Remove the background from hair in GIMP - tutorial (Cut out hair)

In this GIMP tutorial you'll learn some techniques to remove the background from an image with hair. Cut out hair. I'm explaining step by step in this "How to in GIMP" so you'll know how to make a cut out of an image with hair.

I'm using layer masks, the clone tool and give some tips on the burn tool in GIMP.

A lot of the techiniques I used I've learned and/or adapted from this video from blackmoondev:

The reason I adapated it is because I tried to make it easy to follow for gimp beginners as well.

Here's a link to the image I used:

Long discussion with lots of hair cut out tips:

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Author felixjsify ( ago)
Fantastic! I'm so pleased I cancelled my adobe membership this thing is
powerful and in Linux..

Author Шах Мат ( ago)
How to insert that picture on another picture after that ?

Author Madhavi Sane ( ago)
nice video..vry helpful :)

Author Reid Plombon ( ago)
This is the best tutorial I've ever seen. I believe this is because you
know how to teach. Many people know GIMP, like many people know Chinese or
how to fix a television. But that is not the important thing. Your teaching
method is very good. You avoid the irritating tangents and "small talk",
you avoided a long, useless introduction, you refrain from whipping your
cursor around for no reason, you say precisely what you are doing, without
useless comments, and the pace of your speech is good. Kudos to you!

It's you!!!!!!!!

Author Jon Krieger ( ago)
This was extremely helpful to me, thanks so much for making this. You've
gut a new Sub! :D

Author Loki Paqtism ( ago)
Silly question but the hair I am trying to edit is blond so it is not
working. How can I get bleach blond hair to work?

Author TheCharmSquad ( ago)
so helpful! Thanks a million for this tutorial!

Author allen smith ( ago)
Absolute fucking voodoo. How would anybody make these features or know how
to use them, without being told? 'Your Favorite GIMP teacher' should be
tried as a witch.

Author Glen Winfield ( ago)
Thanks a lot this was great info on how to do this!

Author RumbleRish ( ago)
why is her gimp interface dark and so nice??

Author ( ago)
how come her gimp looks all nice like Photoshop?? my gimp is crusty

Author Vie Vie ( ago)
you are my first teacher!

Author BizZzaR ( ago)
So almost none of these options are on my Gimpshop.

Author didaktiik ( ago)
Thank you for your tutorials, they are easy to follow

Author Benjamin X Yang (2010 years ago)
Thank you for sharing this tutorial video. I am a newbie for GIMP graphic
editing, and I can complete the editing following your tutorial, but I have
questions about how this done theoretically, is there an easy way for me to
reach the exact text explanation of how this done based on your suggestion
if there's any?

Author Marnei Maximiano ( ago)
Omg! this channel name's... a teacher and prophet?! xD tks alot!

Author Kate O'Connell ( ago)
this was so helpful thank you so much!!!!

Author Lorin K ( ago)
This is outstanding but next time..slow down a little for us new gimp
users. Now how do you cut out or change the hair color?

Author Sappige kaas in je keel ( ago)
Ik weet voor 99% zeker dat je nederlands bent

Author Spoolz07 ( ago)
Wow, brilliant! Thank you :)

Author Franciszek Kołodziej ( ago)
The best, thank You very very much

Author ughmuggles ( ago)
Will this work for many pictures with detailed background? I've tried but
don't get the results I was expecting. I've been trying to find a good
video with a background more detailed. Everyone seems to use a photo with a
plain background which is very simple to remove.

Author Lisbeth Bitsch Jensen ( ago)
Can anyone tell me what she does at 2:40 where she clicks something to make
the rest of the hair white? :)

Author Baldrok ( ago)

Author yarow122 ( ago)
Thank you for zooming in.
What video recording program are you using?

Author Ralf Gleisberg ( ago)
absolutely Dutch :P

Author Dee Octa ( ago)
thanks, seriously helpful :]

Author Joe Jeakle ( ago)
I'm curious, where did you get the theme you use? Plus, great job lol. Big

Author egutie21 ( ago)
For some odd reason when I do the last step o trying to clone it uncovers
the picture but in a different position...

Author movzx0fh ( ago)
Dear (presenter), are you from Holland?:-)

Author maralson ( ago)
Great vid. But doesn't work for blonds how do you do it for blonds on a
very light back ground?

Author David Lamoitte ( ago)
Super tuto. Dommage que vous n'êtes pas francaise.... :)

Author sparky9tube ( ago)
What was very good about this tutorial is the way in which it was
presented. Very concise and to the point without a lot of folderol which
is very much apprecieated.
Very nice technique and works! Well pretty much. I'm still waiting for
tips on how to mask hair that's against a non contrasting or varying
contrasting background.

Author Saitoubosh ( ago)
Yes, that helped immensely. I know have a better understanding of what
layer masks are and do. Plus, I love ur accent.

Author Slade Wilson ( ago)
how can i save the pic i alpha mode ?

Author Shyan Daniels ( ago)
You explained this tutorial in such great detail! Thank you so much for
your help!!

Author David Jones ( ago)
thank you for your help!! Great Job. How do you change the shape of eyes
using GIMP 2.8 Please

Author Minia Karrina ( ago)
Great tutorial - I did it!

Author Yorkie Gamer ( ago)
that looks my my aunt

Author Viper Commander ( ago)
You are my sensei!!! Thank you for teaching me everything about gimp!

