Coldplay - Up&Up (Official Video)

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  • The third single to be taken from Coldplay's acclaimed new album, A Head Full Of Dreams (out now). Download the song from or stream at

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    Parlophone Records presents…

    Coldplay ‘Up&Up’

    Directed by: Vania Heymann and Gal Muggia

    Coldplay Creative Director: Phil Harvey
    Band Manager: Dave Holmes
    Parlophone Video Commissioner: Sam Seager

    Production Company: PRETTYBIRD UK
    Executive Producers: Juliette Larthe and Nathan Scherrer
    Director’s Representative: Joceline Gabriel 

    Producers: Natan Schottenfels and Juliette Larthe
    Production Coodinators: Laura Thomas-Smith and Cheyenne Miller

    Edited by: Gal Muggia
    VFX by: Vania Heymann and Gloria FX
    Cinematography by: Roman Linetsky, John Schmidt and Vania Heymann
    Color & Title Design: Tal Baltuch
    Additional VFX: Amit Chachek and Gil Gavish at Real Motion, Motion Control: Cinnamon VFX
    Sound Design: Shlomi Attias
    Archive Research: Jane Tucker
    Treatment Layout & Design: Daniel Fletcher

    New York Crew
    Production Supervisor: Christina Woolston
    Production Coordinator: Doug Smith
    1st Assistant Director: Gabe Blom
    2nd Assistant Director: Dan Majkut
    1st Assistant Camera: Shane Duckworth
    2nd Assistant Camera: Cai Hall
    Techno Crane: Matt Roberts
    Gaffer: Zach Sulivan
    Best Boy Electric: Tim Berg
    Electricians: Dave Tumblety and Rick Mitchell
    Key Grip: Ken Tanzer
    Best Boy Grip: Steve Girouard
    Grips: Keith Steinberg and Jason Schaffner
    Props: Malcom Sansire, James Lasso and Christina Chandler
    Media: Jeffery Haggerman, Arturo Lopez and Tony Starbuck
    Production Assistants: Dave Terra, Ron Lokiby, Kat Cameron, Josh Zimmerman, Eric Helper and Joe Pesce

    Kiev Crew
    Production Company Ukraine: Radioaktive Film
    Executive Producer: Sasha Bevka and Darko Skulsky
    Producer: Ole Yakovleva
    Production Manager: Nick Semko
    Production Assistant: Oleg Ptashnyk
    Art Director: Sergey Vinichuk
    1st Assistant Director: Dennis Sonin
    Gaffer: Valera Latuga
    Wardrobe: Dasha Filshina
    Hair & Make Up Artist: Marta Skalskya
    Media: Jan Wachowski
    Chaperone: Alexsandra Voskova
    Catering: Natasha Barilo

    Gloria FX
    Executive Producer: Max Colt
    Producer: Sergii Mashevskyi
    VFX Supervisor: Anatolii Kuzmytskyi

    Special thanks to: 
    Chris Martin, Jonny Buckland, Guy Berryman, Will Champion and Phil Harvey, Dave Holmes and Mandi Bursteen, Sam Seager, Roy, Sigal and Noah Kafri, Rona Segal, Anisia Affek, Tom Melnick, REO- Or Edry and Zoe Polanski, Indy Hait, Maya Ish Shalom, Sasha Bevko, Joseph Weizenecker, Big Apple Studios and R-Space Kiev, Kerstin Emhoff, Ali Brown, Candice Dragonas and all at PRETTYBIRD.
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  • BazzOr CommandOr
    BazzOr CommandOr 3 hours ago

    Coldplay's music is always so different. And that makes Coldpla cooler and cooler

  • Shubham Saroj
    Shubham Saroj 5 hours ago

    it's my best ever watched video ,what a fantastic creation & imagination

    XTRAO 6 hours ago

    Never thought it would be this way. They ripped off lil Wayne. How to love.

