Black People Get Their DNA Tested

"This could be life changing, to be honest"

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Author Eduardo Arredondo ( ago)
don't ya love it when negros want to appropriate a culture due to now knowing their own roots and end up being African all along..... yup.

Author bing's wig Crosby ( ago)
Yay! I'm not that white yay! Do you love me any less because I'm a little white?? Lowkey racist af

Author Dre Thomas ( ago)
I'm black and I don't even need to watch the video I bet some of them thought they were part Indian surprise motherfucker you not

Author Aishat Kazeem ( ago)
I know that i would be 100% african just no way theres anything else 😂

Author Alexander Quigley ( ago)
Obviously don't like that there's any European in your blood. Disgrace. We're all the same. BTW we were slaves in Barbados long before you. Our names are changed too. All the same happened. Brits just realized we were disobedient and they just killed us instead. Which was fine because as Catholics we knew where we were going.Tiocaidh Ar La

Author tuchesuavae ( ago)
Nobody's 100% anything bro

Author Arun liladhar ( ago)
I was born in Honduras, my mother was born in Honduras and my dad was born in Kenya. My grandad was born in India and grandma in Tanzania, both from my dads side have Indian (Hindu) background. Don't know about my mothers family background. However, Honduras was inhabited by the Lencas and Mayan and then Honduras was colonised by the spaniards. So what does that make me?People tell me I look Arab. I go by 1/4 Native American, 1/4 European, 1/4 African and 1/4 Asian (Indian) lol

Author GirlSproket ( ago)
"It should be higher." (I got Indian in me.)

Author xxXx_TheMilfHunter69_xXxx ( ago)
well it makes sense for black people to have less european dna than asian or native american, since we all started out in africa.

Author OrangePlays ( ago)

Author R20 ( ago)
For me to say that im proud of my white ancestry.. is the equivalent to me saying, that im glad that my ancestors were sexually exploited, raped, murdered, abused and enslaved ... which is disgusting, disgraceful and disrespectful. I dont think you idiots understand that slavery from the viewpoint of the enslaved is all about survival and self preservation...and when you have this mindset you dont take pride in taking losses from the opposition, you dont take pride in your own people being messed over and exploited

Author R20 ( ago)
I dont understand you ghost on here asking why a black american would be offended of being mixed with the people who exploited and raped there ancestors and still continue to do so to this day in a different form ... are you that STUPID!!

Author Kyia1414 ( ago)
Females should also have their brothers tested to get the full report

Author Asia Bryant ( ago)
My mom did this, she is a fourth european which was surprising. I can't wait to do mine.

Author robin te baerts ( ago)
i would just like to say that "european" is not one ethnicity, just as "african" is not one single ethnicity. there are differences in ethnicity in different areas of the continents.

Author linda hatcher ( ago)
I've always wanted to get one of these tests done, watching this video made me very emotional for whatever reason.

Author Solomon The ll ( ago)
14% is still pretty high % for Taino Native her mom is bugging. Most i see for west Indians is usually around 4%-8% (minus Puerto Ricans)

Author kaia ( ago)
dood I'm shook my whole life I thought I was just black but it turns out I'm 39% white

Author Sara Israel ( ago)
Do you all ever stop and ask where or who has they tested your DNA against. DNA is a hoax

Author JOSEPH TØP DUN ( ago)

Author Robert Ross ( ago)
we all came from 2 ppl 😶

Author bryce Flanigan ( ago)
((this entire video))
"Let me just take a test to ease my racial identity complex"
*sees test results
*racial identity complex intensifies

Author Karsten Johansson ( ago)
That party at 0:41 ... one can only hope to find that much awesomeness in your genes!

Author Regina Pettinger ( ago)
I did the 23andme test and I was 1% Sub Saharan African. This was on my dad's side. I had a few great greats who came from Jamaica as slaves from a sugar plantation.

Author MowerTroll ( ago)
My broke ass wishes I could do this

Author Lexi D ( ago)
You should do more of these that specifically caters to white and Asian people. Idk I think it would be interesting to see the mixes or maybe surprises like with this video

Author gogu neghiobu ( ago)
Why is it a bad thing to have European ancestry?!

Author TheSistaWarrior ( ago)
Your skin is brown but you call yourself black.... Makes no logical sense whatsoever You are aboriginal to the Americas...

