Lindsey Stirling - Hold My Heart ft. Phelba

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  • Lindsey's album BRAVE ENOUGH out worldwide featuring Hold My Heart w ZZ Ward!
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  • piero nemesis
    piero nemesis 5 hours ago

    no dance violin? :(

  • Heathyr Cummings
    Heathyr Cummings 6 hours ago

    This video is so lovely <3 Make's me tear up a tiny bit at the end! It's good to know you love your fans so much.

  • Zoe Martens
    Zoe Martens 1 day ago

    Aww, Thank you so much Lindsey you hold my heart too :)

  • Evangelescence Tame

    I'm a Lindsey Sterling ADDICT XD

  • Dara Walsh
    Dara Walsh 1 day ago

    I love ro

  • Donna Swientisky
    Donna Swientisky 1 day ago

    This is my new favorite song!!! Your awesome Lindsey.

  • Sj Denson
    Sj Denson 1 day ago

    Can I be the 2rd biggest Lindsay Sterling fan!

  • Eriatarka
    Eriatarka 1 day ago

    I love her...

  • I am a foodie Of course

    And the music is also great

  • I am a foodie Of course

    The song was amazing,awesome and much more

  • Sean Eduard Ramirez

    im just 10 years old and i just love lindsey's music and more and im still in 5th grade so i only play ukelele when i just want to be like her abd when im in grade 7 i will be like her someday

  • Feh Gana
    Feh Gana 2 days ago

    You inspired me to play violin, and I love you! Keep doing what you're doing, and hold your heart! 💕 Thank you! Ilysm!

  • Pastel Rice
    Pastel Rice 2 days ago

    Her videos are so Wacky! I love them so much!!!

  • Anna Joel
    Anna Joel 2 days ago

    haha, I know so many of these YouTubers

  • Tina Williams
    Tina Williams 2 days ago

    #HoldMyHeart Everyone!

  • Db05122001 Bistrova

    lindsey can so good acting❤❤❤👍👍👍

  • Георгий Пелевин


  • Delona M.
    Delona M. 3 days ago

    hi roe and lindsey

  • PizzaPopper AJ
    PizzaPopper AJ 3 days ago


  • andres garzon
    andres garzon 4 days ago

    Beautiful Phelba, you sing like a nightingale,I would die to be the man who holds your heart.

  • ҨscaR Rodriguez
    ҨscaR Rodriguez 4 days ago

    I like Phelba :)

  • Yander Animations
    Yander Animations 4 days ago

    Phelba's facial expressions 😂😂

  • ღ刘思清ღ
    ღ刘思清ღ 5 days ago

    when you're your own #1 fan

  • Jeunice Moral
    Jeunice Moral 5 days ago

    Blogilates' Casey Ho!! 😍😍

  • RetroRick Netherlands


  • Ronin Rose
    Ronin Rose 5 days ago

    you can tell this video was so much fun making haha.

  • Matěj Řezniček
    Matěj Řezniček 6 days ago

    What I must to do to become Phelba's #1 fan...I realy want to. She's great and so funny :)

  • Franco Hormaechea
    Franco Hormaechea 6 days ago

    te amo Lindsey❤❤❤

  • Kelle Avcısı Rengar

    I didn't understand anything but I like it

  • SoyJose
    SoyJose 6 days ago


  • Bleach :3
    Bleach :3 6 days ago

    Either Phelba is Lindsey Stirling...

  • marcythejellyqueen 64

    Phelba is me when I have a new obsession over a person

  • Nicknak ninja
    Nicknak ninja 7 days ago

    Is there anyone who came because of Lindsey Sterling?

  • Max Rabe
    Max Rabe 7 days ago

    Well I just need to go through these as fast as I can and listen to them later

  • Marbles On Glass
    Marbles On Glass 8 days ago

    She is freaking adorable in this video!

  • Mila Hart
    Mila Hart 8 days ago

    I love that the squad was in there! :D

  • Roleplay_raven
    Roleplay_raven 8 days ago

    You hold my heart too

  • scaletv123 MSP
    scaletv123 MSP 8 days ago

    i love ijustine, rosanna pansino and super women ad lindsey stirling

  • Bhumika Rao
    Bhumika Rao 8 days ago

    I am a happy #Stirlingite. I love your music Lindsey!

  • KampfGruppeLehr88
    KampfGruppeLehr88 8 days ago

    What a lovely tribute to all your fans.

  • Tiff Prendergast
    Tiff Prendergast 8 days ago

    Who's singing this song

  • Twiggster
    Twiggster 9 days ago

    Phelba is Penelope from the Amanda show for Lindsay lol

  • minejakeGaming Minecraft ClashRoyal TimeLaps


  • Leona Petrovic
    Leona Petrovic 9 days ago

    Lindsey you #holdmyheart and inspire me so much. You have helped me through so much <3 love you.

  • Barburrito E.
    Barburrito E. 10 days ago

    i just love lindsey😂❤❤❤

  • Ragnarok argumental 3.0

    Wonder full y beatifull surprise is this video . I love your music linsay stirling .

  • Pierce Rainy
    Pierce Rainy 10 days ago

    obviously signed the 6 year contract with the Illuminati, the symbolism and story line is beyond obvious.

  • Madison West
    Madison West 10 days ago


  • SheWhoWalksSilently
    SheWhoWalksSilently 11 days ago

    @0:10 XD - HIS FACE

  • Sean Eduard Ramirez
    Sean Eduard Ramirez 11 days ago

    im here for superwoman and ijustice at rosanna pansino and the other friends\

  • Bryatch
    Bryatch 11 days ago

    Literally my favorite music video

  • PlainBlaine
    PlainBlaine 11 days ago

    Aye! The use of youtubers. Yesh. I saw some of my favs in there.

