brazilian hair extensions in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Amber is in search of learning THE BRAZILIAN HAIR EXTENSION TECHNIQUE in Rio De Janeiro, Brasil.
15125 Ventura Blvd Ste 101
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

Call 818-203-7441 to set up an appointment

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Author Vinuss Virgin Hair ( ago)
Love your video so much! Good Job!! looking forward to your next video

Author Cia theHeir ( ago)
wow . . . I was wondering, while watching your playlist, what'd she go to
brazil for. But Amber . . . this is creative and is inspiring me . IT MAKES
SO MUCH SENSE !!! I am enjoying this learning so much from you and I'm not
even studying cosmetology for a degree . . . wow .

wow . . 

Author rauna haipinge ( ago)
i love brazilian hair,its wat i have on in ths picture.its luks like my own

Author Exxotic Bombshell ( ago)
I am going to Brazil is there anyway I could get your girls

Author Beatrice Latimore ( ago)
I'm happy for you. I know it was wonderful being there and learning. A
blessing. Continue to enjoy life and share the knowledge you learned. Bee @
Peace. I love that song, lol. 

Author Jalisa Smith ( ago)
what song is this? lol I love it 

Author Festus Kasonde ( ago)
i wanna buy this.............its so nice

Author 1114nikita ( ago)
How much does it cost to get that done in Rio? It costs an arm and leg her
in US, so I am hoping its cheaper there.

Author From The Heart ( ago)
are you brazlilan lol you mix right in with them!(: you look just like them

Author Patricia Delicinha ( ago)
Mc Katia/ Do meu cu de cabeca pra baixo 

Author Patricia Delicinha ( ago)
Mc Katia / Do meu cu de cabeca pra baixo

Author Patricia Delicinha ( ago)
the song is from Mc Katia and the name is Do Meu Cu De Cabeca Pra baixo

Author Mahogany Beaute ( ago)
I want Pricillas hair!..Love it!

Author Kimberly M ( ago)
So Where did you purchase hair in Rio? going in a month

Author Kawynia Williams ( ago)
I'm going back to rio in dec...where did you go to learn how to do the
extensions? i want to learn how to do it and get mine done while i am there

Author Shay Green ( ago)
had this done in Brazil is 2007. It looked nice..but I kept them in too
long and had to cut some of my hair out when the hair came out cause my
hair dreaded with the Brazil Good that you traveled to learn this
technique. You are a smart lady!

Author shestudios ( ago)
YOU WENT HARD FOR YOUR CRAFT. That is Passion! I love it!

Author LanegraMexicanaTR ( ago)
ay dios mio si de musica es buenisimo y yo quiero saber de nombre de
canccion o quien es de cantar por fa

Author Aaron C ( ago) has brazilian and indian hair for a good price.

Author Raafiah Towns ( ago)
@idiofa33 Mc Katia - Dou Meu Cu de Cabeça pra Baixo

Author Splendorious ( ago)
The original model's extention is soooooo much less detectable than the

Author Alpha Male ( ago)
This is a top quality video and the effort really shows!!!

Author prettysouldiva ( ago)
I love your work :) but the music omggg ;P

Author hellokitty7654321 ( ago)
i want that green bikini she had on

Author Patrice JL ( ago)
Please what is the title of this song, or where can I download it. I love
it. Please!!!

Author Rick Medina ( ago)
please post a video on how to do the brazilian knot extensions please!! 


Best place to buy human hair online is remyhumanhairindia com , according
to me its the cheapest and best, almost half price from others, you should
try it , buying online from this site, even i think v can buy from here and
can sell at very high price... good business, isn't it ?

Author Yogi Welwel ( ago)
awsome!would you be willing to share your knowledge?

Author chertp28 ( ago)
Great song!!

Author Satin311 ( ago)
too much space between each one. 

Author CaramelMamiChula ( ago)
@Outfoxx "do o meucu de cabeca pra baixo" by mc katia :-D

Author Kelzz F. ( ago)
Do you have any advice on how to learn this technique or where I can go to
be taught it?

Author idiofa33 ( ago)
thankx a mille!!! i love this song!!

Author CaramelMamiChula ( ago)
@jigga41687 this song is "do o meucu de cabeca pra baixo" by mc katia,not
valeksa from gaiola das popozudas but mc katia sound like valeska,lolz!.i
heard they got brazilian night club they play baile funk in boston but it
sucks they dont have brazilian night club in NYC...smh.i hope they have 1
in NYC where they play baile funk.

Author CaramelMamiChula ( ago)
@idiofa33 mc katia-do o meucu de cabeca pra baixo

Author CaramelMamiChula ( ago)
@jigga41687 i used 2 like reggaeton but right now,reggaeton is nothing
anymore in my world.that type of music ur listening 2 is baile funk aka the
brazilian funk aka favela funk aka carioca funk.i hope any hispanic artist
would come out w/this music w/spanish lyric,lolz!.

Author CaramelMamiChula ( ago)
@jigga41687 google:brazilian hair extension boston MA good luck,mana'! ;-)

Author idiofa33 ( ago)
pls send me the song name!!! great soundzzzzzz

Author CaramelMamiChula ( ago)
2:41,she look like older version of valeska from gaiola das popozudas.

Author CaramelMamiChula ( ago)
whats the name of the song?.im puerto rican but i love baile funk more than
reggaeton but no,i aint no sell out,lol! and the girl is rapping/singing
sound like valeska from gaiola das popozudas.

Author Amber Hopson ( ago)
The music comes from an underground hiphop mixtape from the Favelas, which
is the hood.

Author Amber Hopson ( ago)
there is no braiding involved

Author lexyladybug81 (889 years ago)
i knoww the thread one u braid a lil wrap the thread around at the root...

Author Dominique B ( ago)
YOUR work is amazing.... i love you blog!!! Whats the name of this song???

Author semid5 ( ago)
great video I learn a lot

Author HAIRMODEL4YOU ( ago)
great vid..... i want to go next time

Author Fearless2005 ( ago)
Great Vid! 5 star!

Author Marvin Mattox ( ago)
Can i be your camaraman Next Time?

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