How To Make Traditional Greek Salad

Today I show you how to make a traditional greek salad. This authentic greek salad recipe tastes and looks identical to ones available in Greece. It doesn't take long to make & you don't have to be a masterchef to make it. Simply follow the step by step instructions in this video to produce a delicious, healthy greek salad that will go down a treat. απολαμβάνω!

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Author HowToBasic ( ago)
Don't keep this delicious recipe to yourself! SHARE IT:

Author Meganhughes ( ago)
before he put the hair in it looked nice

Author JOHNNYKdotTV ( ago)
This guy is fried!!

Author Angelo Libertino ( ago)
Comment types:
30% what a waste of food kids in africa could have eaten this greek spirit.
20% Hey Waiter there's a hair in my salad
40% Lol i am acutally greek look at me how cool i am and this is how we do traditional greek salad lol i laughed at the beginning cuz the text said "i shove eggs up ma ass" lol
5% lol there actually people who want to seriously learn how to make greek salad lol
5% jokes about eggs/hair/greek cum spirity who steal your greek salad

Author ParkxwAndParkt Gaming ParkxwAndParkt Gaming ( ago)
I have a question...

Read more

Author Aimee Marsh ( ago)
Top 10 anime fight scenes

Author spyridoula mmm ( ago)
Βάζω αυγά στον κώλο μου 😂😂😂

Author - - / ( ago)
When you're Greek

Author Alterate Awful ( ago)
the only guy who can be more retarded that pink guy

Author Stark mmo ( ago)
this dude is so random xD hahahahaha

Author Preshant Desadien ( ago)
holy fuck.

Author Seidin Suljic ( ago)
Maybe HowToBasics is red dick?

Author IShadowGamer 12 ( ago)
How much does it take to clean that mess? 5 hours?

Author Zikki Foxx ( ago)
i put eggs in my ass

Author Daewan Chu ( ago)

Author Birkenau ( ago)
thats gaaaaay

Author RJ Vlogs HD ( ago)
My name is jeff

Author Isaiah Gordon ( ago)
I'm scared.

Author Kon Ma ( ago)
tởm vồn

Author Grave Kennet ( ago)
This really helped me making salad in the family reunion 👍🏻👍🏻

Author Ivan Nintendo ( ago)
that hair look truly delicious

Author Dimos Rizios ( ago)
0:02 that means: I put eggs in my ass 😂

Author Dimos Rizios ( ago)
I'm greek and this is definitely not how you doing a greek salad 😂😂😂

Author Andrew Kiss ( ago)

Author Marsha ( ago)
I forgot to add hair, am I ok?

Author Jack Brown ( ago)
Thank you, just tried the recipe, it's delicious!

Author SamLik _Able ( ago)
At first I was like oh useful then I was like oh I'm good

Author Sofia Kelly ( ago)
he forgot the feta... »:((((

Author BATMANAS ( ago)
great video!
βάζω αυγά στον κώλο μου!!!

Author Chris P. Bacon ( ago)
βαζω αυγα στον κωλο μου = I put eggs in my ass

Author Jayden Estrada ( ago)
hes preety good at cutting and destorying things

Author Zee Dank Pigeon ( ago)
I thought he was gunna shove that rolling pin up his ass

Author AlphaSoop ( ago)

1.Get Bleach
2.Find Hitlers age in google
3.Look at a cabbage patch kid
4.Look at howtobasic's video "how to crack open any safe"
5.Drink bleach
6.wait 420 hours

Author Iwannhs Gewrgakopoulos ( ago)
gamo to mouni

Author Gagulina Rufasder ( ago)
че за бред?

Author PurpleThe Hunter ( ago)
Im racist and i found this greek

Author Cool Mango10 ( ago)
"βαζω αυγα στον κωλο μου" means: i put eggs in my ass 😂😂

Author dead pool ( ago)
αυγά Στον κόλπο σου ρε μαλακά τι με λες ρε

Author Абилов Шамиль ( ago)
такой пиздец

Author soham debroy ( ago)
fucking mad whore

Author zerpy derpy ( ago)
I put eggs into my ass 😂😂😂😂

Author Uriel Martinez ( ago)

Author june042005 Angelada ( ago)
dont waste your food ! their many people starving in this world.. So think before you waste it.. A child DIES every 5 seconds as a result of hunger ! Youre not a good example ! Did you f*cking get it ?! its so simple to understand what am i saying ! 😡😡😡

Author Tiffanie Pham ( ago)
Why HowToBasic never uploaded an April fool's prank:
Well, most of you suspected he would finally make a useful video, right? Well... NOPE! I'm pretty sure he didn't make it because he read the comments. Either that or he just didn't want to.

Author Gatomg. ( ago)
thats is the most fucking good epic battle in the world :v

Author Nicholas Yeary ( ago)
Welcome to Eggland in the continent of YouTube of the world known as the Internet and the countries capital of NANANA. Capital population: 1 Country population: 1 to 4

Author victoria Jamilet ( ago)
you have great knife skills tho

Author Colin Miraglia ( ago)
this was very helpful. thank you

Author Nicholas Rotondo ( ago)

Author Mockingjason ( ago)
I'm putting eggs in my ass
βαζω αυγα στον κωλο μου

I really live in Greece
αληθεια ζω στην Ελλαδα

Author Mockingjason ( ago)
When I'm looking to a mirror,

I think of this.

