Day After Day - Badfinger cover - Puddles Pity Party

  • Added:  2 months ago
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    Tim DeLaney did sound
    Andrew Woodman did pictures
  • Video CategoriesEntertainment
  • Runtime: 2:47
  • Tags for this video:  golden  voice  sad  clown  puddles  pity  party  Scott Bradlee  Postmodern Jukebox  Apple Records  Breatles  George Harrison  paul mccartney  Pete Ham  

Comments: 350

  • Unpredictagamer
    Unpredictagamer 16 hours ago

    Could you please do I don't want to miss a thing by Aerosmith?

  • Walt Bells
    Walt Bells 2 days ago

    Caruso 2017

  • Stephen Parker
    Stephen Parker 2 days ago


    • Stephen Parker
      Stephen Parker 2 days ago

      a few requests; Neil Diamond Solitary Man, Johnny RIvers Secret Agent Man, Van Morrison Listen to the Lion

  • Mark Roe
    Mark Roe 2 days ago

    Bravo! I have a challenge for you Puddles. How about some Van Morrison?

  • Felix Brown
    Felix Brown 4 days ago

    One of my dearest friends went to see Puddles a few months back. I catch up on AGT...

    This guy is GOOD.

  • Sylvia Young
    Sylvia Young 4 days ago

    Oh Heaven above! Just when I think you've done your finest work you blow me away with another amazing cover! Lord how I are beyond words special! I wish I could say something about you that would make your heart soar as you do mine...alas I'm always left speechless....You give me faith in the music world that is so very lost. Bravo.

  • Daniel Barkley
    Daniel Barkley 4 days ago

    Can you do baby blue ?

  • Lord Haberdasher
    Lord Haberdasher 6 days ago

    Not knowing about Puddles and his amazing gift should be a first class felony.

  • Veeekin9 Casterman
    Veeekin9 Casterman 7 days ago

    Well,...Puddles,you have me weeping,raising a memory of a long lost young woman,loved.
    Fall of '73,taken from us.We went to Sheridan's concert night,she disappeared a week afterwards.This is a song that she liked,and your rendition has my memories of Neda flooding,a damburst.Thankyou,for allowing me to again feel that deep sorrow,knowing love.

  • Jj Johnson
    Jj Johnson 7 days ago

    As a Badfinger/Pete Ham fan, I loved this rendition of his song! Thank you Puddles! jj

  • Teddy 2Shoes
    Teddy 2Shoes 9 days ago

    You done a excellent job with that song, you have a knack of making the song your own ...All the credit to you for that...Puddles if possible could you cover the Gilbert O'Sullivan song Alone again( naturally)...

  • sir MAXX
    sir MAXX 10 days ago

    Some reason the title made me think of Cindy Lauper. I was thinking of the song Time After Time. Which also made me think you would do a wonderful cover of that as well.

  • Trish King
    Trish King 10 days ago

    Thank you Puddles for everything you do

  • Tommmy Shafer
    Tommmy Shafer 10 days ago

    How is it that I have been missing out on such a talent? You have tapped into something wonderful to experience.

  • Stephen Olan
    Stephen Olan 11 days ago

    I would love to hear the Beatles, Taxman done your style.
    Fool on the Hill would be great as well.

  • kobo59
    kobo59 11 days ago

    A sad clown doing a Badfinger song is somehow sadly appropriate. Puddles makes every song he performs his it.

  • MrJamberee
    MrJamberee 11 days ago

    Love Puddles, but the camera going in circles was just moronic and annoying. Somebody getting too cute and ruining the video.

  • Johnny Johnson
    Johnny Johnson 12 days ago

    Thank you.

  • 83706Rachel
    83706Rachel 14 days ago

    I've always loved this song ... WOW! 😍😍😍

    This is incredible!

    I ❤️🤡(no sad clown emoji LOL)

  • dundeedell1960
    dundeedell1960 14 days ago

    Hey! How about George Harrison's "Isn't it a Pity"?

  • speeedskater
    speeedskater 15 days ago

    awesome job, will enjoy having this song and version stuck in my head

  • Veronica Bylicki
    Veronica Bylicki 15 days ago

    My dad loves Badfinger and I remember him playing this song all the time but this rendition, ugh it's beautiful. I feel all your energy in my heart and soul and hope the band has taken notice of it.

  • don stroup
    don stroup 15 days ago

    simply awesome....i love ya puddles

  • Jimmy Hendricks
    Jimmy Hendricks 16 days ago

    Better than the original. Thanks

  • Patrick Wagener
    Patrick Wagener 16 days ago

    puddles is going to take over after trump quits.

  • Lance Boil
    Lance Boil 16 days ago

    Just more proof of Mr. P's. versatility and genius. Bravo!

  • Atkinson Marc
    Atkinson Marc 16 days ago

    fantastic phrasing...I love the descend and sustain on "--to you". He is the greatest vocalist of our era.

    • Atkinson Marc
      Atkinson Marc 16 days ago

      Blaydrnnnr, what do you think of Stuart Baker (Unknown Hinson) as a guitar player?

