Leopard vs Lion fight, leopard kills lion.

leopard defeats lion.

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Author iscritto467 ( ago)
Fake, the lioness rubbed the food to the leopard in the original video.
This is a cut

Author YaWgLOj YoGkUV ( ago)
Lioness felt bad for taking the Leopard dinner, so the lioness committed

Author Camron Casamento ( ago)
I believe gravity killed this lion

Author Beni Kabai ( ago)
pppfffff lol.You think that leopard is a king???Loool

Author Beni Kabai ( ago)
The lion is stronger.The leopard can't kill a lion. (maybe an cube) I was
see that in tv.

Author AwesomeSauceProductions ( ago)
Man ....come on really ....we need grown lion ...not the young ones...FUCK

Author tohitsumohinafan ( ago)
Poor lioness should've went to get her own kill instead of trying to steal
from a smaller cousin. Now she paid the price for being a bully.

Author John Hagan ( ago)
@FireStormBaller LOL... good stuff. gooooood stuff.

Author FireStormBaller ( ago)
@johnnieknown A lion would own a leopard. O, they hunt in packs. Yeah, well
you hunt in packs too. You wouldn't be here if there's no such thing as
hunting in packs because your ancestors wouldn't survive being alone, idiot.

Author John Hagan (698 years ago)
LOL how many idiots does it take to realise that a jaguar, panther, cougar,
will whoop a lion's ass??? did you ever notice lions are pussies, and hunt
in packs, like a chicken-shit gang???? leopards are the TRUE KINGS OF THE
JUNGLE... i wouls suggest watchin nat geo, or animal planet....

Author 99onur99 ( ago)
fuck you his not death that lioness hangs on that

Author TheMidnightfilms ( ago)
I would like to see a leopard take on a lion. This lioness slipped and
fell. In other words, the leopard didn't lay one paw on her.

Author TheMidnightfilms ( ago)
@whatthefife lions also don't climb trees very often and they don't climb
them whenever they get the chance. They would rather be on ground. I feel
bad for the lioness though. All she wanted was the food.

Author Farrad Mohammed ( ago)
k um this is an animal video...idk y u guys r talkin about rleigion here
and arguing, im muslim.... and what u guys say about Islam is what you see
of the news....which is sad cuz its not true :s i suggest you go to a
masjid and learn true Islam....but wtf does it matter? This is leopard vs a
lion........not which religion is right..... chill da fuck out seriously

Author Hashy Hash ( ago)

Author Hashy Hash ( ago)
@niku0059 okay... so how islam is related to a lipness breaking her back
and dying...?

Author Jeffery Goines ( ago)
Leopard did not kill lion. Lion fell out of tree and broke spine you moron.

Author pakistan1114 ( ago)
@niku0059 you mother fucker. what the hell are you talking about. Ask your
mother. she is a big bich and a big prostitue of all time. fuck you. you
son of a bitch

Author NorthEast81 ( ago)
The lioness plummeted to her death! Wasn't killed by the leopard...leopards
do not want to be anywhere near lions!

Author hui ouyang ( ago)
poor lion! She was dead for her partners,but her partner ......

Author vchula ( ago)
the lioness accidentallly fell

Author Nitin Kumar ( ago)
mohammad was a rapist . we all know. he married all the widows of his time.
he started the fake religion of hatred and voilence.

Author alkenaha ( ago)
@teachtruth2U 1st it is vedio seen not about mohamad 2nd is mohamad a mass
murdere or rapist? I asked myself the same Q? but i found something
different.. go and search for it and may be u can teach the truth 2 ur self

Author giriisindahouse ( ago)
Lions are like the big,tough,muscular but dumb guys you find in college.

Author 2010anyway ( ago)
How can you watch this and say the Leopard killed the lion. The lion died
by falling off a tree...You should title this TREE KILLS LION.

Author Young Lion ( ago)
I wish a leopard would have just killed fredrochjr

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