Lindsey Stirling - Hold My Heart ft. Phelba

Lindsey's album BRAVE ENOUGH out worldwide featuring Hold My Heart w ZZ Ward!

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Rosanna Pansino:

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Author Julián López ( ago)
Cosiiitaa <3

Author Michelle ( ago)

Author Kitty Cuteness ( ago)
And the people on America's got talent said she wasn't good . tell that to her 9 MILLION SUBS

Author sinead pereira ( ago)
came here from Lillys channel 😘😚

Author Emanuel Hegedüs ( ago)
Could you please make one about Vikings? It would be awesome
Keep it like that, great channel.

Author Xavier Blueter ( ago)

Author minnie crawford ( ago)
10th time watching and I'm in love with it love the ending to ❤️❤️

Author Miss Meara ( ago)
Love you Lindsey 😊 Amazing video! 💓

Author Martyna cyndler ( ago)
Who was singing in this song

Author Илья Шевченко ( ago)
Ты лучшая)

Author SunFlowur ( ago)
First song of hers i've disliked. Its sad to see her sell herself to hollywood. God gave her such an amazing gift, and she's gotten selfishly off track with it.

Author Χριστινα Μπαγανη ( ago)
yes!!!!!! Phelba is back guys

Author Diego Dominquez ( ago)
I love this song!!!!!!!!!!
I also like how it has a lot of Youtubers like iJustine and more!!!
I love the lyrics to this song and the music!!!!
100000 out of 10!!!

Author RiotOfficer ( ago)
Absolutely love this. Amazing.

Author Excellent Gaming ( ago)
Very nice , good luck Lindsey! You're AWESOME)))

Author une fille comme les autres ( ago)
tu es super belle et même si tu ne verras jamais mon message sache que je t'aime

Author ChElsea 1CHucky ( ago)
It's good I do like it just not as gr8 as first album but I still like may I ask how long does it take for you to make one video?

Author Paola Saravia ( ago)
Amazing loved it! 😘❤️️

Author Dan Leavy ( ago)
Great job playing the violin, Linsey Sterling, as alway. Also, impressive acting skills.

Author НАВАЛЬНЫЙ LIFE ( ago)
В чем смысл клипа?

Author Judy Moody ( ago)
Love including the youtubers

Author nawaf shams ( ago)
it is so funny and I love it

Author Matthew Sprecker ( ago)
The tune while the same should be ever changing.

Author A Friend ( ago)
You know I really like Lindsey Stirling - but I LOVE PHELBA!

Author Mark Edman ( ago)
I don't want to speak of no secrete in particular, but rather maybe biggest secrete of all.

Author Belinda Noyola ( ago)
I absolutely loved this!! and you of course!!! 😍

Author The Leviathan ( ago)
Love your music Lindsey, and the video... Keep being you:)

Author Electron Ghoul ( ago)
Very interesting video, and great work with the song

Author danny williams ( ago)
Is it just me? or is there some sort of Carmen San Diego thing going on?

Author Scarlet Natsuno ( ago)
this is the sweetest video EVER! thanks so much Lindsey! And like Phelba said "Lindsey Stirling Forever" thank you for holding all stirlingites´ hearts <3 We love you so much!

Author Tobias Telhrum ( ago)
Lindsey is her own #1 fan.

Author Yolo Sonix ( ago)
I love you lindsey, you're so amazing <3

Author Ginger Woodland ( ago)
was that Casey Hoe just chilling?

Author Levi Pierpont ( ago)
Wow! There is an African American in the video! Way to go, Mormons, they're finally with the times after many decades of believing those folks could only go as slaves...

Author Leah Marie ( ago)

Author Yena Le Jen ( ago)
Yassssss I love Superwoman and Rosanna😊😊😊😊😊😍😍

Author Craig Alderton ( ago)
I discovered you a couple of years back and have listened to all of your stuff I think you are an amazing artist and keep up all the hard work 😊

Author Princess Angel ( ago)
I play the violin and I want to play like u and u are my inspiration ❤❤❤❤

Author pako ordaz ( ago)
Lindsey Stirling, #HoldMyHeart

Author Zelda Lassing ( ago)
This was wonderful. Thank you Lindsey for keeping Phelba a part of our lives and reminding us to embrace our awkward sides. <3

Author Feldhobel ( ago)
Now i wanna buy some HP Products. I dont know why.

Author Emily McGregor ( ago)
This was fun!

Author Sıla Altuntas ( ago)
Türk yok mu

Author Briana Justice ( ago)
i love this so much you inspire me so much

Author not important name lol ( ago)
this was such a cool video!!!!! love it!!

Author Ardi Beqiraj ( ago)
Ok Lindsey, and now you hold my beer.

Author 文杰 ( ago)

Author Jimmy Garnier ( ago)
Lindsey est trop marrante ! J'adore ce clip !

Author DoctorAeroson7 ( ago)
What a great Youtube video and really great message! The complete package!

Author Liv Ponydaughter ( ago)
I love this sm! ✔️

Author FluffyProProductions ( ago)
Who thought that Rosanna Pansino looked like Erin Lindsey (sophia bush) in Chicago P.D?

Author Luis Castro ( ago)
Came for ro <3

Author Flynn Zeke ( ago)
Uh another video for this song? Anybody explain?

