MW2 Tutorial (Campaign and Dvar lists)

This video shows you how to mod MW2 Campaign and how to use Dvar lists.

1. Open your gamesave from your hardrive to your desktop then open it with Modio.
2. Click Mod file and click all mods you would like.
3. Go to Custom Tab, then click load Custom Dvar List.
4. Go to where you downloaded it, then click it and click Open.
5. Save, it will rehash and resign, then put back over your original gamesave on your harddrive.

Xport 360-
Xplorer 360-

My Dvar list i personally use- BELOW

A Random Gamesave(forget which mission)PREMODDED

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Author Hawkmoon Talonson ( ago)
rip headphone usere

Author Melancholy Fairy ( ago)
[iminent rb=anim][/rb] yeah

Author Isaac ( ago)
@dylSTUMP no you would need a jtag smartone. impossible go to t h e t e c h g a m e . n e t

Author Dylan Stump ( ago)
Two questions, Can all this be done on live? And which dvar is the one for the green square? I dont really like it :/ THANK YOU!!!!

Author Kid Khalil ( ago)
@SiikProductionsx OOO Ok. Its Not Your Fault, Yea I Dont HaveOne. Thanks For A Great Tut, And For Helping. I Will Sub. Thanks Again

Author Kid Khalil ( ago)
@SiikProductionsx ok, thanks for responding fast, i like tht. i did clear sysem cache though thts the thing. is this mod supposed to be tht is u shoot it will atumatically hit the target, even if ur not directly aiming, or somthing else?

Author Kid Khalil ( ago)
umm i need help. first off i get the mods done correctly, and have the green square. but the square is a little small, and its not an aimbot. i have to shot and aim at the targets to kill them. can u tell me if i did somthing wrong, or is the mod just shitty?

Author Ladz ( ago)
It has an aimbot! and it works!

Author Nicholas Hanson ( ago)
Any reason why some of them are gone whenever you play the next campaign mission?

Author csawn12 ( ago)
For me some of them go away after I play the next campaign or spec ops

Author Deficient Designs ( ago)
how do you get the circle thing round your mouse plz reply asap

Author charlie loomes ( ago)
How did you get that circle thing round your mouse?

Author eX Hardcore ( ago)
will tie Dvars work for private match??

Author Haiden Rogers ( ago)
oh thanks

Author Haiden Rogers ( ago)
how do i open the dvar file

Author bubbles1062 ( ago)
@DeadManEnterprize Thousand Foot Krutch; Move.

Author bubbles1062 ( ago)
@Gamefr3akable Omg, you are retarded..

Author spy4561 ( ago)
thank you I wanted some aim bots and stuff

Author Purple Sun ( ago)
@NShredz Thats what she said

Author jo c ( ago)
thanks bro i couldnt find any dvars without viruse thanks urs was good

Author Tyler Warner ( ago)
dude your dvar list is kickass thanks

Author willsgotbeer ( ago)
this song is sooo overplayed

Author The Real Exploit ( ago)
what is the davr list about cuz i put scr_airdrop_nuke "0" in the dvar list section and i want a nuke in a care package but it never works in a private match ?

Author guggilodall ( ago)
how do you create your own dvar list

Author Caolan ( ago)

You need a JTAG'ed xbox to do that im afraid. You can not run unasigned code online without a JTAG mod done on your Xbox.

Not worth buying one just for 'a mess around'

Author samuel jackson ( ago)
any chance of a little help mate?
want to set a little private match up online with a few of mates and have a mess around?
i can do single player but no online, help?
pleaes, comment back asap!

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