How to Walk Like a Model : Runway Walking for Men

Male runway models walk with feet farther apart than female models. Walk the ramp like a male runway model in this free modeling video.

Expert: Chita Johnson
Bio: Chita Johnson has been modeling and teaching modeling for more than 20 years. She is an instructor at the John Robert Powers School of Modeling.
Filmmaker: Nili Nathan

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Added: 6 years
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Author Antonio Morrison (27 days)
I need a MALE pro to teach me, but I guess you can't find one on YouTube.

Author Alejandroport99 (1 year)
Yeah, but don't move your hips ._.

Author Workingdog093 (5 months)
Finally an expert to teach male models how to walk. She owns her own
company? Must be an expert right?

Author justholdwe goinghome (8 months)
You sound like a female matthew mcconaughey

Author Eric Benz (6 months)
Not even...... Posture like string thru spine and skull, natural , fluid.
In character per show or with attitude. Also walking like your d*** is down
to your knees and work it. Naughty.

Author upsuits13 (3 months)
But why male models?

Author Dee Beez (1 year)
It's a walk off 

Author Bizu (3 years)
@joel91790 no worries joel... i'm gonna repsond to you in your message
box... i'll write in greater length there

Author deanriam (5 years)
Uh... if I click on a video for male runway walk, I want to see a MAN walk
the runway, thank you very much.

Author Nathan Larson (5 years)
I'm a male model in New York, and I've walked on runways during NY fashion
week. This is nothing like what a male runway walk looks like. I would
never book a job walking like that! If you want to see a real male runway
walk just watch runway shows for a top fashion designer. This lady is stiff
and awkward.

Author ellivro99 (5 years)
when she walks..she moves her hips too much!!

Author jmanzano17 (5 years)
this is so funny!

Author yusuckass8 (4 years)
This bitch is constipated....YOU SUCK BITCH!@!!!

Author robertethanlive (2 years)
scamming you of your talent and money.

Author Aleks Tarkovskaya (4 years)
this is how a gay teacher in my school walks.. --_-- (seriously hes

Author Brian G (4 years)
first off... this is JOHN ROBERT POWERS!!!! DO NOT GO SIGN WITH THEM!!!
nothing...I did Milan runways for Versace and the guys typically never move
their arms like she is doing...yes keep your legs side by side and arms
straight up and down and locked at the sides.. it's more MOD that way :)

Author Bizu (3 years)
@SETHWANTSAHUG that's awesome bro... but the point is... never spend ANY
money trying to find an agent... look in my videos and watch for BRIANS
DEMO REEL.. you'll see i was on 15 episodes of Days of Our Lives...a few
commercials is nothing to what i did in ten years of Hollywood...i know the
industry and anyone and Hollywood would tell you to never spend money at
JRP...they are for the most part gold a guy who's been in
the biz all his life.. :)

Author Shane Willy (3 years)
dumb bitch, grow a dick and il believe you

Author Jay Alia (2 years)
I've walked in shows, she's an idiot. Basically, lemme break it down for
the guys. WALK LIKE YOU NORMALLY WOULD. Arms naturally swinging a lil bit
to avoid looking stiff, shoulders relaxed but not slouching, chin parallel
with the floor, feet moving side by side (duh) and take fair strides. It's
not hard at all...She's a scam artist, I can smell it from here.

Author Jax Teller (4 years)
@deanriam lol i her ya bro

Author Shawn Latney (4 years)
seriously people this i a lady that i think that has done a great job i
mean shes a perfessional intructor u guys are just hating on her becuause
she BETTER than you soo keep your comments to yourself unless your comments
are nice

Author ♥ ѕосіоратн ♥ (4 years)
She's not a man, but she IS a model trainer. She DOES teach male models how
to walk.

Author jovelnom (4 years)
if u do like her, every one is gonna make fun of u

Author gogoutube (6 years)
hahaha ... maybe... well naomi is really feminine. so a hyper masculine
swagger ?

Author bananasinmyhair (6 years)
i love john robert powers. most amazing school ever<3

Author ThePiKid3 (5 years)
Thank you for captioning it! :D

Author tatervader502 (4 years)
So either she's a hermaphrodite, or a woman. Pretty sure a man's walk
should be done by a woman.

Author lilmonierocks (5 years)
can we get a man to demonstrate !

Author KristianiaLLC (5 years)

Author Art1cM0k3yz (5 years)
heh...yall moany

Author Sam Osman (3 years)
She looks fucking ridiculous -.-

Author therealonethistime (4 years)
@giugnhgbvinierngvb89 What?

Author Faiz Fenty (5 years)
She did it quite wrong lol. She was too stiff.

Author jof522 (5 years)
darling.. she's an expert...

Author flyinvisible (5 years)
john robert powers is good but they mostly try and get money out of you. I
did this when I was little. If you can walk good and give different walks
then you can make it.

Author CircleModelDevelop (3 years)
She has no idea. This is awful.

Author Rick Lay (5 years)
girls walk in one rail boys in two rails and as they walk when they step
and stomp just a litle bit both female and male and males dont walk moving
theyr hips

Author West McMehan (4 years)
What the hell, Don't listen to her, watch some male runway shows, she has
no idea how male models really walk.

Author HARDEY LEONE (4 years)
Men walk how they walk to be honest. We never try to train them too much.

Author Nitesh Mohite (3 years)
crappy vid ..

Author PaljeetBanga (3 years)
She is shakkin her bumps...mens dont shake the fuckin bumps while walking

Author Jose Brooks (4 years)

Author Tetley007 (5 years)
her "correct" walk is hunched over like chaka

Author mikezterspage (4 years)
@deanriam HAHA dude exactly my thoughts!

Author bananasinmyhair (5 years)
you seem to love commenting on this page.

Author Daryious (6 years)
Nope, not yet, anyway. Because male modeling isn't what most of the
industry is based upon, there have been no "exciting" male runway walks.

Author Bizu (3 years)
@SETHWANTSAHUG Hey bro... thanks for the comment...there is no right or
wrong here so i'm not chastising you at all...the only thing that matters
is what you said "You couldn't be happier" right? :) With that said, allow
me to kindly a professional model who's done runway in Rome,
Tokyo, NY, LA, London, and the motherlode Paris...I did it the way it
should be done, get headshots, find an agent and they send you out on
go-sees...NOTHING should cost you $5000 EVERRRRR

Author Daryious (5 years)
Actually, watching Tyson Beckford walk is like watching the same commercial
walk of every other male model. There is no "hyper masculine swagger" yet
to hit the runway.

Author kairimomo (5 years)
What the hell? Even commercial male models don't walk like that!

Author Joel Jr (3 years)
@XxSpartaxX umm sorry to come in the conversation XxSPARTAxX but if you
don't mind me asking how exactly do you even find a agent?? i mean like say
if i were to get some head shots done and i want a career in this field,
how do i even begin? just sending out the head shots??

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