Lindsey Stirling - Love's Just A Feeling feat. Rooty

Love's Just A Feeling feat Rooty from Lindsey's album Brave Enough:

Song Produced by Zedd
Video Directed by Lindsey Stirling

Post Apocalyptic guy- Luke Valen

50's husband- Brett Keating

Photographer- Travis Leonard

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Album also available for purchase here:

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Uploaded by: Lindsey Stirling

Views: 3583214
Added: 2 months ago
Runtime: 4:0
Comments: 4732

Tags for this video:zedd  love's just a feeling  love is a feeling  brave enough  lindsey  lindsay  stirling  sterling  violin  rooty  rudy  love  feeling  ljaf  

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William TorolaWilliam Torola (23 minutes ago)
According to the Bible, love is more than a feeling. (if you're into that kind of thing

Romeo ArroyoRomeo Arroyo (6 hours ago)
love it!! 😍😍

It's High NootIt's High Noot (14 hours ago)
Lindsey is such a nice actor.

Hope VangHope Vang (14 hours ago)
more advanced videos we love u Lindsey but I lobe UR old vids more like round table or crystalize

Nitish AnandNitish Anand (15 hours ago)
makes me cry everytim

Me MyselfMe Myself (16 hours ago)
rooty's voice is like christina aguilera 😘

Isaiah HarrisonIsaiah Harrison (17 hours ago)
Why the fudge am I crying right now?

Gracie BaileyGracie Bailey (1 day ago)
Why is youtube only counting my views

batts1153batts1153 (1 day ago)
I love this so much- I could write a novel on it, I swear

Victoria ZamoraVictoria Zamora (1 day ago)
I wish I could hug linstey :(

Katy ThomasKaty Thomas (2 days ago)
The flash backs of the 50s are so so cute. I can't handle it

McKayla DayMcKayla Day (2 days ago)
People liked this song so much they turned their screen upside down and liked it!!!

Elle WyllysElle Wyllys (2 days ago)
This is literally the cutest music video I've ever seen!!

LorespadeLorespade (2 days ago)
Not Going to lie. the talent is just awesome. so glad she never gave up.

Anthony GoodleyAnthony Goodley (2 days ago)
Even though shortly after most music is released I get free access via Google Play I still always purchase all of Lindsey Stirling's music. I truly love her music and wish to more directly support her and also I will always have access. I'd love for her to have a concert here but this town is probably way to small at 20k to be on her radar. I know from me playing her music in my taxi that I have introduced many to her music that also love it. Many times customers have asked me "Who is this playing?".

Amyyy 5321Amyyy 5321 (2 days ago)
I showed this video to my mum and it made her cry because she thought it was so beautiful and then I started to cry because of her 😂❤️

Julian TseJulian Tse (2 days ago)
What I love about this song is the Electric Violin!! <3 <3

Ami SuhzuAmi Suhzu (2 days ago)
okay but where do i get the dresses

LRMLRM (2 days ago)
c'est magnifique 😍😍

Beatriz BeloBeatriz Belo (2 days ago)

patrick leonardo coronado canalespatrick leonardo coronado canales (2 days ago)

Cathy GCathy G (2 days ago)
I love this, Lindsey I love you! keep it up, can't wait to one day meet you! Please come to Chicago!

Максим ГордеевМаксим Гордеев (3 days ago)
Respect Compozitione!! BRAVA!!!Sory, For my englsh

Emma LinEmma Lin (3 days ago)
That guy looks like Ryan Reynolds! Right?!

Tom The BearTom The Bear (4 days ago)
This girl is insanely talented.

Veronica AndersonVeronica Anderson (4 days ago)
*video ends*
*hits "replay"*
*pattern continues into eternity*

Geo and ZigsGeo and Zigs (4 days ago)
i love this song!!!

ShieenonShieenon (4 days ago)
The song is awesome, clip is awesome, but there's something else hiding here...

"You didn't like this guy? Get into the freezing car, wait a hundred more years, maybe at least there will be lucky." :D

CecilxIndyCecilxIndy (4 days ago)
Fallout the musical?

Roland Reed VFXRoland Reed VFX (4 days ago)
Love the video, love the song, Love you Lindsey!!

merary castromerary castro (5 days ago)
This makes me feel some type of way <3

TheCelloQueenTheCelloQueen (5 days ago)
I wish i was successful as you!!!

Claudia DistefanoClaudia Distefano (5 days ago)
who got a fallout feel from this music video? only me? okay.