    • Blaydrnnnr
      Blaydrnnnr 16 days ago

      I 100% agree. I'm a 40+ year guitarist, and have played with some of the most amazing people over the decades.. Mike is without a doubt, one of the greatest vocalists of our times....And yes, this song would be fantastic on AGT....imagine with a full orchestral background track? It'd be nothing less then perfect...

  • Laura Judd
    Laura Judd 17 days ago

    This song in itself is one of those that has always moved me deeply on a level that I can't even begin to define - your phrasing and your rich and resonant voice gave it an entirely new layer of beauty that i hadn't felt before. Love this. Love you. :)

  • Frank Campbell
    Frank Campbell 17 days ago

    Brother.....this has to be your next song you play on AGT

  • c keno
    c keno 17 days ago

    You're collar is fugged up in the back😜.

  • Lomedae
    Lomedae 18 days ago

    It's like this song was made for your voice. Almost perfect cover (I do miss George Harrison's guitar licks).

  • joel unknown
    joel unknown 18 days ago

    I love your voice, and your style..😎

  • Datsun510zen
    Datsun510zen 18 days ago

    Please oh please pure Puddles, cover Damn Your Eyes, Etta James.

  • DBWeathers1
    DBWeathers1 19 days ago

    I love the music, but for God's sake, keep the camera still or limit the dang movement! I'm getting motion sickness watching!

  • Fred Eroh
    Fred Eroh 19 days ago

    This Clown is extremely talented and has a great voice ! I really hope I hear a lot more of him in the future I'm hooked !

  • Cynthy Cynthy
    Cynthy Cynthy 19 days ago

    clearly brilliant X O

  • dundeedell1960
    dundeedell1960 19 days ago


  • LordKellthe1st
    LordKellthe1st 19 days ago

    Please cover Queen - The show must go on!

    and thanks for singing to us :D

  • George Stephenson
    George Stephenson 19 days ago

    Thank you so much, what a truly talented person. Lisening to your golden voice lifts my spirits

  • Mark Knoernschild
    Mark Knoernschild 20 days ago

    Too much talent for the the small screen!

  • Karen Walker
    Karen Walker 20 days ago

    thank you so much!! love this song!

  • ghostlyninja
    ghostlyninja 20 days ago

    Puddles you are the best. You can win agt.I know because your soul represents us older folks.

  • Rhenda Pence
    Rhenda Pence 21 day ago

    You should do something by Freddie Mercury.

  • John C
    John C 21 day ago

    I can't wait to hear what you do next, you're truly amazing and such a joy to listen to. Thank you

  • Balderramacopas1
    Balderramacopas1 21 day ago


  • Julianne Henson
    Julianne Henson 21 day ago

    Really love this, thank you

  • TC-11 Corrosion Inhibitor

    Oh I love these guys

  • jay siekierski
    jay siekierski 21 day ago

    puddles rocks! great voice

  • musiconlyplease98
    musiconlyplease98 21 day ago

    just remembered why this was one of my favorite songs.

  • george guerriero
    george guerriero 21 day ago

    This is incredible; sing this one next on AGT and he'll be through to the next round in a of my all time favorites, he just killed it.......................

  • ghostlyninja
    ghostlyninja 22 days ago

    I grew up in the 70s this was my favorite band.Thanks Puddles.

  • Mehefinheulog1
    Mehefinheulog1 23 days ago

    great version

  • King Sage
    King Sage 23 days ago

    In a world full of beliebers, some of us find solace here.

  • Bubbajay
    Bubbajay 23 days ago

    Puddles is awesome in his performances because its all about the voice, and the talent. most musical performances nowadays are nothing but elaborate Las Vegas shows and heavily choreographed aerobics classes.

  • ron eberwine
    ron eberwine 24 days ago

    First off I'm a Hugh new fan. Can't wait to see you live, new bucket list add and I want to be able to walk in on my own with my new leg! Second this song or Hallelujah will bring the water works on AGT. Finding your vids has been a God send. Thank you Puddles.

  • Nick  Rupp
    Nick Rupp 24 days ago

    The more I hear, the more I like listening to P.

  • Lucinda Gaskill
    Lucinda Gaskill 24 days ago

    This takes me waaay back

  • Troy Prytullack
    Troy Prytullack 24 days ago

    puddles, I have 3 that I think you'd do amazing things with... 1st- everybody knows(concrete blond) 2nd- summer dress,(July talk), 3rd-bacon pancakes(Jake the dog)

  • Buck Wheat
    Buck Wheat 25 days ago

    this one stands out with how old i was when it came out, 10, and what i was going through looking at and wanting to keep all the cute girls running around, or 1. and now this one it stands out with puddles singing it the best. and never caught one.

  • Bil Attridge
    Bil Attridge 25 days ago

    Awesome performance....Best of luck on AGT 2017.

  • joseph busch
    joseph busch 25 days ago

    I think Drift Away would be an awesome cover

  • Mike Collins
    Mike Collins 25 days ago

    One of my all time favorite songs.  7th grade.  You sang it so beautifully.  Good luck on AGT!  I'm rootin' for ya!

  • Kody Krueger
    Kody Krueger 25 days ago

    PLEASE ! Cover the opening theme to "The Adventures of Pete and Pete" . "Hey Sandy" By Polaris.

