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  • Donaji Perez
    Donaji Perez 4 hours ago

    love u!!

  • Jay Klingsmith
    Jay Klingsmith 2 days ago

    she is very talented and athletic

  • Awesome!:D
    Awesome!:D 4 days ago


  • Mary
    Mary 4 days ago

    Dear Lindsey,
    Those down-votes are simply from people who couldn't wait til the video was over to up-vote, but alas, they couldn't peel their eyes away from the beauty of this video and thus their stumbling thumbs missed the "thumbs up" as they were watching.

  • Elle Wyllys
    Elle Wyllys 5 days ago

    This is awesome

  • Huawei Media
    Huawei Media 6 days ago

    I learn lots of think from your video

  • CoolBeans McGee
    CoolBeans McGee 6 days ago

    Been Watching you ever since i have seen you on AGT and i absolutely enjoy your music. You are a very talented musician and I hope you keep on with the great music.

  • Rotthen DLK
    Rotthen DLK 6 days ago

    i wonder what would say all those judges on the America's got talent show about you now... because you fight so hard to make your dream come true :D

  • Mysterious Rebel
    Mysterious Rebel 8 days ago

    Lindsey: Uhhhhh.....uhhhhh
    Lindseys Dad:Do me a favor, go away......
    SAVAGE DAD😂😂😂😂😂

  • GakuseiChatto
    GakuseiChatto 8 days ago

    thanks a lot

  • fawntale
    fawntale 9 days ago


  • Abhiksha Priyam Boruah

    Lindsey, you are my idol...u inspire me to play violin ! thanks and I love you!

  • Anindya Nath
    Anindya Nath 11 days ago

    you're a inspiration(for ppl like me who easily give up after certain events) & you're truly amazing!(I was not a big fan of violin until now)
    All the best👍& love from India. 🎻🎼
    & thanks for Assassin Creed video,that video brought me here.

  • Varsha Srinivasan
    Varsha Srinivasan 11 days ago

    It's inspiring, how much you had to go through. This sort of motivation is exactly what I need now.

  • Sharanya Vijayalakshmy

    you look so amazing !

  • ternitamas
    ternitamas 12 days ago

    sometimes the worst "you can't" become the fuel for your "yes I can"

  • Justine Paterson
    Justine Paterson 12 days ago

    I'm in love with your story and music. I was going to through a creative block but after warching the 'Shatter Me' video, I picked up my pencil and just started drawing and have barely stopped since so thank you ♡

  • Alex N
    Alex N 13 days ago

    Ты большая молодец! Твоё творчество дает нам силы жить дальше! Продолжай творить! Даже если перестанешь - мы будем любить тебя вечно! Просто твой очередной поклонник в этом мире грёз.

    You are a great fellow! Your creativity gives us the strength to live on! Continue to create! Even if you stop - we will love you forever! Just your next fan in this dream world.

  • Greg Creager
    Greg Creager 13 days ago

    Thanks for not giving up after Americas Judges Lack Talent, Love your music!

  • Erwin Matic
    Erwin Matic 13 days ago

    I found out about you today, Lidsey. I'm a little late but I can guarantee you that I'll be following you from now until I draw my last breath.

  • YogiCub181
    YogiCub181 14 days ago

    Amen, it is okay to be who God designed you to be! Bummer about the AGT thing, but it looks like it gave ya your heading. Actually while watching some of your other videos I wondered if you had been on AGT. I hope you find your Dream, trust me they do come true if you work for it, your well on your way! Don't forget to live your life though.

  • Alvaro Souza
    Alvaro Souza 14 days ago

    Please come to Brazil, You're the best of the best, 3 years ago I met yours musics and loved everything you created. your music been the inspiration for my arts, if you'd like see go to @san-pictures, love you so much!!

  • andres garzon
    andres garzon 14 days ago

    I love you too

  • Gizem Pürçek
    Gizem Pürçek 14 days ago

    It's so perfect a life story.This made me cry .Just don't give up.

