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  • Berserkverg !
    Berserkverg ! 3 hours ago

    I really want to hug every person on that video !!!

  • Danny Bersabal
    Danny Bersabal 19 hours ago


  • Chidinma Amaefule
    Chidinma Amaefule 22 hours ago

    The girl with the 37 inches head has passed away.

  • Pouytrfge8 animal jam
    Pouytrfge8 animal jam 23 hours ago


  • AntoniGamer123
    AntoniGamer123 1 day ago

    I Watched Big Head In The News

  • blaze thegamer
    blaze thegamer 1 day ago

    I don't care what you look like you all beautiful 😊😊😊😊😊😊

  • Laura Zepeda
    Laura Zepeda 2 days ago

    Let them be!

  • Isabella Lincoln
    Isabella Lincoln 2 days ago

    If everyone has it then why how are they superpowers

  • Tirza Pape
    Tirza Pape 3 days ago

    poor them. I hope no one makes fun of them

  • Biwi and Shawn Show with Friends

    If god had to choose between me or any of those kids and chose one of the kids to give the horrible life too I would take it instead

  • gabriel zayas
    gabriel zayas 3 days ago

    i feel bad for the ones that pass away

  • Neferia
    Neferia 3 days ago

    Hey, I live in Minnesota!
    :o What if I meet her???

  • Humid Kat
    Humid Kat 4 days ago


  • zanab kulmiye
    zanab kulmiye 4 days ago


  • Pamela Sanchez
    Pamela Sanchez 5 days ago

    I feel terrible

  • Mladen GAMES
    Mladen GAMES 5 days ago

    now when i watched this video i know i'm not the ugliest kid in world

  • Unknown _1234
    Unknown _1234 5 days ago

    The 2 people who cant go into sunlight,must be having a good life,playing video games inside

  • Dragonheart crossing

    the first kid kinda looked like doby from harry potter

  • Dor fuller
    Dor fuller 6 days ago

    I believe That There is NO GOD BEFORE THY GOD JEHOVAH! In India there are over 45,000 different gods people there are worshiping! So, whenever you are NOT worshiping the TRUE GOD JAH, YOU ARE SUBJECT TO DEMONS! Those false gods cannot do ANYTHING FOR YOU! DEMONS can DESTROY HUMANS and even KILL HUMANS. BUT UNLIKE OUR TRUE GOD SATAN CANNOT CREATE LIFE OR BRING HUMANS BACK TO LIFE AFTER DEATH! THERE IS ONLY ONE GOD! THROW AWAY, GET RID OF THOSE OTHER gods, they cause havoc, and misery.

  • Brando Montes
    Brando Montes 6 days ago

    I subscribed

  • Leah Cook
    Leah Cook 7 days ago

    hope,for all those on the video ps does anyone know help jaye to walk because he cant walk and he is 8 and my brother i love him loads

  • Vania McElroy
    Vania McElroy 8 days ago

    Lauriie I agree there so innocent and cute and your really nice children should live there life and be happy 😘😭 I'm sad it isn't like that way

  • Vania McElroy
    Vania McElroy 8 days ago

    At least most of them were saved😁😇🌈

  • parkour youtube
    parkour youtube 8 days ago

    I know a friend of the father of Nihal Bitla

  • Ali Huss
    Ali Huss 9 days ago

    Woah! I never knew this!?!?!?

  • Ryza Angela
    Ryza Angela 9 days ago


  • Lola Catt
    Lola Catt 9 days ago

    5:01 for thumbnail

  • Sam Janssens
    Sam Janssens 12 days ago

    Does anyone know, is it a coincidence that a lot of these conditions are found in India, or is there a biological/medical/whatever reason for it (or simply in this (well, and a lot of other) video)?

