How To Make Traditional Greek Salad

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  • Today I show you how to make a traditional greek salad. This authentic greek salad recipe tastes and looks identical to ones available in Greece. It doesn't take long to make & you don't have to be a masterchef to make it. Simply follow the step by step instructions in this video to produce a delicious, healthy greek salad that will go down a treat. απολαμβάνω!

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  • HowToBasic
    HowToBasic 3 months ago

    Don't keep this delicious recipe to yourself! SHARE IT:

    • The Nugget
      The Nugget 1 month ago

      HowToBasic το βαζω στον κωλο μου σοβαρα lol

    • DOMO PRO370Z
      DOMO PRO370Z 1 month ago

      HowToBasic You are wasting some much good produce (Like if you agree)

    • rowena fulla
      rowena fulla 2 months ago

      AB00DY you mad bro?

    • Antara T
      Antara T 2 months ago

      Jolie XOXO I know right! he has no shame!! I hate him so much!!

  • Celal Canbolat
    Celal Canbolat 2 hours ago

    Such a waste of Food !!! Idiot

  • Channel ImPQ
    Channel ImPQ 4 hours ago

    What the f.... 😱

  • JD The Cranberry
    JD The Cranberry 6 hours ago

    Is that MaxMoeFoes hair??

  • Ingmar Elfsborg
    Ingmar Elfsborg 8 hours ago

    I hate it when my naked creamed human pet ruins my Greek salad.

    SCREAM 10 hours ago

    انت في الدرك الأسفل من النار ان شاء الله

  • King. AyeJ
    King. AyeJ 14 hours ago

    Howtobasic needs to be on masterchef

    And with a face mask

  • Duh_its_marijo 0102
    Duh_its_marijo 0102 20 hours ago


  • Derpila
    Derpila 22 hours ago

    βαζω τα αυγα στον κωλο μ??rly?

  • Zura Rox
    Zura Rox 1 day ago

    The rooms are strangely spacious, rented flat perhaps..hope the lower switches aren't damaged

  • alwaysbynina
    alwaysbynina 1 day ago

    βάζω αυγά στον κωλο μου αχαχαχαχαχαχαχαχχαχαχαχαχσαχαχχαχαχααχαχαχαχσχαχαχα κλαίω

  • Marcus Aurelius
    Marcus Aurelius 1 day ago

    1:14 scared the crap out of me XD

  • Kyle T
    Kyle T 2 days ago

    I still remember when I watched his videos for the first time,I was looking up how to make a banana split, Then my life was forever changed.

  • El pez loro AMARILLO


  • Savvasko COD
    Savvasko COD 2 days ago

    also who thought that it was a normal video that its teaches you how to make greeck salad?

  • Savvasko COD
    Savvasko COD 2 days ago

    How to basic why go to google translate and translate βάζω αυγά στον κωλο μου ρε φίλε

  • BG Mike 1337
    BG Mike 1337 2 days ago

    Βαζω αυγα στον κολο μου = I'm putting eggs in my ass

  • Villionella
    Villionella 2 days ago


  • Bambaramba005
    Bambaramba005 2 days ago

    now eat that

  • Potato sack _ass
    Potato sack _ass 2 days ago

    I feel so bad for those people who clicked on his video thinking it was an actual tutorial 😂

  • Ploppzter1 1
    Ploppzter1 1 2 days ago

    for the next april fool make a real diy food XD

  • SomeGuy1997
    SomeGuy1997 2 days ago

    Love from Greece LOL!
    Also, "Βάζω αυγά στον κώλο μου" means "I put eggs up my ass"
    By the way, that's EXACTLY how we make salad, it's delicious.
    10/10 would puke again

  • Charmike
    Charmike 2 days ago

    Make this next : How to make England your city!

  • Creamed Spinach
    Creamed Spinach 2 days ago

    Imagine some soccer mom watching tjis video thinking it's just gonna be a regular recipie for a Greek salad.

  • FinalLegacy
    FinalLegacy 3 days ago

    my question is... how did he get the hair?!