Author TimTam Rainbow ( ago)
I think they should have used ancestry tests because I saw that they are perhaps like actually true I think

Author HoboJack ( ago)
Why is white an insult?

Author Antroicz ( ago)
Im a first generation American child in a Nigerian family. The black kids at my school are always making fun of me for being African. Next thing you know they're wearing Dashikis..

Author neoarcadezr ( ago)
out of 10-12 million slaves only 388,000 were shipped directly to USA...

Author John M ( ago)
skip from 1.21 to 1.41...

Author Dakota Bae ( ago)
I started to cry man; I want to know who I am so badly. I was going to start looking in on these types of tests some time later, but Ima do the research now. I already know that you have to pay for it and it's gonna be expensive, which makes no sense because you want to learn the places they forced you to forget.

Author Ommon tuka ( ago)

Author Chancho ( ago)
"Do you see me any differently?" What? Wtf kinda question is that? This video made me facepalm so much.

Author D B ( ago)
All of you are going to be about 15 percent European if your a Ataka.

Author RMoribayashi ( ago)
Somebody correct me if i'm wrong but genetic tests can only trace down your mom's and dad's line. In other words your mom', mom's mom's etc and youe dad's, dad's, dad's, dad. the ones in the middle that makeup thr majoriy don't show uo.

Author Young Ize Beats ( ago)
Im going to hock a huge loogie when I do the test kit

Author Grateful Majesty ( ago)
The fact that y'all are complaining about the price is ridiculous. If u really want to know just do it it's cheap af.

Author Quiet Storm ( ago)
I honestly believe this whole "d.n.a." shit is just a set up. So they know in which FEMA camp to put us in. Or they are looking for specific d.n.a. like Rhf Annunaki bloodlines. Be careful people. All this shit isn't always there to "help" us.

Author Kolby Brooke ( ago)
No one is 100% anything. You can be mostly something but everyone has almost a little bit of everything

Author Kirria Kae ( ago)
**12.5 million Africans were transported from Africa to the Americas

Author Silence TheDoGooder ( ago)
White "history" is about the people from our past that were smarter than monkeys..
White "history" isn't about where the term Caucasian actually comes from and how we got here also!

Author Gabi DV ( ago)
I'm Africa I live in Africa and every single one said Saharan wrong😔😧

Author Wealthy Thomas ( ago)
It's false you must know the tribal lineage not the countries, so it is false. Find out where you were 2000 years ago not 1500 years cause that is the big secret.

Author Victor José Luis Valencia Ambriz ( ago)
People don't understand DNA test or DNA itself after all this years. SMH 😳

Author John Wick ( ago)
Girl was hot asf lol the one who a lot of Taino ancestry!!

Author Cameilla Herry ( ago)

Author Banana Gazpacho ( ago)
I feel so sad for my fellow blacks because I know exactly where I'm from: Cameroon. My parents are immigrants and I'm the first in my family to be born in America. I wish everyone knew exactly where they were from, like me. We could all feel so connected.

Author Magic Mike ( ago)
niiBBas go back to africa

Author Bork The Swedish Chef ( ago)
the only ''greatness'' they came from was their europeean %

Author Sagrotan ( ago)
"news" ....

Author Richard ( ago)
Thank goodness I'm descend directly from the motherland (Nigeria). Yoruba and igbo is as far as my mixing goes. I truly feel sorry for African Americans

Author LT. CHIPS ( ago)
One word to discribe these people

Read More

Author Nevangamingthe Boss ( ago)
Quality news 👌👌👌👌👌

Author June Renolt ( ago)
I love watching DNA results.

Once we all take these tests and find out we are 70% African and 30% European, will we all be considered "mixed"? Or will this term only be reserved for "mixed-looking" people?

I will always identify as a black woman. Yet, i think these tests are great because it can be a powerful tool to dismantle ignorance and racism.

Author Jaay Barrera ( ago)
im afro-cuban, mayan, and my mom is a very light skinned mexican so when i tell people im afro-cuban, they automatically assume i'm lying since i'm not dark and i have green eyes. im curious to know what my mom is since she only thinks her great grandparents are from spain and nothing from her moms side

Author Dennis Rodman ( ago)
dna tests are a scam! black people are indigenous to the americas

Author Samuel Ramirez ( ago)
So the test doesn't specify where in Africa you're descended from? just broad categorizations like 'Sub-Saharan African', 'West African', no specific nation or tribe?

