yo,un tigre y un leon

Dedicado a todos los amantes de los animales

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Author grits (3 months)
I like the but it gets annoying while watching the video

Author PaulBunkey (2 months)
Now I must to hug my cat. I have no choice.

Author Manuella Danican (12 days)
#tiger #beauty #beautiful #cat #moment #pretty #lion #lol
#movie #happyness #gooooooood #man #animals #love #like 

Author Michael Melling (3 months)
He's a good man, in tradition with the family plan.

Author Apidium (3 months)
He's going to be cat food one day. If they decide to turn on him, he's
screwed. He won't be able to stop them.

Author ameyalli Escamilla (21 day)
q bonito <3

Author Pablo Mendoza Rodriguez (19 days)
Hermosisimoòooooooooooooo lloramos mi prima y yo

Author Matias Parra (5 months)

Author Bryan Deniz (1 month)
Wow increible

Author Albert Ballart (2 months)

Author kittinan rukkapan (3 months)
this song name?

Author playingfor4 (1 month)
Is it kevin r. ?

Author Louis Vu (4 months)
what is the name of this song?

Author Luis Jaime Diaz (4 months)
gayest video ever

Author Enzo Ferrara (4 months)
Bel video!

Author Tiago Faroni (4 months)

Author 30yank (5 months)
Beatiful :(

Author Dámaris lopez carmona (3 months)
me encanta! 

Author Pamela Polo Poma (4 months)

Author Tynna Castillo (2 months)
Beautiful :))

Author nico bustos (2 months)
q enviidia *o*

Author Carlos Pulgar (4 months)

Author Will Beygood (5 months)
so cute....

Author 和男田中 (5 months)
Very very wounderful scene!
If hostile nation play like these lion and tiger, The world will become

Author JonaPollo (1 month)
the song is darude-sandstorm

Author Johan Vargas Sánchez (2 years)

Author Wilhelm Sprawe (1 year)
something called love

Author Maurizio Priolo (1 year)
Dedicato agli amanti dei GATTINI, GATTI E GATTONI :-) :-) :-)

Author Regina Solnceva (1 year)
Lion Man ))))

Author Maurício Simões (2 years)

Author Azul Villar (2 years)
+Julieta Olivari un Clemente y un Timoteo!

Author Fernando Reyes (2 years)
so beautiful

Author فهد وماقدي آحد (1 year)
فاقدين حنان هههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه

>>ترا في اغنيه قصروها الله يجزاكم خير

Author Jennifer Leger (8 months)
I want his job

Author jorge paniagua (1 year)

Author Gustavo Castro (2 years)

Author Pedro Henrique Sousa (1 year)

Author Gaston Molinari (2 years)
¡Me morí!

Author Jorge Espinosa (2 years)
Hermoso video 

Author jessika taron peña (2 years)

Author Martin Holan (1 year)
Mazlíčci :o))

Author Vistas Sokol (1 year)
Это лучше!

Author Azhar Khan (1 year)
Amazing Must Be Watch

Author oir djawathimurt (11 months)

Author omkar dhawale (1 year)
be a friend..........

Author Sara Aldon (1 year)
increible ¡¡¡

Author Eldred Valley (2 years)

Author Ben Zenny (1 year)
moáaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :(((((((

Author sosbigote (5 months)
La verdad, la idea de tener a los animales encerrados en jaulas para ser
mascotas no, no me parece una buena idea, de hecho me parece una de las
peores ideas posibles. No se puede comparar un tigre con un perro, un perro
necesita de los humanos para sobrevivir, el tigre no, de hecho vive mucho
mejor en la naturaleza, pero a la gente que esta bien sacar un animal de su
habitat natural y hacerlos mascotas. Todos ustedes me dan asco

Author twido (6 months)

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