Lips and Eyebrow Tattoos in Seoul

My tattoo artist is Jinyeong Lee
Tatoa clinic:
(+82) 033.766.0211

Snapchat: Migooksaram
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Instagram ID: chonunmigooksaram

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Author Jaden Stanbro ( ago)
Why is everyone being such jerks? These are just tattoos. She wanted pinker lips, not that crazy. She wanted fuller eyebrows, not that crazy. Just because it happens to change her appearance everyone suddenly looks down on her? Let her rock what she wants. It's just a tattoo. I know everyone is talking about "cosmetic procedures" and "plastic surgery" but if she got a damn butterfly on her arm y'all wouldn't be saying that. It's the same thing, just on her face. Chill out for real. You look cute Megan 💗

Author Iva Ćurković ( ago)
Thank you for sharing this with us even though you are getting a lot of negative comments, I found it very interesting, esp. seeing the healing process. And it looks great on you, especially the eyebrows. if I didn't already have too much, I woul've gotten this done as well lol
Well maybe in the sparse areas it would be nice so I wouldn't have to fill them in...Anyways, I liked the video and your results Megan! xx

Author carolina Mite ( ago)
wowww I really want to get my lips and eyebrows done just like you!

Author Anna Zia ( ago)
I think I might go for the lip tattoo, something natural looking and pretty. I'm really pale so if I don't get some lipstick on or leave it at home I'm gonna look unhealthy and really damn white. Only thing is that I don't wanna look like a hot mess with crusty lips for 5 days at work while they heal!

Author Susannah Dean ( ago)
This is fascinating!

Author Tanvi Kejriwal ( ago)
That sounds convenient.

Author Warda Al- Shukairi ( ago)
ur cute even without makeup

Author Crystal ( ago)
i want pink nips...i got beige. lol

Author Nellie Oja ( ago)
What does she say at the very beginning of the video

Author 7saany ( ago)
whyyyyyy color ur nipples brown girlll pink nipples are effing hot!!

Author Kp 1 ( ago)
Did you get your cheeks done? im just curious you look beautiful.

Author Motionless Mis ( ago)
4:40 , when i eat Cheetos

Author Nikki S. ( ago)
I can understand your decision to get the lip tattoo and your eyebrows look great too. Havimg your lips be one solid color can really help when you put on lipstick or lip gloss. Most people have 2 toned lips and that can make it hard for lipstick/gloss to stay looking fresh or for you to find the right lip color in the first place. Just applying lip stick/gloss multiple times a day doesn't always work. I think its better to have your natural lip color provide the appropriate base color for your lipstick/gloss. But unfortunately most people dont have naturally healthy pink lips and lip color doesnt naturally last for them so a lip tattoo might just be the best option.

Author NikeEyez ( ago)
please don't get your nipples tatted...

Author Cyprian Brulinski ( ago)

Author Christine Smith ( ago)
Wow beautiful big lips.

Author Seo Vincent Jean-yves ( ago)
한국남자들 핑크 니플을 아마도 더 좋아할겁니디. 절대로 안하시길 권장합니다.

Author Terinka14 ( ago)
i love the look you have towards the end with the dangly earrings. Looks amazing, 20s inspired :)

Author MiuNya ( ago)
So pricey! I am mostly a non judgemental person, im loving this if this is what you wanna do, like jesus christ people if you dont agree with it DONT GET IT DONE. I would love lip tattoos! I would also love my eyelashes perma darkened so I never have to apply mascara again for ages as I do that every single day! :0 anyway wont be getting any of that done unless I get a well paying job lmao....

Author Kyra Petersen ( ago)
I laughed so hard at the intro!! 😂

Author Ndeera Mirweniel ( ago)
OMG I love freckles. If I ever have money to spend I wanna do that. I'm definitely getting my eyebrows done at some point. Yours look awesome.

Author linhD ( ago)
I don't really see a difference in the lips but the brows are gorgeous~~~ 😍

Author Amber Tracz ( ago)
omg its so cheap there its ridiculous in Canada and the US and it looks so good!!

Author carmenmich ( ago)
It came out sooooo gorgeous on you! Love it!

Author Violet Somerville ( ago)
You are a model

Author yori start ( ago)
to get an approval of these product, do you know how many animals are put to the test for efficacy and safety? you are vegan right?

Author Kerry Moan ( ago)
Your brows look so good! Really tempted to get this done to even out my natural brows, since one of them is perfect, and the other is soooo sparse and fucked up lmao

Author Cat Catt ( ago)
Changing color of the nipples 😳😳😳😳wtf ?