  • lary by smile
    lary by smile 7 hours ago

    brasileiros asistindo em 1. 2 .3

  • Tuấn Linh Lê
    Tuấn Linh Lê 9 hours ago

    Hay quá

  • Florevin Santos
    Florevin Santos 15 hours ago

    more like how to love by lil wayne. it would have been a nice mash up. :)

  • Virginia Rodríguez
    Virginia Rodríguez 20 hours ago

    Best video ever... 😍

  • Facehugger
    Facehugger 1 day ago

    "don't ever give up"

  • Michal Holbik
    Michal Holbik 1 day ago

    impressive editing skills

  • Ankur Rana
    Ankur Rana 1 day ago

    actually why this concept || turtle in metro || football in scrubber || fishing || i need to understand all this thing :)

  • Abhishek Ghosh
    Abhishek Ghosh 1 day ago

    Thats dimensions

  • Nel Edwards Clarke

    such a cool video! Well done!

  • Soa fa
    Soa fa 1 day ago

    RIP-my replay button-2017-2017

  • Rovshan Gainbekov

    fabulous! :)

  • elinaldo rodrigues


  • Kazza450
    Kazza450 1 day ago

    The absolute best video in the world yeah even in 2017!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES THE VERY UP MOST BEST ARTISTIC COMPILATION EVER!

  • Asep Hanif Aziz
    Asep Hanif Aziz 1 day ago

    3:29 awesome :)

  • Jack Li
    Jack Li 1 day ago

    really want a subtitle in this vedio

  • Francisca Fernandez


  • Lucianaa Araujo
    Lucianaa Araujo 2 days ago

    Amo tds suas músicas 😍

  • itsss Sara
    itsss Sara 2 days ago

    This is art

  • Mohammed Sameer Joad

    All the weird dreams that i've had to date, are contained within this video!

  • Paola Souza
    Paola Souza 2 days ago

    esse vídeo é tão lindo que dar vontade de chorar

  • Emerson Costa
    Emerson Costa 2 days ago

    AMO... Love!💗💖💗

  • Gabi Santos
    Gabi Santos 2 days ago

    Amei! 😍😍👏👏

  • Estefania Mendez gatica

    ❤ Amo 🎵🎶

  • mostafa elsalhy
    mostafa elsalhy 2 days ago

    this is the most fantastic video clip in the history
    the great coldplay

  • Bonnie_Supertramp
    Bonnie_Supertramp 2 days ago

    how can someone dislike this

  • t s
    t s 2 days ago

    So Mind Blown

  • Ted Zhu
    Ted Zhu 2 days ago

    Beautiful song and fantastic MV, LOVE IT!

  • Roasted Rat
    Roasted Rat 2 days ago

    This is mesmerising

  • Benet Vincent
    Benet Vincent 2 days ago

    21k people who disliked this are retarded!

  • Uriel Banks
    Uriel Banks 2 days ago


    Fixing up a car to drive in it again
    Searching for the water, hoping for the rain
    Up and up, up and up
    Down upon the canvas, working meal to meal
    Waiting for a chance to pick your orange field
    Up and up, up and up

    See a pearl form, a diamond in the rough
    See a bird soaring high above the flood
    It’s in your blood, it’s in your blood
    Underneath the storm an umbrella is saying
    Sitting with the poison takes away the pain
    Up and up, up and up, it’s saying

    We’re going to get it, get it together right now
    Gonna get it, get it together somehow
    Gonna get it, get it together and flower
    Oh oh oh oh oh oh
    We’re going to get it, get it together, I know
    Gonna get it, get it together and flow
    Gonna get it, get it together and go
    Up and up and up

    Lying in the gutter, aiming for the moon
    Trying to empty out the ocean with a spoon
    Up and up, up and up
    How come people suffer, how come people part?
    How come people struggle, how come people break your heart?
    Break your heart

    Yes, I want to grow, yes, I want to feel
    Yes I want to know, show me how to heal it up
    Heal it up
    I can see the forest there in every seed
    Angels in the marble waiting to be freed
    Just need love, just need love
    When the going is rough, saying

