minecraft compared to this!

  • Gamistan
    Gamistan 2 months ago

    Why so much horror games this list is Freaking me out

    • Gamistan
      Gamistan 2 months ago

      Vestige is so Funny

  • Godri
    Godri 2 months ago

    seriously?! no one hyped for World War 2? HITLER GUYS CMON!

  • trevor phillips
    trevor phillips 2 months ago

    gameplays recorded on consoles and its written first pc later on consoles lol....pc gamers are so fucked up xD....Why you have to lie man!!!

  • Isaac Renga
    Isaac Renga 2 months ago

    Indenity, twitch streamers and role players haven. No fun for the casual folk

  • JxSH PlaYs
    JxSH PlaYs 2 months ago

    Who agrees that Avatar should be a VR game?

  • JxSH PlaYs
    JxSH PlaYs 2 months ago

    Avatar looks fucking amazing

  • Joey McJagger
    Joey McJagger 2 months ago

    when did avatar come out

  • Parkour Vids
    Parkour Vids 2 months ago

    I'm looking forward raid ww2

  • Jordan Burns
    Jordan Burns 2 months ago

    These games are so cool

  • silent boy
    silent boy 2 months ago

    i wana buy survival games on ps4

  • Ainsley Harriott
    Ainsley Harriott 2 months ago

    Why fucking Bugisoft is makeing an Avatar game. WHY?

  • Mr. E.
    Mr. E. 2 months ago

    @ 7:00 "In a place where Slenderman is just a secretary..."

  • Dylan Wells
    Dylan Wells 2 months ago

    mordhau looks like a new and improved chivalry

  • Th3 Sarcastic 1
    Th3 Sarcastic 1 2 months ago

    Agony basically looks like Hell in a video game.

  • Avinash Yusif
    Avinash Yusif 2 months ago

    the game is of ass

  • vanoss&vantrainfan supergaming

    middle finger 1!
    best count down in all of history :o

  • Gamerguy 22
    Gamerguy 22 2 months ago

    If agony predicts the future correctly. I would just give up

  • Ivan Diaz
    Ivan Diaz 2 months ago

    Can't wait for avatar 2018

  • J Porter
    J Porter 2 months ago

    4:38 lmao

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