Author Ingrid Falcão ( ago)
não entendi nada haushsu

Author rustyface ( ago)
wow amazing! thank you lindsey for your music you´re inspiration for everyone of your fans i love so much your music <3

Author musikmadchen3 ( ago)
I was cracking up right through this video, it was so hilarious...and then right on the very last shot, I promptly burst into tears. Wasn't expecting that! Fantastic video! :) <3 xx

Author Gabriel Schumacher ( ago)
Lindsey comes to Brazil :3

Author Sam Sam ( ago)
lindsey.. have you ever thought about 40-50 theme? when all things so classic with the sunshine and colourful. forgot what year actually .. u know when marylin monroe was the bomb.

Author Jacob Cutler ( ago)
I'm addicted to this song cause it's so catchy and it's so good it's the best song I have ever heard

Author Евгения Князева ( ago)
лучшая реклама

Author Jojo Ap ( ago)
See you Saturday Lindsey !!! :D

Author CelticWolf87 ( ago)
This is great. Sweet, quirky, funny and all around wonderful-kind of like you Lindsey.

Author Andrew Ben Richard ( ago)
Wow you hold my heart my dear

Author Игорь 'Yngvarr' Якимов ( ago)
Не понял о чем клип, это и не важно. Главное что здесь Линдси, а большего и не надо. Не знаю знает ли она русский или тот кто следит за каналом, но клип достаточно интересный. Палец вверх.

Author Lost Light ( ago)
did anyone notice that when phelba was going into the art department there was a sticker 'F' in front of it 😂😂😂😂

Author Brosylen ( ago)
Am I the only one who thought that was more a HP ad than a fan-loving music video ?

Author Jürgen Hans ( ago)
Did the product placement realy have to be in there?
Worst thing about any movie or video is when you notice the shots that a just showing the product, especially when this rips you out of the immersion.

Author JYOTSNA GURJAR ( ago)
Anyone else came here by lilly's community reference??

Author AHMED FOX ( ago)

Author Angeline Rose Hearystal ( ago)
This video is SOOO much better than the one with ZZ. ZZ ward was so cliché in squirming around and making cameos, while Lindsey did something unique by actually making a TRIBUTE for her FANS, unlike what many popular artists do. Thanks Lindsey, hope you don't go their route! Stick to powerful song without words.

Author TheDexp ( ago)
what is idea of this video? i just don't get it. looks like some narcissistic dream. previous video of this song inspired by "Alice in wonderland" was great. no need to make another one, that isn't even half-good.

Author Kshithi Dilip ( ago)
This made me cry and I'm not a proper Sterlingite.

Author Chaos Black ( ago)
that lil' printer is awesome. I gifted it to my girlfriend on her birthday last year...she loved it! this video reminds me of that moment when she said she loved it

Nice very nice Lindsey!

Author Emma Uecker ( ago)
AWWW THE ENDING!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Author Wendy Sevieri ( ago)
Lindsey, you're absolutely so gifted and absolutely gorgeous. I've followed you since day 1 and I'm so proud of all that you have accomplished. Your attitude towards life is so beautiful and you are an inspiration to many :) I sing and I hope one day I'll have the ability to make it as far as you have.

Author Mario Rodríguez ( ago)
está canción va directamente al fifa 18 <3

Author PainterDoesCraft ( ago)
Is it okay for a Minecrafter to be a #Stirlingite

Author Golam, In Brackets ( ago)
Looks like Sherlock Holmes met his match.

Author John Cook ( ago)
Was this whole video just promotion for HP?! Wow, I guess Lindsey is starting to become a sellout. It's a shame because I like her music. Let your music speak for itself Lindsey and stay true to yourself. Don't let these big companies control you. The message behind the video is a thoughtful one though and I appreciate it, but not a good choice for video.

Author IxI Oryx IxI ( ago)

Author Julieta AT ( ago)
#holdmyheart hola yo soy de México y te adoro en verdad, quisiera llegar a conocerte algún día! Sé que no leerás este mensaje pero te amo y suerte en todo 😀

Author Kat Animation ( ago)
Heard this on the radio today. Liked it a lot.

Author Deadly Chaser ( ago)
I love you , Lindsey 3

Author Emily Kolaja ( ago)
Now all I can think about is Shprockets from SNL.

Author horsegirl t ( ago)
+Lindsey Stirling the next meeting of the super-secret double life of the fanbase is going to be at my house, just so you know

Author Heidy Leyva ( ago)
This is so beautiful! I love the fan inclusion and YouTuber collaboration. I love this very much, thank you! ❤️

Author Country Kidd ( ago)
Lindsey Stirling, you are such an inspiration to me <3 Thank you so much for all the music you play

Author Caterina Pradelo ( ago)
No entendí el video

Author zukomomo ( ago)
Awww, you da best Lindsey!!! And so fun to see familiar faces!!

Author Alexz Wilson ( ago)
Great youtuber line up Lindsey haha

Author moonlight :3 ( ago)
I'm all of these people in one if I met Lindsey.

Author Anna jully tv ( ago)
love music ❤💕

Author Rachel Stowe ( ago)
I've played the violin for ten years, and your music continues to inspire me. Thank you!

Author Nathaly Persia ( ago)
I Loved IT!!!!!!!! Lindsey you are so amazing!!!!! thanks for this video!!!! Thanks for inspire us every day with your music!!! A hug from Dominican Republic!!!

Author PETER DEE ( ago)
Wow awesome :}

Author Ana Segundo ( ago)
love it

Author Alan Nesbit ( ago)
I love you Lindsey! I am the #1stirlingite (besides phelba!)

Author Gracie Tiger101 ( ago)
As soon as I saw Lilly I was like LILLY!!

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