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    BASS TO THE MAX 5 hours ago

    Bush did 9/11

  • toxic turn
    toxic turn 2 days ago

    I haven't seen Star Wars before what is it like.

  • Stick Figure Animator

    can one of you guys send me the jet link?

  • Ethan Wible
    Ethan Wible 7 days ago

    how much does beamng drive cost

  • Killer Keon
    Killer Keon 18 days ago

    I hate star wars

  • The_Gamer_Lucho YT
    The_Gamer_Lucho YT 19 days ago

    4:14 ah me olvide dice rapido jajajaja los van a entender los que hablan español ;v

  • Derpyman320
    Derpyman320 20 days ago

    elevators that's what they are called

  • Diamond king
    Diamond king 20 days ago


  • Diamond king
    Diamond king 20 days ago

    #F22raptor #2017bazin

  • Diamond king
    Diamond king 20 days ago

    why do i think that its a F22 Raptor

  • Ean predajna vlogs
    Ean predajna vlogs 22 days ago

    I haven't seen it

  • SheerInfamous
    SheerInfamous 24 days ago

    how long is he gonna take to realize hes trying to propel himself into the ground rather than take off

  • DerpaKider
    DerpaKider 24 days ago

    I've never seen Star Wars or lord of the rings

  • CreeperGamerHD
    CreeperGamerHD 26 days ago

    yo speirs chain a car to a plane with the chain mod on beam ng

  • Colton Ward
    Colton Ward 28 days ago

    i have not seen starwars

  • Colton Ward
    Colton Ward 28 days ago

    i have not seen starwars

  • Battle Grape
    Battle Grape 1 month ago

    Nah bruh, you wrong, they is elevators not ailerons.

  • Andrew Cooper
    Andrew Cooper 1 month ago

    make a a.I. case u in a plane

  • Luna The Crusader '-'

    Finally! A jet that's not outdated!

  • Good N Crispy
    Good N Crispy 1 month ago

    Jesse lol

  • isaak mathias kroezen

    I wach both but is one direction music 😂

  • Arthur Penttilä
    Arthur Penttilä 1 month ago

    i have not seen lord of rings or Star Wars,i watch good movies

  • Manuel MedelS
    Manuel MedelS 1 month ago

    Our microwave broke and we didn't have one for 3 days and I was suffering with out it

  • Penguinboy 22o4
    Penguinboy 22o4 1 month ago

    I know some one who hasnt

  • Coin Sea
    Coin Sea 1 month ago

    your channel is awesome! you should have 3.5 million subs!

  • Caul Edmonson
    Caul Edmonson 1 month ago

    never seen star wars or lord of the rings

  • Potato
    Potato 1 month ago

    12:08 all the kiddies inside that bus died instantly

  • SnowyEU
    SnowyEU 1 month ago


  • live Lynixus
    live Lynixus 1 month ago

    I like wasps..

  • [N3ON]Gaming
    [N3ON]Gaming 1 month ago

    You should put the mod links in the description

  • Tyler Kiss
    Tyler Kiss 1 month ago


  • Epic Games
    Epic Games 1 month ago

    Elevators to pitch up and down ailerons to roll left and right rudder to yaw left and right

  • Daniel Kenney
    Daniel Kenney 1 month ago

    do finding big foot

  • Scott plays
    Scott plays 1 month ago



    13:01 hug mee

  • Elijah Yeo
    Elijah Yeo 1 month ago

    when you went pass the tower speirs you call it a 'Fly by'

    TYTHEBOSSMAN 1 month ago

    I have not seen star wars

  • Cayden Cole
    Cayden Cole 1 month ago

    I haven't seen star wars

  • Saul Sainz
    Saul Sainz 1 month ago


  • Subnatica Acitanbus
    Subnatica Acitanbus 1 month ago

    I'm a Canadian

  • Cody Darr
    Cody Darr 1 month ago


  • Harambes Sibling
    Harambes Sibling 1 month ago

    Beam ng drive beam ng fly and beam ng float

  • Kramarow
    Kramarow 1 month ago

    I haven't seen Star Wars and Lord of The Rings

  • Michael Scoggins
    Michael Scoggins 1 month ago

    one direction is a gay boy band

  • Edrb06 Freaking gaming drive

  • bradley82306
    bradley82306 1 month ago

    its a flyby

  • Mo Moshiri
    Mo Moshiri 1 month ago

    I live on vancover Iland BC Canada Im candeedeein dere bud

  • Jarrett Aleshire
    Jarrett Aleshire 1 month ago

    Suh dude

  • Gage Stepek
    Gage Stepek 1 month ago

    Gage IS in your mouth.

  • Jhay B.
    Jhay B. 1 month ago

    Michael Bay might hire you to do sounds.

  • Let's get 10,000 subs With no Videos!

    "Screw everything that makes me sick!" SCREW EVERYTHING!!!

  • Minecraft-shower
    Minecraft-shower 1 month ago

    Ya like jazz?

  • Tave
    Tave 1 month ago

    the elevators flew off the titan. the ailerons are on the main wings and control roll.

