Inayat hussain bhatti - Mayn puttar Pakistan da

with Shaukat Ali and Naheed Akhtar.
Artists:Sultan rahi,Mustafa qureshi,Aasia

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Added: 7 years
Runtime: 5:47
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Author achoo302 (6 years)
Sultan Rahi & Mustafa Qureshi are: JUNGLE DE DO SHER. (2 LIONS OF THE

Author twilight recordsuk (4 years)
great song frm film athra puttar

Author makhtar akhtar (7 years)
nice song.

Author nangamujra (4 years)
@panjabiwarrior What is MPS?

Author minhala36 (4 years)
best presentation of pakistani youth and orignal punjabi acsent

Author Arshad Ali (7 years)
giyo gugra.

Author 0GurtejS (4 years)
awesome...the real JATT stuff

Author NaQaaB83 (7 years)
oooohhhh bhalleee oye

Author Tumaashbeen (6 years)
tht was great man there r alot of old memories vd tht song bucho tht was
soo good

Author twilight recordsuk (5 years)
what great gut bhatti saab n shukat ali saab great tune n pictured on 3
lagend rahi saab /asia/qureshi saab

Author rqh2 (6 years)
i think sultan rahi late took frist chmitta in movies and happy mood not
like angry hero all time

Author fouzyousif (6 years)
this is like the ultimate gangster pakistani tunes ive eva heard i love
watching their movies coz its so over the top energetic melodramatic and
intense acting

Author Muzzy Hussain (7 years)
Achaaa.... te maula jatt too hey???? These two are pure gangsters!

Author sexyboytoy1985 (5 years)
wats dis film called

Author nangamujra (4 years)
@panjabiwarrior What is MPS?

Author ingenuousqasim (5 years)
MY GOD ! MY GOD ! where Pakistani media is sleeping ? they dont see such a
beautifull work done by our talented artist ? why they dont promote them ?
why we always only think of so called sikh and hindu cultrure.

Author Shama Shezadi (6 years)
I bet u in real life they were best of mates and on screen they acted like
the enemies! Nice to see them 2getha!

Author Malik Dilnawaz (7 years)
khooosh kar ditta

Author pkibow (7 years)
wah g wah chak dey phattey

Author sexyboytoy1985 (5 years)
have any1 gt dis song

Author DIRTYTORQUE (7 years)
balle balle balle balle

Author yourasim (5 years)
excuse me?????? ... main paka sacha PAKISTANI hoon ... sumjhay ? ab mujhe
dobara salah mat dena keh main ne kahan jana hai aur kahan nahi ... aya
wada mama ..

Author nangamujra (4 years)
@panjabiwarrior Why are you a warrionr with whom u are fighting??? I have
called me a nunga mujra because I like nanga mujra.

Author tarny11 (7 years)
You don't see sultan rahi dancing much.

Author shahshahzad14 (5 years)
this song is soooooooooooo funny hahahaha

Author Bani Adam (6 years)
Khush Karr Ditta ee Hoi!!!! Jeenda RO!!!

Author Ludhar1 (6 years)
this was the dual of the century! LOL.

Author burraak1 (4 years)
Pakistan zindabad..............

Author krakmaluko (5 years)
vão tudo se fuder

Author brampton001 (5 years)
but i like indian girls

Author burraak1 (4 years)
@ingenuousqasim well said

Author h1jack3d (7 years)
yes yes

Author jatt440 (7 years)
fantastic. Now these are proper Pakistani Punjabi movies! The film is

Author sheeraz najib (4 years)
brilliant thanks for uploading such video

Author HEER S (5 years)
hahaha this was funny :) coool

Author Paramdeep Singh (6 years)
lovely song!

Author dhillonguys11 (3 years)
@shahzeb25 Veere Sikhan ne tera ki vigadya hai?? Aina v maada na bol, mere
varge bahut hi Punjabi Sikh ne es paase jo Sultan, mustafa qureshi te
inayat hussain bhatti varge kalakaaran de fan ne...

Author nangamujra (4 years)
@panjabiwarrior What is MPS?

Author nangamujra (4 years)
@panjabiwarrior Why have you called youself a punjabi warrior?? against
whom punjab is at war???

Author altaf290569 (7 years)
Inayat Hussain Bhatti, Shaukat Ali & Nahid Akhtar singing for the film
called 'ATHRA PUTTAR', released in 1981.

Author yourasim (5 years)
Ae puttar pakistan de keray kam pey gaye ney ?

Author audiochannal (5 years)
koi shak

Author lasog341 (7 years)
what a rip off..of alam lohar gabroo desh punjab da!

Author mrssonikuri (5 years)
r u sure its frm som kinda movie, y would they b taking the piss outa the
film maula jatt, haha its real funny make me laf, maybe it somkind of stage
show thing, its jus weird hearing grt singers sing so funny an querish ,
lmao , thanks fr the upload

Author ezeeusb (6 years)
Film: Athra Puttar Released on: June 12th, 1981 Actors: Asiya, Sultan Rahi,
Bazgha, Nanha, Ali Ejaz, Rangeela, Ajmal, Mustafa Qureshi, Sawan Producer:
Choudhary Mohammad Arif Director: Altaf Hussain Music: Wajahat Attre
Lyrics: Hazeen Qadri Singers: Madam Noor Jehan, Masood Rana,Naheed Akhtar,
Shaukat Ali, Inayat Hussain Bhatti,..

Author jatt440 (6 years)
Cant beat these two, they made good films. Pakistani movies and the actors
these days are crap!

Author hashamakhtar (5 years)
love it, nice video , but with some silly words , which movie is this ?

Author achoo302 (5 years)
this film is ATHRA PUTTAR......i think? sultan rahi an mustafa qureshi took
punjabi films on another level. They were a SUPERHIT partnership which had
the box office till bells ringing non stop at thier peak!!!!!

Author redaag (6 years)
pa jee tusi lagda aye kasam khadi hoi hai koi film introduction day bigar
nah rah jai great work.. but introduce yourself please

Author Francis S (6 years)
i dunno why im watching this but its entertaining

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