    We’re going to get, it get, it together right now
    Gonna get it, get it together somehow
    Gonna get it, get it together and flower
    Oh oh oh oh oh oh
    We’re going to get it, get it together, I know
    Gonna get it, get it together and flow
    Gonna get it, get it together and go

    And you can say what is, or fight for it
    Close your mind or take a risk
    You can say it’s mine and clench your fist
    Or see each sunrise as a gift

    We’re going to get it, get it together right now
    Gonna get it, get it together somehow
    Gonna get it, get it together and flower
    Oh oh oh oh oh oh
    We’re going to get it, get it together I know
    Gonna get it, get it together and flow
    Gonna get it, get it together and go
    Up and up and up

    We’re going to get it, get it together right now
    Gonna get it, get it together somehow
    Gonna get it, get it together and flower
    Oh oh oh oh oh oh
    We’re going to get it, get it together I know
    Gonna get it, get it together and flow
    Gonna get it, get it together and go
    Up and up

    Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh oh

    Fixing up a car to drive in it again
    When you’re in pain
    When you think you’ve had enough
    Don’t ever give up
    Don’t ever give up

  • Marlene Alves
    Marlene Alves 3 days ago

    beautiful song

  • Héctor Astacio
    Héctor Astacio 3 days ago

    Favorite song from the album along with "Amazing Day" 😍

  • Cristhian Daniel
    Cristhian Daniel 3 days ago

    Cadê os BR pra representa aqui? <3

  • Leonardo Veronese
    Leonardo Veronese 3 days ago

    I like the way the video is done.

  • breanne love
    breanne love 3 days ago

    Such creativity gives you a fell good heart. Thank you

  • Cynthia ixco
    Cynthia ixco 3 days ago


  • KernCultistGT
    KernCultistGT 3 days ago

    Editing skill omegeh

  • Nidhi Balvant
    Nidhi Balvant 3 days ago

    beautiful visuals.

  • Dimas Frada
    Dimas Frada 3 days ago

    best video clip

  • Benny Fernanda Saragih

    verry cool editing

    SILITWANGI 3 days ago

    2:43 i see "ALLAH" i press like

    • Ilham Fajar
      Ilham Fajar 3 days ago

      SILITWANGI iya anjir baru nyadar ada tulisan "ALLAH"

  • Kim Illut
    Kim Illut 3 days ago

    i fuckin love this!!!!!!!!

  • LPShub
    LPShub 3 days ago


  • Joe Forster
    Joe Forster 3 days ago

    I just wish they kept Noel's solo in this version.

  • Sarah Sukaimi
    Sarah Sukaimi 3 days ago

    I like the illusion

  • Johnny 008
    Johnny 008 3 days ago

    quem tb veio de lá da like

  • Leonardo Jesus
    Leonardo Jesus 4 days ago

    very good 100%

  • Rosieli Erlacher
    Rosieli Erlacher 4 days ago

    very cool this song i recommend to all of you kisses...

  • Alemax 2008
    Alemax 2008 4 days ago

    fantastic song

  • Zym3x
    Zym3x 4 days ago

    3:05 favorite part

  • Anthony Rian
    Anthony Rian 4 days ago


  • Anthony Rian
    Anthony Rian 4 days ago


  • Demontego
    Demontego 4 days ago

    I'd rather have this one as most viewing video than Gangnam Style

  • Rishab Chawla
    Rishab Chawla 4 days ago

    Music video of a lifetime

  • Reaaz Hamid
    Reaaz Hamid 4 days ago

    just 20 seconds into this video and its already the slickest ive ever seen

  • adit raharditya
    adit raharditya 4 days ago


  • nandi12341
    nandi12341 4 days ago

    Young children just passed away in Manchester at an Ariana Grande concert,I really needed to listen to this song

  • Joel Phanter
    Joel Phanter 5 days ago


  • Mighty X
    Mighty X 5 days ago

    ohhh this was published on my birthday ! cool

  • hazal demir
    hazal demir 5 days ago


  • Podeipei's Moderator

    rip old Chris Martin hair

  • IrONE SevenTEEN
    IrONE SevenTEEN 5 days ago

    Hey you know what , when i watch this video, i just notice that their head is really full of dream ..

