Lindsey Stirling - Hold My Heart ft. Phelba

Lindsey's album BRAVE ENOUGH out worldwide featuring Hold My Heart w ZZ Ward!
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Author Flotts Gryffin ( ago)

Author buisymom81506 ( ago)
:D hahahah this reminded me of The Amanda Show skit with Penelope always looking for "Amanda Please" :D

Author Heaven Chance ( ago)
I'm 13 and learning how to play the violin I'm not to good at it but I won't give up and I know one day I'll be just like Lindsey. She inspired me to play.

Author Milad KurdDrmz ( ago)
why is it not possible to watch it in germany😞

Author André 03 ( ago)
hola, en mi celular me sale un mensaje que dice que el video no está disponible pero en el pc si se reproduce ¿Por qué?

Author Beltazar156 ( ago)
Lindsey, I know you probably won't see this comment but could you please do the theme song for WWE wrestler Shinsuke Nakamura?

Author TAMARA LEE ( ago)
We ♥ this!!I love this song and you rock!!

Author Eeyore Piglet ( ago)

Author Nam Keny ( ago)
What ??? who is phelba ?? isn't she also lindsey too ? sr i'm kinda a little bit confuse...

Author Eric Muradian ( ago)
Lovely Beauty <3

Author Flash Advocate ( ago)
This video isn't available

Author Kat ( ago)
Love this song

Author Sowad Karim ( ago)
I'm still waiting for you to make a music video for Brave Enough, literally one of my favorite songs from the Album.

Author Lady I.H.V.E. Byron (LaPortaDellaLuce) ( ago)
Well... if Phelba is Lindsey... and Phelba is the first fan of Lindsey... does it mean that we should be the first fan of ourselves?
I can't be more far from that: I'm the first hater of myself... XP

Author Silje Riksta ( ago)
why are non of the new music videos playable in my country?

Author Madame Obsessee ( ago)
Hi Lilly!!

Author James Doxey ( ago)
We went and saw you when you played south ogden days... Great show!

Author James Doxey ( ago)
I miss the crystallize days when you where not so sure of yourself. But you were the main reason a lot of girls/boys wanted to do what you do!

Author James Doxey ( ago)
You know what... ? You are trying too hard to conform to mainstream. Get back to your roots... You asked... should I be dub step? The fans agreed... Now you are trying to go mainstream. I understand the money is beautiful... Just give us, the fans whom have supported you! Be the real you... not what mainstream wants... You were unique... that is why we fell in love with you!
Dance technique mixed with the most amazing violin. You are the reason my daughter took violin!

Author Mask Gaming ( ago)
I noticed SuperWomen in the video. I also play violin and I'm in fifth grade even though we all mess up Lindsay is someone I look up to

Author Sabina Christensen ( ago)
Is the song deleted??? I can't see it anymore 😬

Author Micky Daly ( ago)
Why are all the hold my heart videos not available even the live recorded ones 😢😢

Author porter johnson ( ago)
Is her husband Scott Sterling?

Author Amyghada ( ago)
It says "This video is not available" why?!😭

Author 박미선 ( ago)
YAY! Rosanna Panasino is in her video!!!!!!!!!

Author Seika ( ago)

Author The Wonderful World of Amanda Padilla ( ago)
what if phelbas real and lindseys the character?

Author Leo C ( ago)
why video is not disponible?

Author CynicalPasta ( ago)
That product-placement though

Author Lucia Cullen ( ago)
Love your music so much! I wish you the pest of luck!😘

Author ainominako16 ( ago)
please Sailor moon medley :')

Author Best Mirfanda ( ago)
Hello my fans! I'm assuming your my fans because I was in the video. I was hiding under Phelbas hat, filling out my application as the #2 Lindsey Stirling fan.

Author Janeris Saviñon ( ago)
Good vid #HoldMyHeart

Author Mattyb #mattandra ( ago)
Love your music

Author Anna Yanes ( ago)
Most of the ppl I am subscribed to are in this video

Author Ashley Marie McWhorter ( ago)
you're adorkable lol I love your music thank you 💘

Author Scott Shaffer ( ago)
Amazing! You're awesome Lindsey!

Author Мартин Сотиров ( ago)
The best video ever 😀

Author Pegaz vita ( ago)
Very good and interesting video
Love Lindsey and her talent 🎻❤

Author Gaming Blazn ( ago)
I'm sorry if this is weird that a 14 year old is saying this but, your beautiful, with makeup or without, your so beautiful.

Author Justin Cavazos ( ago)
I swear I have heard your song on the radio but I have no idea, but anyways great song.