  • Jenzi R.
    Jenzi R. 11 days ago

    wow, what a great song and performance! i love it! <3

  • vcool122
    vcool122 12 days ago

    Who came here like me just because they like Lindsey?

  • mordyth101
    mordyth101 12 days ago

    I'm sad that Phelba will never meet Lindsey

  • Thomas Macdonald
    Thomas Macdonald 12 days ago

    This reminds me of Penelope Taynt from the Amanda show.

  • Always Angiee
    Always Angiee 12 days ago

    Who's the red head from Nantucket? Please hello

  • Krosis
    Krosis 12 days ago

    Lindsey , did you just make a youtube Rewind ? except this isn't a rewind :3

  • Kenny Peoples
    Kenny Peoples 12 days ago

    cool song

  • CosMania
    CosMania 12 days ago

    No idea who he is but BELGIUM REPRESENTING XD

  • Fidddle2Pie
    Fidddle2Pie 12 days ago

    this is amazing xD

  • LPS unicorn
    LPS unicorn 12 days ago

    Who came here from Rosanna?

  • Sarah Ruwalder
    Sarah Ruwalder 13 days ago

    Who is the guy at 0:52? please

  • parsok
    parsok 13 days ago

    cool song and video

  • Leah Olson
    Leah Olson 13 days ago

    Oh that was so cute

  • Juan Garrido
    Juan Garrido 13 days ago

    te falta estudiar actuación

  • Lengyesz82
    Lengyesz82 13 days ago

    You're a funny girl, and you're very talented.I love you

  • harun yıldız
    harun yıldız 13 days ago

    keman sesi on numara ama klip berbat

  • Bianca Christmas
    Bianca Christmas 13 days ago

    love this song!!XOXO

  • NoelleorElle
    NoelleorElle 14 days ago


  • BellaQK
    BellaQK 14 days ago

    is it just me or did anyone see superwomen? And other youtubers

  • Gloria Lizeth C.V.
    Gloria Lizeth C.V. 14 days ago

    My offecial new obsecion

  • Audrey Eveningheart
    Audrey Eveningheart 14 days ago

    Who else saw blogailates aka Cassey at 1:40 and Rosanna Pansino at 1:52!? XDDD And loads more :P

  • Julien stohr
    Julien stohr 14 days ago

    is that Nuketown ??

  • Iliana De Dios
    Iliana De Dios 14 days ago

    1:50- 1:57 its rosana pansino

  • I am a unicorn
    I am a unicorn 14 days ago

    The Dart Department. Lol! This is why I love Lindsey Sterling

  • DragonLady1877
    DragonLady1877 14 days ago

    This may very well be the coolest video I have ever seen! XD

  • Bryon Lape
    Bryon Lape 14 days ago

    Anyone else thinking Carmen Sandiego?

  • Deleted User
    Deleted User 14 days ago

    45-46 minutes like Johnny Depp face😍😂

  • Sugarcoat Rose
    Sugarcoat Rose 14 days ago

    A funny mv.

  • supersmily5SS5
    supersmily5SS5 15 days ago


  • Carolina Baquedano
    Carolina Baquedano 15 days ago

    💚💜💜💜💜💜💜💜Phelba love u , Lindsay stirling 💙💕💙💕💕💕💕💙💙💙💕🙈🙈🙈

  • Kelcie Ford
    Kelcie Ford 15 days ago

    That was cute

  • Beautiful GURU
    Beautiful GURU 15 days ago

    If only I was a popular a youtuber, I would be on a video like this. *sigh

  • SnowTom
    SnowTom 15 days ago

    WOW, So many YouTubers!!!!!!!

  • angel rodrry
    angel rodrry 15 days ago


  • Catie K
    Catie K 15 days ago

    The part Rosanna plays reminds me of Beckett from Castle!!!

  • magus2003
    magus2003 15 days ago

    Dat HP product placement lolol, can tell whose funding her vids these days. Gotta say tho,glad the music is still good.

  • casandra roberts
    casandra roberts 15 days ago

    i think i like Phelba

  • Shara Star
    Shara Star 15 days ago

    This surely remind me of : A Person who tease and mock another to you about others would do the same to you and vice versa. Thanks, still like the music not the mockery.

  • Adam Demgar
    Adam Demgar 15 days ago

    Hahaha. This is the first time I've seen this video

  • Larabeth Lobo
    Larabeth Lobo 15 days ago

    Is this the only video Lindsey Stirling did where she is not playing with violin?

  • Dorothy Williams
    Dorothy Williams 15 days ago

    Blogilaties star Cassy Ho is in this video!

  • Lovely_ Moco_
    Lovely_ Moco_ 15 days ago

    This is so funny
    and adorable thank you

  • Jenae Ross
    Jenae Ross 15 days ago

    Sooo cute! Nobody can say that Phelba isn't adorable.... :D

  • Asdfs
    Asdfs 15 days ago

    Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww that´s so cutee ;AAAAA;

  • Marc Andrei Niones
    Marc Andrei Niones 15 days ago

    Pure Stirlingite here😁🙌✋

  • Meytiry Shan
    Meytiry Shan 15 days ago

    Whole fandom in one movie xD

  • Mirek Galek
    Mirek Galek 15 days ago


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