Senate tight on time to pass health care bill

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  • Lawmakers are up against the clock. Congress only has ten legislative days left to pass a Senate version of the health care bill before the July 4th recess.
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  • j Law
    j Law 8 days ago

    This is the worst govt since Nixon...Zero transparency.....Thx. republicans you will go down in history as a complete failure....

  • Eddie Vazquez
    Eddie Vazquez 8 days ago

    That's what the GOP is good at. They sabotage the process, lie to their constituents and then they will pass a bill that shorts the american people while putting billions of dollars into the pockets of millionaires. The system is totally broken as long as we have rich old white guys, who only care about money, making the decisions. They know absolutely nothing about the american public that works for barely enough to get by. Their whole world is right there in the halls of congress. We mean nothing to them.

  • no rep
    no rep 9 days ago

    throw mcconnell out

  • Willie Dynamite
    Willie Dynamite 9 days ago

    What's guaranteed in the cuts for the wealthiest. What's for those in need.

  • Seven Generations
    Seven Generations 9 days ago

    The Senate wants to vote on Trumpcare by July 4, 2017. Here is the number for the switchboard to call your Senators: 202-224-3121 - or see this list: “Call your senator: Phone numbers for every office of every U.S. senator,” – by Daily Kos; February 2, 2017
    “If you rush this through before anyone even knows what it is, that’s not good democracy …Congress is moving fast to rush through a health care overhaul that lacks a key ingredient: the full participation of you, the American people.” - Paul Ryan, July 18, 2009; “I don’t think we should pass bills that we haven’t read that we don’t know what they cost.” - Paul Ryan, July 29, 2009

  • TheBic4
    TheBic4 9 days ago

    Cramming it in last minute. Remember when republicans where mad we tried doing the same with O care?

  • Radwulf Eboraci
    Radwulf Eboraci 9 days ago

    McConnell will push this through cause he is a withered old prick. Trump is pretending, hoping voters won't blame him.

    • horseygurl143
      horseygurl143 9 days ago

      McConnell makes me sick. Always has. What a disrespectful old geezer.

  • Peter Scoleri
    Peter Scoleri 10 days ago

    One million homes,cut their cable last year.Cnn is dieing, and Wolf everyone knows your a woman, don't worry it's ok.

  • Peter Scoleri
    Peter Scoleri 10 days ago

    CNN IS FAKE NEWS. And you scumbags have the nerve to others, conspiracy theories.You all a joke!

  • Peter Scoleri
    Peter Scoleri 10 days ago

    Don Black Hole Lemon,worst anchor 2016.Fake Tapper get off the oxys, you look like SHIT.!Brian Smelter Fat buck tooth little pig.

  • Marijuana Saves Lives

    You know the bill is trash.

  • abc
    abc 10 days ago

    Bernie 2020!

  • jfsfrnd
    jfsfrnd 10 days ago

    The Senate said they were not going to immediately pass the bill.

  • richie s
    richie s 10 days ago

    please make a health care system for all Americans I don't care what you call it

  • james casey
    james casey 10 days ago

    Why can't they do like the Democrats Did. We Have To Pass It To Know What In It

  • Justin Norton
    Justin Norton 10 days ago

    Nice to see some Republicans not willing to support this shady deal these scumbags are trying to pass in the dark. If it was good for America, then why not share the details. Because it's not and these jack offs only care about money and not the people.

  • Jacob Wilson
    Jacob Wilson 10 days ago

    Please hurry and save Americans from Obama's legacy.

  • Libertarian Ish
    Libertarian Ish 10 days ago

    Obamacare should be full abolished..Lisa Murkowski is a RINO who should be thrown out of her office..

    • Ashley S. MacKenzie
      Ashley S. MacKenzie 10 days ago

      Libertarian Ish Just another person who won't admit that you believe the poor are worth starving out .

