Rick And Morty Season 3 Promo - Justin Roiland Funny Moments

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  • Emergency Awesome
    Emergency Awesome 20 days ago

    Let me know when you think *Rick and Morty Season 3* will drop. The best theory is after Samurai Jack finishes it's run at the end of the month. Justin Roiland is awesome. Posting new *Spider Man Homecoming* and *Wonder Woman* Trailer videos next :)

    • Demonic Dragon
      Demonic Dragon 6 days ago

      Season 3 Episode 2 of Rick and Morty?

    • TheBakedDonut20
      TheBakedDonut20 9 days ago

      Emergency Awesome It already came out

    • eaglebacon
      eaglebacon 20 days ago

      It will drop at Comic Con.....

    • Aisha Love
      Aisha Love 20 days ago

      April fools 2018 XD

    • Alex
      Alex 20 days ago

      when game of thrones is on that is when ep 2 will drop

  • Cameron ZY
    Cameron ZY 4 hours ago

    supposed to be mid summer

  • Colton D
    Colton D 5 hours ago

    toronto shirrrtttt

  • Martyn Shaw
    Martyn Shaw 15 hours ago

    Just watched the first episode of season 3, utterly dying 😂😂😂😂

  • Bl1ndGuardian
    Bl1ndGuardian 1 day ago


  • scott pavlovec
    scott pavlovec 1 day ago

    summer is 3 months. Not a couple.

  • Devon MacDonald
    Devon MacDonald 1 day ago

    Its July.

  • Braian Corrêa
    Braian Corrêa 2 days ago

    Can't wait to watch your videos when Rick and Morty and Game of Thrones air!
    Best channel ever! \o/

  • Luís Felipe de Oliveira

    Rick аaand Moоrty mоvie heеeerе => https://twitter.com/d8e738c8c9691384e/status/858503144849817604

  • MyLittleDiscolite
    MyLittleDiscolite 3 days ago

    I would make fornication with glasses chick

  • Jillian Ostertag
    Jillian Ostertag 4 days ago

    From what I understand, Episode 1 of Season 3 only came out as a teaser for April Fool's Day. The rest of season 3 should be premiering around August. This can always change tho.

  • Satima
    Satima 4 days ago

    when is the next episode of season 3 coming out ??

  • Colby Hawthorne
    Colby Hawthorne 5 days ago

    everyone subscribe to supadoopap 19

  • isidzukuri
    isidzukuri 5 days ago

    Piiiickle Rick!!

  • AlecKetchupdude
    AlecKetchupdude 5 days ago

    hahaha drunk Rick

  • Mur Mur
    Mur Mur 7 days ago

    Toronto shirt for the win!

  • OMB
    OMB 7 days ago

    O_O I respect this

  • Alexander Walker
    Alexander Walker 7 days ago

    late july 2017

  • Alex Fleming
    Alex Fleming 7 days ago

    Best job fuckin ever

  • pschroeter1
    pschroeter1 7 days ago

    What is that piano song song they play in the background during the recording bit at the beginning?

  • QVear
    QVear 8 days ago

    Note to self: If I ever for some reason end up partying with Justin be sure to provide him with all alcohol in the world for maximum fun.

  • darkashtar
    darkashtar 8 days ago

    He should have gone with vodka

  • menachem rephun
    menachem rephun 8 days ago

    I'm Pickle Rick bitch!!

  • Ervin Young
    Ervin Young 8 days ago

    p poi poi point taken

  • comedyfavorite
    comedyfavorite 8 days ago

    Hey guys, what do you think about this... as an ispiration x)

    Rick has a meeting with a mayoral or something in a special Universe. Rick tries to make a big deal, idk what... They are meeting in a restauraunt. Before Rick and Morty enter the restauraunt, Rick says to Morty: "Morty the special thing about the people in this Universe is, that they are ruminants. So this will get disgusting. Keep your shit together Morty". ... - Obv the people are chewing over, inside the restauraunt - Morty will vomit and the people are looking at him... like... "WTF is this guy doing, he will eat it, or?" This kind of situation, ya know? And than the waiter comes by like: "Are you eating that, sir?"... Rick like: "Morty, eat that..." etc, some Rick and Morty style... :D

  • jeremy hill
    jeremy hill 8 days ago

    calling it july 9

  • Noah Way
    Noah Way 8 days ago

    the truth is everything has been recorded and animated for quite some time. adult swim is just cashing in on everyone's angst at the delay. people are soo hungry for more they watch and buy anything Rick n Morty related in droves just to get a little more of the experience.

    sad truth is their greed is going to ruin a great show and it's total bullshit. too many sheep are fully invested in the show at the moment for any real rebellion to take place this season, however, if they keep this cow milking bullshit up they will learn just how fickle the pop culture market can be. at its core is a solid fan base of intelligent individuals that don't like being fucked with. in the end we can easily guide the sheep to another franchise to be excited about and they will lose their cash cow.

    its nothing short of pathetic to see a shit corporation destroy another amazing project with their greed.