Author Lee Andrews ( ago)
You have a great manner of teaching step-by-step. Thank you for sharing
your talents with us.

Author Nau seous ( ago)
Very well done.

Author Berny M ( ago)
Excellent tutorial.

Author TutsVille+ ( ago)

Author Tinne Jacobs ( ago)
And what if you're background isn't white ...

Author Ludwig Spiegel ( ago)
Awesome trick! Thank you for sharing.

Author Dwight Taylor ( ago)
its a neat trick but its very ineffective when working with multiple
layers. like a background. because as much as you contrast the background
of the layer. your new background will always show the old background of
the layers edges.

Author Tutterzoid ( ago)
Thanks for sharing this valuable info. :)

Author tamago2474 ( ago)
Thanks, really helpful!

Author MSK Chess ( ago)
The lady is Dutch and sadly became unwell, hopefully she is better now, I
cannot say, but her graphics videos are legend :D

Author TrasherBiner ( ago)
I'm curious about your accent, are you scandinavian?

Author David Spruill ( ago)
Very good I really like what you did.

Author annooz patrick ( ago)
so nice i love gimp

Author Linuxdirk ( ago)
I did this from time to time but never came up with the idea of cloning!
Great video. Thanks!

Author JustWasted3HoursHere ( ago)
Very nice tutorial. I've been looking for a masking plugin for Gimp that
works like 'ReMask' or 'Fluid Mask'.


Author ncleveng ( ago)
Great tutorial!

Author costaney ( ago)
Thanks very much, this is what I was looking for. Much appreciated.

Author Mclay M ( ago)
GIMP is useful tools. and video is useful. Thank.

Author ticklewit ( ago)
i was doing it the most painful way possible. aaargghhhh how much time i hv
wasted. i hate myself ... and i love you

Author Aln Mp ( ago)
And yes you're now my favorite GIMP teacher. Thanks for sharing

Author Aln Mp ( ago)
I thought it was you! :D

Okay, This tutorial is great, but I must be missing something. It's not
working for me.

What version are you using? Gimp 2.8 is different than what is on your
screen. Please reply. I'm really trying to learn this stuff.

Thank you!

Author Cye Gray ( ago)
Excellent tutorial. Your clear step by step instructions are easy to follow
making this very helpful. Thank you!

Author Lukas Videos ( ago)
On pic is (I mean) celeste Buckingham.

Author dollystack ( ago)
This is the best tutorial I have seen on isolating hair in GIMP! Thank you!
I need to go and try this out!

Author Yurisbel Jimenez ( ago)
You're awesome, I'm totally subscribing to your channel.

Author MaiCatalyst ( ago)
Great tutorial! Straight forward, perfect amount of detail for me. Thank
you :)

Author Loic COBBINA ( ago)
Thank for this exellent tutorial

Author Pichu Ding ( ago)
why is your gimp black? mine is ugly and white :< can i make it black too

Author Kchink Flinch ( ago)
Great tutorial. Thanks!

Author RWMc ( ago)
Paint her face white

Author Paul Castro ( ago)
what i learned..............choose images without hair LOL 

Author Mikeymadness ( ago)
Very clear and helpful, thank you.

Author Mike G ( ago)
gimp tricks what if the background has different colors haw you can make it
one color

Author mizzbeehave ( ago)
wooooooooooow! thanks

Author Achie gamez ( ago)
nederlander hoor je aan het accentje

Author Angel Layne ( ago)
two words... totally. awesome.

Author Tracy L ( ago)
Very nice. Subbed!

Author doveraudio ( ago)

Author Bill Wehrmacher ( ago)
This is an amazing tutorial, as are all them in your group. I understand
you have been ill. Please accept my very best wishes. 

Author Steven Lopez ( ago)
holy Sh*t this is sorcery

Author R Simpson ( ago)
You are one-in-a-million Jolie...thank you so much.

Author Keith Weightman ( ago)
Thanks for making it clear and simple!

Author José Osorio ( ago)
Muchas Gracias!!!! en verdad me ha servido mucho, saludos desde México

Author Ultra Window ( ago)
and i've been cropping my pictures manually.

Author Efraín Ramírez Rodríguez (Efrix) ( ago)
Yhanks :) Great Tutorial!

Author Matthew Soukup ( ago)
very helpful!

Author Travis Reed ( ago)
I spent literally hours trying to accomplish this via steps learned in
other tutorials. Within 30 minutes of watching this video I had fixed my
son's school picture (red gradiated background) to a grey background,
including the bits shining through his hair. Wonderful work, thank you for
posting it.

Author Nipuna Carnifex ( ago)
You made my day! :)

Author Aerin Kawaii ( ago)
This is really help a lot! Thank you so much :)

Author Tommy Jensen ( ago)
Thanks! Your video is exactly what I was looking for.

Author in yoh ( ago)
This really helps, thanks allot!

Author Rhonda Koop ( ago)
awesome tutorial! Thank you so much for the detail, it really helped me
understand and complete a project! Thanks again.

Author Alessandro Zuniga ( ago)
Excellent video. Very helpful tutorial, especially for a beginner like me.
Thank you very much.

Author jangyman ( ago)
Thank you very much - you make the best tutorials!

Author Prof Tshabalala ( ago)
thank you so very much... this will most deff make my hobby much much

Author Limon Phx ( ago)
hi every time i do this when i cut the black and white image and press
paste my original image goes green

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