Charlotte WalkerCharlotte Walker (5 days ago)
These guys are hot. Anyone else?

oh my gosh, I love Lindsey, shes so awesome

Liam TangLiam Tang (6 days ago)

tieler graytieler gray (6 days ago)
best since shatter me

aleyna Ecealeyna Ece (6 days ago)
ask sadece bir duygu😙❤👌

Jenzi R.Jenzi R. (7 days ago)
wow, she looks so beautiful in her wonderful blue dress! ahw! <3

Jules AnnaRoseJules AnnaRose (7 days ago)
okay 50s husband and post-apocalypse dude are both my dream guys.

Klaudia NowakKlaudia Nowak (7 days ago)
They are amazing :)

Mackenzie CoxMackenzie Cox (7 days ago)
This is straight out of Fallout.

TheFighterfemmeTheFighterfemme (8 days ago)
Is that all the same guy or are they different ones?

Sara de la Caridad Cholvi KindelanSara de la Caridad Cholvi Kindelan (8 days ago)
is it just me but does anyone think that there are 3 different guys?

Reece FisReece Fis (9 days ago)

Willow HanWillow Han (9 days ago)
I don't know how you guys see this video, but this is how I interpret it:
A woman falls deeply in love, but one day her partner burns her (in this case, dies). She is so heartbroken, that her belief in true love completely fades, and she goes into a cocoon of detachment. Then, when she thinks she's got all her emotions under control, she emerges and continues with her life. But, without even realizing it, she begins to fall in love again, and when he gave her the rose, she had flashbacks of her past lover. Now she's faced with a choice: love again, or protect herself from pain. She remembers all the happiness of love, but the pain of love is still fresh in her memory too. So she decides to run. She decides that feeling nothing is better than feeling pain, and goes back to her cocoon. Now, she's emerged a second time, only to realize there is nothing. Her detachment, while saving her from pain, has also eliminated all chances of happiness in her life. She begins to believe this is how her life will be from now on; completely alone. Until a boy with a rose (and a couple of robots) appears, and, this time, she chooses love.
God, Lindsey must be psychic or something, because every time I'm feeling down, I find one of her songs that helps mend the problem. I've been burned by love before, and I also went completely detached. I lost friends, and passed opportunities. I'm glad that I figured out that while life is long and painful, it is also worth it.

Tyler FrankTyler Frank (9 days ago)
I wanna see another Lindsey and zedd collaboration, my favorite musician and my favorite music producer/dj, this was perfect

Tacos With Pig FacesTacos With Pig Faces (9 days ago)

Rose LcaireRose Lcaire (9 days ago)
Total tear jerker for me

Rose LcaireRose Lcaire (9 days ago)
I am rlly sensitive tho.... lol

PlusheeenPlusheeen (9 days ago)
3:18 The bow isn't on the violin and idk it just seems so funny X'D

Anna FaroAnna Faro (10 days ago)
acoustic version pleaseee <3 omg it'd be awsome

Евгений ХальзовЕвгений Хальзов (10 days ago)

MyLifeMyLife (10 days ago)
I love it but I don't understand!?😂😭❤️

Res JudicataRes Judicata (10 days ago)
Lindsey's creative team is amazing to produce such amazing music and videos!

Fatimah Anum MuhammadFatimah Anum Muhammad (10 days ago)
so i assume...this girl is immortal or something and she time travel to ease her heart but only to find that she fell in love with same person over and over again

????? le ????????? le ???? (10 days ago)
what happend in that video? SOMEONE EXPLAIN ME PLZZZZZZZZZ

paulohaopaulohao (10 days ago)

Mariana SaumaniMariana Saumani (10 days ago)
Who would dislike this?? its the best love story!! the boy waited for her 😍😍😍

ultimataultimata (10 days ago)
first: i have to get used to lindseys singing voice, second: oh thats not lindsey singing =D

Kaelyn BrewerKaelyn Brewer (10 days ago)
man she's amazing I wish I could be her

Renah HeardRenah Heard (11 days ago)
Cute awww

kayisfishkayisfish (11 days ago)
love love love love love love

Артём ЛеппАртём Лепп (11 days ago)
I like music!

Wilbert NelsonWilbert Nelson (11 days ago)
Love your hair!!