Author Brittany williams ( ago)
I love your videos lindsey! You're my favorite artist💕

Author Brady Wood ( ago)
Literally addicted to this song

Author Mackenzie Richardson ( ago)
Like this if lindsey is the best!

Author Mackenzie Richardson ( ago)
Alex wassabi is in this too!!!!!!!!!

Author Best Mirfanda ( ago)
1:55. Found the Ro.

Author Reyna marie ( ago)
when we are asked which video to listen to in Orchestra, I always say Lindsey because she is so talented.

Author Reyna marie ( ago)
Lindsey Stirling is the best! I absolutely love her music.

Author hylkelammert ( ago)
i hope she is wearing the cloths all the time. she looks good in every one of them. there are already enough bored people in the world.
 I don't think she will travel to the Netherlands for a date : P

Author Annabelle Zhen ( ago)

Author the one ( ago)
I love all your videos 😁
Can you please make Tokyo ghoul song ?

Author Makena Irani ( ago)
Rosanna pansino????

Author GoldenGlider ( ago)

Author Sami Remita ( ago)
Am I the only guy watching and listening to this? Feels awkward man..

Author MIKE TheKnight ( ago)
I love this music video

Author Lardon2 ( ago)
Beautiful and emblematic song! ;) I like it's groove and your mimics are just hilarious. Mighty Lindsey! ^^

Author Ishmeet Kaur ( ago)
how old are u

Author Lennia Nava Lozano ( ago)
I wish one day I can be like Lindsey, every time I practice I remember her , she makes me keep going, I will say thanks

Author Ryxinne Yap ( ago)

Author Kat Annemarie ( ago)
I just... Don't get this music video XD

Author Alessandro Solo ( ago)
iJustine 1:39?

Author Hasna Hagi ( ago)
Look at Ro, Lily and Justine

Author lol _01 ( ago)

Author lol _01 ( ago)

Author jeanne violon ( ago)
i love Lindsey💕

Author Xadai Nascimento ( ago)
Amazing! I laughed a lot. :)

Author tom shemesh ( ago)
i love this song ☺

Author Lukáš Veselý ( ago)
HP??? Not Apple??? I am shocked!!!!!!!!!!! :-D

Author Michelle D.M ( ago)
I love the violín...My dreams is be like you lindsey!! i love you 🤗

Author Erza Holmes ( ago)

Author Justinpal Singh ( ago)
I would cry if i met her in life...

Author GOURMET DIY ( ago)

Author Maria Eduardinha ( ago)
Parece com Pheba teu nome kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Author Hanka Meißner ( ago)
Lindsey you are so pretty. I love your Music. #holdmyheaert#

Author Jullinnar Cooper ( ago)
Ha Ha, felt like i was in the video remotely~Funny, So can i join you soon.

Author Chapie ( ago)
Some time ago I did guitar lessons but now I'm getting a huge desire to learn how to play the violin

Author andreasasy ( ago)
son fans reales 😮 lo se orque tengo al belga de amigo en FB hace años 😏

Author Daniel Hamman ( ago)

Author Gaming and Much More - LAYILA ( ago)
this video is so funny as always good job lindsey

Author Luis Bucio ( ago)
what's youre phone number

Author Little Momona ( ago)
who came from rosanna?

Author unseen butter frog ( ago)
Phelba is Lindsey acting I think???

Author mario ochoa ( ago)

Author Cirja Paul ( ago)
So what exactly does Lindsey sings here?

Author awkward turtle turtle ( ago)
i didnt know rosanna was it <3 love your music same with beauty and. beast lots of love and luck

Author gamingwithsolovino ( ago)

Author Brandon Chen ( ago)
This video means ( in the beginning ) that she is kinda being stalked by fans!

Author Daniel Wilcox ( ago)
was that Lily😄?

Author Jasmine Hill ( ago)
This is not the original is it?

Author Laura Love ( ago)
Um what?

Author Dan Chandler ( ago)
advertisement for hp
plus 1 sin

Author Вика Шило ( ago)

Author Twilight Raider ( ago)
ro and justine!!!

Author Benyamin Limanto ( ago)
Video concept are so great!

Author leftymu ( ago)
I would like very much for Brooke to be in Phelba videos from now on, as like the person who is always getting annoyed by her or something

Author Karla Valor ( ago)
SuperWoman <3

Author Тата4ка Барбарисова ( ago)
The best!

Author Adrian D. ( ago)
I love this a lot the miso is great!!:)XD it's also really funny

Author Rick Too ( ago)
She should do a music Video with fans instead of famous good-looking rich all seeing hot youtubers.😢😢

Author rosibrct ( ago)

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