  • Егор Оверченко

    Потрясающий клип! Beautiful video!

  • sebin christo
    sebin christo 5 days ago

    I don't know why but Everytime I listen to one of your songs I cry

  • Kedar Kulkarni
    Kedar Kulkarni 6 days ago

    The cure for depression is just one Coldplay song away ❤️

  • Mohamed Aiba
    Mohamed Aiba 6 days ago


  • Dm Prasad
    Dm Prasad 6 days ago

    imagine if this was real

  • daddydangerous20
    daddydangerous20 6 days ago

    This song..... Its a beautiful song as it is .. but the video!!! just got added to my weed list :P

  • Yurany villa
    Yurany villa 7 days ago

    cute !!!! I love coldplay ( Coldplayer Forever )

  • Ruth Verónica Ttito Mamani

    Excelente canción.

  • Jurģis Liepa
    Jurģis Liepa 7 days ago

    song its cool 😎😄

  • rawat jayswal
    rawat jayswal 7 days ago


  • Александра Лапенко

    The coolest one I've ever seen.

  • yurianni arias
    yurianni arias 7 days ago

    relajante de ver :)

  • HiddenDead X
    HiddenDead X 7 days ago

    123 million

  • Anonymous swartz
    Anonymous swartz 7 days ago

    This Is For My Future XD

  • EllaRoseKitty17
    EllaRoseKitty17 7 days ago

    3.47: every New Zealander goes nuts 😂 (It's the South Island!)

  • Giorgi Dartsmelia
    Giorgi Dartsmelia 7 days ago

    level curcumi

    lela curcumia

  • Toribio Jefferson
    Toribio Jefferson 8 days ago

    Why am I crying hearing this song? Thanks Coldplay. I love Your songs very much.

  • Canal Fala Tudo
    Canal Fala Tudo 8 days ago

    03:56 - 04:10 ESSA PARTE MEXE COMIGO

  • Shahin Aliabadi
    Shahin Aliabadi 8 days ago

    Unique !!!!!! 👌👌

  • NHJEnderDoesYT
    NHJEnderDoesYT 8 days ago

    This is weirder than every meme I've even seen.

    I love it

  • Mohamed Yasser Abousetit

    I think this video deserves one more ZERO at the views side.

  • Ariadna Lozano
    Ariadna Lozano 8 days ago

    Todas sus canciones me ponen sad😢

  • Ahim Hacim
    Ahim Hacim 8 days ago


  • dicky ilham
    dicky ilham 8 days ago

    i love this vidio 😁😄

  • suwarno lfc
    suwarno lfc 8 days ago

    the best video clip

  • Lovely khansa cinta eki

    khansa cinta eki
    khansa cinta eki

  • Velyzz Pro
    Velyzz Pro 8 days ago


  • Oscar JQS
    Oscar JQS 8 days ago


  • Roxana B Gonzalez
    Roxana B Gonzalez 9 days ago

    Yes I'm only 10 I am too little to do many things like voting, own decisions, dating,life etc. But I'm not too little to understand that this is my favorite band and that I love them so much and this is my favorite song ever. 😃

  • Апостол Йура


  • Gabriella Piovan
    Gabriella Piovan 9 days ago

    tenkiu fou biutiful letter for mj ailoviu mon amur !!!

  • Jurģis Liepa
    Jurģis Liepa 9 days ago

    bļin man lādētājs karās

  • Myriam Piché
    Myriam Piché 9 days ago


  • Amanjyot Singh
    Amanjyot Singh 9 days ago

    Havent seen a better video than this ever in my life.. Kudos Coldplay, you truly Rock !!

  • mithran cv
    mithran cv 9 days ago

    this song makes me think positive

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