    Dan and Justin have eluded to this being the truth on several occasions.

    it's just plain sad.


    well at least we know why season 3 is taking forever.

  • 1owk3y
    1owk3y 8 days ago

    5:25 I love the accidental lip-syncing...

  • Joy of Life
    Joy of Life 8 days ago

    mayb 21 june - official summer begin? 😉

  • Kevin Manley
    Kevin Manley 8 days ago

    May 20, 2017 9:00 pm

  • Godonstilts
    Godonstilts 8 days ago

    This is such a bad influence. The real voice of Rick would never need to drink to produce the real Rick Sanchez. Who are these false impostors? When will the internet realise these false idols are ruining our experiences.

  • Godonstilts
    Godonstilts 8 days ago

    Fuck you

  • Chegüi Adorno
    Chegüi Adorno 9 days ago


  • Ms. Zombangle
    Ms. Zombangle 9 days ago

    Wait... What has Samurai Jack to do with Rick and Morty?

  • Keramg G
    Keramg G 9 days ago


  • Joe Grenda
    Joe Grenda 9 days ago

    Justin is simultaneously every type of drunk person.

  • Peachi Ghost
    Peachi Ghost 9 days ago

    june 9,

  • Zak Mack
    Zak Mack 9 days ago

    so this is why it takes so long to produce a season?

  • Rodolfo Crespo
    Rodolfo Crespo 9 days ago

    They shouldaninside joke about Vaporwave... at least a few seconds of Microsoft plus perhaps... I mean, there was already the Szechuan sauce joke. What do you suggest, reader?

  • Jory Gutsch
    Jory Gutsch 9 days ago

    June 4th, get ready.

  • Trevor Houdek
    Trevor Houdek 9 days ago

    i'm beyond ecstatic for this episode.

  • Ninjamonkey0169 Ninjamonkey0169

    Sept 22nd is the last day of summer sooooooooo that's the day they will drop the whole season on us and giggle like little school girls....the sadists :/

  • Fandom Switchers
    Fandom Switchers 10 days ago

    Like is you can relate to Justin.

  • lunchbox
    lunchbox 10 days ago

    "Hopefully whoever we elect as the next prezoo won't disallow my ability to get a gun and fucking kill myself"
    I was laughing way too much

  • Gentle neal
    Gentle neal 11 days ago

    "Here to explain herself baby princess...wubbbuhwhoawhoaooOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-"

  • Vizlox
    Vizlox 11 days ago

    I would ask for more episodes in each season but then the seasons would have decade long hiatus' :P

  • Jimmy Powers
    Jimmy Powers 11 days ago

    Great we gotta wait a year and a half per season cause justin is an alcoholic. Get your fucking shit together

  • Augbone
    Augbone 11 days ago

    Just sayin. Needs more shots

  • Cromulon
    Cromulon 11 days ago

    1:39 wub wub wub wuuuUUUUUUUUU

  • XD Productions
    XD Productions 12 days ago

    Dope Toronto shirt

  • randomgooberness
    randomgooberness 13 days ago


  • Lamonte Johnson
    Lamonte Johnson 14 days ago

    man I cant wait lol

  • Lith-chan
    Lith-chan 15 days ago

    rick and morty come from same voice actor :0

  • Jammy OwO
    Jammy OwO 15 days ago

    July 26th, said in Simpsons opening

  • Lycan Thorpe
    Lycan Thorpe 17 days ago

    LETS QUEST !!!

  • Eddy Jay
    Eddy Jay 17 days ago


  • BAMMM Source
    BAMMM Source 17 days ago

    Dan reminds me of Garfield, anyone else get that vibe?

  • Benjamin Black
    Benjamin Black 17 days ago

    get that man some help

    PHOTO SUBLIME 17 days ago


  • Aaron Proctor
    Aaron Proctor 17 days ago

    I don't drink, but I love this show

  • ZEmBaNu Nega
    ZEmBaNu Nega 18 days ago

    9 more seasons?, this actor will die of liver failure bybthe middle of season 3 :P

  • lishai zion
    lishai zion 18 days ago

    Do you watch samurai jack?

  • Shaun Anglin
    Shaun Anglin 19 days ago

    Justin is drinking a Ballast Point beer #sandiego

  • Kumba King
    Kumba King 19 days ago

    do more of these fam

  • Trestein Jordklatt
    Trestein Jordklatt 19 days ago

    I believe they will drop it 13th of may.

