Black People Get Their DNA Tested

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  • Sakinah Ibisomi
    Sakinah Ibisomi 2 hours ago

    I wish African Americans would try learn something about Africa, because I know they lost their heritage and whatever, but it's still scary common how many of them think Africa is a country, we all ride lions, etc.

    NEKKRON 3 hours ago

    slavemaster sperm

  • WolfPrincess258
    WolfPrincess258 1 day ago

    Me, a basic white, am probably from... Europe. And 0.000000000000000000000001%, like,
    Jewish or something.

  • David merrerar
    David merrerar 1 day ago

    I am 99% Saiyan ans 0.50 asian and 0.50 french

  • imane tahtah
    imane tahtah 1 day ago

    yall forgot to mention africa north, most of these people(caribbean) got north-african blood too so their african(black) percentage is probably even higher.

  • Tomaz Xavier de Souza

    This type of test costs U$ 244, 98 in my country (R$799,00)...

  • emmayarde
    emmayarde 2 days ago

    It's Caribe not Carib

  • yikes19
    yikes19 2 days ago

    Sad when you realize the white they had in them more than likely came from their ancestors slave masters raping them.

  • Irwin Crook
    Irwin Crook 2 days ago

    Nobody came from any greatness for from where they belong to. There is no greatness in coming from Africa or Europe or Asia. Thinking it is greatness for belonging to Africa is same like thinking it is greatness to belong from Europe and be white which is in one way the root cause of all racism that exists today.

    "All mankind is from Adam and Eve. An Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab, nor does a non-Arab have any superiority over an Arab; a white has no superiority over a black, nor does a black have any superiority over a white; except by piety and good action" - Muhammad

  • Aquarius Not_Real
    Aquarius Not_Real 2 days ago

    I am so afraid to do this DNA testing because I don't want to find out how white my black(African American) family is although I can trace back to 1850's for my great-great-grandparents pass that I feel like it's going to be white and I'm not ready for that realization

  • MarkiplierIsBae
    MarkiplierIsBae 3 days ago

    All I know is that my grandad is from Ukraine and I have some french and Welsh, I have no clue about my mothers side. Not one thing.

  • Matata
    Matata 3 days ago

    I'm proud to be a white brazilian with family from france and portugal and i'm happy i grew up in one of the most colorful countries in the world that is brazil

  • Quad07
    Quad07 3 days ago

    Only 20%? That's a huge chunk!

  • X⃟x⃟SnowX⃟x⃟

    What does DNA have to do with what's happening now. Kinda boring really

  • Jorgan Jorgans
    Jorgan Jorgans 3 days ago

    Everyone has little bit of good in them I suppose.

  • Nellie Rutten
    Nellie Rutten 3 days ago

    For all these so called millennial liberals the race thing is a big issue despite all the "we are all the same, were all human" imagine the Europeans who were enslaved and occupied by northern Africans for centuries reacted the same about having some African DNA in them like many of the Africans do about Europeans. The double standard is quite hypocrite especially when you realize endless African tribes enslaved each other and sold each other out to European slave traders, no European went into the jungle or other inland areas to catch him some slaves, they were all sold to them by Africans themselves, but African American history is a bit different from the European one looking at the fifties and sixties of the nineteen hundreds, racism was much more open and brutal in the USA and Europeans get the wrap for it, Americans may come from Europe somewhere but are not Europeans.

  • Ryan Smith PvP
    Ryan Smith PvP 4 days ago

    What if Trump did this text and found he was partially African!

  • loool jj
    loool jj 4 days ago

    "13% European" "I am like super black" How are you super black if you have more than 10% european

  • Mathilde Escusetoi
    Mathilde Escusetoi 4 days ago

    Sub saharian Africa but where precisely ?? There is 55 countries in Africa so could this test be more specific ?

  • Michelle Le
    Michelle Le 4 days ago

    Why do people forget that the original Caribbeans were native and not black. The majority of the people who reside in Jamaica or Trinidad Tobago aren't native to the island.

