Crystal.cfg AIM By AfGanistanu
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# CFG AIM BEST OF 2014 .
# Cfg by Afganistanu\

Have Fun ! Download PACK:

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Added: 4 years
Runtime: 2:45
Comments: 140

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Author Gio Zoidze (8 months)
respect georgia

Author MandeaGoD (4 years)
for buy cfg Y!M :amx_mandea

Author Bog Bogdy (3 years)
frumos video...RESPECT AgN ;)

Author vNkofficial (3 years)
pe ce servere faci filmele?

Author Tus Ti (3 years)
@gmoiasovghb87fa Stiu !

Author SPELINAX (3 years)
Bulgarian Music ;)

Author Valy Alexutsu (3 years)
Numele melodiei please :)

Author Cristi Munteanu (2 years)
Numele melodiei?

Author KiraByMistake (3 years)
cresti mare! Nu te lua dupa astia :)).. poti sa fii super bun si fara cfg
si steam.. da nah ei ism ai paraleli ca viata :-??

Author Ƹòƾ DŽ (3 years)
@DoodleStrike noob esti tu , eu de unde vrei sa stiu ? NU am mai vazut asa
bug |:]]

Author Kirill Vasilkov (1 year)
Авганистанская наверное

Author KiraByMistake (3 years)
Asai saxxx 17 asai [-(

Author LeKsLock (4 years)
Cel mai bun cfg ? cumparal sa vezi ce frumos tragi cu el, am zis ca imi
vine rau langa calculator de nervi intra pe profilul meu si sa vezi cfg
adevarat daca vrei cumparal si fa o diferenta intre cfg meu si al lui.

Author irackIanu (2 years)
cine stie melodiaaa???

Author RoB3RtHino0 (3 years)
Waw. Super ! Cum se numeste melodia?

Author DoodleStrike (3 years)
@gmoiasovghb87fa e bug noob

Author Elekes Mihai (2 years)
Salut afg Pls:P spunemi pe ce ser joci acum..:P

Author RkO1997 (2 years)
cum dreaq se instaleza ma cfg ?

Author SaXxX17 (3 years)
mz flavi apreciez ;)

Author TheDiakonu (2 years)
Hmmm aim nu se poate compara cu skill de pro on pro are mai bun skill si
viteza decat aim By: M.M.P^DnnK.Ati xD

Author Nikolovska Vesna (3 years)
how did u make this video bro? i think with which programs ? btw NICE :)

Author hipoypoy (3 years)
@ernestgerman100 all his cfgs are on magnacs forum ALL of em are there with
download never flame and give all the credit to him

Author QuickWooW (3 years)
why everyone recording demos with deagle to show aim :S

Author Pe1nTeReLL (4 years)
zexer te crap daca mai zici cv de fratele meu

Author keNyMT2 (3 years)
@laconik11 ReSpeCT AgNN aDD pls Steam id sHk21

Author runescape984 (3 years)
song name?!?!??! :))))!!

Author Vlad Enache (2 years)
Doamne inca va mai jucati cu coduri si cu steamuri crakuite.Nu ati auzit si
voi de Playzeek , ESL.romania EAC lasati codurile Si in plus asta e LEIS,

Author mafiotu38 (4 years)
crisal ma nu credeam ca ai cfg =)))) GLM ma bv

Author Stephan Lord (4 years)
deci zimi neaparat cum se num mel e prea tare

Author SLSxD133 (3 years)
Roby esti sigur ca cei care se iau dupa Agn n-au minte? Da el are 20 fps
din cauza la fraps cum a zis si el,eu am jucat cu cfg-uri deale lui si imi
crestea fps de la 60 cu cat joc eu si la 200:| dar in fine tu te bati cu
boti,un sfat apucate de Mario 5 :) + canc vei face macar un cfg ca al lui
mai vb:) bafta SI Agn respec bv tie si tine-o tot asa

Author marsabogdan (4 years)
cum se numeste melodia :DD gf AGM :)

Author Darius Gabriel (3 years)
gg ba :">~

Author windnyk (4 years)
Melodia : Elitsa & Stoyan - Water

Author Kha'Zix (4 years)
@dmk1ng esti prost ??

Author EsKuS17 (3 years)
ba sa mi bag.... cu ce program filmezi ? eu folosesc camtasia si knd intru
in joc imi filmeaza tot desktopu' nu jocu...

Author ZK Production (4 years)
Zacar esti praf :)

Author zexer0001 (4 years)
Afganistau codatu, ban pe el si pe steamul lui si, si, si, si...:)) ce
arati aici? ca esti codat? :) no recoil la greu in cfg astea si ala e
cod!!! Codatule :D

Author Butterus (4 years)
low... low programs fraps (no cracket) and movie maker.... low aim and low
Pub server

Author Alexandru Anghel (3 years)
ce este acest skill??wtf?begginer...e cfg skillu e cat de bine joci u

Author adinson512 (3 years)
dau de 10 ori mai bine si fara cfgu asta :-j

Author irackIanu (2 years)
Steamul coasta 10 euro ! adc 55 de lei maxim sa ai .... stransi ....

Author Mihai15Mihai15 (3 years)
@gmoiasovghb87fa Daca te uiti tu bine e bug de la filmare so STFU noob.+ eu
nu cred ca e nici un aim.. in cfg anyway...Cum poti sa joci ma asa perle
ma? Un jucator adevarat joaca cu steam . omg ce oameni !

Author MultiLillemaNN (2 years)
Tursku ti mamu jebem

Author patrik90360 (2 years)
wa aim este sa dai numa hs prima data cand ai tras nu era hs:D.deci..

Author Pippky (3 years)

Author Uszilike (3 years)
steamu iti fura bani =)) ahahah

Author k0Tqsq (4 years)
cum se numeste mel asta??

Author bor4e007 (3 years)
ne raboti da ti ebam se po najmilo

Author DcN Chris (3 years)
all pls nu ma inj sunt nou in cs si intreb prin aceasta cale ce este STEAM?
:d stiu e intrebare prosteasca dar sunt nou pe cs

Author SeDaNu (4 years)
cum ii zice la mel?:D

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