AZARBAYJAN -dagestan wedding

AZARBAYJAN -dagestan wedding

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Author Berkay Kurt (1 month)
you sir, are very crazy!

Author Ali Magerramov (7 months)
This is not azerbaijani wedding.This is dagestan wedding.Lazgi

Author Rianna Marku (4 months)
This shit is hilarious

Author Danar Saeed (4 months)
When alcohol control humans

Author Danar Saeed (4 months)
When alcohol control humans

Author lampacafe (4 months)
why crow whyyyyy?????

Author Andrey Popov (5 months)
yea dagestanis are very wild!

Author ermaracucho101 (5 months)
ajajajajjajajjajajjajaj so BEST this family

Author Luka Jačov (3 years)
prove that colonialism had sense

Author Kemal Gürer Koloğlu (2 years)
ShoeShot at 2:05!

Author 681Ural (3 years)
Awesome! /Bulgar

Author molezay (3 years)
hahaha,That 's why muslim should not drink alcohol:) lol

Author SuperCmiks (9 months)
this guy in blue shirt is called cmika... from eastern baku. EASTERN BOYS

Author armpolo1 (3 years)
i ani ni edyat svininu?????????

Author beton osman (2 years)
why he kill the old man??

Author ubershredder1989 (9 months)
is this staged?

Author procold89 (3 years)
Srbija je zapadna Evropa za ove ovde...

Author fisheyetaken (10 months)
you will never PARTY HARD like this in your entire life. better accept that.

Author wargirl333 (3 years)

Author Parvin Mizansen (1 year)
sizin aklinzi sikeyim

Author OlCalif (2 years)
@manfredi002 You do realize it's all a stage act? lol But yes, i agree.

Author Yusuf Kürşat Tuncel (2 years)
this is dagestani wedding with azeri music.

Author ruslan c (2 years)
baku baku jannnnnnnnn bakuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu lol lol lol i would loved to
see this wedding it we the talk of town for years lol and they drink cuz
russian vodka is cheep there sallllllllllllll

Author ProvisionalLife (2 years)
Quick! To the gas chambers!

Author Mostafa Oraei (3 years)
I wish I could say it was funny. But it was sad and pathetic.

Author thejuggernautbitch7 (3 years)

Author telorinodelhoyoo (3 years)
too much vodka

Author Araz Mustafa (1 year)
intresting why prophet?? it should do God??

Author smednc (3 years)
Azeries are low-grade people.

Author Kelmend Regjepi (2 years)
Those are animals .

Author ORHANSARPER (2 years)
this is terrible for human race,i am turkic and dagestani are turkish
brothers but this is animals i need to ask is this music lezginka

Author olegkaVIP (3 years)
пиздец полный,как в свинарнике.

Author Sergey Darbinyan (3 years)
Dirty filty azeris. Thyey should be considered as animals not humans

Author TEHRANiiiiii (4 years)
@templarx122 i dont know maybe!!!!

Author Napoleon Bonaparte (1 year)
The name of Ayla bosh bulduzur hahahahahahaha very funnny

Author Hrant Danielyan (3 years)

Author lasha raminishvili (3 years)
deda movtyan tkveni !!!!

Author emrah çelenk (3 years)
i want my wedding to be smthng like that :D

Author rak000 (3 years)
@hayastan1986 This is a Dagestani Wedding not Azeri

Author migueleishon !! (10 months)
then they throw the body jajajaja

Author hayastan1986 (3 years)
dirty fuckin azers, u guys belong in barns let alone in fuckin society, and
what the gift of the wedding ? every male fucks the bride ?

Author Jano Miskovic (2 years)

Author Zibatarinmoosighi1 (4 years)

Author MrFelixsys (1 year)
Hi, I'm Johnny Knoxville, welcome to Jackass!!!

Author Nokapp23 (1 year)
Two brothers from Dagestan: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Tamerlan Tsarnaev,

Author ScKeaneJR (2 years)

Author IDRadam (3 years)
haters gonna hate

Author sale22 (3 years)
what is the point? >( completely wierd...

Author Borat Erali Nazarbayev (2 years)
Dagestan is in southern Russia so probably loads of vodka !!! gotta love it
! i

Author 8888sergo (3 years)
the azerbayjanes made a new type of sport:D

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