Cat Tries To Steal Food From Dog Regrets It Instantly

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Comments: 59

  • Renziel 04
    Renziel 04 1 day ago

    How the cat looked up looked sick

  • ilikeitmuchly
    ilikeitmuchly 4 days ago

    He still got that treat tho...

  • Andrew Gibson
    Andrew Gibson 6 days ago

    He played himself.

  • Bryneka Friemoth
    Bryneka Friemoth 1 month ago


  • buck rowley
    buck rowley 1 month ago

    watch his elbows when he eats like the Beverly Hillbillies or Marmaduke

  • TheOneAndOnly
    TheOneAndOnly 1 month ago


    PLATOON72 2 months ago


  • Z4rrow
    Z4rrow 2 months ago


  • anubhav bhatnagar
    anubhav bhatnagar 3 months ago


  • Tony B
    Tony B 4 months ago

    Cat: Oooouuuchhh the fuck did you do that foooorrrr?????

  • regemo
    regemo 4 months ago

    @0:25 When the cat realized that not only did he get bit, but most importantly he wouldn't even get the treat.

  • s50201
    s50201 4 months ago

    Need version w sound

  • Sterling Goodwin
    Sterling Goodwin 4 months ago

    0:07 will kill for food.

  • jedihunter176
    jedihunter176 4 months ago

    That cat sounds like a lion xD

  • Борис Евтушенко

    Жалко кота, но воровство наказуемо))

  • chalkidrys
    chalkidrys 4 months ago

    bien fait pour sa gueule a se putain de chat de merde ^^

  • phant0
    phant0 4 months ago

    Video posting tip: Let the entire video play at normal speed first, including aftermath if there is one. Then add a slow motion repeat after, for those who want to see it. Not doing this ruins a good video almost as much as filming it in vertical.

  • Trulylatino
    Trulylatino 4 months ago

    Sleep with one eye open doggy.

  • Hodoss
    Hodoss 5 months ago

    Went for French Frie. Got pussy.

  • Box o' Memes
    Box o' Memes 6 months ago

    Don't like this comment,
    I hate notifications

  • Lua_Lua
    Lua_Lua 6 months ago

    Aww poor kitty! 😸

  • That Boy
    That Boy 7 months ago


  • Cady Shaye
    Cady Shaye 8 months ago

    Funny video! Question how and where did you find the original video?

  • Unsteady catatonia
    Unsteady catatonia 8 months ago

    ¨Pouahahaha ! :'D J'adooore, bien fait, petit vicieux ( on dirait que c'est le chat qui gueule au ralenti mdr )

  • おまんちょ大行進


  • HenryLambert
    HenryLambert 8 months ago

    My names Wilfred and I'm a dodgy plonker

  • Christian Sutanto
    Christian Sutanto 8 months ago

    this is literally the animal version of charley bit me

  • David Kendall
    David Kendall 8 months ago

    Offer him a position on the Lakers

  • Damion Mahon
    Damion Mahon 8 months ago

    that picture reminds me of the Goosebumps TV intro.

  • Bollog Nyessy
    Bollog Nyessy 8 months ago

    did he died

  • Israr Hussain
    Israr Hussain 8 months ago

    that fat ass cat had it coming

    • B O S S M O P S.
      B O S S M O P S. 4 months ago

      the cat just wanted to play cuz cats like to catch flying things. ^^

  • Alex Leopold
    Alex Leopold 8 months ago

    Fuck you cat

  • mynamejef namejef
    mynamejef namejef 8 months ago

    Greedy ass cat deserved it

    • Promethazine Papi
      Promethazine Papi 16 days ago

      the.raven you sound 11, your opinion is irrelevant

    • the.raven
      the.raven 4 months ago

      make me

    • B O S S M O P S.
      B O S S M O P S. 4 months ago

      go back to your hole leonardo retardo !

    • mynamejef namejef
      mynamejef namejef 4 months ago

      raven get off my comment you thot

    • the.raven
      the.raven 4 months ago

      the cat isnt even trying to eat it, it's just trying to catch it because cats like to catch flying things, dog lovers are retarded.

  • Fire_Strategy
    Fire_Strategy 8 months ago


  • Kraziijosh
    Kraziijosh 8 months ago

    3 rd

  • Shrek
    Shrek 8 months ago

    Just here to stop people being3rd

  • Ant Weasel
    Ant Weasel 8 months ago


  • Fulham hamster
    Fulham hamster 8 months ago


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