Billy Connolly - Colonoscopy

Billy Connolly describing the prep for a colonoscopy.... funniest thing ever.

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Author Shane Anderson ( ago)
Oh so true Billy . I'm
Welder too. Caught fire almost every week
At work
But what about the zaps . The electric shocks ! Everyday ,20 times a day !!

Author hakonsson ( ago)
from what stand up is this?

Author JakeAnd Hamish ( ago)
This guy is my complete idol ! love ya billy

Author SonyTwan ( ago)
How'd it go? I have one in around two weeks, sigmoid was bad enough

Author Char Horsfield ( ago)
This man is GOLDEN!!! I haven't laughed like that since....... forever!!!!

Author sapphmonster ( ago)
This will be me tomorrow night. Except I have 4l of liquid to drink that
has been either as horse vomit or like a cross between goat spit and urinal
cleanser.... Wish me and my innards luck! Hopefully I don't have to spend
too long on the throne

Author XabiAlonsosCousin ( ago)
112 people have a colonoscopy booked!

Author mtnman1984 ( ago)
I'm gonna puke. I'm laughing so hard.

Author Paul Sheridan ( ago)
You can never get tired of billy. hero.

Author mozzmann ( ago)
Many years ago I had Billy in my Cab in Brisbane and was literally in
stitches on the way to the Hotel in the City as he ran through the gags for
the show he was to do, a funny funny man.

Author !! New Channel !! - Karneto Designs ( ago)
Who ever dislikes this video has a very sad life.

Author Steve Cresco ( ago)
Its an all night marathon! Been There! LOL

Author dmaulition ( ago)
Met Billy once! Thought I'd never be starstruck in my life, but I couldn't
manage a basic fucking coherent sentence! Billy you legend!

Author 68caddilac ( ago)
eurasian leprosy bear laughed at this vid

Author TheRedGynger ( ago)
Everything is funnier with that heavy of a freaking Scottish accent. I
can't stop laughing

Author Amelie Tan ( ago)
He looks a bit like John Cleese!

Author tenjinnim ( ago)
i put mine in today... dulcolax plus magnesium citrate is a bitch!

Author sonydigital1 ( ago)

Author ThomasMurphy711 ( ago)
awwwwwww fuck me. I have never laughed so hard in all my life Billy
Connolly all the way LEGEND

Author MakeLAUGHnotWAR ( ago)
I'll be putting Toilet paper in the fridge August 28th

Author Jonathan Ryan ( ago)
Best i've seen

Author Seanadun ( ago)
He may not be everyone cup of tea but he is mine, He is a comedy genius.

Author Georgia Corrie ( ago)
You can only relate to him if you've experienced one- he's right on the

Author joe s ( ago)
Holy cow! This man has it!!!! Lmao

Author Neojhun ( ago)
Ouch I hope i'm not that jaded when i'm 56.

Author 3maedchen ( ago)
I am sitting right now, tomorrow morning is my turn, Yep it's just like
he's telling it

Author QueerSwede1 ( ago)
LOL yep, that´s what´s it like!

Author Agt926 ( ago)
And if you're 56 and posting pointless, predictable and just plain stupid
comments on do you.

Author tubeman ( ago)
if you are over 18 and still laugh hysterically about pooping you need to
socialize more

Author Virgil Cowen ( ago)
One last laugh for the night. A little Vulgar but funny

Author FreshDrunk ( ago)
I don't recommend watching this video while eating or drinking >_<

Author MJ1284 ( ago)
It's hard to mix up those two, both are fantastic comedians.

Author 101manchesterunited ( ago)
ye your right he did sorry.

Author soulcornflake1 ( ago)
Actually, no. John Cleese played Nearly Headless Nick.

Author bonnie555diablo ( ago)
love billy he is a fantastic human being

Author Ben Truckell ( ago)
I got my hospital dates mixed up so I had to go through the whole process
again two weeks later! Pretty accurate description. I kep t singin the ring
of fire all day. Hilarious........

Author Lauren Caldwell ( ago)
sooooo funny

Author amidnightdreary ( ago)
No matter how many times I watch this, no matter how down I am, I'm always
reduced to laughter so hard I can't breathe and my belly aches. Thank you,
Mr Connolly, for being so hilarious.

Author TrueDat7 ( ago)
hahahaaahaha oh fuck :)))))))

Author funkystonermonkey ( ago)
i want to puke but i cant stop laughing!!!

Author KodeTM ( ago)
Good old Billy xD Love his humor. He doesn't care and will say it as it is.
He can even take something that could be serious and shouldn't be laughed
at and bring out the funny in it! Laughter is a great medicine!

Author wonderdogcomedy (1434 years ago)
Dark Scottish Sketch Comedy with a hint of mint! Come and tell me what you

Author Lower North ( ago)
I did the most horrible fart just before he said you need to take a shit
which made it hilarious

Author Yo Momma Smell Like Hot Dog Water ( ago)
I couldn't laugh...

I went through the same shit! My doctor is a sadist!! But, I got sedation.

Author Donald Holben ( ago)

Author mikepilot2011 ( ago)
tee tree and bagers pupik hair

Author mikepilot2011 ( ago)

Author TheBasjenator (324 years ago)
Yes, I see the yellow of the sulfur, and?

Author mikepilot2011 ( ago)

Author Sarah Jane (751 year ago)
for me it was lemonade..