Author thayury Kelly Tomaz lima ( ago)
Oi nossa vc fala inglês Ñ entendi quase nada

Author Ashiya Mishiya ( ago)
Wow! you made me wanna do it! especially the eyebrows, cause like, you know, draw them all day everyday...aghh

Author Iris Mana ( ago)
girl whr do u buy those amazin phone case?? please tell me~ im so addicted with cute and unique things.. please tell me

Author Iris Mana ( ago)
was that painful? omg u look gorgeous 💞

Author Karina C ( ago)

Author Elza Jane ( ago)
Why is this so expensive?! To expensive for me I guess :( It looks fabulous though <3

Author Amanda Kwong ( ago)

Author Zuperhappy nalle ( ago)
omg less steps into ur makeup routine.. plus it look very nice <3

Author Brooke Parks ( ago)
you're beautiful without makeup, you're beautiful, period!

Author Lulu 2U ( ago)
Girl, if I lived in Korea, I would be going Crazy with all the High-Tech Cosmo you can get done at suck low prices! What!!!!

Author Lulu 2U ( ago)
Meagan, I'm Pecan Tan (Brown Paper Bag) color and my nipples are pink. So, since you are high-yella, pink is the correct color. All my close girlfriends who are brown-skinned have dark brown nipples...why are mines pink...hell if I know!

Author bellakurosaki ( ago)
the shirt is super cute! where did you get it from, if you know?!

Author PetiteLisa ( ago)
Love the result. I have thought about doing this to my brows as they are a bit sparse in spots. But just don't really have the money. So for now I just leave them be 😕

Author Jennifer Thompson ( ago)
:o what lenses are those? They're gorgeous!

Author Sharon Miller ( ago)
Oh my God they can do everything, that's so lit

Author dulce elizabeth ( ago)
wow I think that's kind of inexpensive compared to where i live!

Author Sins ( ago)
Please show us if you get your hairline done i might come to korea just for that ahahha

Author Sins ( ago)

Author Asya Nigdelioglu ( ago)
Have you ever regretted that you immigrated to Korea? Or have you ever thought you should have came earlier? How is it to be an immigrant living in Korea? Is being American a olus compared to other nationalities? I know my question wasnt related with this video but i hope you would answer my questions.. ( im planning to immigrate to Korea as a freshman in university) please answer pleeeeeeeaaaase please :)

Author Olesya Grabovskaya ( ago)
yasss hunty. Brows be looking ace! I think I need top pay a little visit to Seoul City to get some work did ;)

Author sebastianxciel21 ( ago)
Do you think this would work for lips that are uneven? Like my top lip and bottom lip don't sit exactly together, my top lip sits more to the left of my face on my bottom lip :/

Author Onion a ( ago)
"Hey kylie jenner girl, better move over" I love that so much

Author TheAhlivia ( ago)
She looks really pretty,
maybe it's just me but she could have got that look with makeup?
Was her life so bad in the states that she wanted to change her whole look and name

Author MiYoung Kim ( ago)
I'm hella getting a beauty mark.

Author Fahrie mogispie ( ago)
your skin is flawless! Some people can go overboard with tattoos etc, but yours is very tastefully done. It's gorgeous

Author Mr. Unicorn Hair Balls ( ago)
thats your skin without makeup? 😲😭

Author LUVisGr8test1C1313 ( ago)
I'm seriously thinking about getting my eyebrows done 😍 I love yours!!!

Author carabiensea ( ago)
Megan is a total badass. Tattoos are no joke pain-wise and are super irritating when it starts to peel and heal. LIKE RESPECT YALL. R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

Author Feathers ( ago)
You look really pretty without makeup XD Like almost the same as with makeup even though it's not the same, it's so bizarre!

Author Tae-tae's Wifey ( ago)
I cannot believe that this girl which is my fav. youtuber would bully my other fav. youtuber!!!!! Now I really hate her!!!!

Author Shelly Ⓥ ( ago)
Serious question, I heard somewhere tattoos weren't allowed in S. Korea. So is there a difference between facial/nipple/hairline tattoos and normal ones?

Author Argentina B ( ago)
Any recommendation on how to do this if we can't speak Korean? I want to do my eyebrows but my Korean is sooo poor basic afff

Author Cheshire Cat ( ago)
It looks great girl, I have naturally thick eyebrows and pink lips but it I didn't I would totally be okay with getting this done.

Author LightXFF ( ago)
Y'all shut the fuck up. You'll only live once, if she wants to tattoo a penis, get whiter skin or change her body, she can do it and it's not your business. Just do whatever makes you happy.