  • satanicmechanic86
    satanicmechanic86 25 days ago

    Your video came into my "suggestions" several times before I clicked on one. Glad I did. Best sad clown covers, EVER.

  • Dana Chong
    Dana Chong 25 days ago

    can you sing artic monkey's "Do I wanna know"? please?

  • steve johnson
    steve johnson 25 days ago

    At first I thought this guy was a clown. Then I closed my eyes and hear a real talent !

  • Ellen Yarbrough
    Ellen Yarbrough 25 days ago

    He has such a great voice.

  • Glenn Tillema
    Glenn Tillema 26 days ago

    Absolutely amazing! It's like the song has been rewritten, easily my favorite solo of yours next to Wish You Were Here!

  • Peter Bird
    Peter Bird 28 days ago

    This should be a hit all over again!

  • Ck Hill
    Ck Hill 28 days ago

    Bravo. The voice that melts many hearts!

  • crash32301
    crash32301 29 days ago

    this guy can is the real deal

  • Dan Smedstad
    Dan Smedstad 29 days ago

    Well at least I now know it's not "looking out from my lone igloo" (the 2nd time at about 1:44) (lol)

  • Mark Drinkard
    Mark Drinkard 1 month ago

    how about George Harrisons Run of the Mill

  • Jeff Ivey
    Jeff Ivey 1 month ago

    I can't stop playing this. I think I like it better than the original. The lyrics call for a more toned-down approach with the music-he just nails this one.

  • Mo
    Mo 1 month ago

    Enough with the annoying camera work! It destroys such a lovely song. Why does anyone feel that it adds to this?

  • Flop Plop
    Flop Plop 1 month ago

    Hey Puddles, you are phenomenal, you will soon fill out stadiums.

  • Jennifer Foote
    Jennifer Foote 1 month ago

    Mr. Puddles....I am hooked on your renditions of others songs. Just seen a video of you that was shared on Facebook and I immediately came and subscribed to your channel ❤ Keep your beautiful voice/songs comin!

  • Micheal Gorbochovsky

    thanks pyddles, I remember

    • loosingmymemory7
      loosingmymemory7 1 month ago

      You are right, I remember. Those lonely 70s nights.

  • Ricky Couture
    Ricky Couture 1 month ago

    Such an awesome rendition! I'm no Badfinger fan, but this song was used in the first promo to introduce Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen's trades to the Boston Celtics and will forever represent, for me, the greatest era in sports history. Every time I hear this I think of how special that team was. So thank you for doing this! You rocked it.

  • jonathan steckler
    jonathan steckler 1 month ago

    Outstanding! I love this version. Well done.

  • Jon Denby
    Jon Denby 1 month ago

    Sunday morning coming down! do some Kris for us!

  • Mike Colonna
    Mike Colonna 1 month ago

    AMAZING!!!! beautiful, just beautiful!!!

  • Jim Jam
    Jim Jam 1 month ago

    After playing this 5 times in a row I had to force myself to stop.

  • Susan MacMillan
    Susan MacMillan 1 month ago

    I think I have listened to this 10 times since Friday night, no lie. Beautiful. <3 #obsessed lol

  • Noel Sundby
    Noel Sundby 1 month ago

    I love this song. Great rendition. Love it even more now.

  • silverss396chevelle
    silverss396chevelle 1 month ago

    please please please do "When I'm 64"

  • Victor Radzawich
    Victor Radzawich 1 month ago

    Pete Ham surely did some beautiful writing.....

  • shavguru
    shavguru 1 month ago

    I'd follow this guy on tour

  • shavguru
    shavguru 1 month ago

    I wish I could do that

  • Chuck Berschinski
    Chuck Berschinski 1 month ago

    Unique, talented, fun to listen and watch. Love how the cameraman moves to provide the changing room and of course 'Puddles'  following the camera. Great entertainment!

  • jckay2002
    jckay2002 1 month ago

    what an amazing voice.

  • cowboylizzy1
    cowboylizzy1 1 month ago

    This is a great song. I love your voice. Keep posting I am sharing this everywhere.

  • Daniel Roach
    Daniel Roach 1 month ago

    Puddles is just  such  a  special  kind of awesome! This is great stuff.

  • jessica Garcia
    jessica Garcia 1 month ago

    This brings back memories of my grandparents and my family in the 80's . I remember my father has this record bad finger ,day after day. This was my one of my favorite songs growing up. I think it's awesome that he cover this song. Bad finger is an awesome band. This version bought tears to my eyes....... Thank you for the cover 😏

  • Doughstar star
    Doughstar star 1 month ago

    the best version I've heard...great voice.

  • Jewelsmith
    Jewelsmith 1 month ago

    I'd like to request Jolene, please.

  • 9496Tull
    9496Tull 1 month ago

    OMG!!! The best version I've ever heard!!!!

  • misc
    misc 1 month ago

    Never truly listened to the lyrics over all these years...until now.
    Heavy song.

  • Wetpaint Williams
    Wetpaint Williams 1 month ago

    Your voice rings you dikhead,,,lol. I now practice singing as you do. You're amazing.

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