Bernie Mac "Live" Las Vegas Kings of Comedy

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  • Runtime: 28:28
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Comments: 624

  • Steven Smith
    Steven Smith 5 hours ago

    they are all good

  • S Dot James
    S Dot James 19 hours ago

    The GOAT

  • Marcell Gadson
    Marcell Gadson 4 days ago

    u suck dick u Doo lolololo

  • Tanishia Oliver
    Tanishia Oliver 4 days ago


  • goldmouth100
    goldmouth100 5 days ago

    MUTHAFUKKA DON'T EAT ....I hope when you walk you just fall the fuck out !!!!!...lmaoooooo .. R.I.P. Bernie ;-)

  • BrandonTube6632
    BrandonTube6632 6 days ago

    Bernie Mac >Steve Harvey love them both. R.I.P.Bernie

    MARQUAN BRYANT 10 days ago

    my fav comedian R.i.p the king of comdey

  • JehuIJerkWhite
    JehuIJerkWhite 11 days ago

    That he spoke to at the front is cute as hell

  • NYG 76
    NYG 76 11 days ago

    Steve Harveys a coon cornball....bernie and pryor were the godfathers of this comedy

  • Aaron Creagh
    Aaron Creagh 12 days ago



    I miss Bernie!

  • Iris Friesen
    Iris Friesen 12 days ago

    God I miss Bernie Mac.....

  • Bonafide 305
    Bonafide 305 12 days ago

    Hypothetically speaking -- you should have $100,000.. Realistically speaking son, you living w/ two hoes ! #Classic

  • Rufus Solomon
    Rufus Solomon 12 days ago

    Yeah MAN

  • Rashad White
    Rashad White 14 days ago

    "Wipe ya ass & c'mon take me to the muthafuckin' hospital!" 😂😂😂

  • Omar NeegaChu
    Omar NeegaChu 14 days ago

    7:20 he hella right lol my mom changed over the years cause of that lmao i remember getting my ass tore up

  • optimisticescape1523

    Wtf is "aheha"😂😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀

  • Christie Raulerson
    Christie Raulerson 17 days ago

    Bernie mac was the greatest. i luv & miss him. i still watch his show everyday.u r missed

  • Barbara Rey
    Barbara Rey 17 days ago

    So genuinely talented, may he rest in peace.

  • TheEnFamous
    TheEnFamous 17 days ago

    man, the 1st 4 mins has me laughing but sad crying..... god we will give you Key and Peele and 2 of the Wayans, and Amy Schumer if you give us back Bernie....

  • Nancy Davis
    Nancy Davis 18 days ago


  • TheMkarr
    TheMkarr 19 days ago

    World is less without Mac.

  • Bruce Phillips
    Bruce Phillips 22 days ago


  • Rebecca Davis
    Rebecca Davis 23 days ago

    his so funny lol lol lol lol lol lol lol

  • 71teatime
    71teatime 23 days ago

    love u" B- MAC" RIP PLAYER.

  • Helena Armstrong
    Helena Armstrong 24 days ago

    we will always love u miss you I no you was one of the best may you rest in peace thank u for being u being Real

  • Matt Ward
    Matt Ward 24 days ago

    never another RIP Bernie

  • Matt Ward
    Matt Ward 24 days ago

    college degree & a cock sucka 😂

  • MrFree2BeMe1
    MrFree2BeMe1 25 days ago

    That part with the Voodoo music almost killed my ass Lmfao!!!!!!!

  • Karl LaFong
    Karl LaFong 26 days ago


  • Andrew Simmons
    Andrew Simmons 26 days ago

    Mac funny fuck 😂😂 🎙 🎖🏪 🍿🏧rip die too soon 😇 ⛪

  • Springtrap10234 PersonalAccount

    That's great!

  • Lucille Green
    Lucille Green 1 month ago

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  • Jdstaywitit
    Jdstaywitit 1 month ago

    Bernie Mac the legend RIP

  • hula hulahula
    hula hulahula 1 month ago

    the King of comedy!

  • Darren Youngblood
    Darren Youngblood 1 month ago

    Bernie Mac was Tha truth...