  • Rahana Yoosuf
    Rahana Yoosuf 14 days ago

    shes poor

  • cellogirl11RW
    cellogirl11RW 15 days ago

    Hey, Lindsey. Thank you so much for sharing these intimate moments. I can really relate to you. I am a very strong, outgoing, energetic person, and, underneath it all, I have a whole host of issues. I have a neurological disorder, called Sensory Processing Disorder (where the brain doesn't process sensory information properly) and a Chiari Malformation (where the cerebellum herniates down into the cerebral spinal canal). I've had surgery for my Chiari, as well as gallstones when I was 20 years old (I'm 24 now). In addition, I am also struggling with bipolar disorder, ADHD, and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. There was a time in my life two years ago right after I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder where nothing was helping and I was so miserable that I nearly ended my own life. I thought, "Taking my life would mean taking myself away from my friends and family. Maybe if I just have my parents take me to the hospital so I can focus on healing and give my meds some time to work, I will be okay." It was tricky to find the right treatment, but, I'm so glad I put in the effort to heal and stuck with it. Now, despite being jobless and basically at the poverty level, I am enjoying life to the fullest as a cellist in a local community orchestra, as well as a soon-to-be wife and a veterinary technician.

    Thank you so much for your inspiration. I have been to three of your concerts in Washington State, and I would absolutely love to meet you one day.

    Much love,

  • Valerie Arnold
    Valerie Arnold 15 days ago

    I met your mom

  • Malaikah Rahman
    Malaikah Rahman 15 days ago

    your amazing lindsey. love you!

  • MyMazingLife
    MyMazingLife 16 days ago

    Lindsey you inspire me so much!!! Every time i cry or become sad i just watch your videos because your just so amazing , i hope you stay strong and beautiful. Just think you will always be our #1. When i first saw you i cried tears of joy because you were like a shining bright star!!! Stay on the right side of the track! Bye

    ALVIN NISCAL 16 days ago

    love you @lindsey stirling

  • Rosie_Blossom55 Vlogging

    I want to bring world peace somehow. That's my goal and dream that I want to make a reality. I'm only 10 and that's my goal.

  • monserrat zambrano
    monserrat zambrano 20 days ago


  • Yusuf Shaikh
    Yusuf Shaikh 22 days ago

    ya its very good inspiration to all girl who have big dreams but also for boys like me so i am wordless to tell just one thing I can tell you that you are just incredible...... I dream some day I will meet you LINDSEY STIRLING👍👍👍💛💛😙😙!!!

  • Kris Kollmar
    Kris Kollmar 24 days ago

    Your so cool!

  • PsYcHoDeViLz666
    PsYcHoDeViLz666 26 days ago

    cutest girl ever adorable :)

  • Darron Stuttard
    Darron Stuttard 26 days ago

    Beautiful and amazingly talented. Would love to perform with you one day. If you ever need a drummer in Australia, I'm yours. 🤘🏻

  • Sapphire Heartfellia


  • tico juliani
    tico juliani 29 days ago

    did you ever play weekly in delray bch fl

  • Halle Fasoldt
    Halle Fasoldt 1 month ago

    i love your story

  • Mary Bell
    Mary Bell 1 month ago

    I'm only 11 and your enspiring me that don't listen to those American goy t talent people and move on with your life and get better and better

  • Suriel Marquez
    Suriel Marquez 1 month ago

    What´s the song?

  • Galya Polyakova
    Galya Polyakova 1 month ago

    you are suuuuper strong and awesomly positive. i love your art your videos and music. super cool thanks for all you do.

  • Twins are awsome
    Twins are awsome 1 month ago

    You are my life

  • Isabella Peña Aguilar

    This are a beatifull video!!

  • Lilly 6793
    Lilly 6793 1 month ago

    You inspire me so much. You are amazing. I hope that you keep following your dreams.

  • Ariadna López Collado


  • Claudio PAC
    Claudio PAC 1 month ago

    May God Continue to Bless You.

  • Ken Block
    Ken Block 1 month ago

    You are so sweet.