Phux PhucPhux Phuc (11 days ago)
This beat by Zedd.Ok 👌👌

Estefani FaríasEstefani Farías (11 days ago)

James GnatJames Gnat (11 days ago)
I am a big fan I am a good singer and dancer please ask me to do one with you at 619-599-3417

PaperflowerPaperflower (12 days ago)

Bono FabianBono Fabian (12 days ago)
The video and the music makes me depressed everytime

CosplayerMajorKCosplayerMajorK (12 days ago)
That ending striked me OML

Isaiah HarrisonIsaiah Harrison (12 days ago)
Why won't this just play on the radio already?

Terminal DocTerminal Doc (12 days ago)
Is that Jake Roper!? Hahah

Sam UgoSam Ugo (13 days ago)
I think this song really shows how we fall in love with different people at different times. Each one of them had a very special place in our hearts, and when they're gone, it feels like you've lost a limb and you're never quite the same as you were again, because each of them took part of you're heart and you will never ever get it back. It's the risk we take, and even when it hurts so horribly we think we'll never get through it, never be able to LIVE again, that we forget it takes pain and trial to grow and become stronger. Sometimes the only way to get stronger is to fall first. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Lindsey; I never understood this song before, but now I do and it reaches me like almost no other. Thank you for helping carry me through the most difficult time of my life.

purpledawpurpledaw (13 days ago)
Lindsey you never stop amazing me and making my heart soar with happyness

Nonorania s.Nonorania s. (13 days ago)
Why does she remind me of '90s Lisa Kudrow?

Ethan AndersonEthan Anderson (14 days ago)
anyone who can play violin that well is alright in my book

Polaquito GutiérrezPolaquito Gutiérrez (14 days ago)
Un Stirlingite que hable español???

Blood PrinceBlood Prince (15 days ago)
Great Sound !

Einar SilvanskyEinar Silvansky (15 days ago)
could be really cool if there would be just two guys, not three, the second one could travel with her to future in similar machine, and find her...imho....

Jade SalibaJade Saliba (15 days ago)
Lindsey, please do a concert in Malta (thats an island in Europe) someday. Please

Gwen MorganGwen Morgan (15 days ago)
High heels on rocky cliff terrain, to anyone who actually does that, you are either brave and determined or just a complete idiot.
Congratulations!Now your likeliness for a physical injury got risen by 97% :D

Eddy EmigEddy Emig (16 days ago)
is it just me or did anyone see the part when she comes out of the ground and you look very closely two metal stop anime figures that look like to figures from the Disney movie Robots

Anthony ButeraAnthony Butera (16 days ago)
done. crazy person shevwasthe best nuts now

Zanna KaouaiZanna Kaouai (16 days ago)
This reminds me of Fallout

Zea InfZea Inf (17 days ago)
could you make the instrument vers? 😊

Tinki ZuluTinki Zulu (17 days ago)

Angel SkyAngel Sky (17 days ago)

bilgesu altunbilgesu altun (18 days ago)

leann schintzleann schintz (18 days ago)
Lindsey Stirling you are amazing,  when I hear you play I feel like I'm in a different world. if you music is a dream don't wake me up. lol ;-)

Celeste Manjarrez bustosCeleste Manjarrez bustos (18 days ago)
que cancion tan hermosa 😍😍

jean limazcajean limazca (19 days ago)
no play video ???

Angelina BAngelina B (20 days ago)
She did such a good job with the acting. She mentioned how awkward it was for her and the first guy but they did a fantastic job. When I first saw this I couldn't but smile at how cute their relationship was. ^^ Awesome job Lindsey!!!!

Bence DJBence DJ (20 days ago)
JUST 3mill views???!!!

Ashleigh KnollAshleigh Knoll (20 days ago)
The beautiful thing about Lindsey is that she is so open and honest. She knows she's not perfect and admits she isn't the best violinist (I personally think she's awesome) she still continues to take life in her stride and touch people's lives. She's one of the greatest role models out there.

Lynna BuiLynna Bui (20 days ago)
first time I listen to it.... never stop hearing it since so catchy and the music video is so cool to watch so many possibilities in life, but you can only pick one.

Jazlynne PierceJazlynne Pierce (20 days ago)
Very Fallout 4-ish

Elga VElga V (21 day ago)
why the video insnt available?

Nisah AinNisah Ain (21 day ago)
Why is this not available?

rozana anatasharozana anatasha (21 day ago)
what an amazing symphony they bought together...
for real..!!!
i luv it so much!!
Lindsey Stirling..your tha' best!!!!!

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