  • hunny bunny
    hunny bunny 12 days ago

    Nihal Bitla looks ALLOT like Kaylee Halko. they both have the same condition

  • Đēmøñ Ůmbŕēøñ

    the kid in...the thumbnail... :o

  • Madelynn Harris
    Madelynn Harris 14 days ago

    I had sergery by my long and by my eye.

  • Dalia Hernandez
    Dalia Hernandez 14 days ago

    i hate seeing children with these cases because its not there fault..... god i wish them all the luck in the world

  • Arife Ateş
    Arife Ateş 14 days ago

    fffuaiV6 ix gfx🤔🤔🤔

  • Lisa Marriott
    Lisa Marriott 14 days ago

    5:02 OMG I have seen her OMG

  • Blue B0T
    Blue B0T 15 days ago


  • Lynelle Estrada
    Lynelle Estrada 15 days ago

    May 3 is mybirthday

  • Thebossgirl 1097
    Thebossgirl 1097 17 days ago

    I was so tiny when I was little I look like a baby doll

  • Colin Anderson
    Colin Anderson 17 days ago

    If someone has progeria, why would the parents put them in school? Teach them the basics at home and then let them have fun for the short period of time they live. It almost seems cruel to put them in school.

  • Ava Pacifico
    Ava Pacifico 17 days ago


  • Topsundeerus
    Topsundeerus 18 days ago

    I saw Charlotte on tv and i was like awww even though i was 7.

  • Jim Corbett
    Jim Corbett 18 days ago


  • Joe Tokin'
    Joe Tokin' 19 days ago


  • GD Inferno
    GD Inferno 19 days ago

    3:56 anyone else think these people look really cool?

  • PlatinumNOTgold
    PlatinumNOTgold 19 days ago

    If I was the kid with big hands I would slap the principal

  • vaibhaV Sharma
    vaibhaV Sharma 19 days ago

    so many indian kids, coz 1.2/7 th person is indian , indians everywhere

  • Determined Games
    Determined Games 20 days ago

    5:05 nerd!!!

  • Tarek Mahmud Opu
    Tarek Mahmud Opu 20 days ago

    I really feel very sorry for them

  • CitrusEntertainment
    CitrusEntertainment 20 days ago

    The thumbnail is yelling TIMMY

  • k hall
    k hall 20 days ago

    I feel bad for these kids...

    1 like= 1 prayer for these kids

  • suman ghale
    suman ghale 21 day ago

    Are these real

  • RandomRoll
    RandomRoll 21 day ago

    OMG all those induans

  • Rachel Chronister
    Rachel Chronister 21 day ago

    Scarlett Johanson? Was that her in the beggining

  • MJ Craft
    MJ Craft 21 day ago

    that's Lucy

  • Brandy Olsen
    Brandy Olsen 21 day ago

    yer the worst u tuber ever yer so mean for posting these kids on the inter net

  • Miraculous Text
    Miraculous Text 21 day ago

    Rest In Peace, Angel <3

  • cool fox master 2 master

    OMG it they are from ukraina search the video most haunted places in the wrold it has a baby picutre they were invected by a nuceluler explosion you can see the picture of the baby with a giant head!!!!! i swear look it up on Youtube!

  • Kaden Raine
    Kaden Raine 22 days ago

    So sad

  • Krisha Mae Pilapil
    Krisha Mae Pilapil 22 days ago

    my sister sed thats fake

  • RaspyYT
    RaspyYT 22 days ago


  • gamerking7223
    gamerking7223 22 days ago

    there ugly i wish i was the tall guy

  • savanna likes to vlog

    hmmmm the last must of hurt bad comin out but I'm happy shes safe

  • Ariana Fawcett
    Ariana Fawcett 22 days ago

    to me it does not matter what they look like it matters about there personality..This is what i think ☺

  • fun video
    fun video 22 days ago

    l m so sorry for them

  • Catherine Bell
    Catherine Bell 22 days ago

    I. love you so much xxxx from bell

  • Rox K
    Rox K 23 days ago


  • Lps Rocker
    Lps Rocker 23 days ago

    a little gross srry

  • Dogelord101
    Dogelord101 23 days ago

    Not to be mean but why did you post this?
    God wanted everyone to be different no matter how they look. He always loves you, Don't say anything about different people. Im just saying

  • Game Nova
    Game Nova 23 days ago

    No, ITS OVER 9000!!!!!

