AZARBAYJAN -dagestan wedding

AZARBAYJAN -dagestan wedding

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Author MrFredSed ( ago)
I got the low-down on this wedding from someone who was there. It's a
friend of a friend or a relative.

The dancing males are from the husbands family, her family sit against the
far wall. The father of the bride is out back locked in a car by his
brothers as he went to fetch his gun.

The brides mother was in hysterics and was last seen running down the
street chased by one of the grooms uncles with a vodka bottle and two
glasses, he was trying to placate her.

The bride was so shocked she didn't utter a word after 7pm. She swears she
didn't have any idea his side harboured such primordial behavoir traits and
wishes she'd known earlier.

This was the quiet period, the party really got going that night when the
lights fused and the room was lit by candles, there was a big argument and
fight after 11pm over who had set the curtains alight with the manager
calling the police who had to call in reinforcements. The groom was lucky
in that he spent the night in jail with his three brothers and 2 uncles
while several more of the dancers in this video spent time in hospital.

The old man who was dropped on his back @ 03:28 was also hospitalised.

Author CryMyName100 ( ago)
laf eden orospu evlatları kıskandınız mı lan? adamlar mis gibi eğleniyor
işte size ne amınakoduklarım?? ha düğün bu değil bu bildiğin barbarlık
orası ayrı ama barbarlığın eğlenceli olmadığını kimse söyleyemez. küfür
etmeyin piçler

Author Səddam Natiqoğlu ( ago)
Ay bala burda bir nəfər də olsun Azərbaycanlı yoxdu hamısı dagıstanlıdı, bu
erməni yalan olub fars gerçək olubeeee

Author TheIzroda ( ago)
Name of song pls

Author Nikeee ( ago)
Это мои ботинки hahahahahhahaahahah

Author Հզոր Հայաստան ( ago)
This is hilarious and ridiculous. This type of weddings are particularly
for donkeys; you all deserve this.

Author ruslan mikail ( ago)
hahahaaa its really funny. :D
and yes its Dagestan .ceep calm and just relax

Author MiloshM90Bg ( ago)
Does anyone knows which song is this, soundhound says its '' Qonşu qızı
mahnısın '' but cant find artist ?

Author Giorgio Kartvelian ( ago)
its great i wanna such wedding in Italy!

Author dato kaishauri ( ago)
nevaspitani svinii. stidna, mi v gruziu kushaem sviniu. haha rana
radavatsa. u nas svai, xarasho vaspitani svinii. <3

Author pinar karabiyik ( ago)

this is Armenian wedding

Author SuperCmiks ( ago)
this guy in blue shirt is called cmika... from eastern baku. EASTERN BOYS

Author Ebuhamid Savafi ( ago)
This isn't an Azerbaijani wedding you motherfucker !!! This is a Dagestani

Author ubershredder1989 ( ago)
is this staged?

Author fisheyetaken ( ago)
you will never PARTY HARD like this in your entire life. better accept that.

Author migueleishon !! ( ago)
then they throw the body jajajaja

Author Enes063 ( ago)
What a madness. :))) What is the name of the song?

Author Parvin Mizansen ( ago)
sizin aklinzi sikeyim

Author PaLiMeKareExasa ( ago)
Animals make better weddings..

Author Virtual .GameR ( ago)

Author Doug Mackenzie ( ago)
fuck they dummy that old guy at 3:20

Author Kyberbolshevikki ( ago)
You do know it's a fake, right? lol

Author Zaur Zamanov ( ago)
ha ha ha ha zooooooooooooooooordu eeeeeeeeeeeee

Author Perviz Abuzerli ( ago)
eto Dagestanskiy svadba a ne Azerbayjanskiy

Author kimnotyze1983 ( ago)
he deserved

Author nuran hesenov ( ago)
bunlarin hamisi kantuziyalidi

Author BazarovBarut ( ago)
mavi gömlekli abi hiç içmiyor yalnız :D

Author Azrael Bound ( ago)

Author Nokapp23 ( ago)
Two brothers from Dagestan: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Tamerlan Tsarnaev,

Author Abishka Arsanov ( ago)
Азикам по ходу делать не хуй сидят про дагестанские свадьбы

Author abezadehbrat ( ago)

Author ulas ozen ( ago)

Author lordslavi ( ago)
Yeah, and marijuana is bad :D

Author Dock Vernct ( ago)
This is what i call party!

Author Napoleon Bonaparte ( ago)
The name of Ayla bosh bulduzur hahahahahahaha very funnny

Author melik enes sagır ( ago)
Ne içmiş bunlar amk

Author Don Tomac ( ago)

Author Deyan70 ( ago)
Pleaseeeeee SONG NAMEEEE !!!!