      MARTITA NICROSI 10 days ago

      Youre so blind,Don't you see ??your President he's mentaly sick and well put USA in a desaster situation WAR IT'S WHAT HE WHAT'S – via @haystacktv

  • TrixAre4Kids
    TrixAre4Kids 10 days ago


  • allmotorhash
    allmotorhash 10 days ago


    • thatguyofdark
      thatguyofdark 10 days ago

      hey thats actually good, you should put it on twitter so trump can rage at it (or be an idiot and actually name the bill after it)

  • Camille Montano
    Camille Montano 10 days ago

    Am I the only one with audio issues because it sounds like these guys are talking through a tunnel?

  • Carmen Ortiz
    Carmen Ortiz 10 days ago

    Republicans will pay 2018

  • doodelay
    doodelay 10 days ago

    Elites can't help but scavenge the last bits of flesh from the bones of the poor

  • Swan Phenomenon
    Swan Phenomenon 10 days ago

    Obamacare is dead!!

    • Ashley S. MacKenzie
      Ashley S. MacKenzie 10 days ago

      Swan Phenomenon You're probably one of the people who used Medicaid expansions without knowing "Obamacare" is the Affordable Healthcare Act.

    • Johnny Scythe
      Johnny Scythe 10 days ago

      Swan Phenomenon of that happens, I know many Americans will be dead too because of it.

    • Nonune Konsequence
      Nonune Konsequence 10 days ago

      Heh, at this rate not until after they go on Recess. Them Republicans, they really need all that time off. Fuck sake, doesn't matter which side you vote for, why do you keep voting for these asshats? Anyone of US at a Normal job put in this little work and shove it all off till they get off work... Yea, fired in a day.

    OMAGA MAN 10 days ago


    • horseygurl143
      horseygurl143 9 days ago

      OMAGA MAN - Let's hope Trump puts that wall up soon. I'd like to see him use it for something different, though. I'd like the wall to divide Americans. I don't want to be on the same side as you or anyone who thinks like you and would be willing to move my whole farm just to get away from you nuts. That's my legacy.

    • Victor Harris
      Victor Harris 9 days ago

      OMAGA MAN fuck all 13 of you who liked this comment.

    • Nonune Konsequence
      Nonune Konsequence 10 days ago

      Considering they are going forwards with his Library and who he is chillin with... Man do you idiots have a problem with a black man having been President, don't you snowflakes.

    • salmonline
      salmonline 10 days ago

      Do you, simpleton?

  • 乔宇
    乔宇 10 days ago

    China, America, friendship

    BLT4LIFE 10 days ago

    Gop: The blind leading the blind.

    • Jamie H
      Jamie H 9 days ago

      It's the evil, greedy pigs leading the stupid.

  • Chason Wright
    Chason Wright 10 days ago

    Why are any news reportings labeling this bill as anything but a murder bill, an act of assault?

    • Willie Dynamite
      Willie Dynamite 9 days ago

      Trump's letting Obamacare fail on purpose. The needy will take whatever he gives them. The Republican Deathcare Bill for the poor, old, and sick. No more Obamacare Welfare. They celebrated the House plan...then Trump called it mean. A mind game to convince Americans the Senate bill will be better since the House was so horrible.

    • Willie Dynamite
      Willie Dynamite 9 days ago

      Because the bill benefits their bosses and all other wealthy people who run things. Insurance and pharmaceutical companies will get massive tax cuts. If it passes, the CEOs will get big bonuses. It's a tax cut bill that shrinks healthcare for the needy. Trump and Republicans have made a deal. Trump agenda goes nowhere and less he delivers tax cuts via healthcare and breaks via corporate tax reform. If he doesn't deliver, they crash the stock market. They're all sharks! Period.

    • Ashley S. MacKenzie
      Ashley S. MacKenzie 10 days ago

      Blue Sky's You mean like how these exact arguments were used by the Republicans when the AHA came out?

    • salmonline
      salmonline 10 days ago

      rnc stupid tactics, as usual.

    • Blue Sky's
      Blue Sky's 10 days ago

      D.N.C. Scare tactics.

  • Blue Diamond
    Blue Diamond 10 days ago


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