Author Kane Hogsed (1477 years ago)
omg....cant breath,,,,so hard to breath!!!!

Author Missy Seanache ( ago)

Author Hypastpist ( ago)
now I gotta shit

Author Mark Lassman ( ago)
There are TABLETS? I’ve had this fun experience twice now, and look forward
to it again this coming January. What he talks about here... is exactly
what it’s like.

Author Ultranothing ( ago)
For anyone who didn't know: Mr. Connolly also played Il Duce, "The Duke,"
feared hitman from The Boondock Saints. You know, the dude with all the
guns in his trenchcoat.

Author armpitfuzz ( ago)
I Know where you are coming from, same thing here. I hope everything worked
out for the best with you.

Author armpitfuzz ( ago)
That's the filth..really don't know how i kept it down....they recommended
mixing it with lime juice, really made it worse, if possible !

Author Nick Beenham ( ago)
Seeing as we have the bottom theme going on tonight, some words of wisdom
from Billy

+Matt Makowsky

Author Sharon Gathercole ( ago)
Sides ache. One of his funniest moments:-)

Author 101manchesterunited ( ago)
it was billy who played nearly headless nick

Author armpitfuzz ( ago)
did not know they did this treatment in tablet form...i had to do liquid
form and it is vile almost to the point of throwing up !! (had to do this

Author Jon B. ( ago)
He says he took the pills and not the liquid.

Author armpitfuzz ( ago)
I'm amazed he didn't tell of how vile this stuff tastes !

Author alskyd ( ago)
The headless ghost is played by John Cleese.

Author dgray167 ( ago)
I wish this gut would tour america. Best irish comedian ever!!

Author m ulhaq ( ago)
his noise at 2.40 lmao

Author Jay Kearns ( ago)
I cried for TP in the fridge! Great

Author 4 Eyed Animation ( ago)
I am crying laughing!

Author Nevals Civonaja ( ago)
Thats what im keen to hear more about,lol.

Author tgreyht trujyr ( ago)
Oh hai! tried - H Be Gone (google it)? Hearing decent things about it and
my auntie removed piles with it.

Author mrsdun1 ( ago)
hahahaha everythin he is say is just how it is haha

Author James F ( ago)
xD the funniest comedian in British tv history. every clip of his i cry
laughing at

Author celes10db ( ago)
Awesome, isn't he nearly headless henk from harry potter? He shure looks
like him

Author Robert Drake ( ago)
Been there.

Author ot63 ( ago)
>putting toilet paper in the fridge

Author Kate Brown ( ago)

Author Birgler14 ( ago)
ahhh thank you!!

Author Angel Lazerus ( ago)

Author SYXTRSW ( ago)
It goes along the lines of - "I once stayed in a wee Guest hoose in the
Highlands and when I arrived the wee wummin said 'have a good memory for
faces son' I says 'aye ah dae' 'Good' says the wee wummin, 'The mirror in
the bathroom is broken' - Hope that helps. First person, third person,
doesn't matter

Author Thecramps1984 ( ago)
The best comedian ever. Not one of the best but the best.

Author Andy McKenzie ( ago)
HAHAHAHA "you have to put the toilet paper in the fridge!"

Author Birgler14 ( ago)
anybody know where I could find that joke about the bathroom without a
mirror? Something about being good with faces

Author TheSecretLifeOfRutherford ( ago)
GOOOOOD LORD.... I lost some innocence.....

Author dookyboy dook ( ago)
very much

Author TitchTV ( ago)
Ha. That's ace!! Always smile at this. Reminds me of an afternoon at
Airedale hospital?! 5 of us in the 6 bed ward took the night before
pills!!! One poor sod didn't. Matron went in to see the chap with a tray of
summit. 5 mins later he's legging it to the loo!!! ;-D A bizarre

Author ChesterLoadstone ( ago)
Butt humor will NEVER go out of style.

Author jake the wizard ( ago)

Author Work With Nature - Organic Gardening, Beekeeping & Seed Saving ( ago)
That was the funniest thing ever, Nice one :)

Author captainhardcrabs1 ( ago)
@NUNCLEFRITZ Your mother should have used birth control

Author peacefrog1916 ( ago)
@NUNCLEFRITZ Why you watching it then?

Author monica white ( ago)
This reminds me of a funny story from a former colleague of mine. We worked
in an office and had run out of toilet paper. Bob, who was a big man, went
to the near-bye town centre and bought two of these multi-pack toilet rolls
with the convenient carry handle,18 rolls altogether. He was walking back
to the office when he hears a very loud voice shouting. "Hoy big
man--------------- wid ye no be cheaper buying a bottle of Imodium?"

Author monica white ( ago)
Vulgarity at it's best, and I'm a prude, but how could you not laugh at
that? Hysterical. Even more so when you know EXACTLY what he's on about.

Author NUNCLEFRITZ ( ago)

Author kotetsu131 ( ago)
christ the bloody scots do it every tyme!

Author Shawn Warren ( ago)
Warning ! Rated 'M' for language

Author Drew Rivera ( ago)
got to your friendly chemisty and ask for "Shiteazy"

Author OMNISLASHER1000 ( ago)
billy just finds words like that funny cos glaswegians dont have too use
them too get their point across,a vasectomy? naw,baws chopped aff!!!

Author 11strelokfan1000 ( ago)
Billy (Connoll)oscopy ;)

Author Thingamajigs ( ago)
@ufoDanceParty Thats the oily discharge.

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