Cop moves motorists off shoulder seconds before crash

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  • sometimesiamwrong
    sometimesiamwrong 1 month ago


  • Don-Fugn Worry-AboutIt

    that's not texas

  • Jeremy Parsons
    Jeremy Parsons 1 month ago

    the driver thought it was a cnn fake news reporter van

  • joshkilla67
    joshkilla67 1 month ago

    At least this isnt CNN and i can believe this even if its a little bit more than CNN

  • Boing Boom Chuck
    Boing Boom Chuck 1 month ago

    Is that snow on the side of the road
    Winters in Texas are like around 55° degrees
    And whenever it does snow, like once or twice a decade,... It melts before 10am because it's so lightly coated, and the warm temp, but that road looks caked with it

    • Boing Boom Chuck
      Boing Boom Chuck 1 month ago

      chloe gilbert
      From the snow

    • chloe gilbert
      chloe gilbert 1 month ago

      Far left lane looks slick...maybe he tried to change lanes to get out of the way and slid.

  • Four Disastrous Years Coming

    Fake and staged.

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