Blues on my Hammond Organ B3

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Me playing my chopped Hammond B3 and custom Dynacord DC100 leslie. This is my first post. Make sure to visit my band's page and add me to your friends:

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Author Gabriel Plotkin (7 months)
All that for a cut off ending? That's a small price to pay for arguably the
sickest organ solo video on youtube. 

Author Kylie Oelfke (9 months)
The sound.... the sound....

Author katoosh950 (3 years)
Best of .... Love it.

Author MagdaleneMayhem (3 years)
Craigslist! Wooo!

Author mattis09 (3 years)
grandious hammond-playing!

Author Andriv Livahf (3 years)
I felt in love.

Author mexsa (3 years)
awesome CL post...e-high five

Author gino duchesne (2 years)
very cool!

Author slavel19 (3 years)
he he he, me too.

Author boattrainpaddy (2 years)
Jimmy McGriff! Though you don't look a fucking thing like the MASTER!?!?

Author stumalibu2 (3 years)
sound great

Author LiNux 4 Life (3 years)
Do you give concerts? If you didn't prepare that, you gonna get on the list
of excellent jazz organ players!

Author nevetsnolog (3 years)
great sound liking that B3

Author cmartinjr2 (3 years)
Another view from craigslist....

Author Bowlamf2112 (1 year)
Man that is such a great sound! Nice playing. I have an M3 but I don't know
how to play. I'd love to learn some day but it takes a lot of dedication. I
wish I did it when I was younger!

Author Albert Hammond (3 years)
just fine! you must feel very lucky that you know to play this great organ.

Author hkhuhn (3 years)
best of craigslist

Author Crystal Teters (3 years)
Best of Craigslist also. Nice!

Author Joel M (3 years)
'Love it!

Author Thomas Coiner (3 years)
best of craigslist! haha

Author starmantough (2 years)
Excellent style and playing. Good to watch and hear you play man.

Author 0001mgpr (2 years)
stop it! (you are way too good)

Author bostero1 (3 years)
Where can I find more Hammond solo music? Any artists or suggestions
please? Thank you!

Author tripa (1 year)
WoOoW. Love that Sound! :) I Hope I Would Some how get one.and play it.

Author verbalpage (3 years)
LMAO Best of Craigslist Rocks!!!

Author 1emailer (2 years)
Just a few short weeks of practice and a puppy in trade and I am there.

Author Antwon Starr (3 years)
best of craigslist here also @!

Author compaq2441 (3 years)
Craiglsit is the bomb. Only place you can find someone to tie you up and
beat you AND get Betamax videos for free on a curb.

Author cinnomonsinner (2 years)
he got this at craigslist?

Author qba5775 (3 years)
nonono, pozamiatane :D śliczne brzmienie, mimo iż z tańszym głośnikiem

Author Thies Peters (3 years)
Wow! I love this video :-) Your playing and your organ is just great!!! :-)
*thumbs up*

Author Paul Postal (2 years)
Nice playing, nothing sounds like a B3....hate to say it, but I got here
from "Best of Craigslist".

Author Jerox87 (2 years)

Author steven garcia (2 years)
I'd trade 2 puppies and a guinea pig for that bad mofo!

Author donttouchtheacid (3 years)
Is this song written by The Incredible Jimmy Smith?? Sounds great : )

Author parco64 (2 years)
I think you folks are confused. This is not the organ on best of
craigslist. This is a legendary Hammond B3, that is a free Kimball, no
comparison. The craigslist seller didn't say this was his organ, he said
you could learn to play like this...

Author sfsdfdf (3 years)
look at this GODDAMN organ HOLY SHIT

Author Michael Roberts (3 years)
Best of CL right heeeeerre!!

Author Albert Einstein (1 year)
Nice play! Great job!

Author Sebastian Vota (1 year)
Sounds great!

Author Bobbie Bees (3 years)
@neogondawanna I'm beginning to think that the Best of Craigslist ad was
just a fraud to get us to come here and watch this.

Author Matyooo (1 year)
I guess it was 80008888. the typical squabling sound....

Author cinnomonsinner (2 years)
i just don't understand

Author artis brown (2 years)
nice job and great sounding organ... Artis brown

Author evilopie (3 years)
Best of craigslist

Author Aleksei Finageiv (1 year)
ray needs you! lol

Author DjSplashx (2 years)
Best of Craiglist had a link to this

Author angeljenny55 (3 years)
Nothing beats a Hammond Organ and someone who knows how to wring the Blues
out of it! Way to go!

Author drumminman54 (3 years)
Love it. Just great!

Author earlyeehawpickens (2 years)

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