  • abel copacaba
    abel copacaba 1 month ago

    que hermoso te amo linsey ¡¡ nunca cambies saludos de argentina

  • Carmen Samaro
    Carmen Samaro 1 month ago

    This made me sad I almost cried that was amazing I wish I had your talent

  • Kimberly Fierley
    Kimberly Fierley 1 month ago

    lindsey is the best she gives us joy and love we need more people like her!

  • Bloodyminer
    Bloodyminer 1 month ago

    Hi Lindsey! i am not sure if you will read this message, but i just wanted to thank you for your inspiring music, and when i have seen this video i just realized that there are some people outside the shithole where i live now that are trying doing and succeseed in bringing something great in this world, with best wishes from Kazakhstan.

  • Andreas Horlacher
    Andreas Horlacher 1 month ago

    mom and daughter @ 1:15. A huge smile of secure, safe and happy.

  • Sarah Henry
    Sarah Henry 1 month ago

    now that's a story of my life video. lindsey did amazing.

  • Максим Пирожков

    Lindsey Ты самая лучшая !!! ))) Продолжай в том же духе !!!

  • Paulina Kuczwara
    Paulina Kuczwara 1 month ago


  • Linda Phillips
    Linda Phillips 1 month ago

    She may of failed on Americas got talent which I quite enjoyed that tryout she clearly had talent and stuck it to um look at her now touring all over the world and living a good life FairPlay girl u showed everyone they were wrong and cute story keep up the good work hun all the best from 🇬🇧

  • Linda Phillips
    Linda Phillips 1 month ago

    This is interesting

  • Fausto VIII
    Fausto VIII 1 month ago

    TE AMO!!! Lindsey, nunca dejes de tocar el violín

  • Saber Player G
    Saber Player G 1 month ago

    que fofinho dá vontade de apertar

  • Julia Drew
    Julia Drew 1 month ago

    You are amazing Lindsey! I love you and your music soooo much! You're my inspiration!

  • Little Lizzy
    Little Lizzy 1 month ago

    I play violin too! but i am a beginner.🎵🎶♩🎻🎻🎻🎻🎻🎻

  • midoribishi
    midoribishi 2 months ago

    You are simply amazing and such an inspiration!


    Big Lindsey also beautifull!


    This so beautifull is little Lindsey!

  • Josue Jhosue
    Josue Jhosue 2 months ago

    simplemente grandiosa y talentosa <3

  • Shield S.
    Shield S. 2 months ago

    that music though...

  • Maria Przychodzeń
    Maria Przychodzeń 2 months ago

    Nie wiem czemu gdy to oglądam płacze...

  • saxyroxy736
    saxyroxy736 2 months ago

    this really bothers me. anyone would cry in that situation. to a lot of people this would have ruined their live, but you rose above,. you cried, you stood up, and you dusted yourself off while adjusting your crown. Dont' ever get bogged down by negativity! Keep being you!

  • Coco Lolo
    Coco Lolo 2 months ago

    Wow Lindsey you were so cute when you were little :D thank you for sharing it with us. You are one of the biggest example to never give up our dreams and always fight for ourselves no matter what. THANK YOU VERY MUCH LINDSEY ♡♡♡

  • Jerry Richardson
    Jerry Richardson 2 months ago

    Reminds me of "inside out"

  • Marlene Ansley
    Marlene Ansley 2 months ago

    Love ya, too!! Keep on keeping on!!  <3

  • Marlene Ansley
    Marlene Ansley 2 months ago

    Was her dad in the air force? For some reason a LOT of her music reminds me of flying!!! I watch flying videos with her music playing!!!  :)

  • CacheChase
    CacheChase 2 months ago

    You're so incredible. I don't watch shows like AGT because while some of the acts they throw off aren't very good at all they miss amazing talent like yourself. You're an American dream story come true.

  • Jory Halpert
    Jory Halpert 2 months ago


  • Jean-Philippe Millard
    Jean-Philippe Millard 2 months ago

    What a woman.