  • Rick Rozz
    Rick Rozz 1 month ago

    (R.I.P.) "Bernie Mac"

  • Chuck G
    Chuck G 1 month ago

    I ain't scared of you muffuckas.... kick it..... rip Mac!

  • zak kocski
    zak kocski 1 month ago

    too funny for this world

  • jewell1291
    jewell1291 1 month ago

    didn't know he could sing!? even though he's playing with it ... sounds good. I'm amazed at the foreshadowing in this.

  • Brandy Brownll o
    Brandy Brownll o 1 month ago

    r. i. p. I love you I loved your movies and and jokes

    RYKENATION 23 1 month ago

    Bernie is the macman and he willi be missed.. Who ya wit

  • trnharris
    trnharris 1 month ago

    His delivery and his faces - *cannot* be duplicated

  • Craig Conley
    Craig Conley 1 month ago

    Very, very funny man!!!!!! He is missed!!

  • HydroBud98
    HydroBud98 1 month ago

    I hate when they show the crowd and some people are laughing and having a great time and some people are there with blank ass faces... I'm just always like man GTFO then!

  • Mr X Question
    Mr X Question 1 month ago

    he got murdered by the Queen's security guard! maybe the truth will come out one day?!

  • Yeah Right
    Yeah Right 1 month ago

    I miss u Bernie

  • Carlos Anaya
    Carlos Anaya 1 month ago

    This dude was funny 😂 as soon as he opened his mouth. Rip.

  • Hova 1987
    Hova 1987 1 month ago

    Give me Bernie and Earthquake over anybody

  • Moette Gee
    Moette Gee 1 month ago

    Shut the fuck up!

  • Nicole Green
    Nicole Green 1 month ago

    She wasn't all that good looking, but she was good people. Lls. O.M.G. 😂

  • skiingrocks00001
    skiingrocks00001 1 month ago

    Why is the white spots on his eyes so big ?

  • G.M.Menelik KAHIL
    G.M.Menelik KAHIL 1 month ago

    great comedy.

  • Dennis Smith
    Dennis Smith 1 month ago

    Lord bless his family there will never be another like the Mack man. One of the best e ever,

  • Tanya Rucker
    Tanya Rucker 1 month ago

    that me 4Year s l told my mom to kiss my ass all her friends call me whee is ms kiss my ass at

  • SomeDayBreak
    SomeDayBreak 1 month ago

    12:21 had me crying lmao

  • Smallville Keeping Secrets 100

    20:01 LOL😂 If i was yo Daddy I would beat yo ass, Never ever be another like him. Bernie Mac my Comedian gone to soon. R.I.P

  • Kxng
    Kxng 1 month ago

    Bernie left us too early

  • betterinsodapop
    betterinsodapop 1 month ago

    He really was the best! Miss his work so much.

  • Roderick Aldridge
    Roderick Aldridge 1 month ago

    laughter,is healing,for the soul you don't have to be famous.

  • Charles Wallace
    Charles Wallace 1 month ago

    R.I.P. Bernie Mac

  • malik malik
    malik malik 1 month ago

    I didn't never think that B,Mack would ever die! That's like you winning the lottery,you never think that your going to win

  • justt hink
    justt hink 1 month ago

    women need a hammer. hahahahahahahahahahha

  • Gregory Lewis
    Gregory Lewis 1 month ago

    betnie was the best ever even fuck with kids lol

  • TECH LEOat808
    TECH LEOat808 1 month ago

    but shes good people shes good people....lmao

  • Quinnden Tramell
    Quinnden Tramell 1 month ago

    Women need dick women need a hammer

  • Quinnden Tramell
    Quinnden Tramell 1 month ago

    She wasn't that attractive but she was good people ⚰️😂

  • Psikochick2
    Psikochick2 1 month ago

    Some more triggered whites in the audience, what the fuck. It's annoying

  • Jerry Avila
    Jerry Avila 1 month ago

    47 yrs. old and their is nothing on the planet that makes me laugh like watching or listening to Bernie Mac.
    Thanks my Friend

  • Rip Bg
    Rip Bg 1 month ago

    Still watching 2017 RIP Bernie

  • michael truthson
    michael truthson 1 month ago

    wild girl at the 16 minute mark

  • DUBZ285
    DUBZ285 1 month ago

    One of the best comedians , old school comedy at its best .