  • Omfghellokitty
    Omfghellokitty 19 days ago

    What happens when we aalll die.. mm that existential anxiety

  • Jason Bourne
    Jason Bourne 19 days ago

    i was wondering wtf was going on it been like a month since the first episode

  • Eyeball
    Eyeball 19 days ago

    You think it's totally crazy for Justin Roiland to drink while voice acting?

  • WrecKLeSS
    WrecKLeSS 19 days ago

    damn... get paid to get drunk awesome

  • Jmx2020
    Jmx2020 19 days ago

    He has the best job ever

  • Nicalapegus
    Nicalapegus 19 days ago

    this is taking way too long.

  • ComicBook Chaos #27
    ComicBook Chaos #27 19 days ago

    Justin is a trooper!! Tequila and ballast point is quite the combination! Throw Henny in the mix and I'm amazed any work gets done tbh. I'm still unsure as to if eps 3.01 is even considered canon since they might be busting a South Park and have it be a prank (just a thought) either way I do hope you're right about airing after samurai jack!

  • John Paul Balbon
    John Paul Balbon 19 days ago

    the only time when people are allowed to drink on the job.. hehhe

  • noah castro
    noah castro 20 days ago


  • BigBoy Gaming
    BigBoy Gaming 20 days ago

    OK I am really confused on this still but.... can someone explain when Rick and Morty is coming back.

  • 53rdAndThird
    53rdAndThird 20 days ago

    Dan Harmon is so in love with Justin Roiland. I think he sees him as a younger, cooler version of himself.

  • Tea Tea
    Tea Tea 20 days ago

    Nice video. :D

  • Cory Drummond
    Cory Drummond 20 days ago

    Hey Charlie, have you ever considered reviewing Samurai Jack? That show is ridiculously good

  • 1LIFEtoWIN
    1LIFEtoWIN 20 days ago

    what is with the existential/suicidal commentary? Maybe Justin relates more to Rick than we thought

  • Downthehollow
    Downthehollow 20 days ago

    when he dies of liver failure, he'll die a hero....and the show will end... :( take care of yourself man...we love you...

  • Lee Ann Maiden
    Lee Ann Maiden 20 days ago

    I think after samurai Jack they'll stream the new episodes. Nine more seasons mother fuckers!!!!!!!! ☺️

  • Paulo Pinto
    Paulo Pinto 20 days ago

    What if its not coming this summer, but ON Summer?

  • eaglebacon
    eaglebacon 20 days ago

    It will drop at Comic Con......

  • Gears Of Arkham
    Gears Of Arkham 20 days ago

    +Emergency Awesome
    Are you by any chance keeping up with Attack On Titan this season? Because something epic out of the whole season (if not the whole series) just happened.

  • A T
    A T 20 days ago

    They are complete A holes. The reason why they will delay is not because making episodes is taking long. Its mainly because they want the virtual reality game to hit off and they don't want series and virtual reality game to cannibalise each other. Hence the deliberate delay. They are basically effing both up.

  • Dolphin
    Dolphin 20 days ago


  • Kire Ilieski
    Kire Ilieski 20 days ago

    Rick And Morty fanny

  • Brother Malachai
    Brother Malachai 20 days ago

    I hope the Voice Actor doesn't kill him with all that booze. D:

  • clintbrew
    clintbrew 20 days ago

    i wonder if justin drank shots doing voice work for adventure time and gravity falls episodes that he starred in cus that is an UNACEPPTABLE CONDITION

  • Matt Ward
    Matt Ward 20 days ago

    I would buy Justin Roiland shots all day long so I can listen to him speak as Rick at a bar!

  • Najim Alhamdan
    Najim Alhamdan 20 days ago

    isnt it awesome that sea1 ep1 ended in a similar way as sea3 ep1!

  • Syphian
    Syphian 20 days ago

    21 June 2017

  • Aassassin101
    Aassassin101 20 days ago

    Watching the last two seasons again for the 120th Time will make every episode ten times funnier now...thank you Justin Roland for every hilarious line 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • EvilQueenofHearts
    EvilQueenofHearts 20 days ago

    It's really cool seeing professional actors drinking alcohol for method acting. When I was doing performance at uni we filmed a short movie and drank wine throughout shooting. It was great fun but also a really interesting experience to see what kind of results you would get by acting while inebriated.

  • vladmir tod
    vladmir tod 20 days ago

    I've already watched rick and morty season 3 episode 2

  • Carpazzo  Gamer
    Carpazzo Gamer 20 days ago

    I dont want to be a bummer but that suicidal talk of the actor can be a cry for help...I love the show btw im hooked

  • SkyTech RTS
    SkyTech RTS 20 days ago

    that makes waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much sense now.

  • Typical Animal
    Typical Animal 20 days ago


  • arcaneflow
    arcaneflow 20 days ago

    This guys a legend

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