1 Like = 1% more beauty

Author Merve Kaçar ( ago)
*beyfendi ne yapıyorsunuz korktum*

Author Didem ( ago)
1:44 o..oh my...god..h...he is spoke

Author greek_ gamer ( ago)
Καπως ετσι θα φτιαχνω την ελληνικη σαλατα στο σπιτι μου. Πολυ χρησιμο βιντεο!! ;)

Author You reposted in the wrong neighbourhood ( ago)
I followed all the steps but the weird man covered in cum didn't
appear,did i do someting wrong?

Author Asparagus ( ago)
Outlast 2 looks sick

Author Mitch ( ago)

Author Ali Ekrem Bilen ( ago)

Author howdoesyoutubeletmemakeaname thisbig!?!?!! ( ago)
how to be how tk basic

Author Crafted GBR ( ago)
i put eggs in my a... αν το πιασατε XD

Author Jakub-Kubuś Michta ( ago)
Oregano jest 👍

Author Jakub-Kubuś Michta ( ago)
Włosy jest 👎

Author Jakub-Kubuś Michta ( ago)
Oliwa z oliwek jest 👍

Author Jakub-Kubuś Michta ( ago)
Oliwki jest 👍

Author Jakub-Kubuś Michta ( ago)
Cebule jest 👍

Author Jakub-Kubuś Michta ( ago)
Pomidory jest 👍

Author Jakub-Kubuś Michta ( ago)
Cukinia jest 👍

Author vasiliki love ( ago)
me: eww this yt chanel is so strange and disgusting...  also me: *subscribes and watches every vid*also for those who wonder what "βαζω αυγα στον κωλο μου" means: "i put eggs on my ass"

Author Nik Rossides ( ago)
Οτι καλητερο εχω δει ποτε στη ζωη μου

Author BFXandQuuadPlays ( ago)
is he greek;

Author Sami ( ago)
What the fuck did i just watch

Author Your Best Friend ( ago)
are there still any "african children" jokes around here?

Author Shafin Ahmed ( ago)
some things never change......
like how to basic....

Author 러시아제국 ( ago)
Fock you!!!

Author Mr bean series ( ago)
it's more Greek than the original Greek salad. ντομάτα τρίχες αγγούρι ελιές φέτα


Author Аня Кит ( ago)

Author Zheni ( ago)

Author ImmortalEmpire ( ago)
that was a really dangerous pace to throw that

Author gamer flamer ( ago)
every howtobasic vid starts of nice ok then something wierd yet funny happens like if u agree

Author Jheymee Red ( ago)
O..H...M..Y......F...U.C...K.......I....N' DUJDN

Author Ultimate Lego Machines ( ago)
I have a theory: he is the manager of a grocery store and instead of throwing out expired food on the shelves, he just takes it home for use in his videos. He just never shows his face so his boss never finds him and fires him...

Author Ultimate Lego Machines ( ago)
I'm on this side of youtube again...

Author Funky ( ago)

Author Steve Gamer ( ago)
I've done it, how did I end up putting a cucumber, and cheese on a couch

Author newawesome54 dabest ( ago)

Author It's Just Alex ( ago)
y'know it starts out looking pretty good actually but then he has to go all crazy with it.

Author Pizipi TheGamer ( ago)

Author uranus ( ago)
how to basic is the biggest waste of food

Author Joao Victor Costa E Silva ( ago)

Author Xx_Moon_Rose_xX ( ago)
What did I just watch

Author Mr. Blackberry ( ago)
For something that's already a disaster it was bound to be amazing to watch

Author Melaniesky 318 ( ago)
Why do I watch this.

Author Sketchable ( ago)
You videos are great except for one thing that you are wasting all the food that could go to the door people staving and not to waste. Yes I understand I may be ruining the fun but sometimes us human need to stop and thing about what we are doing and we should be great fun for it and can share it with others. Wasting this food could harm others in need. Yes I know this is comedy but I'm making a point that could help the world. Earth is the reason we are alive and earth gives us almost everything, from fossil fuels to food, we need to respect the earth and not waste the useful things it gives us! Please do not say bad things about me or anyone else with the same opinion, you should value us as much as you value your closest friends! Thank you for listening to my opinion, I hope that soon those poor countries in the world will be treated will respect and given their needs. For who would like to be poor? We should save and donate our resources and not waste them. Think about what you could do to make the world a better place... Thank you

Author 루온 ( ago)

Author Sofía Asd ( ago)
sometimes i want to learn the recipes in this channel

Author Mammy Monologues ( ago)
Identity revealed

Author michael jordan ( ago)
bruh wtf did o just fucking watch

Author Smeezy ( ago)
This salad tastes funny...

Author Eaz-yXx Valencia ( ago)
Jolie Xoxo They Arent watching so Why would They CARE?

Author Joshua Pitchford ( ago)
How The Fuck did I get to this part of the Internet like WHAT THE FUCK 😂😂😂😂😂

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