Miley Cyrus on Hillary Clinton and Guest-Hosting

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    bitch mk ultra

  • Chhavi Gupta
    Chhavi Gupta 10 days ago

    she forgot to wear a shirt under

  • Ritchie Winters
    Ritchie Winters 19 days ago

    ellen was dripping wet

  • Scott Leeper
    Scott Leeper 21 day ago

    Nasty guy Trump is, nd Moldy Cyrus is ........??

  • Julie .Aspernig
    Julie .Aspernig 23 days ago

    Beautiful Soul ...

  • Shilpa Singh
    Shilpa Singh 23 days ago

    how does she looks so great Being so simple 😘😘

  • JoshCypher
    JoshCypher 24 days ago

    And now our president is Trump.

  • TA GamingTravis
    TA GamingTravis 26 days ago

    Fuck the democrats Hilary sucks

  • Sunset Roper stopper

    OMG!!!!! She smokes wweed

  • Taima A
    Taima A 26 days ago

    " Did you mean to put a shirt "???
    " No no.... noo, no "


  • amaya rulison
    amaya rulison 28 days ago

    I don't think I can watch the Ellen show anymore I hate Hillary if your with me like reply and subscribe please

  • Ishwaq Hassan
    Ishwaq Hassan 1 month ago


  • Kristine Garcia
    Kristine Garcia 1 month ago

    i like how she dance it makes me smile <3 hahaha

  • why me
    why me 1 month ago

    She did a great job !

  • Afeley Maduro
    Afeley Maduro 1 month ago

    an now trump is president!

  • Zsazsa Crump
    Zsazsa Crump 1 month ago

    A I wouldn't vote for Hillary if she was the only one running! They've caught her in so many lies ,I love Miley and if she believes in God I don't know how she could ever be campaigning for her she is evil,lies evert breathe ,thank God above she didn't win!!!🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🌹

  • Mslightningbre
    Mslightningbre 1 month ago

    Miley is such a true kind hearted person. She's so real I fuckin love her 💕

  • suraj kokate
    suraj kokate 1 month ago

    i am in love with miley cyrus

  • Andrew Thomas
    Andrew Thomas 1 month ago

    By goddess she means she is the goddess of libtards.

  • Sabrina Nicole
    Sabrina Nicole 1 month ago

    I love you Miley!!!!!

  • Mikayla Hodge
    Mikayla Hodge 1 month ago

    my 2 favorite people ahhh !!! ❤❤❤

  • reginaX0
    reginaX0 1 month ago


  • Azlafa Mohammed
    Azlafa Mohammed 1 month ago

    Miley a lit hosttt

  • Ariel McBride
    Ariel McBride 1 month ago

    Miley's always had a good heart

  • ShawN TyleR
    ShawN TyleR 1 month ago

    My wish is that next time She will host the show AND interview Her Surprise LOVE BOY FRIEND Liam.I can't imagine the Sweetnest & Love in the ROOM.

  • Caleigh McDermott
    Caleigh McDermott 1 month ago

    I don't care what you all think of Miley. Druggy, Addict, crazy, psycho, weird, freak. But none of you can doubt that she has a heart of pure, true gold. She is kind and caring and one of the biggest role models. She always tells you to be you and not care about others' opinions.

  • Spector Records
    Spector Records 1 month ago

    The reason Donald Trump won is because of people like Miley Cyrus and those who worship her so HAHA

  • idiotaaa80
    idiotaaa80 1 month ago

    un criceto colgare senza collo e x niente sexy!!!!!!!!! ki si fa le pippe cn il pisellino al vento x questa cessa sa e' proprio uno sfigato!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a sentirla parlare ti cadano le palle!!!!! ke voce merdosa!!!!!! sembra ke stia vomitando!!!!!!!

  • Kristina Cortes
    Kristina Cortes 1 month ago

    she should've honestly been president

  • 3 6
    3 6 1 month ago

    Miley Cyrus supports the drugging and rape of ten year old males.

    I AM A STAR 1 month ago

    People say Miley is a bitch, slut, whore and what NOT??!! But LOOK at her! She is so SWEET!!! NICE!!! Why do people judge Miley without knowing knowing her at all and just watching an album of hers.... It's not fair...

  • AnnaK Forever&always
    AnnaK Forever&always 2 months ago

    Thanks got she had a really good progressive 🤗🤗

  • AnnaK Forever&always
    AnnaK Forever&always 2 months ago

    Am so sad remembering that she was Hana Montana 😞😭

  • Nayeli Jaime
    Nayeli Jaime 2 months ago

    miley is so beautiful

  • mplampla mpla
    mplampla mpla 2 months ago

    how old is she?

  • Jeffrey Martinez
    Jeffrey Martinez 2 months ago

    Bruh molly Cyrus should not be famous she out here talking about staying home and smoking weed bruh kids watch the Ellen show wtf.