  • DyingHertz
    DyingHertz 1 month ago

    wheres the belaz crash in the thumbnail

  • Alexander Riccio
    Alexander Riccio 1 month ago

    what's the psi gauge?

  • graywolf rob
    graywolf rob 1 month ago

    May the Schwartz be with you.

    There's a brief scene in the movie Maximum Overdrive where a plane is impaled into the top of a school bus.

  • Rohall V.S.
    Rohall V.S. 1 month ago

    Permission to crop dust the tower

  • Mr. Ray
    Mr. Ray 1 month ago

    Ailerons are the things on the wing elevators are what's on the back

  • Flower Power2
    Flower Power2 1 month ago

    I thought he said "hey what's up guys it's scarce here" I was super confused

  • BradTheTurboLeader
    BradTheTurboLeader 1 month ago

    At 3:53 R.I.P. that poor pilot

  • You Tube
    You Tube 1 month ago

    i dont like chocolate.

  • Plane Productions
    Plane Productions 1 month ago

    Dude there called horizontal stabilizers aka elevators witch directs the planes up and down

  • MatthewPashukas 13
    MatthewPashukas 13 1 month ago

    Why the Parking Brake 6:36

  • Dan Hinchliffe
    Dan Hinchliffe 1 month ago

    I'mma make a weapons mod for BeamNG for next update... If my PC doesn't kill itself again anyway haha

  • Jonus Gillam
    Jonus Gillam 1 month ago

    you need to play simple planes, it's good

  • 2015corvettec7
    2015corvettec7 1 month ago

    george lucas does not do star wars anymore

  • wade swade
    wade swade 1 month ago

    i actually think beamng fly would be really cool

  • logger man
    logger man 1 month ago

    great vid der bud

  • Ghost Gaming
    Ghost Gaming 1 month ago

    The reason you can't get planes in vanilla is because every cringy youtuber will recreate 9/11

  • Brandon Root
    Brandon Root 1 month ago

    Play Kona

  • The_Wise Wilmen_YG
    The_Wise Wilmen_YG 1 month ago

    Do you like trailer park boys

  • Jens T
    Jens T 1 month ago

    Spiers the bee

  • Wall-e and the derp
    Wall-e and the derp 1 month ago

    I have not seen it

  • Wiled man 24
    Wiled man 24 1 month ago

    life tips with Spears.

  • daniel Bass
    daniel Bass 1 month ago

    this nigga is so fucking funny

  • Garret Byrd
    Garret Byrd 1 month ago

    Drive boats

  • Jordan Rivera
    Jordan Rivera 1 month ago

    your so funny

  • Danethewolf
    Danethewolf 1 month ago

    if youve played war thunder then i would like to see a video becuase i like warthunder.

  • Chris Campbell
    Chris Campbell 1 month ago


  • Negative Recharge
    Negative Recharge 1 month ago

    RIDE ON THE MAGIC SCHOOL BUS! *glarg* *glarg,* *glarg* glarg*

  • CrazyVidMaster
    CrazyVidMaster 1 month ago

    Love wasps..... when dead

  • IPlayGames360
    IPlayGames360 1 month ago

    10;55 that's Basicly everyone

  • NavyDude44
    NavyDude44 1 month ago

    You should set one plane to chase the other and get some cool Top Gun type shots.

  • CrenulateEar 27
    CrenulateEar 27 1 month ago


  • Lysander Heath
    Lysander Heath 1 month ago

    elavators is what they are called

    JERRID HASKIN 1 month ago

    spawn 2 planes put one on flee and Chase it.

  • Trey Tippin
    Trey Tippin 1 month ago

    race the plane and the 500mph drag truck

  • Shod Plays
    Shod Plays 1 month ago

    I havent seen star wars or lord of the rings

  • William Jensen
    William Jensen 1 month ago

    Please do outlast 2 please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please please speirs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please do outlast 2

  • Pumpkin Man
    Pumpkin Man 1 month ago

    Please do a plane tug-of-war

  • That One Guy
    That One Guy 1 month ago

    Does lightning mcqueen from cars get life insurance or car insurance

  • Bossinator43
    Bossinator43 1 month ago

    I havent seen starwars speirs!!!

  • Austin Aylesworth
    Austin Aylesworth 1 month ago

    Is the water called Aquafina

  • Dj Bron3
    Dj Bron3 1 month ago


    TD THE KS 1 month ago

    Please come to my channel please I need a least five subs please

  • CUBIEQUECK -Norsk gaming

    they're called "flaps"

  • Nick Ramirez
    Nick Ramirez 1 month ago

    Not going to lie speirs kinda bored of beam videos ..... your fucking hilarious on videos like happy wheels and anything else other than beam ..... your still a rockstar speirs no hard feelings ???

  • Tra'Mayne Courtley
    Tra'Mayne Courtley 1 month ago

    Have the plane chase you in a car if that's possible

  • Thekillgamer _
    Thekillgamer _ 1 month ago

    BeamNG.Dive huh huh anybody

  • zech78
    zech78 1 month ago

    *when the jet gets low* 40, 30, 20, 10 RETARD, REATARD *hits the dump truck* OUCH.

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