Blues on my Hammond Organ B3

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Me playing my chopped Hammond B3 and custom Dynacord DC100 leslie. This is my first post. Make sure to visit my band's page and add me to your friends:

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Author Lang1914 ( ago)
great sund hallelujah !

Author montgomb3 ( ago)

Author Francesco Termini ( ago)
B3 ?

Author Francesco Ceretti ( ago)
Isn't this hammond a C3???

Author Walker Boyce ( ago)
Can I be like you?

Author Gabriel Plotkin ( ago)
All that for a cut off ending? That's a small price to pay for arguably the
sickest organ solo video on youtube. 

Author Kylie Chaffey ( ago)
The sound.... the sound....

Author debb ( ago)
I love this! He is so talented! Love this kind of organ music!

Author lookerdmi ( ago)
Is this organ really a model B-3 or is it an RT-2?

Author boneysouthwest ( ago)
This mans got soul CHUUUUUURCH

Author Albert Einstein ( ago)
Nice play! Great job!

Author Jean-Luc Thomas ( ago)
.....Where do i get one... they seem impossible to find.

Author kebiwoni ( ago)

Author Sebastian Vota ( ago)
Sounds great!

Author Nick van der schoot ( ago)
Yes tried it... Cool thank you very much

Author Matyooo ( ago)
I guess it was 80008888. the typical squabling sound....

Author Nick van der schoot ( ago)
What are The drawbarsettings for the sound on 1:18 ?? Nick

Author john iorio (1790 years ago)
Not bad and nice chops, but way too much "shredding"....if you look at all
the blues greats (booker T, B.b. king) they leave open some areas for
breathing room...your shits too over the top, sounds too much like musical
exercise versus real blues....but you have it in you I can tell.....keep on

Author Aleksei Finageiv ( ago)
ome of the gear we are looking for: early Vox Continental organ, early
Fender Rhodes bass piano, Gibson Kalamazoo, Fender Rhodes piano, Hammond
B3. More info coming soon!!

Author Aleksei Finageiv ( ago)
ray needs you! lol

Author Aleksei Finageiv ( ago)
Over the next few years, we will be working on a project to acquire and
restore vintage gear similar to the gear used by Ray Manzarek over his
career. We hope to use these in future exhibits, and possibly even have Ray
use them in future projects! If you have any gear you would be willing to
donate or sell at a reasonable price, or have any spare vintage parts,
please email David Dutkowski at Spare parts will
be critica

Author BigORat ( ago)
Dude can shred the keys.

Author Barry Warne ( ago)
nice - cherish that Hammond

Author Javier G ( ago)

Author Bowlamf2112 (564 years ago)
Man that is such a great sound! Nice playing. I have an M3 but I don't know
how to play. I'd love to learn some day but it takes a lot of dedication. I
wish I did it when I was younger!

Author tripa ( ago)
WoOoW. Love that Sound! :) I Hope I Would Some how get one.and play it.

Author j h ( ago)
Love the Leslie ! High 5 !

Author artis brown ( ago)
nice job and great sounding organ... Artis brown

Author gino duchesne ( ago)
very cool!

Author Jacob Faseler ( ago)

Author Jacob Faseler ( ago)
around 2:18 he starts sounding more like jon lord, lol

Author Joeinsdca ( ago)
LOL!! A few short weeks! HAHA. (best of craigs list!)

Author Jon Hernandez ( ago)
I'll Even Throw In A FREE High Five! CL, the best.

Author cinnomonsinner ( ago)
i just don't understand

Author DjSplashx ( ago)
Best of Craiglist had a link to this

Author MrBonzoMan ( ago)
In the groove man!

Author Jacob Reeder ( ago)
He looks like Shaggy from Scooby Doo. Also, sick blues lol.

Author cinnomonsinner ( ago)
he got this at craigslist?

Author dankgeetar ( ago)
Best of craigslist referral. Keep swinging!

Author 0001mgpr ( ago)
stop it! (you are way too good)

Author Paul Postal ( ago)
Nice playing, nothing sounds like a B3....hate to say it, but I got here
from "Best of Craigslist".

Author amaturemusicians ( ago)
Stop IT! WAy too cool!

Author Name Optional ( ago)

Author amazula ( ago)
can i still get that "high five"?

Author Jerox87 ( ago)

Author Michele Lasio ( ago)
Fantastic !Fantastic !Fantastic !

