Super Mario Run Android Release Date - GS News Update

Nintendo of America have revealed when Super Mario Run will be available on Android. Plus we give you some bonus Mario trivia!

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Author GameSpot ( ago)
Mario or Luigi?

Author Miku Hatsune ( ago)
$10 TEN DOLLARS for a tapping game.

Author Shark Gamer ( ago)
super Mario run dont work in Android 5.10 :(

Author Cool Creeper ( ago)

Author Rah-Gee Spence ( ago)
they been doing the 10$ for all world's who cares just play multiplayer.

Author johneygd ( ago)
Yep,since this game will also be on android, now you can finaly pay twice for the same game you already own on ios.

Author Noble_Hologram ( ago)
They are actually adding new characters. Strange they didn't talk about that.

Author Dennis McCarty ( ago)
Do not worry Android peeps, youre not missing much. The game isnt worth 9.99 imo.

Author adkinsy85 ( ago)
yes yes :-)

Author A B ( ago)
Coming on 23rd of March. For those who don't wanna sit through the video that long.

Author Baby Legs ( ago)
LMAO wtf they're barely getting it , I had forgotten about this game

Author Georg ( ago)
You guys missed out on some good shit...... not

Author Shadow561781 ( ago)
random Mario facts at the end lol

Author Oliver Age 24 ( ago)
Feeling like I'm part of the Peasant race right now with my Android

Author Break Age ( ago)
Only for Marshmallow and Nougat so sad for that company that lost a lot of players (*money*) because its not compatible to older versions.

Author USMAN HUSSAIN ( ago)

Author ExKorpio ( ago)
People have a MOBILE war too? I'm done.

Author Infinite Gaming ___ ( ago)
it would be fun if there's Super Mario Run Maker like if you want Super Mario Run Maker

Author Callum Dainty ( ago)
can't wait to get the cracked version

Author Nee Rock Jung Rana ( ago)

Author Nuggutmanpowers6 ( ago)
let's be honest, Nintendo might get less than $50 off from this, due to everyone downloading the apk of this for free 😅

Author Fiendfrank ( ago)
Apple hipsters think they're cool but they're really only beta testers for the real release.

Author The Violant Cats ( ago)
Download 4 free boyz

Author Eddie Ell ( ago)
and for the switch?

Author shatgan ( ago)
finally us men will have a chance to play it, girls were lucky they got it on their iphones many months back

Author LOLMASSSS2442 ( ago)
Android still didn't get it yet 😂😂😂😂😂 see this is why I left the android race. Android is always getting shit late as hell. Plus the apps are garbage on the play store anyways.

Author All Hail The King ( ago)
about time what took so long now if only that transformers, power rangers, and injustice 2 game would hurry the hell my life would be complete

Author Morgan Freeman ( ago)

They think we're actually gonna pay the $10

Author David Snipes ( ago)

Author soufiane bellout ( ago)
three letters people, apk.

Author JEDI MASTER YODA ( ago)
you mean the full free version

Author SI-0 W0lf ( ago)
Hell Yea!

Author The King of You Fools Are Amateurs ( ago)
I don't give a shit anymore. Would rather still play FF Brave Exvius. Besides, I still have a bunch of AAA games like Nier: Automata, Mass Effect Andromeda, and possibly Nioh to play. I'm good.

Author Kodie Russell ( ago)
LOL they STILL don't have it yet?

Author TheNawaf258 ( ago)
How about no not worth it

Author Lee Lanzini ( ago)
Let the hacks come in!!!!

Author XL 47 ( ago)
yes and this weekend is my 14 birthday

Author joseph figueroa ( ago)
yay can't wait to pay ten dollars for a mairo themed runner

Author Darryl ( ago)
Its a shame that it isn't very good

Author Raymundo Lopez III ( ago)
finally... I sent two emails and they finally released a date. fire emblem heros was released on the 2nd. Stop messing around Nintendo with android Users.

Author Easy Solutions ( ago)

Author Mortem Te Domina ( ago)

Author KlingonCaptain ( ago)
Wait, wait! Eeyore was the voice of Mario?

Author Easy Solutions ( ago)
nice work

Author ADucksOpinion ( ago)
its really not that great.. dont think alot of people on Android will buy it

Author Swerve Train ( ago)
about time

Author KarlPlays ( ago)
I can't wait for it to come out for android but I don't wanna pay to unlock the full game. Imma just search for an apk😂😉👍👌

Author Ong Owen ( ago)
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Author Moe Rahman ( ago)
Just get tutu and download the full version b4 it's revoked. I beat it in an hour and it wasn't really impressive.

Author Akuma ( ago)
$10 for all worlds. No Nintendo lick my balls. I'm getting an apk.

Author Adam Azlee ( ago)
can't wait to play Microtransaction Simulator: Mario Edition!

Author ANSHU ichhe ( ago)
i cant wait for play mario game

Author Thundervolt ( ago)
I wonder and hope they re-advertise Super Mario Run like they did for when it came on Apple devices but this time for both or Android ._.

Author Allan Calderon ( ago)
Slow asses

Author ItsCaskey 408 ( ago)
About Time

Author Sodium Chloride ( ago)

Author Pablo jones ( ago)
Man march is awesome!

Author Adam ( ago)
Get ready to hijack that shit

Author Regular Jo ( ago)
March 23rd...

Author Frostwork ( ago)
Mario Run❤❤❤ Waiting for it so badly.

Author Fc Barcelona ( ago)

Author Astronaut _Chewie ( ago)

Author bolsón rodríguez ( ago)

Author LegoAleks SW555 ( ago)
Я первый

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