  • StavrosThePro
    StavrosThePro 3 days ago

    παιδια ειναι ελληνας?? αν το εκανε με google translate θα εβαζε τονους.

  • Elzero Dragon
    Elzero Dragon 3 days ago

    please upload the uncensored. hahahah

  • Nikolaj Munk Madsen

    Im in the weird part of the internet again

  • Vex
    Vex 3 days ago

    who else got scared when the guy just suddenly popped up?

  • Dave
    Dave 3 days ago

    I WANT TO EAT THE BEANS -- oh wait nvm (never mind) 00-00

  • Uchiha obito
    Uchiha obito 3 days ago

    The poor wish a piece of bread, but you are playing with food. I feel bad for this...😞

  • Aphmeowify
    Aphmeowify 3 days ago

    Why so weird and violent XD but they are kinda funny

  • InteryCreeper
    InteryCreeper 3 days ago

    so deep

  • Konstadinos Leventis

    I am a Greek lol

  • oday abu yazed
    oday abu yazed 3 days ago

    الطباخ المجنون

  • Satan
    Satan 3 days ago

    Im not a greek but i can confirm this

  • Cat Cat
    Cat Cat 3 days ago


  • Rodrigo Rossell
    Rodrigo Rossell 3 days ago


  • Chrisler Man
    Chrisler Man 4 days ago

    Die armen Menschen die so etwas feiern...

  • Mimisole Fnordanimal

    Αααχχχχχ τι τιμή για την Ελλάδα

  • pixelkookie
    pixelkookie 4 days ago

    Oh so i was suppose to put hair, no wonde it taste so bland.

  • Jake Huitt
    Jake Huitt 4 days ago

    Did anyone else wonder where that hair came from

  • IfritMaster
    IfritMaster 4 days ago

    At first I thought it was legit

  • MargieCraftMC
    MargieCraftMC 4 days ago


  • Blooky
    Blooky 4 days ago

    that face legit scared me

  • vini Gamer
    vini Gamer 4 days ago

    Sou o único BR a ver este vídeo?

  • Izzy Kozelz
    Izzy Kozelz 5 days ago

    see what your spirit animal is!

  • cre8or38
    cre8or38 5 days ago

    I wonder if HowToBasic has a recording kitchen and a normal kitchen.

  • John Vincent de Vera Zarate


  • Użytkownik bez nazwy.

    Co kurrrwaaaaa? Wtf

  • ᄋᄉᄋ심예진
    ᄋᄉᄋ심예진 5 days ago

    왜케 멀쩡한가했넼ㅋ

  • Sydney Emm
    Sydney Emm 5 days ago

    I was actually looking forward to this video

  • leo_gamer 2
    leo_gamer 2 5 days ago

    Εκτός από αυγά βάλε και μελιτζάνες στο κολο σου.

  • The Masterrace Supporter

    LMAOOOO "βαζω αυγα στον γκολο μου" translates into "Im shoving eggs up my ass".. I can tell because im greek myself! xD

  • sLaPj4
    sLaPj4 5 days ago

    I knew something strange was going to happen...

  • Josh Brown
    Josh Brown 5 days ago

    how much money do you have like seriously

  • Sofie Jasmina
    Sofie Jasmina 5 days ago

    very informative but one problem .........I ended up in north Korea by doing this please send nudez

  • pancaketarts567
    pancaketarts567 5 days ago

    instructions not clear enough.trump won the election

  • Tryler_Tryhard
    Tryler_Tryhard 5 days ago

    just imagine watching this not knowing who how to basic is

    STORMST3R GAMING 5 days ago

    My mom showed this video and said I looked up how to make Greek salad and this showed up lmao 😂!...

  • Winter Wolf24
    Winter Wolf24 5 days ago

    My friend tells me to check out this chanel I'm like ok thinking it's a channel on how to cook then I watch it and I get pretty disturbed

  • Lauren Ta-Tran
    Lauren Ta-Tran 5 days ago


  • T-Bone Taker
    T-Bone Taker 5 days ago

    Just like grandma's ❤️

  • Taylor Oates
    Taylor Oates 5 days ago

    is he on cocaine

  • Albird_106
    Albird_106 5 days ago

    I was about to say " he's making something right for once" until he put the hair

  • Sonic.exeAndTailsDoll Productions

    dude chill you're house is probably always a mess

  • NeoPaofK337
    NeoPaofK337 5 days ago

    βαζω αυγα στον κωλο μου = I put eggs in my ass.. ( I am a Greece person..)