Author Rachel Hudson ( ago)
I wonder about the first slaves sent to the West indies. They were from Britain and Ireland and were treated even more cruelly (if that is possible than their African counterparts.

Author Brittney Johnson ( ago)
I did this test with Ancestry DNA. My results: 78% African (majority Benin/Togo at 22%), 18% European (6% Irish!), 2% Native American, & 2% West Asian.

I feel like I should do another one just to see if there are any similarities/differences haha

Author keven grubb ( ago)
i think the test is cool but this tells you nothing about your ancestors and basically tells you were all ineracially mixed and the past is the past lets focus on the future the past isnt going to make the future great or change anything

Author Mystical Pink ( ago)
Ppl who dislike this vid r u racist?

Author AlmightyMagikarp ( ago)
Thomas Jefferson?

Author Strangephan ( ago)
A fellow West Indian <3

Author thehoneyeffect ( ago)
They left out which tribes/countries they were from in West Africa when talking about their black side!?

Author Tobben Jees ( ago)
yeah ok we just wanted to see the dna tests not history

Author Tobben Jees ( ago)
yeah ok we just wanted to see the dna tests not history

Author It's Irby ( ago)
The average African American is about 29% European.

Author Bill Gates ( ago)
Why should people show pride just for being black? Its not your heritage that matters it's what you do, that's like being gifted in something without working, it shouldn't be rewarded

Author Jake Ztar ( ago)
The majority of so called Afircan Americans are actually aboriginal Americas and the bordering islands

Author Chelsee Saunders ( ago)

Author pop nick ( ago)
Wtf is this

Author M Hosaka ( ago)
That one girl was acting so disgusted to find out she was European, however it said Iberian and the moors (Africa) invaded that area.

Author TY THE AMAZING ( ago)
I'm Brazilian but in this test I'm half African and... ASIAN????.

Author Isadora Williams ( ago)
his dad is so cute!

Author Moon princess Love ( ago)
I got 65% black and 33% European

Author Leani Breedt ( ago)
2:35 , yeah it's okay for her to say it's cool to be super black, but if a white person said it was cool to be white then everyone would be triggered.

Author buddy bullock ( ago)
race shouldnt be important for anyone. the content of our character should be important

Author bob boo ( ago)
Can u do a south Asians get their dna tested

Author KC 2016 ( ago)
Buzzfeed this could have been a good video but you fucked as usual with your preachy crap! It's 2017! Also by the way 3:50? Clearly East African culture!

Author alajsj T ( ago)
no matter what you still aint gonna find him

Author Head Ass ( ago)
Dna Lady That Work There Can Extract This Dna From My Dick 😍👅💦

Author Sam Mari ( ago)
0:16 "100% African"
I really hope that was a joke

Author Venessa Lopez ( ago)
Shout out to meh Trinis!!!

Author Rusty 2017 ( ago)
Buzzfeed news is a joke

Author AnAbortiveRomance ( ago)
They should have told them they were 60 percent European just to see their reactions.

Author TheBerkeleyBeauty ( ago)
I want to take one of these tests, but I'm afraid I may not be as black as I think I am. LoL.

Author Heinz57Human ( ago)
When will people ever learn the difference between mixed and black?

Author miller lena ( ago)
How racist is this tittle

Author Alyssa Phillip ( ago)
Trinidad 💖💖💖

Author Meron Abel ( ago)
if you believe on this is shit you guys are fucking retared, white people are liers evils they only said Africa is the only land black people came from? hell no, north America, Australia and all Caribbean land belongs to black people, native Australian are black not white

Author TEdwardsBowtie ( ago)
A few of these people are pretty dang anti-white... Come on, BuzzFeed. Stop being racist if you're gonna try and call out others' racism.

Author NY Boricua ( ago)
My DNA results were

47% Sub Saharan African
41% European
9% Native American
2% North African
0.2% East Asian

And the rest was unassigned

Author Мистер Лија ( ago)
Ancestory? Slaves.

Author gjaddajg ( ago)
Why are blacks so obsessed with race?

Author PedroTawaTV ( ago)
The mother on 2:56 lfmao it's a DNA test

Author Scarlet Torres ( ago)
lmfao white people fucked us up bad. not just black people but everyone around the world. its okay we will take them down. its about time us POC to take the crown

Author Tia S ( ago)
OMGGGG Shoutout to the West Indian Sis and Afro Latina sis because that is me allllll the wayyyyy too

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