Author Meli moo ( ago)
how yo teeth so white

Author Acacia Grace ( ago)
The intro is so funny

Author blueraineee ( ago)
I got a tolerance of a toothpick... In fact when I was watching Megan the whole time i was saying ''Ouch'' repeatedly and i felt the pain >_<

I love how open you are. You were open with your boob job and everything. It's nice in a person.

Author Once you Jimin you can't Jimout! ( ago)
did they really made a needle in your mouth... (You know they work with fast needles on real tattoos...) or what exactly do I saw here?

Author Farescape 98 ( ago)
can you give directions to this place please?

Author Serena Zhang ( ago)
Love ur video and ur personality!! But please don't get ur nipple tattooed brown...

Author Yen G ( ago)
Awwwwsssoooommmeee! Ideas ideas, how can I get there from look fabulous!

Author Farescape 98 ( ago)
Awesome! I live in Korea and will def check this out

Author Andrea Garcia ( ago)
its so expensive to get eyebrows done here in dallas its like 800 bucks :/ youre so lucky

Author Joong So Min ( ago)
your nose looks a bit broken though, when will u do the nose job? it's tilted to your right.

Author Claudette Wilson ( ago)
Eyebrows are fire!

Author S_maitili maitili ( ago)
Which cuntury is this pls infom me in a commont.

Author Jasmine De Jesus ( ago)
Is the lip tattoo completely permanent or does it eventually fade away like the eyebrows do?

Author Riri Riri ( ago)
Brows look great

Author yobi park ( ago)
your lips went great but im more interested on your teeth.. love it, so white. pls make a vid

Author A Miller ( ago)
this is crazy

Author A Miller ( ago)
what is going on with you?

Author oy59 ( ago)
i wanna wake up beautiful too!

Author Maxi Davis ( ago)
honestly I think you're awesome. so much confidence and self love. I wanna be like you.

Author Lisa Uchiha ( ago)
So pretty! Personally i wouldnt get my lips but the brows omg soooo perfefect!!!!

Author Haley Freeman ( ago)
That looks so painful though 😮

Author Hello People My name is Shrimp ( ago)
You have such a wonderful personality. You seem like a great friend.

Author Chloe Jayde ( ago)
If I had to pick one of these tattoos I would do my eyebrows. My eyebrows are similar to what Megan's eyebrows look like before she got the tattoo. I can't afford it though, maybe in the future. After I graduate uni I plan to live in Japan for a bit and will probably visit Korea.

Author Laica Mae Lamoste ( ago)
Damn those eyebrows! 😍😍😍

Author john vester ( ago)
I loooooooOOOOOOoooOOOOOOooooOOOOOOooooOOOOOOOovvvvvvvvvvvve YoooooOOOOOOoooooOOOOOooOOOOOooouuuu. What a unique soul!!!!!!! Just found your portal to the world. Love the videos and you. Don't know yet how genetics created a soul so special by wow. I want to be Korean I could me you.............Just plain great.......

Author Banana Milk ( ago)
I love your sense of humour omg.

Author Monica Ford ( ago)
OMG is she XACTO KNIFING INTO YOUR FACE? AAA ~A~; *weeps* I know it's numbed but omg this is old fashioned "tattoos" where they cut and rub pigment in?! oh wait, I see the tattoo gun...ok. Did you get a deal because you modeled for the studio? Also, you're teeth are so pretty and white!! Did you do anything for them? Whitening toothpaste? Whitening strips, treatments, veneers?

Author KpopBishForever ( ago)
Could you do a makeup tutorial for this look please?

Author Jeoyeyo ( ago)
guuuuuuurl you always freakin get me with the random extremely personal bits. i can never drink or eat when i watch your vids, unless i want to choke. 😂😂😂😂

Author clover ( ago)
Does she have twitter tho??

Author Barbara Guiot ( ago)
pink nipples are good <3 hahahaha leave them like that mine are are mix like between pink and brown.

Author ichigomiruku ( ago)
In case someone wants non-surgery tips for pinker lips: drink a lot of water and also exfoliate often ☺️ not hating on Meghan haha just stated some tips for those who want similar results as her without tattooing ~

Author ARELY FLORES ( ago)
Park Bom does this all the time. This is why she can't speak xD

Author Wicked Prayer ( ago)
your black!!!

Author Taeyeon's slave ( ago)
If i go to seoul with American money can i buy things like i would in America.

Author Taimy Bringas ( ago)
That looks painful

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