  • mingthing ningshen
    mingthing ningshen 2 months ago

    We stop watching voice because of Miley

  • alexa rodriguez
    alexa rodriguez 2 months ago

    I love Miley but she is totally ignorant and blindsided on her love for Hillary.

  • Issac Sena
    Issac Sena 2 months ago


  • Mrs Me Mrs Me
    Mrs Me Mrs Me 2 months ago

    I used to hate her thinking that she's dirty and cheesy and cheap and a bad role model , but right now i think what she donis up to her , she have an amazing personality and a kind heart and smart very smart and is very talented and she isn't afraid to be herself , i'm a person that is really repressed that why i hated her and now i know i'm repressed and just want to set myself free but you know i don't want to get out of my skin , i want to be myself in every way and it's fucking hard and i know that not mikey or demi or joplin even will help me unless i try to care an ounce less and stop being terrorized and terrified by people's opinions

  • Erin Faith
    Erin Faith 2 months ago

    mileys hands are so cute omg!

  • Harry Limes
    Harry Limes 2 months ago

    Hehehe, did she say Clinton was a good person??....

  • Chrisbent
    Chrisbent 2 months ago

    Hillary would have led us all in to world war 3! Jesus! one day every single individual on planet earth will thank donald trump with their entire soul!!

  • Josh Link
    Josh Link 2 months ago

    TRUMP WON LMAO....I do agree with her as far as I supported Bernie Sanders as well.... I just couldn't get Behind Hillary Clinton... She needs to be in prison, not the white house.

    • mr awesome
      mr awesome 2 months ago

      both trump AND Hillary should be in prison

  • Josh Link
    Josh Link 2 months ago

    She has sex with her animals....

  • I Music
    I Music 2 months ago

    Ahhh to late that idiotic potato face fried head nincompoop orangey smoked crusty wrinkly person is the president

  • Ibrahim Telalovic
    Ibrahim Telalovic 2 months ago

    Datum objavljivanja: 27. lis 2016.The
    talented Miley joined Ellen for the first time since guest-hosting the
    show, and told her all about hitting the campaign trail.

  • Feminazi Detox Clinic
    Feminazi Detox Clinic 2 months ago

    Deep voice and tattoos, ugh!

  • Brie Cholette
    Brie Cholette 2 months ago

    So that means Ellen voted for Hillary?

  • misfer 1979
    misfer 1979 2 months ago

    😂😂😂😂😂 تحتاج احد يتبرع لها بملابس

  • Ezekiel Jimenez
    Ezekiel Jimenez 2 months ago

    shut up miley

  • Oscar Calderon
    Oscar Calderon 2 months ago


  • Millie Spencer
    Millie Spencer 2 months ago

    little did she know......

  • DJS211
    DJS211 2 months ago


  • DJS211
    DJS211 2 months ago

    Fuck you Miley

  • Em Quest
    Em Quest 2 months ago

    am i the only one who's tired of listening to celebs talk about how great clinton is oops i mean was.

  • FunTime Foxy
    FunTime Foxy 3 months ago

    Well I am a trump supporter but that means nothing, no matter who is president we should respect them and trump is president and he has done nothing but good things yet he is getting very little respect. You don't have to like or hate someone to respect them. I am not here to hate just to share my opinion plus if you want to argue then let's just say there is a little something called freedom of speech here in America. I hate how the world has become, we are all humans here we all have feelings and opinions. Plus I couldn't vote because I am to young.

  • PartyStarter11002
    PartyStarter11002 3 months ago

    it's funny how MiLey said she couldn't wait to see what Hillary will do for 4 or 8 years... LMAO BITCH U WRONG

  • Reaving Creaker
    Reaving Creaker 3 months ago

    Go fellow conservatives we have to infiltrade ellens you tube channel!

  • Krista Horan/Styles Narry bromance

    Omg Miley Cyrus engagement ring is beautiful. that's so awsome that Miley and I are are both in engage to our amazing fiances.

  • Ross Petzer
    Ross Petzer 3 months ago

    miley of ur reading this I am from 2017 march trump is pres

  • Amy Guerrero
    Amy Guerrero 3 months ago

    If only they knew....😭

  • Kat Kingsley
    Kat Kingsley 3 months ago

    they open Bruno song for Miley :v

  • Wyatt Bezanson
    Wyatt Bezanson 3 months ago

    Woah a EllenTube show with comments enabled? Ok not complaining.

  • legion ownage
    legion ownage 3 months ago

    lol sucks for u cause Trump's president😂😂 oh yea

    • mr awesome
      mr awesome 3 months ago

      sucks for everybody all trump does is lie and fuck up and his idiot supporters believe anything and everything he says 😂😂😂 then they have the nerve to call others "sheep"...

