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Author Shane Anderson (1 year)
Oh so true Billy . I'm
Welder too. Caught fire almost every week
At work
But what about the zaps . The electric shocks ! Everyday ,20 times a day !!

Author Amelie Tan (2 years)
He looks a bit like John Cleese!

Author CANUCK METAL HEAD (2 years)
I went through the same shit! My doctor is a sadist!! But, I got sedation.

Author alskyd (3 years)
The headless ghost is played by John Cleese.

Author hakonsson (2 years)
from what stand up is this?

Author nick williams (3 years)
if you ever need cheerin up!! eh he `s just the best comedian ever. Long
live Billy

Author Rob Coulter (3 years)
I hyperventilate, I laugh so hard at this!

Author Nautilus1972 (3 years)
"A guy is walking past an insane asylum in Glasgow when he hears the
residents inside chanting, "Thirteen! Thirteen! Thirteen!" Curious, he
finds a hole in the wall and looks in. Immediately he's poked in the eye,
then everyone inside starts chanting, "Fourteen! Fourteen! Fourteen!"

Author Davi Snick (3 years)
I went through this at age 17, but it was this awful liquid that tasted
like shit and I fasted before hand. I know exactly what he means. Brilliant

Author mikepilot2011 (2 years)

Author 11strelokfan1000 (3 years)
Billy (Connoll)oscopy ;)

Author Seanadun (2 years)
He may not be everyone cup of tea but he is mine, He is a comedy genius.

Author Omega Curse (3 years)
@2138red You mean television camera i hope. Otherwise that would be
extremely painful

Author peacefrog1916 (3 years)
@NUNCLEFRITZ Why you watching it then?

Author Psychorror (3 years)
@FuckVilleUSA Because the Force was strong within him.

Author Mark Lassman (3 years)
There are TABLETS? I’ve had this fun experience twice now, and look forward
to it again this coming January. What he talks about here... is exactly
what it’s like.

Author Swiftyireland (3 years)

Author ChesterLoadstone (3 years)
Butt humor will NEVER go out of style.

Author 2138red (3 years)
my dad is getting a television shoved up his ass tomorrow so i just have to
show this to him tonight.

Author powderyorgan (3 years)

Author comikrocker (3 years)
@vesternor George would be smiling up at you

Author JakeAnd Hamish (2 years)
This guy is my complete idol ! love ya billy

Author Kane Hogsed (2 years)
omg....cant breath,,,,so hard to breath!!!!

Author away97 (3 years)

Author TANODRODCOD (3 years)
@552Industries you should probably go columbine......

Author TheXLCHKid (3 years)
Anyone who has ever had one, or is THINKING about having one, needs to see
this. It comes close to minimizing the fun! Billy is as funny as a rubber

Author mastergx1 (3 years)
well funny

Author wonderdogcomedy (2 years)
Dark Scottish Sketch Comedy with a hint of mint! Come and tell me what you

Author Jay Kearns (3 years)
I cried for TP in the fridge! Great

Author jake the wizard (3 years)

Author TheBasjenator (2 years)
Yes, I see the yellow of the sulfur, and?

Author 101manchesterunited (3 years)
it was billy who played nearly headless nick

Author Andy McKenzie (3 years)
HAHAHAHA "you have to put the toilet paper in the fridge!"

Author TheLMJVG (3 years)
first time viewer this guy is gold.

Author MJ1284 (2 years)
It's hard to mix up those two, both are fantastic comedians.

Author 68caddilac (2 years)
eurasian leprosy bear laughed at this vid

Author armpitfuzz (3 years)
I Know where you are coming from, same thing here. I hope everything worked
out for the best with you.

Author monica white (3 years)
Vulgarity at it's best, and I'm a prude, but how could you not laugh at
that? Hysterical. Even more so when you know EXACTLY what he's on about.

Author TheNevan60 (3 years)
LMAO - I think I just pooped a little!

Author mtnman1984 (2 years)
I'm gonna puke. I'm laughing so hard.

Author Alison Meeks (3 years)
Sweet Jesus that was the funniest thing I've seen in weeks!

Author Lower North (2 years)
I did the most horrible fart just before he said you need to take a shit
which made it hilarious

Author gekizai (3 years)
Just wow. This made me laugh so hard I nearly threw up. This has got to be
a lesser variant of the Monty Python "Killing Joke." But only very slightly

Author bonnie555diablo (2 years)
love billy he is a fantastic human being

Author vesternor (3 years)
George Carlin actually spoke inside my head, from catholic heaven, and sent
me here!!

Author armpitfuzz (3 years)
did not know they did this treatment in tablet form...i had to do liquid
form and it is vile almost to the point of throwing up !! (had to do this

Author 552Industries (3 years)
I watched this in school... got in trouble for it... went down the the
principal's office and he saw the video. He started crying with laughter -
I STILL got a suspension.

Author mikepilot2011 (2 years)
tee tree and bagers pupik hair

Author Birgler14 (3 years)
ahhh thank you!!

Author Paul Sheridan (2 years)
You can never get tired of billy. hero.

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