Author IL PRINCIPE ( ago)
hahhahahahahahahahha the best wedding ever :D :D :D

Author Achujienas ( ago)

Author Araz Mustafa ( ago)
intresting why prophet?? it should do God??

Author ScKeaneJR ( ago)

Author sekerim92 ( ago)
hay amk noluyo lan millet iyice siyirmis hale bak.

Author Jano Miskovic ( ago)

Author Kelmend Rexhepi ( ago)
Those are animals .

Author Angel Bolanos ( ago)
3:20 The old man died and was thrown out the window

Author tickledzombie ( ago)
yeaaa ure right but u wrote wrong ure such a cutie animal ^^

Author smokcho ( ago)
look at those cute animals :))))

Author Zareh Vartivarian ( ago)
no wonder we beat the crap out of the Azerbaijani army and liberated

Author TheAnibas1983 ( ago)

Author besiktaserant ( ago)
açmayın dedeler!!!

Author NINKAMC ( ago)
Hahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaha je li moguće ovo? I poslije srpske
svadbe nenormalne hahahahahaha

Author ruslan c ( ago)
baku baku jannnnnnnnn bakuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu lol lol lol i would loved to
see this wedding it we the talk of town for years lol and they drink cuz
russian vodka is cheep there sallllllllllllll

Author Kyberbolshevikki ( ago)
@manfredi002 You do realize it's all a stage act? lol But yes, i agree.

Author G Lee ( ago)
this is not a's just break time at the Dell call center

Author JasonJr ( ago)

Author LoopMasterBulu ( ago)

Author roshan mann ( ago)
crazy lol

Author kacakmazot1 ( ago)
tımarhane açılışımı lan bu

Author Borat Erali Nazarbayev ( ago)
Dagestan is in southern Russia so probably loads of vodka !!! gotta love it
! i

Author ProvisionalLife ( ago)
Quick! To the gas chambers!

Author beton osman ( ago)
why he kill the old man??

Author Kemal Gürer Koloğlu ( ago)
ShoeShot at 2:05!

Author Lazar Sreckovic ( ago)
Nice table moonwalk!XD

Author Lazar Sreckovic (141 year ago)
@Andyshor19bv acid,speed and DMT more likely ;D

Author emrah çelenk ( ago)
i want my wedding to be smthng like that :D

Author Gio ( ago)
this people needs one little nuclear bomb:)

Author Traindenuit ( ago)
i liiikeeee it much :)

Author 8888sergo ( ago)
the azerbayjanes made a new type of sport:D

Author MsSofi555 ( ago)
this must have been their first time having a party.

Author kurasan16 ( ago)
What's the song? Can you tell me?

Author KoolRak ( ago)
@hayastan1986 This is a Dagestani Wedding not Azeri

Author Nadiya Tonkin ( ago)
@armpolo1 net

Author alexcubata ( ago)
Sick video...

Author vdimitris1 ( ago)
the wedding of my dreams :D:D:D:D

Author olegkaVIP ( ago)
пиздец полный,как в свинарнике.

Author Jeyhun Mammadli ( ago)
et Tehranec voobshe svoi svadbi videl??

Author armpolo1 ( ago)
i ani ni edyat svininu?????????

Author Moody Bloom ( ago)
whoa. thats so funny and sad at the same time!

Author chiskiaooo ( ago)
too much vodka

Author vipbeograd ( ago)
is this a custom or what? :)

Author Dibel Debil ( ago)
thumbs up for 2:29 and the fountain spit (:

Author Mostafa Oraei ( ago)
I wish I could say it was funny. But it was sad and pathetic.

Author Mostafa Oraei ( ago)
I wish I could say it was funny. But it was sad and pathetic.

Author Rubenisart ( ago)
Puik feest

Author keropekerope ( ago)
I think killing old men at weddings is sort of a tradition in that region.

Author rehezin ( ago)
16 people had the biggest hangover in human history

Author Smileface ( ago)
хаххахахахахаахаххаха LIKE some bulgarian weddings

Author conzpiracy ( ago)
Fuck yeah!! This is how I'd want it to be :D

Author Hrant Danielyan ( ago)

Author Yağız Berk Okan ( ago)
I am 13 and what is this?

Author lasha raminishvili ( ago)
deda movtyan tkveni !!!!

Author 681Ural ( ago)
Awesome! /Bulgar

Author Vanush Sirekanyan ( ago)
All middle easterns, Armenians, Dagestanis, Azeris and etc.. know how to

Author MrMarkitos ( ago)
i wonder how many men had a real bad hangover the next day

Author Luka Jačov ( ago)
prove that colonialism had sense

Author amooballer ( ago)
anyone know the song?

Author KoonKon ( ago)
@TEHRANiiiiii Why is the damad drinking from a shoe ? 2:58

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