  • Nicloe Freeman
    Nicloe Freeman 23 days ago

    the children I feel bad for them and everybody should to

  • Ewan Croft
    Ewan Croft 24 days ago

    why didn't you say Hydrocephalus (the condition that Roona Begum has). its saddening to hear it since i have it myself

  • Just Another Scrub
    Just Another Scrub 25 days ago

    I'm pretty sure the kid in the thumbnail is an adult villain in one of "The Amazing Spider Man" comics who could control people.
    I think he was called "The Mind-worm"

  • Iitutu Sims gameplay

    Why always gettin' clickbaited

  • IndigoWolf Soul
    IndigoWolf Soul 26 days ago

    well, at least the thumbnail was true this time

  • Miranda Roblox Minecraft & more

    5:34 did you see roona closing and opening her mouth a cute way

  • Sara Hall
    Sara Hall 27 days ago

    This is kinda sad

  • Sarunas Vileikis
    Sarunas Vileikis 28 days ago


  • Sarunas Vileikis
    Sarunas Vileikis 28 days ago


  • Ayla Altman
    Ayla Altman 28 days ago

    2016 was last year

  • Kittymoewplaysroblox Meowmoewplaysroblox

    I feel bad for these poeple

  • mak tac tic tac
    mak tac tic tac 29 days ago

    I'm glad some children lived

  • Jeremy Williams
    Jeremy Williams 1 month ago

    nobody knows how many people that are on earth.there are people going and coming.

  • the swaggy SQUID
    the swaggy SQUID 1 month ago

    this makes me sad but that head though

  • Sarowar Rahman
    Sarowar Rahman 1 month ago


  • Milky Moustache
    Milky Moustache 1 month ago

    This thumbnail scared me =/

  • Tibetha Gangte
    Tibetha Gangte 1 month ago

    im so grateful to their parent's
    they didn't gave up on their child and im sure some other parent may have abandoned their child if they looked like that

  • Jiawen Lin
    Jiawen Lin 1 month ago

    The first person died on my birthday!😭😭😭

  • Zelda Lover
    Zelda Lover 1 month ago

    These poor children. I didn't even know that these kinds of genetic disorders and diseases even existed. I feel so bad for these kids.

  • Cutecutrainbowhusky Gaming

    I thought i was the smallest preson in the world

  • amazing & perfect
    amazing & perfect 1 month ago

    Subscribe to me and I'll Sub you back

  • Zohal Hakeem
    Zohal Hakeem 1 month ago

    I felt really bad for these kids!

  • Naima Barnes
    Naima Barnes 1 month ago

    I have seen Hannah on tv and I feel so bad for all of those kids!

  • Jesus Flores
    Jesus Flores 1 month ago

    What may 3rd is my birt day and I was alive in 2016 I was born 2008

  • Gaming Girl Allie
    Gaming Girl Allie 1 month ago


  • Shawnie Playz
    Shawnie Playz 1 month ago

    *I wish this couldn't happen to people*

  • HAyden alpha Omega damashi

    Those kids that make fun of the better shut up because there special god made them good for something

  • iiCringePotatoMix le potato

    Roona Begum

    Bless her so much

  • Leslie Bunny
    Leslie Bunny 1 month ago

    sharlet garsa is super cute 😍😍😍😍😙 i want h3r

  • Challenged - Making new channel :3

    Creepy, but sad.

  • Leila Halilovic
    Leila Halilovic 1 month ago


  • Jahmelia Hoffman
    Jahmelia Hoffman 1 month ago

    why the kids

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