  • KeLoVa BaPaFe
    KeLoVa BaPaFe 5 days ago

    They were like "100% African" when they were mixed

  • Jerrell Williams 1
    Jerrell Williams 1 5 days ago


  • Curlyhead. Nina
    Curlyhead. Nina 6 days ago

    I took this test and I was like imma get a 100 percent black and I was only 50 percent 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  • Irah Shaikh
    Irah Shaikh 6 days ago

    Can you do this for middle eastern and south asian people

  • The Light
    The Light 6 days ago

    Blacks in America are so NOT black! It pissed me off how they're redefining my people.

  • Imogen Tuttle
    Imogen Tuttle 6 days ago

    Noooooooooooo I so wished Freddie was here I love her I want her in every video

  • Kisslyn Joseph
    Kisslyn Joseph 6 days ago

    I'm also Caribbean mixed with Caribs, Black and Portuguese/French ancestry

  • Zaylan Seals
    Zaylan Seals 6 days ago

    this is my swamp

  • Regan Burke
    Regan Burke 6 days ago

    when black ppl get pissed bc theyre white... so dumb

  • AlizabelleP
    AlizabelleP 6 days ago

    taino! problem is they most likely didn't have a sample of that bloodline and it was mistakenly listed under Sub Saharan or another group

  • Maddie S
    Maddie S 6 days ago

    the girl in the hat is so cute, ahhhh

  • I like turtle S
    I like turtle S 7 days ago

    75% African American???

  • Deron FerrellTV
    Deron FerrellTV 7 days ago

    correction: during the Atlantic slave trade 12.5 million africans survived the journey to America

  • Hot Dogg
    Hot Dogg 7 days ago

    its sad that they are disappointed that they have European in them

  • Lecturnt
    Lecturnt 7 days ago

    These people weren't taken they were sold by their own people.

  • Sparkle Green
    Sparkle Green 8 days ago

    Try Filipinos my friend told me everything about Filipino history now I'm so interested to know!!

  • Caroline Trevis
    Caroline Trevis 8 days ago

    I wish buzzfeed just thought of people more than their race... I mean slavery was decades ago, forget about it, there is literally no black slave alive from the past slaverys... This is a pretty tame video however the others are not

  • Do F
    Do F 8 days ago

    Yes girl I am from Barbados

  • Neptunes Moon
    Neptunes Moon 8 days ago

    im 100% east african

  • Don't Subscribe I don't need no subscribers

    I'm Somali and it turned out I am not as black as I thought. I'm over 40% middle eastern and 60% African 20% being North African so I am basically an Arab HAHAHAHAHAH and I am currently beefing with arabs in my area for thinking they're better then everyone smh. But I am 100% Somali for all I know 🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴

  • Caity Lucas
    Caity Lucas 8 days ago

    Caity spells her name the same way I do! never heard of anyone else spelling it that way.. it's awsome!

  • G Cool
    G Cool 9 days ago

    Most of the black people descended from slaves almost definitely have white DNA, a lot of it is probably because of the rape that happened during that time period. You don't hear a lot about rape back then, but it happened all the time.

  • Melaniesky 318
    Melaniesky 318 9 days ago

    I really wanna do the test!!

  • James Cadwell
    James Cadwell 10 days ago

    2:33 So I'm like super black, which is kind of cool. It also means you're super poor. Which is kind of bad.

  • James Cadwell
    James Cadwell 10 days ago

    All niggers must hang.

  • James Cadwell
    James Cadwell 10 days ago

    Black women are filthy niggers that deserve to die.

  • Stephanie La Borde
    Stephanie La Borde 11 days ago

    Ayeeeee repping Trinidad. Yasssss

  • Daniel1330
    Daniel1330 11 days ago

    I wanna do this my heritage and grandparents are from like other sides of the world

  • Holey Moley
    Holey Moley 11 days ago


  • Moon Man
    Moon Man 12 days ago

    Ooga booga go back to Africa

  • Viktoria King
    Viktoria King 12 days ago


  • Niall Kelly
    Niall Kelly 13 days ago

    They're lucky they have those European genes.