  • Smiley fun Boy
    Smiley fun Boy 5 days ago

    This is buzzfeed in real life

  • Freddie Baguio
    Freddie Baguio 6 days ago


  • Antistarfish 892
    Antistarfish 892 6 days ago


  • Anthony Evans
    Anthony Evans 6 days ago

    And don't forget to add the human hair it's the most important ingredient of all

  • Spuid werd
    Spuid werd 6 days ago

    10/10 would eat again

  • John Arabidis
    John Arabidis 6 days ago

    greek here βαζω αυγα στον κωλο μου vazo auga ston kolo mou (I put/shove eggs in/up my ass) lol

  • Eric Gumarang
    Eric Gumarang 6 days ago

    I tricked my teacher into watching this😏😹

  • Thanh Sang Nguyễn

    X D

  • Eugene Wong
    Eugene Wong 7 days ago


  • Dersimiz Youtube
    Dersimiz Youtube 7 days ago


  • Fouzan al fouzan
    Fouzan al fouzan 7 days ago

    كس أم قناتك..وإن شاء الله ما تشم ريحة الجنة. كرم الله النعمة. عن أبو أشكالك يا أبن القحبة

  • Δημητρης Παυλακης

    Also βαζω αυγα στον κωλο μου = I put eggs in my ass

  • R Y A N ._.
    R Y A N ._. 7 days ago

    1940: I bet there will be flying cars in the future

    2017: Howtobasic

  • laura ahmad
    laura ahmad 7 days ago

    So this channel is about wasting food and putting it under your feet while there are people dying out of hunger ? Just saying what goes around comes back around today you have food tomorrow you don't .

  • ThatFancy Youtuber
    ThatFancy Youtuber 7 days ago

    Βγαλε τα αυγα απο τον κωλο σου

  • 傻鴨一號
    傻鴨一號 8 days ago

    "just a little bit of olive oil..."

  • Milica Stevanovic
    Milica Stevanovic 8 days ago

    i'm just wondering who will clean that up

    WAKE ME UP INSIDE 8 days ago

    Instructions unclear,got my dick stuck in the toaster

  • Taina Below
    Taina Below 8 days ago

    i rlly feel bad for all the people who actually tought in the beginning that this was hiw to ACTUALLY make a salad but i rlly wanna see their reaction of wtf is going on

  • poisonousviper 5
    poisonousviper 5 8 days ago

    before the hair, it looked great

  • FireNation
    FireNation 8 days ago

    As soon as i saw him putting hair i lost it 😂😂😂😂

  • ItzIzzy
    ItzIzzy 8 days ago

    Έτσι την φτιάχνει και η μάνα μου

  • Quein Reitz
    Quein Reitz 8 days ago

    howtobasic are you mentally stable?

  • Ezaru Nicu
    Ezaru Nicu 8 days ago

    you are gay?

  • Paco Esta del Gaming 7u7

    the African kids could've ate that lettuces ;-;

  • MaximusStars
    MaximusStars 9 days ago

    I use this video to my mom, She was scared for da wreck XD.

  • Alex Radu
    Alex Radu 9 days ago


  • Dimitra Apostolidoj

    The greek text means "i'm putting eggs in my ass"😂

  • John v 07
    John v 07 9 days ago

    τελλεια σαλατα

  • Waltteri Heikkinen
    Waltteri Heikkinen 9 days ago

    Oh god, i was eating.

    MARGARITA PTD 9 days ago

    I'm from greece lol

  • deepocean 87
    deepocean 87 9 days ago

    Angry vegans incoming.

  • Lisa Lay
    Lisa Lay 9 days ago

    i can imagine how much you spend your money for destroyed them......

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