Remove the background from hair in GIMP - tutorial (Cut out hair)

In this GIMP tutorial you'll learn some techniques to remove the background from an image with hair. Cut out hair. I'm explaining step by step in this "How to in GIMP" so you'll know how to make a cut out of an image with hair.

I'm using layer masks, the clone tool and give some tips on the burn tool in GIMP.

A lot of the techiniques I used I've learned and/or adapted from this video from blackmoondev:

The reason I adapated it is because I tried to make it easy to follow for gimp beginners as well.

Here's a link to the image I used:

Long discussion with lots of hair cut out tips:

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Author Kaas kopen? ( ago)
Ik weet voor 99% zeker dat je nederlands bent

Author Spoolz07 ( ago)
Wow, brilliant! Thank you :)

Author Franciszek Kołodziej ( ago)
The best, thank You very very much

Author ughmuggles ( ago)
Will this work for many pictures with detailed background? I've tried but
don't get the results I was expecting. I've been trying to find a good
video with a background more detailed. Everyone seems to use a photo with a
plain background which is very simple to remove.

Author Lisbeth Bitsch Jensen ( ago)
Can anyone tell me what she does at 2:40 where she clicks something to make
the rest of the hair white? :)

Author Baldrok ( ago)

Author yarow122 ( ago)
Thank you for zooming in.
What video recording program are you using?

Author Ralf Gleisberg ( ago)
absolutely Dutch :P

Author Dee Octa ( ago)
thanks, seriously helpful :]

Author Joe Jeakle ( ago)
I'm curious, where did you get the theme you use? Plus, great job lol. Big

Author egutie21 ( ago)
For some odd reason when I do the last step o trying to clone it uncovers
the picture but in a different position...

Author movzx0fh ( ago)
Dear (presenter), are you from Holland?:-)

Author maralson ( ago)
Great vid. But doesn't work for blonds how do you do it for blonds on a
very light back ground?

Author David Lamoitte ( ago)
Super tuto. Dommage que vous n'êtes pas francaise.... :)

Author sparky9tube ( ago)
What was very good about this tutorial is the way in which it was
presented. Very concise and to the point without a lot of folderol which
is very much apprecieated.
Very nice technique and works! Well pretty much. I'm still waiting for
tips on how to mask hair that's against a non contrasting or varying
contrasting background.

Author Saitoubosh ( ago)
Yes, that helped immensely. I know have a better understanding of what
layer masks are and do. Plus, I love ur accent.

Author Slade Wilson ( ago)
how can i save the pic i alpha mode ?

Author Shyan Daniels ( ago)
You explained this tutorial in such great detail! Thank you so much for
your help!!

Author David Jones ( ago)
thank you for your help!! Great Job. How do you change the shape of eyes
using GIMP 2.8 Please

Author Minia Karrina ( ago)
Great tutorial - I did it!

Author Yorkie Gamer ( ago)
that looks my my aunt

Author Viper Commander ( ago)
You are my sensei!!! Thank you for teaching me everything about gimp!

Your dutch aren't you!

Author Lee Andrews ( ago)
You have a great manner of teaching step-by-step. Thank you for sharing
your talents with us.

Author Mc eeMouse ( ago)
Very well done.

Author Berny M ( ago)
Excellent tutorial.

Author TutsVille+ ( ago)

Author Tinne Jacobs ( ago)
And what if you're background isn't white ...

Author Ludwig Spiegel ( ago)
Awesome trick! Thank you for sharing.

Author Dwight Taylor ( ago)
its a neat trick but its very ineffective when working with multiple
layers. like a background. because as much as you contrast the background
of the layer. your new background will always show the old background of
the layers edges.

Author Tutterzoid ( ago)
Thanks for sharing this valuable info. :)

Author in yoh ( ago)
This really helps, thanks allot!

Author Rhonda Koop ( ago)
awesome tutorial! Thank you so much for the detail, it really helped me
understand and complete a project! Thanks again.

Author Alessandro Zuniga ( ago)
Excellent video. Very helpful tutorial, especially for a beginner like me.
Thank you very much.

Author jangyman ( ago)
Thank you very much - you make the best tutorials!

Author Prof Tshabalala ( ago)
thank you so very much... this will most deff make my hobby much much

Author Limon Phx ( ago)
hi every time i do this when i cut the black and white image and press
paste my original image goes green

Author SomeGuyInSandy ( ago)
Very cool! I created an image in blender, rendered it, and then rendered
another one to serve as the mask, but had no idea how to cut my image out.
My goal was to be able to modify the background but keep the rendered image
unchanged. This worked beautifully!

Author Rawtee vonwelker ( ago)
oops me ! didn't see the end yet,

Author Rawtee vonwelker ( ago)
maybe use the dodge/burn brush. it worked better for me wtg ty

Author Rawtee vonwelker ( ago)
i copied you image, went along with you in the tut. This really does work
Gr8! Thanks Miz voice

Author Theguyunderyourbed ( ago)
In my picture that I am doing this I am wearing a black and white checkered
shirt and the white of the shirt becomes transparent. How can I fix this?

Author Gary Jordan ( ago)
The picture I am working on isn't completely black, its harder to do. What
do I need to do?

Author skallen4 ( ago)
so helpful!! thanks!

Author Tuoppios ( ago)

Author Mandy Little ( ago)
Amazing!! Your video is perfect, you really make this a process that one
can learn!!! Thank you!! Keep up the good work!!