  • Shade Savage
    Shade Savage 15 days ago

    African american*

  • Temika De Verteuil
    Temika De Verteuil 16 days ago

    Where my Trini people at?😲

  • Fright TV
    Fright TV 17 days ago

    77% European, dafuq, you wouldn't look like that then

  • md
    md 18 days ago

    They still didn't find out anything about their ancestors

  • Duke
    Duke 18 days ago

    black people find out they're black

  • Natalia A Ciccone F
    Natalia A Ciccone F 18 days ago

    Great video!

  • Jackson Technologies

    I should get this test done, my Great-Great Grandfather snuck into the USA fromIitaly in the very early 1900's or late 1800's, but dumped all of his papers off the ship. He had a French name, and was the groundskeeper in a castle, and that's all we know because everyone who knew about that life took it to the grave.

    (Also, two of his sons were a part of the New York mafia in the great depression, his other son was my great grandfather)

  • Lauren Nave
    Lauren Nave 19 days ago

    Of course buzz feed has to turn this into a slavery thing..

  • Noah Joseph
    Noah Joseph 19 days ago

    how did he call his dad?

  • Drouphy
    Drouphy 20 days ago

    Do you have any white in you? would you like some?

  • DesireeTheCookie
    DesireeTheCookie 21 day ago

    This only make sense for US and U.K. Citizen ps.

  • Lizzy Troy
    Lizzy Troy 21 day ago

    Is it really that horrible to be part European? We all bleed the same color. It seriously shouldn't matter...

  • David G
    David G 22 days ago

    LOL no comment to they have white relatives. Makes I hate whitey a little less reflective.

  • better2gether
    better2gether 23 days ago

    But it doesn't matter how white you are because people won't see you as part white they see you as your skin

    IRONOXCIDE 24 days ago

    that West indain woman s mom is a sellout

  • Erica Asjaee
    Erica Asjaee 24 days ago

    I'm pretty sure I'm majority black with a splash of white & I could probably be Hispanic since my mom passes for it & people assume I speak Spanish 😂😩 my mom is yellow & my dads dark skin

  • Trvpsoulkeon
    Trvpsoulkeon 24 days ago

    big up to trinidad

  • Der Lederhosen Django

    All this rassist niggers...
    Oh I forgot It's a anti white Rassist video ....

  • Michaia Wimberly
    Michaia Wimberly 25 days ago

    who do they get their test done by? I didn't catch it even though they probably said

  • Antuan Claude
    Antuan Claude 26 days ago

    We always want to be Cherokee Indian, LOL!

  • ThePoacherz
    ThePoacherz 26 days ago

    Don't trust this test! Have your tests done by an African Geneticist! Twice Ancestry has been caught dismissing the African Genetic Markers!

  • Chi Chi Blasian 泰国女孩

    All blacks have European in their DNA

  • JoJo Nellymans
    JoJo Nellymans 27 days ago

    but why did it sometimes sound like they were a little bit disappointed, I don't really mean DISAPPOINTED but one girl asked: do you still love me or do you see me differently now? I don't get that. I'm so proud that I'm part African and native American and European and I think I'm part Asian too. And I love that, because I love different cultures and I love that my ancestors, the people I came from, came from all.over the world, my DNA is from all over the world. it's amazing

  • tracey martin
    tracey martin 27 days ago

    Thank you 3 you have put tears on my face

  • Taisha Charles
    Taisha Charles 29 days ago

    I know what youre doing. Stop scrolling, its just a race war down there.

  • Ana Maria
    Ana Maria 29 days ago

    The girl who says she's 'latina', I could have sworn she's half black, half Asian but nope... African and European.