Author josvlietstra ( ago)
Hi When you switch from slow to fast I don't hear any ''click'' sounds form
the DC100 . How did you manage that ??

Author jessiemking ( ago)
If that guy comes with the organ you've got yourself a deal.

Author TheVibratory ( ago)

Author Marco ocraM ( ago)
Fantastic !

Author robcr8 ( ago)

Author millsfreak ( ago)
I don't need the organ, just a damn high five!!!!

Author FreaquedeMusique (879 years ago)
HOLY SHITT!! Love this!!

Author Christiaan Burgel ( ago)
Awesome video and equipment! But... Aren't you destroying your right ear
like this? :(

Author steven garcia ( ago)
I'd trade 2 puppies and a guinea pig for that bad mofo!

Author 1emailer ( ago)
Just a few short weeks of practice and a puppy in trade and I am there.

Author starmantough ( ago)
Excellent style and playing. Good to watch and hear you play man.

Author JJVonGuckin ( ago)
YES! great, now i have the urge to buy one.

Author earlyeehawpickens ( ago)

Author Daily Story ( ago)
Best of CraigsList.

Author martin moran ( ago)
thats a C3!!!

Author rmk4362 ( ago)
...organ rather. The B3 is a classic and I wish I could play like that!

Author rmk4362 ( ago)
You sound great-awesome keyboard and you obviously know how to play the
blues-great job!

Author FunkyFruitHat (464 years ago)
the power of the B3

Author River Discounts ( ago)
Nothing in the world sounds like a B3

Author Meowsy ( ago)

Author mrwhite5904 ( ago)

Author ysuzuki1773 ( ago)
I have hammond XK-3 in japan.too. please show me. my name is SUZUKI.

Author Simon P ( ago)
Any tips, techniques, scales etc you could share with a fellow musician?

Author london19657 ( ago)
I play guitar ,kinda.. I wish I could play like you, man. I You're an
inspiration. Thanks for posting. I'm not too old ,, I think I need to buy a

Author sfsdfdf ( ago)
look at this GODDAMN organ HOLY SHIT

Author Andriv Livahf ( ago)
I felt in love.

Author Kirky753 ( ago)
haha, craigslist ftw!

Author mcridgetop ( ago)
@benzieproductions ha, same. sad isn't it.

Author compaq2441 ( ago)
Craiglsit is the bomb. Only place you can find someone to tie you up and
beat you AND get Betamax videos for free on a curb.

Author jacob dickey ( ago)
I have a puppy for you!

Author Matt Huffman (1556 years ago)
@benzieproductions ME TOO!

Author Jason Lyon ( ago)
*speaking in tongues*

Author Thomas van Steenbergen ( ago)
Nice modification on the B3 there. Gotta love the Dynacord!

Author stumalibu2 ( ago)
sound great

Author hulk182003 ( ago)
@francoisXIV I dont get it. I am a Funeral Director and serve all races and
religions. Not being racist. Just stating facts.

Author Michael Roberts ( ago)
Best of CL right heeeeerre!!

Author Dawn Tripp ( ago)
Make it speak, baby! Make it SPEAK!!!!!

Author Robert Hughey (148 years ago)
Thanks bestofcraigslst... For the memories of being put on hold the last
time I called my Doctor's office.

Author geoh7777 ( ago)
Is a rotating speaker to help keep the dust off?

Author nevetsnolog ( ago)
great sound liking that B3

Author Thies Peters ( ago)
Wow! I love this video :-) Your playing and your organ is just great!!! :-)
*thumbs up*

Author mattis09 ( ago)
grandious hammond-playing!

Author dasharer ( ago)
Best elevator music I've heard all day. Thanks, Best of Craigslist!

Author rollipolioli ( ago)
wow!! excellent how long have you been playing?

Author Andre Marquis ( ago)
Why don´t the photographer wait until the end of the blues...

Author clarence brown ( ago)
You picked those keys cleannnnnnnnnnn.............

Author mike hunt ( ago)
is it still availible?

Author artis brown ( ago)
nice man!! artis brown gary'indiana organist

Author Samantha Mulvaney ( ago)

Author Zach Saint ( ago)
it's amazing how 207,000 people got here from the craigslist ad XD

Author slavel19 ( ago)
he he he, me too.

Author Jerd ( ago)
Best of Craigslist FTW!

Author Joel M ( ago)
'Love it!

Author donttouchtheacid ( ago)
Is this song written by The Incredible Jimmy Smith?? Sounds great : )

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