  • Paradise Tiggs
    Paradise Tiggs 3 months ago

    No disrespect to anyone but no one can replace Ellen Degenerous

  • Sixten
    Sixten 3 months ago

    0.5x speed for drunk Ellen

  • Unicornsrock101 mileycyrusislife

    2:06-2:10 i cant stop replaying this part. her breast is so sexy ;))

  • Lara Boyd
    Lara Boyd 3 months ago

    Go and look at the title of this and realize what's wrong with it

  • Rebekah Norton
    Rebekah Norton 3 months ago

    Someone shouldn't become president just because they are a woman

  • Unicornsrock101 mileycyrusislife

    i love her sm

  • Pewdiepie clash of clans

    hannah montana does drugs....wait what??

  • NewGroundsKid
    NewGroundsKid 3 months ago

    She looks like a clown.

  • Appolo Geticks
    Appolo Geticks 3 months ago

    So, Ellen has this amoral kid on her show, someone who shows her vagina to random people but she won't allow apreacher who says the Bible condemns homoexuality on her show..Yep, we are in the last days....

    • Appolo Geticks
      Appolo Geticks 3 months ago

      Maybe to find out why the lady is against her lifestyle? Maybe to not retreat into a fantasy world of rainbows and lollipops every time someone offers criticism of homosexuality, or shame everyone whose faith teaches them it i a sin? Maybe to show she is not a baby? Take your pick

    • mr awesome
      mr awesome 3 months ago

      Ellen is homosexual herself why would she let someone who condemns her sexuality on her show?

  • Daniel Spicer
    Daniel Spicer 3 months ago

    LMBO this whole vid has made me laugh so much

  • James Stencil
    James Stencil 3 months ago

    Miley and Hillary suck! Especially Hillary!

    • mr awesome
      mr awesome 3 months ago

      yeah, but trump is worst so...

  • MasiFalasi
    MasiFalasi 3 months ago

    Choosing between Trump and Clinton is like choosing between Jason and Freddy

  • Aastha The Dementor Slayer

    All the cringe sinking, watching this video and knowing who is the President of America is.....

  • william beckham
    william beckham 3 months ago

    Those 2 fag should have a larping  licking good time

  • Kaelea Leuck
    Kaelea Leuck 3 months ago

    Ya she's totally a "good person" #Trumpsthepresidentdealwithit #hesbetterthenher

  • jmb jmb
    jmb jmb 3 months ago

    hillary is a crook dumbass her husband is a rapist u 2 dumb fuks

  • Emily
    Emily 3 months ago

    Weed has made her a better person.

  • Josefine R
    Josefine R 3 months ago

    miley is so lovely i am screaming

  • Sister Daniel
    Sister Daniel 4 months ago

    Well, she supports Hillary, that's good. She didn't help ban muslims from the actual Country.

  • Rick Hamby
    Rick Hamby 4 months ago

    Ellen reminds me of the kid who had to tie a steak around her neck to get the dog to play with her. If she didn't give out thousands of dollars in cash and prizes, no one would go to her show. And miley cypress is just stupid!

  • Kurt Sandy Peiper
    Kurt Sandy Peiper 4 months ago

    'The talented Miley'...hilarious!

  • Tech Pranks
    Tech Pranks 4 months ago

    At 21 seconds there is penius tattoo

    AMANDA HARRISON 4 months ago

    she would vote Killary no matter who she was up against???

  • Alyssa Dabney
    Alyssa Dabney 4 months ago

    "I'm home smoking weed anyway"😂😭

  • Vilma Arevalo
    Vilma Arevalo 4 months ago

    she is from Hana mantana

  • irenestone12
    irenestone12 4 months ago

    hahaha she do talk too much. love her!!! lol

  • Joy Buettner
    Joy Buettner 4 months ago

    Love mama mama and mama daughter

  • Chantal Rochon
    Chantal Rochon 4 months ago

    Miley Cyrus is Ellen's mini U!!! She is so cool! I like the raw hosting she gives to the public. I think she is more giving than centred. Good choice!

  • Fredz C
    Fredz C 4 months ago

    Usually i would want my partner to shut the fuck up, during sex.
    But Miley! You can talk all you want. Fucking HELL her voice is so FUCKING sexy.
    What the actual fuck

  • Fredz C
    Fredz C 4 months ago

    If you actually like Miley. You should support her being Miley. This is a girl standing up for what she wants
    And not a person being forced to do this and that, because shes famous, and that's what the audience want.
    Wish the best for you, for me you're awesome the way you are

  • Amanda P
    Amanda P 4 months ago

    Miley Cyrus is only 24, and she already looks like Chelsea Lately.

  • Fiona Griffy
    Fiona Griffy 4 months ago

    To: Miley Cyrus, You are a crazy person! You obviously not alive when the Clintons where in office! Trump and prayer is what this country needs, so go cry your fake eye lashes off

  • Adrian Christensen
    Adrian Christensen 4 months ago

    Title: Miley Cyrus on Hillary Clinton
    Me: Wait what?!

  • Emad Al Rashed
    Emad Al Rashed 4 months ago

    Bad style Miley :/

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