  • Angela Thomas
    Angela Thomas 2 months ago

    You are awesome Lindsey! Love watching your music videos and waiting for your new music to come out!!! It's such a blast and full of anticipation! You are a great artist, thank you for being "brave enough" to share your gifts and talents with us!!!

  • hanona channel
    hanona channel 2 months ago

    2:13 the name of the music plz.

  • timothyfloogle
    timothyfloogle 2 months ago

    only a little different? only okay? different is as different does and sometimes different makes the difference.

  • timothyfloogle
    timothyfloogle 2 months ago

    what song is this?

  • KatlinEvergreen
    KatlinEvergreen 2 months ago

    Why does this only have 1 million views?

  • Melda Kitay
    Melda Kitay 2 months ago


  • Seb MacTavish
    Seb MacTavish 2 months ago

    I almost cried at the end. I'll buy your book Lindsey, love you <3

  • Tara Renner
    Tara Renner 2 months ago

    du warst ja süß .😍😘❤💓💋💕💗💖

    ALLANSWEETHEART 2 months ago

    Magnifique et plein de bonheur . Alain TUT

  • Ashley Clarke
    Ashley Clarke 2 months ago

    It's okay to be different. Unique from everyone else...
    I think we should all try to be something we want to be and not something those around us want.

  • arek nowak
    arek nowak 2 months ago

    you look EXACTLY the same as you did when you were younger how did you do that?!

  • Podoko :3
    Podoko :3 2 months ago

    Thank you Lindsey, love you too, really <3

  • diamondcircuit
    diamondcircuit 2 months ago

    Say you are

  • diamondcircuit
    diamondcircuit 2 months ago

    Lindsey I love your music and that inspired me to play violin in middle school and don't stop being amazing don't listen to those judges your better than you say they are

  • M Khoirul Anwar
    M Khoirul Anwar 2 months ago

    THX for your Advice

    (This Entire Word are Just Removed for a reason)

  • Dealtoth
    Dealtoth 2 months ago

    Wish they had a Love Button Because I work nights and I listen to Lindsey All night while I drive driving Truck from stop to stop some drives are about 2 hours long. Her wonderful Music gets me going. Thank you Lindsey for not letting Americas Got Talent keep you from you're Dream.

  • Country Kidd
    Country Kidd 2 months ago

    Lindsey Stirling, you are an amazing, talented, young individual. Don't EVER give up what you do best because I, personally, love you and your talented violin playing. You, just by looking at you, are such a kind person who loves everyone. You have so much talent, Lindsey. Please don't let that go to waste, I wanna hear so much more from you. That's how very talented you are. I give your music two thumbs up, 10/10, 5 stars!!! Keep up the wonderful work you do, Lindsey!!! <3 <3 <3

    • Country Kidd
      Country Kidd 2 months ago

      Your story really touched me in so many ways as well. Thank you so much, Lindsey Stirling for your wonderful violin playing <3

  • Rebecca Atzenweiler
    Rebecca Atzenweiler 2 months ago

    I just saw you performe in Zurich and your music, your dancing, your presents completly blew me over! With your performance you touched my soul and I left the venue feeling so inspired, passionate and excited! Thank you for an unforgettable night! I will definitely come see you perform again! Lots of love ❤

  • Armyn Castillo Tiznado

    cuando a chile!

  • Lia of Legends
    Lia of Legends 2 months ago

    you are so amazing. I love you 😄

  • Faten
    Faten 2 months ago

    I loved every second of this video 💜💜💜💜💜🎶🎶🎶🎶

  • Patrick Demot
    Patrick Demot 2 months ago

    umm i wanna ask how do u play the violin like that? cause i also wanna play a violin and im gonna get a violin ( hopefully) on my b-day

  • engin
    engin 2 months ago

    i don' speak english but i love you lindsey. you are perfect.

  • Pagan Family
    Pagan Family 2 months ago

    Your music really helps me to draw my characters. I just love it. And this is my favorite out if the songs.😊

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