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Author Gianluca Ullo (9 days)

Author shahin0ne87 (5 months)
Mr. Compas - Un Senor! El Dio para siempre!

Author Osuna De Sevilla (8 months)
Magistral Paco De Lucía !!!!!

Author andré De coster (1 month)
geen enkele is beter het is zonde dat
hij er niet meer is ,ik zal hem zeker nooit vergeten.

Author Michael Lopez (24 days)
Amo a ve, esta pieza esta en algun disco suyo o es exclusivo de este
concierto???? Ah vale ya, es una mezcla de muchos temas, e reconosio la
calle de los lunares casi al fina.

Author Jason Oliver (11 days)

Author Patricia Govea (9 days)

Author Josey Wells (5 months)
i was at is concert in brussels ,during is world tour with john mc laughing
,and all di meola, a got a nice photo from paco at the concert ,nobody will
never play better than paco ,paco was the greatest of all times ,one in a
trillion, we miss you paco

Author Anaya Kunt (2 months)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author Francisco Hazleden (5 months)
Paco De Lucia - Flamenco at Expo, Sevilla:

Author Anaya Kunt (2 months)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author Colling Mol (3 months)
Grande Paco... Una estrella más en el firmamento, por siempre maestro. ! 

Author soeli buffa (6 months)

Author soeli buffa (6 months)

Author Jolanta Soliwoda (2 months)

Author Josey Wells (5 months)
we miss you paco

Author Steffen Adamsen (7 months)
Paco it's the king of the flamenco!

Author Ian McGillivray (1 year)
So sad,RIP Paco,another talent taken too soon

Author inga aziz (9 months)

Author wilfried buendgens (7 months)

Author Jean-Michel LE BARH (1 year)

Author steptospain (1 year)
Умер Пако де Лусия - один из самых известных в мире испанских
гитаристов-исполнителей фламенко
Paco De Lucia - Flamenco at Expo, Sevilla

Author Deuterio27 (11 months)
Che dire...niente se non meraviglioso! 

Author Vasso Yannetsou (1 year)

Author Lucas Henrique (1 year)
grande músico, ETERNO!

Author Ian McGillivray (1 year)
RIP Paco,another great talent taken too soon.

Author Biagio De Rosa (1 year)

Author Porfirio Hernández (1 year)
Adiós, maestro

Author tommaso di pietro (1 year)
Il piu' grande di sempre...

Author pietro aligi Schiavi (1 year)
Un Grande della Chitarra, un eccelso Musicista, amato da tutti i
chitarristi del mondo. Riposa in Pace Maestro!!!!

Author Wanda Banterle (1 year)
Un grande virtuoso della chitarra..un fantastico interprete.

Author Ginés Corbalán (1 year)
Don Paco, como siempre "el gran maestro de la guitarra española". 

Author Pierre Eletufe (1 year)

Author Aliro gonzález (1 year)

Author Laszlo Horvath (1 year)
I met him at 1987 in Budapest. He was very gentle, very nice man. Oh my
God...:( God bless his family...

Author David Walsh (1 year)
Incredible virtuosity; an avataric musician.

Author Salih Ertan (1 year)
So long Paco De Lucia, so long...

Author Bruno Pitasi (1 year)

Author John Talmage (1 year)
what amazing passion and skill. Sad day for flamenco and guitar.

Author Thierry BEN ATTAR (1 year)

Author Anatoli Angelov (1 year)

Author Henry Fuentes Riccardi (1 year)
Descanse en paz Sr Paco Lucia.

Author Cholito Peruano (1 year)
Haces con la madera y las cuerdas sonidos del universo inigualables. D.E.P.

Author Монгол Жаал (1 year)
Орхигдсон сэтгэлийн аялгуу хадны цуурайд илгээсэн мэт хязгааргүй... Бас
хэнд ч үл хүрэх хязгаарлагдмал... GTZ 

Author Beslan Dzhindzholiya (1 year)

Author daniel tristan (1 year)
Arte en musica....

Author Can Özçelik (1 year)
Mekanı cennet olsun..

Author Steve Acworth (1 year)

Author Amélia Caspurro (1 year)
26-02 2014

Author Upendraroy Nanavati (1 year)

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