  • Genesis Shabazz
    Genesis Shabazz 29 days ago

    *_Now to my Black people,I need you to think for second: If you were from Africa,then why do all the trace amounts always originate on the West coast of Africa? Why is there never any lineage from other areas of Africa?....The trace amounts come from the lineages of people who are still living in Africa that were NOT sold into slavery.They are relatives but slaves were brought to ships from somewhere._*

    *_Our people were sold in Africa by Arabs and Hammites (East Africans) to White colonialist . Ask yourself where did our people originate? Why do certain people and businesses want Blacks to believe we come from Africa, as opposed to the land our people fled from which was Israel.....Dig deeper Black people and stop believing you originate where people want you to believe you originate._*

    • Genesis Shabazz
      Genesis Shabazz 28 days ago

      *_Wrong.....It was Hammites who sold Shemmites to White colonialists as well as to Arabs.Shemmites were taken to the various ports on the West Coast of Africa and they were shipped like chattel from said ports.The bottom line is that these tests are a scam._*

    • Meowphistopheles
      Meowphistopheles 29 days ago

      Erm...west Africans sold other west Africans into slavery. It wasn't Arabs.

      Arabs also took a lot of African slaves, but they weren't the ones doing the trans-Atlantic slave trade.

  • S Thunda
    S Thunda 29 days ago

    Where's all the Cherokee blood that n*ggers always claim to have...I knew they were lying.

  • Dalton Behie
    Dalton Behie 29 days ago

    I got 99.6% white (primarily British Isles and Scandinavian)

  • Ally Bravo
    Ally Bravo 1 month ago

    that chano hat though

  • Mack M.
    Mack M. 1 month ago

    How can they think they only have african DNA, when they're only half as dark skinned as africans?..smh

  • Sleeping.Dreamer
    Sleeping.Dreamer 1 month ago

    Legit cringed at her pronunciation of "Taino" ... 😖😖😖. Kalinagos (aka Caribs) and Tainos are not one and the same. They are two very different tribes of Amerindians. Taino's are generally no longer in existence. Kalinagos are still here on my native island (many of my relatives and friends, myself inclusive, are descendants of them).

  • reagan brewer
    reagan brewer 1 month ago

    well its ok for be proud of their african heritage then I'm proud of my white heritage and culture

  • LadyDizcordia
    LadyDizcordia 1 month ago

    Huh. Interesting.

  • StoneySummer420
    StoneySummer420 1 month ago


  • ted mrazz
    ted mrazz 1 month ago

    that bih 2:19 wanted to have some european so bad

  • cute girl
    cute girl 1 month ago

    all ya ancestors r dead & their dna is not on file. refrigeration not fully in use til 1900's. dna was 1st used in 1986 to solve a crime. congrats on becoming apart of the governments national DNA/fingerprint registry.

  • Alec End
    Alec End 1 month ago

    Spoiler alert: They're African.

  • castr4203
    castr4203 1 month ago

    This shit is racist

  • berfo m
    berfo m 1 month ago

    could you do it with arab people too

  • duhitzblessing
    duhitzblessing 1 month ago

    I bet that most of them have around 30% or more white.

  • adolf hitler
    adolf hitler 1 month ago

    blacks testing dna, well lets see their racist side after they realize they've some european dna, shall we?

    • adolf hitler
      adolf hitler 1 month ago

      im suprised that there was no racism

  • mo analyssa
    mo analyssa 1 month ago

    lemme spit in a tube!

  • Eduardo Arredondo
    Eduardo Arredondo 1 month ago

    don't ya love it when negros want to appropriate a culture due to now knowing their own roots and end up being African all along..... yup.

  • bing's wig Crosby
    bing's wig Crosby 1 month ago

    Yay! I'm not that white yay! Do you love me any less because I'm a little white?? Lowkey racist af

  • Dre Thomas
    Dre Thomas 1 month ago

    I'm black and I don't even need to watch the video I bet some of them thought they were part Indian surprise motherfucker you not

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