Tatra 813 8X8 Truck Trial part 2

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Author TomSawyerPainting ( ago)
It sounds like Hitler is the Announcer

Author NKato ( ago)
Die in a fire.

Author 이정훈 ( ago)
This great Warning will happen soon. Every single one of My children will
be shown their lives, their sins, their wrong doings and every single
insult they were responsible for against their brothers and sisters, all
during a mystical experience. When the sun spins, the cross appears, and
the skies burn red by the collision of two comets, do not be fearful to see
this spectacle and receive my Mercy with great joy!
w..thewarningsecondcoming.c.. Nov. 22, 2010 Our Lord 

Author Wilmohur ( ago)
So ?

Author thybigballs ( ago)
Why did you upload this?

Author roby6585 ( ago)

Author Dr. ( ago)
oh der sprecher ist ja mal zum kotzen

Author TheLyingTruthTeller (1680 years ago)
A truck went downhill. I've now seen it all.

Author Ars Saha ( ago)
@yhxnrku u're right. nobody can believe about this quickly. And, even my
friend got his used car for extreme cheap price from this site. you can
also get it from here =>

Author Dantedukunz Songz ( ago)
FVCK i hate that alien language. pervert ppl.

Author thePavuk ( ago)
Murrika has no 4x4. China and russia bought them all. lol.

Author bridgeboy513 ( ago)
That was terific.

Author Nitroboss2007 ( ago)
total no sense

Author speedyxxx3 ( ago)
Yes, everything American is the best. And earth is flat and Elvis lives.

Author AkmakHD ( ago)

Author AkmakHD ( ago)

Author MrSlimthick101 ( ago)
russia need 8x8 but any 4x4 american truck would of took that hill haha 

Author LEskinnyowner ( ago)
i want it to do a barrel roll

Author JaDAB47 ( ago)
@04berza who the hell is Justin Bieber?

Author Ivan Lopez (1021 year ago)

Author samuel hawkins ( ago)
@Direwolf56 nah just a bigger engine just behind the cab. makes it
centralized and better balance besides ited be funner... 

Author Hulk buster ( ago)
Хрень какая-то...

Author Direwolf56 (754 years ago)
Truck like these need to have two engines to get better power.

Author josepcard ( ago)
there's a wall there

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