Author Tommy Harris ( ago)

Author uus sugianto ( ago)
verry good

Author Michael Kirwan ( ago)
Yeah i am in the same boat. I hate using masks

Author Antisallicrew ( ago)

Author Mike Galea ( ago)
I thought you are in this picture

Author ValBoston ( ago)
Just what I was looking for! Great tutorial! Thanks! :)

Author NathLdigital ( ago)
thank you! that clone tip at the end will be so helpfull! yes :)

Author Ken Murphy ( ago)
Thanks! This was hugely helpful!

Author MultiLittlehearts ( ago)
Thank you so much for the tutorial! It really helped me for my assessment
task though the cloning part was so hard! The hair was grey and black and
it was so difficult. Thanks a bunch though! :)

Author Boie265andPundoCP ( ago)
Whenn i open a picture it isnt called backround.. I need help :(

Author Qalandar Nashenas ( ago)
what a bout if the images background is black

Author thomaspc2 ( ago)
It just goes to show that you can do some really neat stuff with gimp.

Author Liv Werner ( ago)
This video tutorial is amazing. It's really nice to make PNGs now without
having leftovers of the background. Thanks so much!

Author charakageeth ( ago)
Pleased I found this video. Like You tube for this type of info! My step
brother was formerly bullied. He stated he was planning to grow muscle
mass. I chuckled... Then he added 40lbs of full-strength muscle. He made
use of the Muscle Building Bible (Google it). No person dares to intimidate
the man now. :-) I actually subscribed the other day. See what happens. And
the mans emails are fascinating!!!

Author luckydog13423 ( ago)
I've been doing this the hard way using the wand and selecting the
backround(usually easier than doing the hair), feathering the selection,
then making that transperent. It does have the advantage of preserving the
original image better as you don't get the the issue she shows at 4:20 and
hence no need to clone.

Author Megan Rudisill ( ago)
After coloring the face white, how did you make the hair all white?

Author reseNkeke ( ago)
Super! Thanks a lot!

Author ReGz BegZ ( ago)
Awesome awesome awesome!! <3

Author lavagolemking ( ago)
That was brilliant. All this time I'd been using select by color, and I've
been wondering what clever tricks I could use color curves for.

Author Tellthatruth ( ago)
I appear to be stupid, because no matter how I follow this, I keep coming
out with a ghostly looking woman.

Author Angela Cho ( ago)
This is just great! After I successfully followed your directions I was
siting in front of the monitor speechless! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! :D

Author Tom coAdjoint ( ago)
absolutely brilliant video

Author Thupten Chodak ( ago)

Author ...random... ( ago)
What does she say between 2:37-2:43??

Author Queen B ( ago)

Author Will K ( ago)
Oh my gosh - I've seen similar tutorials (removing background from hair)
and this is the first one that actually made sense to me! Excellent job!
Thank you

Author Waldgeist ( ago)
Another way to get rid of the white lining would be to edit the layermask
with the curves tool. Either blur it and then level it with the curves, or
try the curves themselves. That way you can keep the original hairline and
if you get it to work it can be faster than using the copy tool. Great
tutorial btw :)

Author KonakuShqiptar ( ago)
yeah cute i like your tutorials

Author strikerougeyula ( ago)
Thank you!

Author MiniDamselfly ( ago)
Thank you for this, it was really helpful. (:

Author Amanda Lossing ( ago)
I followed your instructions and everything worked well except when i added
a graphic background seemed to seep though do you know why?

Author Bruce Cook ( ago)
Great job. Keep these tutorials coming!

Author Luna Peverell ( ago)
I love this tutorial! And se speak slowly, so even if I'm Italian a can
understand everything :) !

Author Zay Ya ( ago)
Very interisting..

Author Donald6899 ( ago)
Awesome video.

Author O Bokkedelic O ( ago)
Nederlands ?

Author MantasFilms ( ago)
Wow this is great, i'm very happy I found this.

Author James Hoover ( ago)
This is very useful, I have often had trouble with hair. Thanks!

Author CitrusTuts ( ago)
how did u get gimp in black?

Author 286Guitar ( ago)
wow thanks! this was super helpful :)

Author Jose Luis Nunez ( ago)
Great way to explain the procedure. Found it simple and very helpful. Thank

Author Michael Bernardo ( ago)
Whoah. I didn't know you can do that in GIMP. Subscribed!

Author Karma Kai ( ago)
Thank you soooooooo much

Author Brad Porchak ( ago)
Thanks for this very helpful video.

Author iYearn4Cats ( ago)
Wow, this was more informative than a couple classes I took at college . .
lol , because it's in a conveinyent video format :]

Author rama krishna ( ago)
well done!

Author mafiso1994 ( ago)
Women are great tutors

Author becatothemax ( ago)
this is literally the most helpful thing ive found so far

Author Mario Cesar Oga ( ago)
I'm glad I have found your channel! :) really a big help for tyros like me.

Author boughies ( ago)
Great tutorials. I've just subscribed. That's one hardcore Dutch accent!

Author Kathy809RD ( ago)
I am trying to do this but the contrast of my hair and the background it's
not that much :(

Author Lazy Dog Films ( ago)
Brilliant tutorial. Deleting background from a picture which contains
details like hair can be time consuming.

Author AbrakaZunda ( ago)
Awesome! I'm a Gimp noob and quite a ways from doing this kind of thing,
but it's nice to know what I'll be able to do eventually! Thanks so much.

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