  • jerrr
    jerrr 1 month ago

    i was laughing right from the start when the DJ was fuckn the music up lmao

  • X Poekie
    X Poekie 1 month ago

    1,3 million views damm, i been watching this too much

  • Nickel893
    Nickel893 1 month ago

    You know, they say all men are created equal, but you look at me and you look at Samoa Joe, and you can see that statement is not true! See, normally if you go one-on-one with another wrestler, you got a 50-50 chance of winnin'. But I'm a genetic freak, and I'm not normal, so you got a 25% at best at beatin' me! And then you add Kurt Angle to the mix? Your chances of winnin' drasticy go down. See the three-way, at Sacrifice, you got a 33 1/3 chance of wiinnin'. But I, I got a 66 2/3 chance of winning, cause Kurt Angle KNOWS he can't beat me, and he's not even gonna try! So, Samoa Joe, you take your 33 1/3 chance, minus my 25 percent chance, and you got an 8 1/3 chance of winnin' at Sacrifice! But then you take my 75 perchance chance at winnin', if we was to go one-on-one, and to add 66 2/3 chance percents, I got a 141 2/3 chance of winnin at Sacrifice!

  • Chad Butler
    Chad Butler 1 month ago

    17 years and this shit is still funny

  • Gaspare 528
    Gaspare 528 1 month ago

    I want to make the beginning my ring tone

  • Bobby Orr
    Bobby Orr 1 month ago

    ya cut'n it , ya cut'n it lmfaoooo

  • thrashmetaL1968
    thrashmetaL1968 1 month ago

    His talent is beyond words.


  • Patrick Simms
    Patrick Simms 1 month ago


  • Annice Brown
    Annice Brown 1 month ago

    I hate watching him perform it's soooo damn frustrating to know that he's dead so young at the age of 50 yrs old one of the greatest actor and comedians of all time rip Bernie Mac

  • Annice Brown
    Annice Brown 1 month ago

    I hate watching him perform

  • patrick jay
    patrick jay 1 month ago


  • Gladiator Gaming
    Gladiator Gaming 1 month ago

    The only Bernie I support

  • Smallville Keeping Secrets 100

    The joke about the children coming downstairs at 2am "Him say we can have some milk and cookies 😂😂😂😂 Nobody will be better than Uncle Bernie. R.I.P

  • Evans Banda
    Evans Banda 1 month ago

    Damn I miss Bernie Mac - no standup comedian to this day seems to match his act!

  • Gregory Gibson
    Gregory Gibson 1 month ago

    lol i was rolling my hair 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Dewayne Campbell
    Dewayne Campbell 1 month ago

    Still the king _,_

  • Memeup Weathersby
    Memeup Weathersby 1 month ago

    he said Go on a Hungry Strike...I hope you fall the fu## out lol .. I'm deing

  • e man
    e man 1 month ago

    top 5 alltime

  • inium 27
    inium 27 1 month ago

    bernie mac is great

  • Jordan Ancrum
    Jordan Ancrum 1 month ago

    When he was about his wife was funny , I was dying lol

  • Jordan Ancrum
    Jordan Ancrum 1 month ago

    Bernie Mac was the best ,I remember being a kid and I always seen my parents laugh at him and I thought he was mean , but as I got in my 20s now I understand him a lot lol

  • Moette Gee
    Moette Gee 1 month ago

    Go outside and find something to whoop yo ass with lmfao

  • Clif 4533
    Clif 4533 2 months ago

    Consider this? Would you agree with me that as young as he was when he died, that this may have been his own vision of his own death? He said several things that actually happened to him for him and against him.

  • partylow1
    partylow1 2 months ago

    Stealing from some Bill Cosby ...the "find me something to beat you with" bit

  • daniel vaillancourt
    daniel vaillancourt 2 months ago

    rip Bernie we miss you

  • King Bagela
    King Bagela 2 months ago

    I laughed the whole 28 minutes

  • Celeste Cruthird
    Celeste Cruthird 2 months ago

    love some Bernie Mac

  • Lovely Jenkins
    Lovely Jenkins 2 months ago

    I miss you Bernie Mac

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